The stranger I met at the nudist beach – Part 2 (trigger warning- non con, humiliation, dubious consent)

*This story is slightly based on true events.*
*Trigger warning: there are rape-fantasy elements to this narrative.*




Sabrina doesn’t want to go back to the beach.
I think the idea to be naked in public was really hot for her as long as she could keep it a secret. She wanted to do it, she just didn’t want anyone to find out.
Specially if the “someone” who found us out decided to jerk off to our naked bodies while we had our eyes closed. Or at least that’s what I told her: that I too had my eyes closed and didn’t notice this man, old enough to be our father, beating it off hard and uncaring as if we were payed to sit there and take it.
I figured she didn’t need to know.
I figured no one needed to know.
But I knew.
And I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
His glaze.
His attention.
His eyelids heavy with lust.
The sweat on his forehead.
Masturbation always came very hard to me. I’d need to be in a very specific mood, have a very specific scenario and a very specific amount of time. It was always more of a “I guess I could kinda flick it now, if I can’t find something nice on Netflix” rather than “I absolutely NEED to flick my fucking clit right now or I will die”.
But since the stranger on the beach yesterday morning, I have been needing it.
I rubbed one off as soon as I got home. And then again before lunch. And after lunch. And as an afternoon snack.
I was needing a good rubbing off more often than I needed food or water.
I was needing it for the first time ever. My insides were burning up as if someone replaced all my blood with boiling cum, my nipples were hard all the time, my breathing was shallow and my sweat was running down cold.
It wasn’t just about needing it.
It was about needing more of it.
So as soon as I wake up the next day and notice Sabrina still fast asleep, I know exactly where I wanna go and what I wanna do.
He was running yesterday morning when he accidentally found us, right?
So if he usually runs around that area, I could accidentally place myself in the same spot and accidentally be caught again.
This is the kind of plan the Lara I was yesterday would never go for.
But Today’s Lara is so horny she can’t even walk without rubbing her thighs tightly.
I’m wet before I even step out the door.
I get to the same place, I put the same towel down on the same sand, I take my clothes off the same way.
And I wait.
He will show up, I’m sure.
I wait.
He can’t be too long now.
I wait.
What if he doesn’t come today?
I’m starting to feel very extremely naked when I hear someone approaching.
I should leave. What if it’s not him?
What if it IS him? What will you do? Lose your virginity with a man you don’t know? What’s the plan here?
Sanity gets a hold of me and I reach for my bag and my clothes when I hear his voice.
“Where’s your feisty friend?”
The fact that he asks for her (so quick and blunt) upsets me.
I am here, aren’t I?
Naked and willing?
Why are you asking about her?
Maybe I should just go. This was a horrible plan to begin with and now it just feels like punishment.
I watch him put his entire middle finger in his mouth. Slowly. Licking it, covering it in his spit. But I don’t care about it anymore. I don’t want to be humiliated anymore. If he wants Sabrina, I wish him good luck. I get on my knees to get up and as soon as I am on all fours, steading myself, he slides his spit covered finger across my slit, fast and sly like a naughty little boy who knows he has no business touching the cookie jar but wants to taste the chocolate chips anyway. I jump up, surprised that he would unceremoniously touch me like that, and fall back down on my towel, pulling myself away from him.
“Don’t touch me!” I snark in absolute disbelief.
“Yes, of course” he mocks me “You got your fucking pussy out in the middle of my run cause you wanted to be left alone. Obviously.”
“That… that is…” I want to sound outraged “I am…”
“… a fucking whore? Yes. Surely. But I’ll be nice and give you two options.”
“Two options? Stay or go?” I whisper.
He smirks.
“No. This time, you can show daddy your pussy or you can show daddy your ass. What’s it gonna be?”
Maybe I was planning to say something else, but he dropped his shorts and I lost my breath.
Really dropped them this time. All the way down to his ankles, showing off his mast and the heavy balls behind it. He has some hair on his chest and down his stomach, but I wouldn’t have called him “hairy” until I saw his pubes. Not that I have a lot of experience I can rely on, but the man must barely trim. Pubes are thick around his cock and there is just something about that raw and savage look that makes him feel even more manly. His shaft isn’t too long but it’s large, like it doesn’t carry a reach but a punch. The tip is already red and moist from pre cum and his balls dwindle heavy with hot jizz they soon mean to unload.
I spread my thighs like I did yesterday and he wanks it violently as soon as I do. His hips slightly moving forward every few strokes, as if he was fucking me and not his hand.
He doesn’t look me in the eyes (or at my face at all) and barely acknowledges me.
I am a thing.
A porn video.
A picture on a magazine.
A doll he doesn’t even bother to touch.
He stares at my tits with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. He moans an order for me to spread my legs wider but before I can fully obey him, he spreads his seed on the sand besides me.
Then the shorts go back up, the cock goes back in. He turns around and carries on with his morning run as soon as he catches his breath.
Just like that.
I’ve seen business transactions being completed with more care.
I am left behind. Naked. Feeling used even though he didn’t lay a finger on me. Well… just the one finger really.
It dawns on me (a little too late, sadly) that I did tell him not to touch me. So maybe he was just following instructions? He doesn’t seem to be the kind to obey anyone, but… maybe?
I know nothing about him after all.
And, as it turns out, I know nothing about myself also because the next morning there I am again. Naked and waiting for him.
Only to be treated exactly the same way:
He tells me “pussy or ass”, I choose, he gets his cock out, jacks off, cums on the sand and leaves.
Next day, same thing.
Four days in a row this happens. And every time he makes me wish he was touching me. Or doing anything more than moan and stare at my pussy. I feel like an object. Like something with no will and no pleasure of my own. Only his pleasure matters. Even though mine becomes more impossible to refrain with every new morning.
He objectifies me and I… love it?
He was right.
I am a fucking whore.
This can’t be normal, can it?
And yet, I can’t seem to stop.
Sabrina doesn’t care. She has been partying so hard that I go to bed while she is still out every night and she doesn’t wake up until after I return from my “meetings” in the morning.
I don’t know his name. I just know his voice and his cock.
The next morning, there I am.
I open myself for his entertainment and he starts as usual, only this time… something is off.
“I think I’m getting sick of you” he mutters, trying to make himself cum with no luck “What a shame”.
He used his new toy so many times, it lost its appeal.
Is this how it ends?
“Play with your tits” he commands. His voice is a low growl of frustration. He doesn’t wanna go through all this trouble only to leave with his balls blue and heavy.
“Not like that” he complaints between his teeth “What the fuck? Don’t you know how to play with your tits? Do it like this” He pinches both my nipples so hard I have to keep my lips pursed together to smother my screams. “You play it a little rough, your tits can take it” he teaches me as he pinches even harder.
I have to let go of some screams because its starting to hurt too much.
I let out a moan, while I beg for mercy.
“It hurts, stop”
“If I say no?”
He pinches with an even stronger grip and I can actually see his cock getting much harder. Raising up like a pole and bobbing around with no hands to hold it in place.
There is sand between his fingers and the grains, pressed up hard against my nipples as he rubs them, are scratching and burning.
“Stop!” I say again, but there is so much pleasure in my whimper that he disregards it.
“You don’t fucking tell me what to do. Ask nicely.”
He is gripping my nipples and rubbing my tits so hard I might lose them.
“Please!” I beg, with my eyes shut “Please, daddy, it hurts. Please, daddy, stop”.
I can feel his smile even though my eyes are closed.
“No” he whispers, but he lets go of one of my tits so he can stroke himself again.
And this time, he is finding much more joy in the experience than he was a mere five minutes ago.
“Beg!” he growls, raging.
“Please, please, please” I ask, lost between the pain and the pleasure of it.
“Please what?”
“Please, stop”
“Who do you want to stop… oh for fuck’s sake, do I have to write down what you need to say? You fucking worthless piece of cunt”.
“Daddy!” I call it out and he groans heavily “Stop, daddy”.
He slaps my tit so hard it leaves behind a red mark in the shape of his fingers.
“You don’t deserver any kindness”
He raises his hand to strike my boobs again and I half hold his hand, half try to stop him.
That’s when I see it…
The little mark around his finger. A tan line around where a wedding ring should be.
Is he… recently divorced?
Or is he taking off his wedding ring to go have fun on the beach?
He grabs my boob with his powerful claw to the point where a chunk of it goes white and bloodless. He keeps touching himself like he needs to unload his cum in the next thirty seconds or he’ll explode.
“Are you…” I am so shocked, I break our bond. So far, I have been nothing but obedient, even when I didn’t want to be. But if he is married, that changes everything. There is disgust in my voice when I push myself away from him, very determined on leaving him there alone. “Are you married?” I yell out, seething.
If the devil is capable of smiling, than he must do it the same way the Stranger does.
My fury, just like Sabrina’s tantrum that first day, seems to please him more than my naked pussy, tits and spirit did.
He has a dangerously smug smile when he replies “Maybe”.
“Maybe?” I throw sand at him, enraged, and try to get up but he holds me by my ankle keeping me in place.
“Oh no, you’re not” he says.
“Let me go!” I clench my teeth and try to kick him away but he is too strong and the position does not favor me.
Still, I keep trying to fight him. Not that it matters, as an uncooperative woman always seems to be enough to push him over the edge. I think he tried to aim his load in a different direction, but maybe he didn’t. His warm cum jolts up and out of the tip of his cock like water out of a fire hose. Hits me in the stomach, tits, all the way up to my chin but, more importantly, most of his load lands straight on my pussy. Spread open and already glistening with my own juice, my slit is now also covered with his white hot goo soaking through my pubes to reach my clit and the bright pink flesh beneath it.
I stop fighting.
I stare at my pussy covered in his warm cum, speechless.
The sight pleases him greatly and he chuckles, admiring how he violated my body.
“Looks better now” he points at my slit with his chin, putting his cock back in his shorts, getting ready to be on his way.
I’m still staring at it.
My hands are shaking.
My cunt is drenched in some man’s semen.
I don’t know him!
He is probably married!
I have unknown married cum all over my virgin pussy.
How do I even clean this?
I put my fingers on it, trying to get rid of it, but it’s gooey and sticky. Gets on my hand and all over my pubes. I never touched cum before but it doesn’t take me long to notice “fingers” won’t get the job done. I’ll need paper, water and an exorcism.
Which is all besides the point now because the second I touch his cum over my clit I feel a very familiar chill down my spine. I was just trying to clean myself. I was just trying to get him off me.
But the second I touch that little button, I feel the dam break and the barrage of lust I have been containing these past few days suddenly fill every single part of me, wetting places I worked hard to keep dry.
“Oh?” he halts with his never ending grin “Is that so?”
“W-what?” I whisper, fairly sure I didn’t say a word.
“Well, go ahead then”.
I have no idea what he is talking about.
Only I have every idea what he is talking about.
I want to touch myself.
I want to make myself cum while covered in his.
I press my fingers together, feeling the texture of his load. I want to lick it to know what it tastes like. I want to smell it to know what that’s like.
But instead I just lay there, hypnotised by this white milky seed of his.
Why is this so alluring?
It’s just a… thing that his cock spat out, right? Why is this so hot? Why having it on my pussy is warming me up to the point of boil?
“If you wait too long it will dry out” he teases “So if you wanna fuck your clit with it on you, you gotta do it now”
“I didn’t want to! I d-dont!”
“Do it anyway. For good measure.” He suggests, arms crossed, fully waiting for the show I am about to put on.
My fingers, my pubes and my slit are all drenched. His load was fat enough to fill half a cup. I glaze my finger very gently over my clit and it slides easily through his cum.
Fuck. This feels good.
“I know” he answers, even though I am sure I didn’t say it out loud.
I bite my lips, trying to make sure I won’t say anything by accident, but it doesn’t seem to matter. The Stranger is quite fluent in reading my eyes.
“C’mon. Rub daddy’s load on that little bean”.
I slide my finger all the way down across my pussy and close my eyes. The pleasure is so strong it makes me shiver.
“A little more, c’mon” he says but I am shaking too hard “Fuck. Are you really this incompetent? Flick that fucking bean or I will rip it out”.
I obey cause very quickly I learned to fear his pinches.
I flick it harder. I flick it faster.
My body arches all the way back to the towel, only I am squirming so much it doesn’t take long for my hair to be full of sand. And I don’t care. There is sand on my eyelashes, on my pubes, on my pussy. It scratches my clit like it did my nipples, but it feels too good for me to stop.
“That’s better” he whispers with a hushed voice “And someone’s coming, so you should finish fast or you’ll have a bigger audience”.
I stop, looking around, and he grabs my wrist so violently it turns me on again.
“What the fuck you stopping for? I ought take that pussy away from you, cause you don’t know how to treat it”.
Those few minutes were enough to get him hard again.
“Here” he aligns his cock real close to my pussy.
“Please, oh daddy, please”
“Be quiet, you fucking cunt. If you make me cum too fast I’ll make you lick my load off the sand”.
He smack the tip of his cock against my inner thighs and my pussy, stroking himself nice and easy until he is ready to cum again.
“Where do you want this?”
“Here” I say, tapping on my pussy.
“You want it there?”
If he cums on me again, I’ll finger myself again. No questions. And I don’t even care if someone is coming.
“Yes, please” I whimper.
But maybe it would be better to have it on my ass this time?
I turn and he grabs my hips to help me. I am on all fours yet again breathing in to tell him how I wanted on my ass when I feel his cock sliding inside my pussy.
“What the fuck” I try to push him away, but it’s like trying to pull a dog away from a bitch on heat once it decided to fuck her.
He moves his hips and fucks me deeper. I am so wet, he slid right in, but I get a burning feeling in my groins all the same.
“What the fuck, take it off! Take it off” I slap his thighs, which only serves to amuse him.
“Be quiet, someone is coming”
“Get off of me! Take it off!” I try to crawl away to no avail, he has his hands hard and strong on my waist and he is not letting go.
“You just said you wanted it here. I’m giving you what you want!”
“I wanted you to CUM there! Not fuck me!”
“What’s the difference?”
“I’m a VIRGIN! Take that fucking thing off of me!”
I’d like to say he hesitated… but he didn’t. As soon as he hears that word he lets out a fucking delicious moan and slams his cock into me a few more times before saying “You’re a… what?”
“I’m a virgin!” I cry out, begging.
“Well, not anymore” he fucks me while I keep trying to get away.
“Yes, anymore” I say in a mixture of mocking and rage “Take it out before it’s too late!” I beg in despair.
He laughs as it’s already “too late”. He is balls deep in my pussy. Whatever virginity I had is now long gone.
Ow it’s juts a matter of dignity.
“Take it out” I scream “I’m a virgin”
“You gonna grow it back? Is that it?”
It amuses him.
Whenever I fight him, whenever I don’t want him… he just enjoys it more.
“Shh” he commands as I am still trying to squirm my way to freedom “It’s over. It’s done. You be a good girl now and let me finish”
“No! I don’t want to…” I gasp. I don’t want my first time to be with a married stranger who liked Sabrina better.
“Well, too fucking bad. Cause it’s done” he growls fucking me harder every time I deny him.
I try to get up only to fall back down on my hands and knees, his cock attached to my pussy like he is now a new permanent part of me. And I am trying to hate him, trying to hate all of this, but sweet fucking God, I love it. Every time I squirm his cock hits me someplace really good. Every time I tell him “no”, his disregard for my wants makes me hornier. Every time I fight and he puts me in my place I can feel my cunt throbbing, pressing tight against the shaft invading my flesh.
I’m gonna come.
This is not at all how I had hoped my first time would be.
I thought it would involve flowers or someone I loved.
Not my own body covered in sweat and sand.
“Where do you want it? I’ll let you choose”
“Where do you want daddy’s load, you dumb bitch? If you don’t choose fast, I’ll do it for you”
“My pussy” I ask. Fuck, I wanna finger myself with his cum again.
“In or out?”
“Just this time I’m letting you choose”
He pulls out and showers me with his load. Covers my pussy even more than it already was.
“Say thank you” he looks pissed. I don’t know why!
“Thank you, sir” I mumble.
He puts his cock away really fast looking more and more furious by the second.
“You took too long, now I can’t stay and watch” he complaints getting back on his feet “You gonna do this again for me tomorrow and you better fucking finish”.
He runs away barely still trying to catch his breath and I am so gloriously fucking horny, I don’t have the senses to be offended. I flick my clit real good. Rubbing it with two fingers until my whole body starts feeling the pleasure. I hear voices coming closer.
I don’t care.
I never felt pleasure like this before.
I wouldn’t care if my own brother was walking down the beach. Sabrina. My ex almost boyfriend.
I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t stop.
I am so close it feels like my whole body is ready for it.
Rubbing it stronger. Faster.
There is a moan escaping through my barely open lips. My tits move as I have trouble breathing.
But I’m not fast enough. Just like he said… I take too long. The voices are upon me and what was the casual fun conversation before two friends, immediately becomes a surprised stutter “wow”.
They seem to be a bit older than me, though not much.
Poorly shaven the both of them. The kind of guys Sabrina has been making out with every night.
Maybe she might even know them. But hopefully not, cause I have my pussy smacked across their path, attacking it with my fingers as if I was hell bent on killing it.
They stop with widened eyes and half smiles of disbelief. Quickly staring at each other as if they wanted confirmation that this is really happening, before turning their eyes back to me.
I finish with a contained scream. The orgasm taking over my body like it was a religious experience. I feel tired to my bones. Drained.
But I have no time to collect myself as shame immediately takes over.
I get up, grab my things and run out of there as I hear one of them going “oh, ok then” before laughing nervously.
I get dressed as I run. I get back home and Sabri is still sleeping.
“I’m not going back there tomorrow morning” I tell myself.
No more.
This is what I tell myself in the morning.
But by the time evening falls, I’m considering that this vacation will soon be over. A couple more weeks and I’ll go back to my boring sexless life where nothing outrageous ever happens. So… why not?
Sabrina goes out at night and I decide to stay in because part of me ir afraid I’ll run into the two guys from the beach. I try to watch a movie. I try to eat. I try to sleep early. All of this being severely complicated by both my naughty mind that keeps taking me back to this morning’s events and the undeniable sounds of wild sex coming from Sabrina’s room after she finally comes back home.
I’m awake before the sun rises, but I wait until there is plenty of light out to get up.
I open the door to me bedroom still waiting on a sign from Fate before deciding if I should go to the beach this morning or not.
And alas, there was a sign.
Sabrina’s door also opens. I am about to enquire why on Earth is she up so early today when I notice she is not the one leaving her room.
It’s a man.
And not any man.
My man.
My stranger.
I drop my jaw, staring at him as he puts his shirt back on with a smile.
Was he… in her room… all night…?
Was he the one fucking her yesterday?
How? I…
“I know” he says, with that delicious smile and his horrible habit of reading my mind “We’re both running late this morning, aren’t we?” he checks his watch “I need to go home and change. See you in twenty minutes?”
He leaves.
Without another word.
As usual.
And I…
I’d appreciate any advices cause… I have no idea what I’m gonna do.

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