‘The Tale of Karen’s Virginity’ by elreverso

Karen is a tall and skinny girl from just outside of Kansas City in the United States of America. She has long red-dyed hair, brown eyes, pale skin and wears large clunky glasses. Karen is looking forward to her High School prom to which she is going to with her long-time crush, Darren. Little does she know the cool and respectable skin of Darren conceals a dark and dangerous interior and has concocted terrible plans for his date.

Karen finished applying her makeup. Her cherry-red lipstick was perfectly applied and her foundation well faded. Her luscious, red hair flowed down her back over the tight, light blue dress she was wearing that ended at knee and was low cut enough that you could get a good view of her cleavage. It was 8:32. She had eight minutes before Darren was coming to pick her up, she picked up her purse and slotted it under her arm. Silently Karen knelt to the floor and reached under her untidy bed, she reached around until she grabbed a black shoebox, pulling it out and dusting off the cobwebs she opened it. She reached through the papers inside until she located a silver packaged condom and placed it into her purse. Karen didn’t plan to have to use it, but she felt she had to bring it just in case.

She left her bedroom, going through the hall and down the stairs. She straightened her dress in the hallway mirror and waited for her date to arrive. Exactly on time there was a firm knock on the door. Karen, springing with excitement, opened the door to be greeted by Darren standing in a pristine suit and with his brown hair slicked back neatly. “Wow Karen! You…you look beautiful” said Darren nervously.

“Thanks!” said Karen shyly “You don’t look so bad yourself”

Karen turned around and shut the door, shamelessly advertising her perfectly rounded arse to Darren as she locked the door. She turned around coming face to face with Darren, pushing her shiny hair out of her eyes, Darren put his arm around his date and walked her over to his blue Ford Fiesta. He led Karen around the car’s bonnet (his arm constantly moving down her body until it was resting firmly on her arse) and then opened the passenger’s door allowing her to sit down. He then walked back and climbed into the driver’s seat.

As Darren started the engine and moved off down the street Karen began to break the awkward silence, “So…you got your ticket then?”.

Darren felt at the chest pocket of his blazer and then exclaimed “Fuck’s sake, I’ve forgotten it. I’ll just have to stop home on the way. Sorry love”

“It’s ok, no worries” replied Karen smiling. They sat in abject silence as Darren sped across town to get back to his home. After ten minutes, Darren dumped his car into his driveway harshly applying the handbrake causing Karen to lurch forward. As the car screeched to a halt, Darren turned to Karen and looked her in her brown eyes “Come inside, just for five minutes. You can help me…look in my bedroom”.

Without saying anything Karen got out of the car, taking a moment to smooth out her dress, and followed Darren to the door to his house. He pushed it open and rushed inside then moving quickly to a room on the immediate left, Karen gracefully followed. Darren stopped and turned around, coming face to face with Karen’s beautiful face. Karen stopped, their faces just inches apart. “This isn’t your bedroom!” inquired Karen playfully whilst twirling her hair around one of her fingers.

“No, you’re right. I don’t give a fuck about the prom, I just want….”, Darren never finished his sentence. He grabbed the back of Karen’s head and their lips met. Karen reciprocated and got what she’d wanted for at least two years, for Darren to pick up the courage and take what he wanted. Karen stood motionless, unable to do anything; her instincts fully took over. Darren grabbed at her arse roughly through the light blue dress, Karen squealed at the rough treatment but ultimately submitted herself fully to her date.

Darren put both of his greedy hands onto each of Karen’s arse-cheeks and moved her towards the sofa at the edge of the room. Darren took his hands-off Karen’s bum and pushed her roughly onto the couch. Karen landed spread eagled on the sofa, her legs apart and arms splayed behind her head. “Darren, I’ve left my purse in your car. It has a condom in…just gimme a second”.

Darren leaned over Karen as she lay vulnerable on the couch and whispered into her ear, “I’ll pull out”. Before Karen could say anything, she was turned over onto her knees by her randy date. She could see his pants begin to bulge as soon as she was at his mercy, Karen knew this was going to happen, she may as well enjoy it. Darren pulled at Karen’s dress. Through raw strength, Darren was able to strip the dress from Karen’s rear end pulling it up and folding it over, leaving her arse barely covered by her thin panties. The rest of Karen’s dress became loose. She dared not move, she was obedient, she would do anything Darren asked of her.

Karen felt a rough smack on her naked arse and then two rough hands working their way around her panties and quickly ripping them down, leaving them suspended around her thin thighs. Karen was open now and completely at Darren’s mercy. Karen remained in position, urging Darren to take action against her. She kept facing forward, attempting to conceal her fright from him.

Karen heard the click of Darren undoing his belt buckle and then his trousers slumping to the ground in a pile. Darren slowly walked across the lounge floor, his rock-hard penis in his hand towards his woman. Darren joined Karen on the sofa, he knelt behind her- his erect, unprotected eight inches nearly gracing her unguarded clit with contact. Darren lent forward, know his dick was touching her cunt, her grabbed his girl by the end of her long red hair, pulling her back harshly. “I’ve been waiting for this. For ages. Your virginity is mine”, he whispered in an angry, alien tone.

Karen let out a subdued whimper in response. The two doors to the room were wide open, the front door to the house remained unlocked and the curtains remained undraw allowing any passers-by a clear view of a little slut losing her virginity on the night of her prom. Darren released her hair, causing her to lurch forward. Karen felt tears began to well up in her eyes, but she fought back against the unstoppable tide of the tears. She had to fulfil her duty to Darren, her duty as a woman.

Darren spread Karen’s arse cheek with his spare hand with his thumb brushing against her clit- using his spare hand to guide his penis into his prom date. He continued by touching his tip against her cunt, causing Karen to wince whilst trembling with anticipation. Darren continued with his unprotected dick, spearheaded into the virgin cunt. Soon his entire tip had worked its way into Karen’s cunt. With seven inches left for the blushing whore to enjoy, Darren lent forward (inserting another inch as he did so), grabbing Karen by the neck. Pulling her head backwards he whispered again into her ear “You’re so tight! I think after I’ve had my way with you, I’ll take you to that stupid fucking prom just so all the guys who asked out some frigid bitch can lose their virginity on prom night, I think that would be nice. Don’t you?

Karen let out a whimper in response, choked by tears. Darren started again “You think I asked you out because I like you, or I…value your personality? No! It’s because I knew your too fucking weak and stupid to resist me, I knew my dick would be wet before 9 o’clock. I’m not fucking wrong am I.”

Karen began to cry as Darren took another inch of her virginity whilst his rough hands were still wrapped around her neck. It seemed as though Darren had grown tired of the slow, somewhat sensual approach and forced the remaining five inches of his steely rod into Karen. Karen let out a loud gasp, for the first time that night she felt an ounce of pleasure.

Darren (now balls deep) began to slide his nob back and forth through the tight cunt, Karen moaning as he did so. He continued, his cock rubbing harshly against the constricted walls of Karen’s pussy she was no longer crying, she no longer felt shame. Her initial pangs of shame and guilt had been replaced by a new feeling; one of pleasure. She began to pant, then she began to push against the force of Darren slamming into her pussy. Darren was moaning too, the tight pussy of Karen was almost too much for this expert to handle, yet he held his cool and averted disaster.

Darren was digging deep into Karen. Though she was a virgin, she had touched herself before, but she had never felt anything like this. Karen didn’t want to like it, she had envisioned simply going to prom coming back to Darren’s and maybe blowing him but never full sex, the condom had just been a precaution. But this was extreme. She was loving every second, every thrust brought her closer to climax, ever time he slapped her arse made her moan. Karen was no longer herself; she was no longer the innocent girl from Broadley Road, now she was a slut- more accurately Darren’s slut.

The sound of Darren’s balls slapping against Karen’s hind echoed throughout the house, Karen didn’t care though. Her slut instinct had taken over, she existed only for the immediate goal which was orgasm. Karen moaned and squirmed she was on the edge of something, something she didn’t know what! She was scared of what that edge was, she leaned back with Darren wrapping his muscly arm around her neck, her tits still concealed by the light blue dress. “Please” pleaded Karen in-between moans “slow down”. Darren ignored these protests and continued thrusting. Karen couldn’t control herself with one final moan and gasp she reached climax. Attempting to slither further down onto Darren cock, the cock that had enslaved her mind and body. Her pussy flooded over the massive rod infiltrating her cunt and dripped down onto the sofa.

In her trance, Karen failed to notice that a tall man was standing in the doorframe observing the scene of his youngest song rutting with a little slut in a beautiful dress. When she looked up, Karen jumped off Darren’s cock in fear shouting loudly “What the fuck?”

Darren didn’t even look up and firmly grabbed Karen from behind as she tried to hide herself from the intruder. He rammed his cock back into her cunt and pushed her face into the sofa so she could not utter a sound. “Hi Dad. This is that whore from school I was telling you about.

“Oh right” replied Mr Benson “I watched her cum. You’ve completely melted her mind son.”

“Thanks Dad! I mean…you can join in like you used to with Jacob’s girlfriends…we could fully break in this little harlot” asked Darren never deviating from firmly smashing Karen.

Mr Benson walked calmly over to the sofa, sitting down near Karen face. Karen was frozen with fear, her cunt had instantly dried out at the sight of this perverted creep watching her climax. She had just gotten used to being fucked by Darren, let alone by his dad at the same time. Mr Benson grabbed the little slut by the face firmly with one hand, as she lurched back and forth at the mercy of Darren’s thrusts.

“So are you enjoying my son, little lamb” he whispered.

“Please no, just…just let us be” protested Karen, through renewed tears.

“Oh no! You come into my house. You wake me up with your infernal moaning. Little girls like you need to be taught a lesson about dignity”, his eyes lit up with excitement as he pictured the lessons, he would teach Karen. “Oh no, I think you need to learn a lesson. One about not being a little slut…yes, that idea excites you doesn’t it my dear”.

Darren’s attitude towards Karen had changed since his father had sat down. It was no longer strong yet sensual seeking to bring his woman to orgasm, it had changed to a rough fucking with no care for the welfare of Karen’s pussy. Meanwhile, Mr Benson was rubbing Karen’s face against his cock which although still concealed by his tight jeans was prominent against the soft, pale cheeks.

Mr Benson stood up and undid his belt. His trousers instantly fell down with his pants dropping almost on top of his son’s. He walked over to the sofa, kneeling on it at the other end to his son. Karen was encircled. He guided the girls’ mouth over to his long phallus. He leant forward until his cock was washed by the wet embrace of her virgin throat. With every thrust completed by his fit son, Karen mouth was impaled further upon Mr Benson’s cock.

Karen choked. She was pulled roughly by Benson off his cock permitted no more than two seconds to catch her breath and then put back around his dick, using her cherry red lips to pleasure the old pervert as Darren continued at a faster pace of drilling her behind. Though Mr Benson had none of the stamina of his young and energetic son and he soon exploded in Karen’s mouth. His milky cum filling her virgin mouth. Instinctively Karen swallowed the load. Mr Benson stood up and without a word to his youngest son or the slut, he walked out of the room.

Darren instantly picked up the pace, fucking Karen harder and harder. The virgin pussy grabbing at his cock, resisting every move with firm resolution. Karen no longer moaned or trembled she simply stayed still accepting her fate as a piece of fuckmeat. Darren eventually came to orgasm announced by a small amount of pre-cum. He grabbed Karen’s long-hair, arching her back perfectly for impregnation. He let out a single, long moan as he flooded the no-longer-virgin cunt with his ejaculate. He stood up and walked out of the room.

Karen was left alone. Crying, daring not to break the position that she had been placed into by her master. The cum began to trickle out of her cunt, running down her thigh. The light blue dress that had hugged her now violated and deflowered body was now ripped and creased by the relentless fucking she had endured.

After about five minutes of isolation, Darren re-entered the room with a handful of cable ties. He grabbed Karen roughly by the hair and dragged her over to a table in the corner of the room. He roughly cable tied her hands to the table legs, Karen did not dare resist. She knew what was going to happen to her. She no longer resisted. She belonged to the Bensons now. She had been broken.

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