The Saga of E Final Part

Not wanting the pleasure from E to stop. I follow her immediately. Before we pass the couch I grab her at the waist, direct her to the arm of the couch, shove her torso down and quickly grind the head of my cock against her incredibly wet pussy.

“Mmm yes daddy give me that..:.oh fuck wait”

Before she could finish, I drive my cock deep into her while also playing with her asshole with my thumb. Her pleasure was so apparent as she tightened and convulsed against me. I used my free hand to get ahold of her long brown hair and grip a nice ponytail as I drive deep into her.

“You faked it didn’t you baby?” I grunt in response to her loud moans. “You weren’t nearly as loud before.”

“God damn daddy, you feel fucking amazing. His cock is pathetic compared to you”. E moans

I drive harder into her, and unlike skippy, I continue to pound her and as her moans grow she gets wetter. I slap her ass a few times and pull her hair back more to hiss in her ear “cum on me baby girl I need to be soaked”. This had to have been the edge as suddenly my cock felt super warm and suddenly I find myself outside of E. She squirted me out. Loving I caused that, and also not wanting to give her any reprieve, I dive right back in and continue to fuck her delicious body. E reaches back and begins to fondle my balls. I feel my body begin to grow in its tension. I don’t want to cum yet though but it feels so good. I begin to slow down and steady the pleasure and pace. E isn’t having it, however, she begins to back her ass up into me keeping the intensity up.

“Baby I’m not ready to cum yet” I say

“Too bad, I’m hungry” she says quickly pulling off me and grabbing me. E pulls me onto the couch, where she then pins me down and begins working my dripping wet cock with both hands. I throw my head back with a loud “FUCK”

“I need your cum Daddy, please fill my whore mouth with a big load”

I squirm under her control dying to cum but at the edge.

E takes the head of my cock into her mouth sucking and swirling her tongue while working my shaft with both hands. Sending me into utter ecstasy. This is it. I can’t contain it any longer or I’ll burst.

“Fuck baby ahhhhhh!” I groan out from within my soul. Rope after rope of my seed enters her throat as she continues to gently work my cock for every drop. Before I can fully release and relax from the intense orgasm, E is continuing to work my cock and keep it hard. She shifts back to her knees in front of me and begins to be “please another round daddy, I need more, I need you”.

Over the course of the next hour we fucked on her couch, bed, and dining table. I filled her pussy a total of 8 times before I started to push rope and made her cum in total 13 times, 4 of which were squirts

There was another time we got together that was an interesting time as well. Could post if there’s interest.

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