The Teacher

As a widower and father, it’s my job to make sure my son has the best possible future and outcome a child ever needs. So, when the job opportunity of a lifetime was given to me, I knew it would change our lives for the better. We will be moving but we’ll be taking all these steps together. I’m only in my mid-thirties so I’m still young. My son is only 5 and has plenty of time to grow into a young man and find himself in our new home.
The company I work for has numerous subsidiaries spread throughout the country and the promotion I received took me from an outlier to the hub of our business. I work for an insurance company that handles government contracted healthcare. I’m a systems analyst, so I make sure all the processes and functions we have is always in working order. So, patients are always getting the proper care and medical care providers are getting paid accordingly through the claims process. It’s a complicated mess of complex computer languages with a variety of different external contractors working together toward a common goal.
While I’m at work my son is in preschool learning his basics, alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. He has a wonderful teacher by the name of Ms. Dana. She’s a beautiful woman of a much younger age, barely old enough to buy alcohol. She’s of middle eastern descent with soft, dark brown shoulder length hair. Dark eyes that you can get lost in instantly. She has a killer smile that would light up any room and she’s got this athleticism about her that says she can handle herself. She greets my son every morning when I drop him off and always gives him a big hug at the end of the day. She never fails to have a smile on her face. I’m not sure if she’s ever been in a foul mood.
Dana is the kind of person that you can really trust, especially with your children. Her heart is in the right place and the level of attention she gives those kids really speak to her character. Joey, my son, is always telling me how much fun he’s had in Ms. Dana’s class today. He’s learning how to count all the way to 100 and nothing will stand in his way, according to him. He always hands me the craft they made that day and almost always forgets his lunchbox back inside Ms. Dana’s classroom. If the teacher were anyone else, this would be bothersome, but not when she’s still in there. Having to go back inside always affords me the opportunity to take one last look at Dana slightly out of her element, and engage in some small talk with another adult, because the rest of the children have already been picked up.
My wife has been gone for 3 years at this point and I haven’t focused on much more than my career and my son, but something about Dana really gives me that butterflies in the stomach feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. She’s also incredibly sexy and I can’t help but notice she has no ring on her finger and has never made any indication that she was seeing anyone. I’ve also noticed on my short trips back into the classroom for Joey’s lunchbox, she has no problem bending over from time to time while she cleans up after the kids. I don’t know if maybe that’s just how she goes about it, or if she’s subtly flirting with me. I notice when she’s decides to wear boy short style underwear compared to thongs. There are even times when she hasn’t worn underwear at all. I usually try to shorten those trips knowing that if I stay too long, she’ll notice. She also tends to touch my arm when she talks to me or play with her hair in way that suggests that she’s flirting. It’s like electricity the moment she does touch my arm or hand and I’m always fighting the growing bulge in my pants when she’s near.
Just this past Friday, Joey left his lunchbox in the classroom yet again. Only this time, he didn’t tell me right away, and I didn’t notice until we were already home. He doesn’t always finish his lunch so there’s a good possibility that whatever may have been leftover could easily spoil and leave Dana and the other children sick with the smell come Monday. I’ve gotten to know my neighbor well enough that I knew I could have her come over and watch Joey while I quickly ran back to the school. My neighbor Lilith was an older woman, retired and lived alone. Living in an apartment makes it easy to get to know the neighbors you want to know and the ones you want to stay away from, and Lilith was a good neighbor. She welcomed the idea of watching Joey for a short while, as she doesn’t have very many visitors anymore. I knew if I could get there before everyone left, I could grab the lunchbox and nothing nasty would be left in the classroom ready to spoil over the weekend.
Thankfully, not everyone was gone, and I could still grab his lunchbox. There was one car left in the parking lot, a black late model Honda. I wasn’t sure who it since I don’t ever hang around long enough to see any of the staff leave. It’s a small building, no more than 3 or 4 classrooms with a few offices, a small cafeteria, and of course a playground out back. When you walk in there’s a reception desk. but I don’t think they have a receptionist. Whoever greets you first is usually one of the staff members. I didn’t want to scare anyone, so I knocked before I entered and yelled out as I came in who I was. The last thing I want to do is scare one of the young teachers or the administrator by catching them off guard. I didn’t hear any responses so I yelled out again before entering any further to make sure nobody would be scared by my presence. What I didn’t know about the school is that they have a small locker room area for teachers. As far as I know it’s a bathroom/locker room combination with normal restroom amenities and a single shower. I know this because right after I announced my presence a second time, Dana walked out the locker room area topless and was startled to see me standing there. Luckily, she recognized who I was before she screamed. I was also shocked enough to spin around immediately and begin apologizing profusely. I guess she trusted me enough not to dial 911 and start spraying me with mace. She told me she would throw something on quick before I turned back around.
She came out of her classroom with Joey’s lunchbox in hand apparently knowing what I was there for. There she was, wet hair, short athletic shorts and a white tank top with her nipples quite visibly ready to cut glass, which could be from her being somewhat cold or something else, I didn’t care at the time. It took every fiber of my being to not stare at those perfect breasts almost completely visible through the thin fabric of white cotton on her dark, damp skin. “Sorry about that”, awkwardly hoping she didn’t notice that my pants were getting tighter. “When I noticed it was you and not some random weirdo, I was ok, just surprised”, she said. She forgot to lock the door before jumping in the shower. I asked her why she was showering at the school and not at home, I guess there was something wrong with the hot water heater in her apartment. I was not going to complain as she had inadvertently given me a boost of life in that single moment. She twirled her hair while she was talking to me and she occasionally bit her lower lip. Just the thought of putting my lips on hers really got the blood pumping into areas it hasn’t reached outside of my own devices in a long time. She said she was happy to have my son in her class, and that he always spoke highly of me. That gave me a lot of pride but now all I could focus on was her lips. I saw her glance down a few times and wasn’t sure if she was just looking at the floor or noticing how hard I was. She must have noticed because when she handed me Joey’s lunchbox, she leaned in close to give me a kiss on the cheek while I felt her waist brush up against my cock in a way that told me she noticed. She also had this devilish grin on her face as she backed away. That made me harder to the point where I leaned over slightly to try and hide how excited I was and how embarrassed I was. She told me she didn’t mind and that boners don’t scare her. This came as a shock to me. Here’s this sweet and innocent younger woman, preschool teacher who appears half naked, isn’t terrified of being seen and goes so far as to intentionally brush up against my dick. It will take me a while to process that. As she walks away, I can’t help but notice how her beautiful ass cheeks are peaking out from under her short shorts. She turns back to catch me staring and just shoots me this fuck me smile because she knew what she was doing. Joey will have to leave his lunchbox behind more often.
The following week went by as normally as any other week apart from the looks and blatant physical contact Dana would make with me each day during pickup. Her eyes gave only the impression that I could see she wanted me almost as bad as I wanted her. Whether she grasped my hand, touched my arm or accidentally bumped into my dick somehow, she was not some shy teacher in my eyes anymore. She was an exceptionally sensual woman with the desires I can only hope match my own. I didn’t want to be over confident, but I also did not want to miss an opportunity. I’ve never put much thought into a younger woman being interested in me, but I was getting clear signals that at the very least I could get her number and maybe ask her to dinner.
My opportunity came sooner than I expected because sure enough, Joey forgot his lunchbox at school. I asked Lilith to come over so I could run to the school and retrieve it before it closed for the weekend. Although I’d hoped Dana would be there again, I didn’t expect lightning to strike twice. That Honda was sitting in the parking lot with no other cars in sight. I didn’t think I could park the car that quickly once I realized she was inside.
I knocked once again to announce that I was coming in, so I didn’t startle her. I heard her call out that she was in her classroom and to come on in. The door was cracked so I tapped on the door as I opened it. The moment I stepped in she pushed me up against the wall, grabbed my shirt and kissed me deep. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, and I responded in kind. Her hands dropped from my collar and wrapped around to grab my ass. I think I was in shock but at the same time so turned on my reaction was to not do anything. She was in charge in this moment and I had no intention of slowing her down or stopping her. After grabbing my ass, one of her hands came around front and grabbed my dick, making my shorts even tighter. She pulled her other hand around and started to undo the button on my shorts and unzipped them in a single effort. After dropping my shorts and boxers she grabbed my shaft and pulled me closer. She dropped to her knees without hesitation and almost entirely engulfed my pulsating cock into her mouth. She knew what she was doing because every effort she made was deliberate. She used one hand to stroke me while her mouth went back and forth, and the other hand was gently massaging my balls eagerly waiting to fill her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head almost like I was fucking her face and that seemed to turn her on even more. She kept going deeper and deeper until she was nearly gagging. She finally pulled her mouth off just long enough to tell me that she wanted every last drop shot down her throat. That nearly sent me over the edge as she put her mouth back onto my slippery head. She stroked just a few more times before I let her know I was about to cum. Right as she felt me tense up, she grabbed my ass, pulled me even farther into her throat and I exploded into her mouth. Pulse after pulse of cum shooting into her throat unhinged. She took every bit of it and moaned with each string leaving my cock. I must have given her plenty, she swallowed several times before pulling away and wiping her face. I stood her up and kissed her just as passionately as she kissed me when I walked in. She grabbed the back of my head as I wrapped my arms around her to hold her close.
When we finally released, I pulled my shorts up and adjusted myself accordingly. She went to the restroom to clean up. I couldn’t hardly believe what just happened. She came back and told me next time I needed to return the favor. I was already fantasizing what I was going to do about getting my face between her legs. As much as we both wanted to continue, she had to leave, and I told Lilith I was only going to be gone for a short time. She gave me one last kiss before getting into her car and driving off. I was still on cloud nine as I drove home, but it was only the beginning.
The next week was filled with intentional physical contact between us, but only friendly to the people in plain view of us. Several times I was able to go into her classroom while Joey played and give her some deep kisses that I hoped lit a fire in her. She would always moan into my mouth letting me know how much she enjoyed our short little make outs. I’ve never been so sexually charged so often in my life. My late wife and I would have some good times but it was very vanilla, nothing really stood out about our sex life. It just existed. With Dana I could feel things were different and what happened last week was not a one-time deal. Her eyes told me to fuck her every time we made eye contact. She would consistently bite her lip or wink at me daily.
Friday finally rolls around, the anticipation of what’s possible is seemingly endless as my mind runs rampant on what I would do to Dana when I get her alone. Something slightly different happened this time around. Joey had his lunchbox in hand when I picked him up. He was also invited to another boy’s house for a sleepover with his classmates. I checked his lunchbox when we got home and found a folded note addressed to me from Dana. It was an address, which I’m assuming was her home address, with no other instruction. After I dropped Joey off at his friends for the sleepover I went back to my apartment to shower. I had no clue what was in store or what to expect but I could only dream of it being worthwhile to visit her place while I had some time to myself.
Not being too eager I decided to show up at her place at about 7 with a bottle of wine. It’s already mostly dark and relatively quiet at her apartment complex. I have butterflies in my stomach, but it also feels like my stomach is in knots. I’m excited but also nervous. I knock on her door not knowing how I’m going to respond when she finally opens it. When she opens the door, I can’t help but stare at how amazing she looks. She has this white tank top on with no bra and her breasts nearly in full view. Black leggings that hug every curve of her legs from her ankles to her hips. She has her hair up in a pony tail, no shoes or socks. I don’t know if the amazing scent I’m smelling is coming from her or her apartment, but it’s incredible. I handed her the wine and she invited me in. She opened it, poured a glass for both of us and we sat down for small talk.
We talked about how she became a teacher, a little of my background, the weather, and how much fun we had in her classroom last week. I was already feeling the warmth in my boxers just thinking about what we had done. She was all smiles and giggles when she talked about it, not a hint of reservation. She would touch my arm or my hand subtly flirting with me making my shorts tighter and tighter. I set my wine down, reached around her shoulders to pull her in closer to me and kissed her deep. She moaned in my mouth with a release of tension I could feel melting away as our tongues explored each other. She climbed on my lap and continued kissing me feeling the hard-on grow under her. Her hips were moving back and forth grinding down on my increasingly hard cock. She slid off, kneeling in front of me, undid my shorts and pulled both my shorts and boxers freeing me for her consumption. She grabbed hold and licked the tip, teasing me a little before she put the head fully inside her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirl around my prick as it pulsed inside her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down along with her hand, while her other hand gently massaged my balls. I think she enjoyed this almost as much I did, but I knew if I didn’t stop her, I would explode inside her mouth.
I lifted her from her knees standing her up, I kissed her again while sliding her leggings down. I turned her around to where I was sitting, helped her remove her top, laid her down kissing her neck and chest feeling her breath heavier. I kissed and licked along her chest before giving her nipple a light nibble while I gripped the other in my hand. She moaned with pleasure and I licked and sucked her other nipple before completely removing her leggings. I could see how wet she was glistening under the light. I kissed slowly from her knee on one side to right outside of her lips before switching to the other leg to heighten the anticipation. She couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed the back of my head forcing me face first into her swollen sex. She tasted so sweet as I ran my tongue up and down her lips tracing every inch, swirling around her clit. She moaned as she gripped the couch cushion arching her back, pushing herself closer to my mouth. As I licked and sucked, she moved her legs onto my shoulders until she bucked her hips and came all over my tongue shouting in agreement in ecstasy. I flattened my tongue and just pressed it up against her clit feeling her shiver, I gently moved my tongue up and down with a steadily increasing pace. She responded in kind moving her hips in a circular motion. It didn’t take long before the buildup of her second orgasm washed over my face. This time however, I inserted two of my fingers inside her while she came feeling the contractions of her pussy.
We both stood up as she led me to her bedroom. It was dimly lit with candles and smelled of vanilla. Once we reached the bed, she dropped to her knees once more engulfing my dick in her mouth making it as wet as possible. She stood up and bent over the bed with her legs spread slightly to allow me entry. I teased her clit with the head of my cock before slowly sliding deep inside her warm and wet embrace. She let out a deep moan and clenched her pussy muscles giving my cock tight hug as if it were being welcomed home. I grinded and pumped slowly feeling her every movement against me. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back to me lifting her chest up from the bed, at the same time I gave her ass a good slap. With her face so close to mine while I continually thrusted inside her, I bit and kissed her ear and neck. She turned her face and we wrapped our tongues together as I pumped deeper and harder with each thrust. I felt her moan in my mouth as I increased my pace growing closer and closer to climax. Not wanting to finish so quickly, I slipped out slowly and deliberately and dropped to my knees. I grabbed her hips and buried my face in the mess of her dripping hot cunt licking hungrily and with purpose. The buildup didn’t take long before I felt the wash of her next orgasm splash my mouth and tongue and her legs almost giving out. I stood up and turned her over because I wanted to see her face contort with pleasure as I entered her again. I angled myself so I knew the only spot I was hitting was her g-spot. I wanted us to cum together in this moment. I slowly increased my thrusts until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I grabbed her thighs as she screamed in ecstasy. Feeling the contractions of her orgasm I unleashed my full load of unadulterated cum as deep as I could go. Still inside her I lifted her close to me to embrace and kiss her deeply, she felt as if she melted but wrapped her arms around my neck to keep herself steady.
We cleaned ourselves up, still naked, but relaxing and talking in her bed about how amazing it was and how quickly we could get lost in the euphoria of it. She rubbed my chest as she snuggled in close. I could feel myself getting hard again and she also took notice. She reached down and grabbed hold and the throbbing started again in her hand. Before I knew it, she was climbing on top of me. She grinded against my cock back and forth letting the juices of her pussy lube it up. She reached back and slowly inched down until there was no where else to go. She moved her hips back forth grinding her clit against the base of my dick. She bucked her hips faster and faster until she stopped to let the wave of her orgasm ride through her body and onto me. She lifted herself up to see juices that covered my cock, and then unexpectedly grabbed my cock to place in her ass. I wasn’t expecting it, but I could feel myself getting harder as the head of my prick slowly pushed inside her. She slowly moved up and down, gaining speed as she went. Her moans and screams got louder and louder with each descent onto my cock. Her ass was so tight that I could barely contain myself before I had my own orgasm, filling her ass with as much cum as my body had in it. She leaned forward and gave me another deep kiss. It was a sexual experience that neither one of us were mentally prepared for somehow aligned in a way that felt like it was meant to be.
I stayed at her place because I knew I would have plenty of time before going to pick up Joey. We slept close all night, never moved. Waking up we had to have sex again, as if it would be the last time. We decided to take it in the shower to refresh ourselves and simultaneously clean ourselves in the process. She was insatiable and I enjoyed every minute of our time together. We washed and dried each other, got dressed and moved into the kitchen. We both had coffee and a bagel for breakfast and smiled from ear to ear. There was nothing that could have put a damper on my day. We talked about how we could see each other more often and with Joey getting older, he would be gone over to friends’ houses more often. He also wouldn’t be in her class much longer so I wouldn’t get to see her casually as much, but I would make time during the week and weekends.
Exploring each other was intoxicating and there never seemed to be an end in sight with all the new things we were willing to try with each other. Being with Dana drove me to get in better shape and keep my heart healthy. I wanted to keep up with her. She’s amazing and pleasing her mentally and physically was important to me. She keeps me on my toes and makes me feel young again. I never would have imagined taking this job reaped so many rewards.

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