The Shooting Gallery_(1) by Epheles

The Shooting Gallery

By Epheles

“Dammit!”, Sam shouted in frustration.

She slammed the rifle on the table and stepped away from the cute blonde that had been eating her out for the duration of the game, adding further difficulty to winning it.

The operator of the shooting gallery, a dark haired woman in her mid 40’s, quickly replaced the target, a small plate, and handed Sam hers. It looked like this time she had been really close, one or two more hits and she would have won.

She straightened her skirt while turning to me, put her hands behind my neck and gave me kiss before looking at me with those big, blue eyes.

“Can I have another try?”

“Don’t you think that’s enough for now? You’re going to waste all our money on this one game.”

It’s always hard for me to deny my girlfriend’s wishes, but I didn’t want to spend too much money on a single attraction. The carnival was huge and there were things I was interested in a lot more.

“Oh come on, Matt, just one more round”, she said, pouting.

“No honey. You know I don’t even like those games. And even if you win, what about your prize. I won’t carry her around the whole day, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to either.”

Sam looked at me for a few seconds, then her features hardened and she took a few steps back.

“You know what, fine. Go enjoy yourself, I’ll go home.”

She turned around and started walking away.

Just great, exactly what I needed, her having one of her fits.

Anywhere else, I might have taken the chance that she would get to her senses again, but here I didn’t want to take the risk of leaving her alone.

I followed and soon reached her. At first she ignored me and kept walking, so I put my hands on her shoulders, spun her around and held her.

She tried to get out of my grasp, but she knew she had no chance if I didn’t intend on letting her go.

“Fine”, I said, “one more round, but for the rest of the day, I decide what we do.”

Still, her face was one of anger, but I knew her well enough to know it was just a fassade. And as expected, after a few seconds she started smiling.

I wanted to pull her into a hug, but she jumped me as soon as I gave her the freedom to move, wrapping her arms and legs around me and planting her lips on mine.

When we were back at the stand, I pulled out my wallet, but as I held the money out to Sam, she rejected it.

“You know, I suck at this game. How about you give it a try.”

She couldn’t be serious. All this drama when I refused her another try and now she didn’t want to?

I opened my mouth to say something, but I didn’t want her to throw a fit again, so I closed it without saying a word.

“You know”, she snuggled up to me and whispered into my ear in a seductive voice, “if you win, I will do anything you want for the weekend.”

I pulled away from her just enough to look into her face, and she looked at me dead serious, nodding.

“And you can do whatever you want.”

I thought about it for a few seconds.

I really didn’t like those games. They didn’t freak me out, I had seen far worse, but I was one of a few to whom they didn’t appeal either.

But her offer showed how much it meant to her, and what kind of boyfriend would I be if I refused her what she wanted that much.

And what kind of man would I be if I didn’t take the chance to have a hot teenage goddess do anything for me for a whole weekend?

“Fine”, I said, “but even if I lose, it will be our last round.”

Beaming, she gave me another quick kiss, then let go of me.

I stepped up to the stand. It was still early, so there was no line.

I gave the money to the smiling woman, noticing that she still looked good for her age. Actually not only for her age, but really good even compared to younger women.

She handed me the rifle and called for the blonde to get to work.

I stepped in front of the girl, now kneeling again, and waited for her to take out my cock and get started sucking me. While she was busy, I looked ahead at my target.

It was a small plastic plate in the shape of a star, with two holes in it. Each hole held a hook, both of them attached to a steel cable. The lower cable was fixated at the ground.

The upper cable went around some pulleys before reaching the blade of a guillotine.

Strapped into this murderous device was another blonde girl, and though I couldn’t see much of her face, I was sure that the lips wrapped around my cock belonged to her twin sister.

Trying to ignore the blowjob – not that easy, and it didn’t help that she was really good – I raised the rifle and took aim. It was years ago that I last shot one. My father used to take me to the hunt when I still lived with my parents, but I didn’t like it enough to keep that up.

I tried to relax, let out my breath and pulled the trigger.

Looking at the target, I saw that I only barely hit it.

OK, four shots to go.

I took aim again. Neither were those rifles precise enough, nor was I a good shooter, so I didn’t even try to adjust my aim according to my first shot.

Once again I pulled the trigger and could see a big chunk of the plate being ripped away.

The third shot missed, but the fourth was another hit. It didn’t have that big of an impact, but I knew that another good hit could win me the game.

Next to me, I could hear my girlfriend let out a small cry of excitement as she came to the same conclusion.

I took aim for the fifth and last time.

By now, I could hear a low moaning and gasping from Sam who probably had a hand inside her skirt.

I guess the girl kneeling before me could hear her too, as she seemed to be more eager than before to distract me. She even started deepthroating me.

I tried to focus on the task at hand. As you can guess, that wasn’t easy.

I felt myself getting close and knew I had to shoot quickly. This was my last chance, so I shouldn’t, but if I came first, the game would be over as well.

So I did what you should never do, I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger.

A split second later, I simultaneously heard a loud thud and an ecstatic scream from Sam. I opened my eyes and saw that I had hit, ripping the once star shaped plate into two.

I looked to the guillotine and could see the now headless body jerking.

The blonde head had landed on a ramp that lead towards a basket on the ground not far from us, Sam already standing next to it, waiting

When it arrived, Sam quickly picked it up. The long, blonde hair had some bloody streaks in it.

Sam got on here knees in front of me, next to the other girl.

She pushed at her and I slid out of the warm mouth, only to have it momentarily replaced when Sam put the neck stump against my cock and pushed.

I slid into the dead girl’s throat and eventually, the head of my cock came out of her mouth, only to be greeted by Sam’s waiting lips that locked around me.

As said, killing women and fucking their dead body’s had never really turned me on, but I can’t deny that Sam sucking me off while kissing a severed head impaled on my shaft was one of the most erotic things I had ever experienced.

I started panting heavily. Sam knew that I was close, but she wasn’t done yet and pulled away from me.

She put her hand on the head of the living sister and pushed, forcing the girl to kiss her dead twin and blow me at the same time.

After a few seconds, Sam leant in and joined the incestuous kiss.

The sight of my shaft protruding from the dead girl’s lips, while her sister and my girlfriend were kissing each other and said girl around my cock finally pushed me over the edge.

I pulled away slightly and painted the two girl’s faces with my cum while they just kept kissing, swallowing what found its way into their mouths, then proceeding to clean each other’s faces with their tongues.

While we, had been busy, the operator had taken down the decapitated body and once again reset the game.

She came up to us, putting the dead girl on the ground in a sitting position, leaning against a wall of the stand.

“Congratulations. I didn’t expect Danielle to be gone so early.”

She smiled at me while taking the rifle from me and reloading it with five more bullets. Something told me that she had more in mind than just congratulate me for my win.

“You know, how about one more game on the house. No girl on the guillotine, but Michelle here against your girlfriend.

You win, you get to take her – and maybe she gets to spent some more time with her sister – you lose, your girl is the next prize.”

I was dumbstruck by this suggestion. I liked the idea of getting some more time with Michelle, but how could I put Sam’s life at stake for that.

My thoughts were interrupted by fingers poking my side. Looking down I saw Sam smiling, nodding at me.

I looked back up at the operator and took the rifle she held out to me.

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