The plumber his wife and a sissy

The plumber was 40 his wife unknown and me the sissy was 22 at the time.

I use to go to these TS/CD sex clubs in LA a lot before covid and one night I showed up this married couple kept looking at me. The man was a mature tall build guy who was eye fucking me. His wife was on the heavier side and seemd nervous and out of place.

Towards the end of the night the couple finally walked up to me and the man introduced himself. His name was Matt and he just introduced her as his wife. Matt told me that he had been watching me all night and asked if I wanted to have some fun with him while his wife watched. Matt was a very good looking man but ive never been into girls so I was hesitant at first but once he assured me that she was just going to watch I took him up on his offer. We moved out to one of the corners where I got down to my knees and started rubbing on his bulge. Matt’s wife was a couple feet away just standing there watching. Matt said to her “make sure you pay attention to what she does” He then leaned down and told me ” I want you to teach her how to service a real man” That got me so turned out.
Once I got my instructions I got to work. I pulled out Matts 7in thick cock. He had a huge bush and even bigger balls that hung so low. I licked his balls, gripped them tight and began to swallow his cock. With every thrust I felt his cock grow bigger. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he started to force me down further. He was so thick I was finding it hard to breath but I kept taking it. After a while he told me to stand up. He pulled out a condom and told his wife to put it on him. As she did that I bent myself over and lubed up my hole.

Out of nowhere I felt him enter my tight young hole. He whispered in my ear “dont let me down now kitten show my wife how a sissy can take cock” So I did as I was told I relaxed my hole and let him enter me as he wanted. Matt started to pound into me like he hadn’t fucked in months he spanked my ass and squeezed it. After about 10 mins of him just pounding away he pulled out ripped his condom off and shot a huge load of cum on my ass and back. He then started to rub the cum around with his raw cock. Matt then instructed me to get on my knees so I could clean the cum off his dick. I did as I was told. Matt then looked over at his wife and said “I hope you took notes because shes the best ive had in a long time”

Once I got his dick and myself cleaned up Matt asked me if I wanted to do it again but at their place. I told him I would think about it and we exchanged numbers. They ended up leaving after that but I stayed around to find another load.

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