The painter of my apartment block painted more then just the walls part 1

Hello dear readers. My name is Veerle I’m a 25 year old PHD student from the Netherlands.

I bet most of you reading this watch a lot of porn. I know I do.
So I don’t have to tell you that their is this porn category where woman fuck delivery guys or plumbers. This category is probably as old as porn videos itself. However one thing in this category changed and that is that girls don’t stage it anymore but film them fucking a real delivery man or plumber.

These videos always turn me on. The more real it is the better. And it was always on my bucket list to try this myself. However I never really had the guts to really do it. Until last Friday that is.

So I live in an apartment block and the common rooms are being painted. Last Friday I came home from the gym. I walk in the main door of my apartment building and a painter is paining there. He then sees me and asks me if I maybe have a coffee for him.
I said sure I can make you some. I however have a piston espresso machine and it takes like 10 minutes to warm the machine before I can make a proper cup of coffee.

I tell him this and say if you come by my apartment in 15 minutes I have it ready for you. He agreed and I went to my apartment. I put on the machine so it could warm up and I went for a quick shower because I was really sweaty from working out at the gym.

While In the shower I started thinking. It’s something I regularly do in the shower as the relaxing warm water makes my head more clear. I thought did this man ask me specifically for coffee because of the fact that I’m a young sweaty girl that enters the building in yoga pants and a sports bra? Or did he just want the coffee. The more I thought about it the more I was convinced I was selected for this because of my physical appearance.

This revelation made me a little horny and of course flattered. So I thought fuck it lets seduce him and have some fun. Let’s be a slut for once and do this thing I always fantasised about. Let’s give this guy the best day of his life.

I thought out a plan and I decided to put on a white xxl shirt without anything under it. This shirt just barely covers my ass. And to make it even more sluttier I wouldn’t completely dry off my body so the shirt is a bit see through. I would make it seem as if I rushed out of the shower and grabbed the first thing I see to cover myself poorly before opening the door.

I hear the doorbell. I dry myself for most part with a towel I purposely neglect drying my boobs. I put on the shirt and open the door.
I immediately catch him looking towards my chest and legs. I smile at him and said sorry i was so sweaty from the gym I thought I should take a quick shower and forgot about the time. He replied no it doesn’t matter I can come back in 5 minutes if you like. I said no that’s not necessary I already put on the machine and I have your coffee ready in 2 minutes so come on in.

I turned around and he followed me in. I like to think he was staring at my ass while following me into the kitchen. My kitchen is connected to my living room and I told him to take a seat on the couch. From that couch you can easily look into the kitchen.

He sat down. I went into the kitchen to make his coffee. The coffee is on the top shelf and truly I didn’t think about this or plan this. But reaching upward to the coffee pulled my shirt up over my ass. As I feel this happening I quickly look back to him to see if he noticed. I could see he did by his facial expression which was a mixture of surprise and joy.

Sorry I said I didn’t mean to flash you my ass. Please don’t be sorry he said you have an amazing ass and I feel lucky that I saw a glimpse of it. I smile and awkwardly thank him for that compliment. I feel a bit nervous and this getting so real makes a bit shy even. I finish his coffee make one for myself and bring it over.

I place his coffee onto the coffee table in front of him and sit in a chair that is opposite to him. I awkwardly tightly cross my legs to not show him my pussy pretending to be a decent girl. It’s a little chilly in my living room and I feel my sensitive hard still a bit wet nipples being touched by the shirt. I see him looking at my boobs and legs. Then he looks me in the eyes he noticed I noticed him looking. He looked caught and i smiled at him.

I then said sorry I didn’t have time to put on something decent. Also im not so prudish I tell him but if it makes you uncomfortable I go and change into something more decent. No he said I’m not uncomfortable it’s just hard not to stare at certain parts he said. I don’t mind some staring I respond while positioning my legs to a more comfortable position. He now can see my pussy if he looks between my legs and I immediately caught him doing so.

I open my legs a bit more and ask him do you like what you see? He responds yes in a very serious way. I’m going to put on something decent I reply. I see him look confused. I continue and say to you want to pick out what I wear? And I stand up and walk towards the bedroom hoping he would follow.

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