The Summoning by Larten21

Two months I’ve been following her now, watching her every move, studying and learning, she wakes up at 5am, showers, gets dressed feeds her cats, has breakfast and heads to work, she arrives at work at around half 6 and works until 6 in the evening, she leaves work and drives home to have dinner, after she eats she usually watches TV with her cats and gets to sleep around 11pm, some times though she goes out with friends to eat and maybe catch a movie.

She is perfect, young, beautiful, red hair and a good heart.

I need to take her and I will.

I follow her home after work and I wait for the perfect moment. She falls asleep on the sofa with the TV still turned on and the volume quite loud, if I take her now I can cover her mouth and no one will hear her screams over the TV. A spare key she keeps under the door mat allows me to easily get into the house, this is all too easy which is good because this is important. I walk into her living room and turn the lights off so no one can see in. I walk up behind the sofa tranquilizer ready, I lean over her from behind and push the needle into her neck, she doesn’t even have a chance to wake up. I tie her up and drag her out of the house and to my car waiting outside, I throw her in the boot and lock it, now everything else can happen.

I drive for about an hour to get to the location, an abandoned mansion in the middle of a forest. The perfect stage for tonight’s performance. The house has been around since the Victorian times and has been empty for the past 30 years but has been kind of maintained to the point where it’s still safe to be in the building.

Satanists have used the building as a site for their rituals for years now and that’s one of the main reasons we chose this place, hopefully the power of those rituals has built up and that power will help us tonight.

I park the car outside the mansion and open the boot, she’s still unconscious which makes this easier. I drag her out of the car and carry her inside the mansion. I strip her down and redress her in a beautiful red dress we brought especially for her. I tie her down to the floor in preparation and she starts to wake so I leave the room to wait for the others to arrive.

Everyone else arrives a half hour after I do, it takes them another half hour to get into the correct attire and find the right pages in the book that we all have. By the time we are all ready she has woken up and is screaming.

We enter the room and as she sees us her screams grow louder, we are dressed in red and black robes with black masks on. She is struggling and trying to break free, I decide to scare her a little bit to get things going and I pull out an obsidian knife, the things I’ve done with and seen because of this knife are worse than anyone has experienced in their lives. As I touch the blade I see it again the thing in the darkness that has led me to this point, the thing that has been whispering to me for years leading me to this moment. She screams louder at the sight of the blade and I laugh a cruel laugh.

Everyone circles around her and start to chant the prepared texts, I enter the circle and prepare myself for what I’m about to do next.

I walk over to her and look down at her, her screams filling me with a sick pleasure I have never felt before. I let my robes fall from around me. She’s stopped screaming, now she is just crying and muttering under her breath for me to stop and to help her but that isn’t why we’re here, we’re here for some thing ancient and powerful, to free it.

I stand over her, reach down and run the flat of my blade along the side of her face. She keeps repeating one word, ‘please’.

She has to knows what’s coming next.

I turn the knife on its side and use the blade to cut down the middle of her dress allowing me to see her naked body beneath. She’s shaking and crying, still begging me not to do it but she must know by know that I’m not going to stop, I run the edge of the blade along the length of her shaking body. I lean over her and get close so I’m all she can see, smell and feel, dominating her every sense.

I calmly whisper in her ear ‘ready’.

I force myself into her and she screams louder than I’ve heard before which just spurs me on and makes me thrust into harder. I’m not really enjoying this but I have to keep her pain and fear at a maximum for this all to work and it had to work.

The chanting of the group gets louder and louder the closer I get to climax and when I finally do climax the room goes silent, no chanting, no crying, nothing but silence.

Then a roar unlike any creature on earth erupts from the room itself and like the roar had broken a dam the room is suddenly full of noise, the girl is screaming again and the group has started a new chant. Everything has worked perfectly so far but this last part is where we have failed a few times before, we can’t fail this time, this has to work.

I pull my robes back on and roll up the sleeve before taking the obsidian blade and make an incision on my arm not enough to hurt me much but enough to cause a decent flow of blood to pour put of the wound. I press the cut to the girls mouth forcing her to ingest my blood. When she has ingested enough I pull my arm away and bandage it up.

I take the knife again and make the same incision on the girl and drink her blood but I’m not the only one who will drink from her. One of the group brings me over a goblet and I start to fill it with the girls blood, we fill it to about half way with the girls blood, it’s not enough to kill her but it will leave her in a weakened state for a while.

The ritual is almost complete now, the room is filled with an energy that feels like fire, it feels like it is burning pathways across my skin, this hasn’t happened before and I hope that this mean that the ritual is working. The girl is screaming again but she’s screaming out words something about fire and pain in her stomach.

The rest of the group take turns to cut their own arms and drain little bit of their blood into a second goblet. After the goblet has been passed around and collect blood from each of them it gets passed back to me and I place the goblet to her lips before forcing her to drink from it. When she has drained the goblet she starts screaming, her screams keep getting louder and louder until they’re almost deafening.

Suddenly the screams stop and then the group stop chanting and the room falls dead silent.

Noise fills the room but this time its not screaming or chanting but the sound of bones snapping one by one. The girl isn’t screaming anymore but her body is convulsing due to all of her bones snapping one by one.

It’s a beautiful sight to see your life’s work finally coming to fruition and I can’t help but smile to myself.

I hear a slight growling and then the sound of ripping skin.

When the sounds finally stop the room is completely silent.

I walk over to the ripped open body of the girl and look down on her, at first I don’t see anything because of all the scraps of flesh, shards of bones and all of the blood but then I see something moving around in her body and then suddenly it comes into view and I know that it has finally worked, that what I have spent my whole life working towards has started to happen and soon this world will change and the weak, the religious and the ones who worship technology will be left with nothing but pain and eventually death and us the strong and those faithful to the master will survive and we will flourish, the world will be ours to do with what we please, it will be blood, it will be fun and most of all it will be perfect.

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