The Not So Secret Admirer.

My wife suddenly started getting gift left at the door, sometimes a basket of fruit, a bouquet of flowers the odd carton of cigarettes and it became a weekly thing. Then she told me that sometimes when she fills the car with gas an old guy pays for it. She thought she recognised the guy but wasn’t sure. This went on for about 4 months, it wasn’t freaking us out, we were pretty laid back and hey who doesn’t like getting free stuff.

I got home from work one night and A is in the front room totally naked. One of the dining room chairs had been moved and was facing the window. When I asked her what was going on she burst into fits of laughter, it took her a while before she finally got the words out. An old woman from across the road from us had come over and told A not to walk around the house naked with the blinds open and also to stop our, as she put it “Sexual Shenanigans” where people could see what we were doing or she would call the police. It finally clicked who her secret admirer was, it was the old lady’s husband. I still didn’t understand the chair facing the window so she explained, she had waited for the woman to go out, then moved the chair and played with herself using her dildo’s and fingers. She told me his wife had been out for about 4 hours so she gave him a show once every hour. I asked her if she was still out and when she said yes I took my cock out and offered it to her she began sucking me right away. I asked her how she knew he was watching and she told me to keep looking out of the window. Every now and again there would be a flash of light, not from a camera flash but by the reflection of what must have been Binoculars or a telescope.

I decided it was time to go all porn star on her, I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth making sure I brought her head down on my cock so she took the full length. I actually enjoyed knowing we were being watched and so did A, in fact we liked it so much it would become a kink for us to go find places to fuck and be watched. I was about to shoot my load when I noticed an old woman getting out of the car in his drive. Taking A’s head one last time I forced my cock deep in her mouth and emptied myself.

A couple of days later the doorbell rang, A yelled for me to get the door. When I got there there was nobody there. I looked down and saw a package with the words “For the lady of the house” in big letters. It was a good sized package. When A opened it it was full of Victorias Secret stuff, underwear, nighties and a couple of toys. There was a note inside asking that she wore the underwear and nighties when she gave him a show. OK yes that was a little freaky so I asked what A was going to do, she simply said that as long as he was being nice enough to buy gifts and fuel her car she would do it. She had a point we hadn’t bought cigarettes in months and had only needed to pay for fuel for my truck so giving him a peep show was no biggie.

Whenever A was off work and his wife had gone out she would put on shows for him. The gifts kept coming and she was loving being the flashing neighbor and I have to admit I got a kick out of it too. Things did evolve quite quickly, one day and envelope was pushed into the mail box, inside the envelope was a telephone number and a request that she called it so he could listen to her when she played with herself. I asked her if she was OK with it, “Johnny I do cam shows for perverts so this is easy money”

That day was the start of her sugar daddy kink.

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