The Pet – Part 4

The alley opens up to a huge great field that sits behind all of the houses. There’s a path round the edge with streetlights and picnic benches every couple hundred feet.

I look down at you “SIT!” you do and I reward you by removing your ball gag. “STAY” I let go of the leash and take a few steps away from you. “COME” you crawl over to me. “Good bitch” I say holding a chocolate drop out for you in the palm of my hand. You lap it out of my hand with your tongue. I unclip your leash “Heel” I say as I begin to walk. You stay right by my side crawling along.

I walk out over the grass towards one of the tables and you follow. The grass is wet and cold with dew but forgivingly soft. We get close and I stop, “SIT!” you do and the wet grass feels good against your ass and pussy like a million tiny little caresses. “Lay down” you lower yourself down into the grass which gives your breasts and body a wet embrace. You can feel drips pooling on your skin before running down your body and dropping to the ground. I hold out my balled up hand and you find that you can smell that there is another chocolate drop inside it. “Roll over”

You roll onto your back and I drop the drop into your mouth before reaching down and firmly grabbing your breasts. I pinch your nipples just to make them stand on end and then run one hand down your chest, over your stomach and between your legs. My other hand slides up under your collar and grips your neck as my fingers probe and push at your pussy. You’re pinned on your back in the wet grass under the neon glare of the streetlight, exposed and completely submissive. I grip your neck tightly and slap your pussy before standing back up.

“SIT” you roll back up to a sitting position, your wet skin chilled by the cool night air. “SPEAK” confused for a second but then you bark. “Good bitch, let everyone know you’re out here.” “Now beg!” You pull up on your knees, bring your arms up in front of your boobs, hands bent downward and proceed to whine at me while giving me a puppy dog look. “That’s a good bitch, beg for my cock.”

“OPEN” you open your mouth. I slide 3 of my fingers all the way to your tonsils and you instantly gag, the flavor of your own pussy is sweet in your mouth but you get just the subtlest hints of grass, dew and your own piss too. Drip drying and rolling in the wet grass hadn’t cleaned you up very well. Still the flavor was that of submission and you felt lust and arousal throbbing in your clit. I pushed my fingers to the back of your throat again but this time you roll your tongue opening space in your mouth and you gag less as the tip of one finger makes it into your throat. “Good bitch, you’re learning. Now let’s see how much better you can do with my cock.”

As I unbutton my pants you become aware again of how exposed you are. You see houses with lights on, knowing all anyone would have to do is look out and they’d see you there under the streetlight naked, plugged and being degraded.

My cock is hot and ridiculously hard as it hits your tongue. I can feel you tongue curl up at the edges hugging my cock as I push it to the back of your throat. I look down into your eyes, your mouth choking on my cock.

For the first time I say “Good girl!” as you feel my balls against your chin. They’re already wet with your spittel and drool but you see my eye’s light up with pride. Your head is in my hands and with my approval warming you and egging you on you push harder against my cock, the head of which is now well and truly lodged in your throat. You pull back a bit and then suck me in deep again. You start fucking my cock with your mouth and face as I smile down at you. I see and feel your rhythm building, my cock sinking deep in your throat again and again.

I feel the pressure building in my cock “STOP” you freeze exactly where you are my cock still deep in your mouth. “You have the makings of a good little pet don’t you.” I say as I remove my cock from your mouth and walk towards the picnic table. “Hup” I pat the table top and you eagerly climb up.

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