The sweetest foster mum in the world

I was just lying in my room playing with my pussy. I thought no one was home, but I was wrong. At some point my foster mum came into my room.
She and my dad have been married for a long time, she’s younger than him and has huge tits. Somewhere in the back of my mind I always wanted to see her naked.
She came into the room, asked what I was doing, and caught me off guard: at that very moment I was inserting a rubber cock into my pussy. Oh God, I thought she was going to scold me, but no, she just told me I was doing it wrong and started teaching me.
She took off her underwear and I could see her tits, they were so big and sexy, I instantly got wet. She started licking my pussy, she put her fingers inside, she licked my clit and played with my tits, then she took a rubber cock and lay with me in a 69 position, she fucked me with the cock and I licked her pussy, her sweet pussy. Then she sat on top of me and we rubbed our pussies against each other until we both cum.
That’s how I spent my lunch break.

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