The Odd Predicament of Grant and Christie. “The Party” Ep4

*Extra Points for those who figure out what’s behind my story titles*

Thank god we have company. When we have company the women aren’t as needy. I drove to get the guys from the air strip. The plane was taxiing towards the car. Can’t do that in LA. The door flopped open and out comes the three amigos. Logan, Bryce and Mike. Each has a small bag and Mike is wrestling with the pilot over an odd shaped box. Then the pilot hands him it and an envelope. By the time I got to the car Bryce was in the drivers seat, Mike in the passengers seat and Logan was in the back asking why he didn’t have a scotch yet.

Mike, what’s in the box. “Stuff” okay. Of course I had scotch for Logan. We went to our resort first to show it off. Kids with a new toy. 🙂 Bryce commented, “Nice ride.” Mike said, “It rides heavy must be the armour” What? What the fuck ya talking about? Mike said. Where did you get it? I told them I bought it from a guy Logan suggested. Mike looks at Logan. Logan says.”Yup” Mike says, “Escalade Presidenté” It’s made for big wigs. It’s got plates underneath. Bulletproof glass and the doors can sustain a 50 calibre bullet. Logan says, when in Mexico do as El Presidenté. 🙂 Sid’s looking forward to the visit. Logan says, “Sid. Sid’s a good egg. My brother in law. He’s one of the original 6 family. Love the guy. It’s been years. Grant, you and Christie are a gift. You reunited a lot of people. Mike says “Amen to that”. Logan says, “Mike, Bryce. You’re going to love Sid. The real deal. Guys said they can’t wait. As we’re driving I said, “Oh yeah. I damn near killed Christie yesterday.” The guys both turned around. What the fuck?! Logan punches me in the shoulder. What the fuck happened? Okay, it’s like this. She was teaching me to sail into the wind. Mike goes. No easy feat. So, I dropped the sail, Mike says and you said, “come about” right? Um. No. Mike says.”Gee Grant. How’d ya blow that?” Bryce says, “What the fuck y’all talking about?” Logan: When you drop the sail and the bow’s swinging across you say “come about. It’s like saying heads up”. What happened? You’ll see. Lets just say I fished her out of the Pacific.

We got to the resort. They looked around. Nice digs. Logan: I’ve seen better. Just kidding skipper. I love this place. Dean Martin shot a movie here. I laughed, really? Of course I heard this 100 times. LOL It’s the places claim to fame. It’s nice. We got the guys checked in. All the security stuff. We went to the Penthouse. Mike says, “So cool. This security is off the charts for when it was installed and the upgrades make it like Fort Knox. Check it out. Mike jumps up. The elevator stopped and started again when he landed. None of us knew what he was talking about. 4 scans x our weight and our FOBS. If the weight sensor thinks there’s too much weight or not enough weight it thinks there’s something fishy going on. Like. How could there be 4 passengers and not enough weight or too much weight. The old guys knew how to make things right. How cool! Mike was impressed, and Mike knew so much about everything security wise.

We got to the top. I don’t know who was happier, the guys, or the girls. Fucking love fest. The guys were all fawning over Christie. She’s going “I’m fine I’m fine”. She did look better today. Her hair was covering the bump on the head and she just had the sling on. She was also wasn’t stoned on pain killers. Mike and Bryce looked around. Wow. Unreal. They looked at me. “Only access is up the elevator?”. Nope. I took them over and showed them the exit chute. Mike and Bryce both said “Brilliant”. You don’t even see it till you step on one tile, and the LED glows on the other tile. then you step on both tiles and the chute inflates, it’s like a water slide. And you can only go back down the elevator, if you have the same credentials you came up with. Weight and FOB etc. That’s insane. Logan says, “The crew used to have the social club meetings here in the 70’s and 80’s. Social club? Logan and I looked at them. How about we call it Family Days? Oh! Bryce took Logan to Sid’s place. Mike stayed with us. Logan texted and said Sid wants to get together later. I’ll call after I settle in.

We hung around the deck and talked about the idiot problem. Mike said. “What’s with these people?” Peg and Kate told Mike everything we knew. She said there’s a couple wildcards but it seems the story is the same as before with a twist. The dad bullshitted his way out of trouble with his triplet story which is impossible as the 3rd one died before his 1st birthday. The stepparents likely knew Lance and Christie’s dad and that’s how they ended up adopting Misty. Mike said, “Well this ends now. I don’t care how it ends but this problem should have been gone by now.” Mike sounded more ominous than usual. Mike said, “This really doesn’t add up. We’re missing something.” Mike for some reason really didn’t like Misty, and she appears to be the source of all of this trouble. He also said something that made us think. “Why is the mom free? How is that possible? Who spooked Misty to follow you to Italy and how did she know. This is fucked.” Peg said, “I agree. I know some top notch lawyers and they couldn’t get that whack job released on any kind of bail. No way. Yet she’s free” Mike said, “Exactly. Also the girls phones were missing and who posted bail for these people?” Peg called her inside guy back in the UK to work it from the outside. Find all the info you can on the precincts in that area, specifically the Bakersfield Fresno area. This guy has connections no one has. Totally Interpol stuff.

Bryce got back. He said, “Our company is early.” Fuck. Which ones? Tex and the girls. Kate said we had to keep them at bay for 24-48 hours. Somehow I need samples on every one of them. I need to know exactly how they fit in. Right now we have pieces but nothing ties anything together, right this minute. I know a lab down here that will expedite it in 24 hours for me, I just need to get it. Mike and Bryce said, no problem, leave it to us. I got a text 30 mins later. The stepparents and all of them were here and at a flea bag motel on the edge of town. The guys sat on the place and watched. It seemed like they had the second floor to themselves and they were the only people staying there. Like, the pool is empty. Oh, that kinda place. Bryce said these are either incestual mountain folk or none of them are related, at all!! He said all of them were naked going back and forth between the rooms drinking tequila and the supposed mom was getting felt up by both men and the men were kissing and fucking with all the females. Free love. Mike and Bryce stayed until their party wound down, then they went up and got cups and crap from the balcony. Mike had taken photos and they had tossed bottles and other things. Mike had plotted out where they landed and retrieved them and identified them as best as he could.

Bryce stayed with eyes on the place while Mike raced back with the samples. Then they both sat and watched the place. We felt guilty going to hang with Sid and Logan. They said “Lots of time to play. We just gotta smack a few balls on the back nine here.” Okay guys.:) When you’re surrounded by good people live is grand.

It was time for the girls to get prettied up to go see Sid and Logan. Can I mention how the girls are dressed? Well. I’m going to tell you regardless!! My god. Kate was wearing an off the shoulder white sparkle dress. It was like a caveman thing. It swept off one shoulder across her breasts leaving lots of boob showing and the same angle from her waist barely covering her ass cheeks. She has dark hair and the girls had pulled up in a kind of 1960’s glamour beehive with a jewel, that is coming back into style and bare legs with clear 4″ high heels. Get out of town!!! Wow!! Boy she looked good. Peg had the most minimal periwinkle blue, tight elastic band stretchy kind of dress. It went from just barely over her nipples down to just past the cheeks of her ass. If she moved wrong you could likely see her pussy. Matching shoes,and with her sharp features with her short blonde gelled swept-back haircut, wow, another trophy, But, my honey. Christie. THIS was the most perfect porcelain doll of Mexico. The girls had helped her take her curly mane of hair back up really high. It fell like a huge wavy ponytail. She wore her favourite little black dress and glitter lotion on her bare brown legs. With her silver sparkle 4″ high heels and of course her Cartier watch with her dangling diamond earrings. On top of all this she wore a black glitter sling for her wounded arm. It was still really sore. She couldn’t have looked better. She was over the top spectacular. The ladies looked at her. They looked at me. “This isn’t fair. You can drop her off a boat and put her in the hospital and she still looks like a million bucks!” I told them, “Without a doubt I’m standing with the prettiest girls on the planet” I took a picture for proof. Christie said, “In case anyone cares. Grant is wearing his Daniel Craig James Bond style tuxedo. Grant’s not broke but he likes to act like he is. He has a nice Rolex watch I bought him on tonight, but he usually wears an Apple Watch. He’s wearing nice shiny black shoes that look like something he thinks he should wear but I know he’d rather wear sketchers. My Grant looks like 2 million bucks. Ha!!” Christie sent the other girls down first. “Meet you in the lobby, I need to speak to Grant.” Oh fuck. What did I do? She watched the elevator hit the lobby. Then we walked to the elevator and pressed the call button, the door opened, she blocked the sensor. She pulled her panties off and tucked them in my pocket, then pulled her dress up over her ass and leaned over. She grinned. “Black dress and elevator. Remember?” *wink* This is the best. We replay this when she wears the black dress. It reminds us of Providence when we were on the run. My little doll leaned against the elevator door frame and I took her from behind. Christie came so hard her juice and my cum was so thick on her thighs, we went back in and cleaned both of us up. It was too much. LOL WAY too much. We tidied up and joined the ladies in the lobby. They smiled. “All good lovers?” We smiled. Oh ya!!!

Next stop. Sids place!

End Ep 4

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