The story of how Covid brings families closer together

F\[20\]I don’t know if it’s worth starting, but I want to speak out, maybe it will become easier…
For clarification:
Even before I was born, my mother killed her brother, although not on purpose, but since she was a minor, she escaped criminal punishment and the mitigating circumstance was her pregnancy.
Mom had a lot of guys, I was small, I didn’t care about them, she was beautiful: a brunette with brown eyes and a figure like a ballerina, but I turned out to be a blonde with gray eyes like my dad… I had the same face and body as my mom , but the breasts are small.
I studied in 9th grade.
Dad mainly helped when I needed gifts and flowers for the holidays.
I had been stared at before, but my dad stared unambiguously, tried to hide it, but I’m not blind when they spy on you or deliberately enter the bathroom at an unnecessary moment.
Covid started, mom was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, dad was laid off, I’m on vacation…
On weekends, doctors allowed me to visit my mother.
We were relaxing at the dacha.
We go to the bathhouse once a week on the weekends, but because of my mother we decided on Monday.
Usually the three of us steam there or separately, since I don’t dare go with dad without mom.
That day I went first, it was my mistake… I spent about 15 minutes in the steam room, I wanted to go out, but my father came in… I was freaked out by his crazy look, I wanted to leave, but he said that he came specifically to steam me with brooms, I had to agree (I regret it), exposed my breasts and lay down, of course, I covered myself as best I could.
There was already a stake standing out from under the towel; he was not wearing swimming trunks!
He hit me hard with brooms, he got too hot, I actually felt bad, I asked him to stop to get out, but he ignored my request!
A little later he stopped, threw off the towel and exposed his penis, I didn’t understand what was happening.
He set the condition for me that he would release me only after oral sex; I had to do it there because I was almost losing consciousness… I’ve never been so ashamed, especially in front of my mother.
That rest of the day I couldn’t find a place for myself, I thought about what had happened and suicide, dad understood perfectly well what he had done..
He didn’t touch me for several days, letting me sleep with this thought.
Three days later, my stepfather came to my bedroom, undressed and lay down next to me.
The most interesting thing is that when he entered me, he talked about my mother and that this experience would be useful for me, that it would only be between us, I don’t want to destroy the family… attention, care and help from him.
But what will I do when my mother was pregnant from him (I didn’t specifically say it right away).
That year, many people died from corona, I was very worried and did not want to make it worse and did not tell my family about what happened.

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