The nosy neighbor [M25/F25/F25][BDSM] [Part 1]

It was a day like any other, with nothing on my agenda. It was only six in the afternoon and I had already changed into a pair of pink, cotton pajamas; cute but mostly warm and comfortable.

I had just poured myself a glass of wine and was trying to decide whether I should heat up some leftovers to go with it or order food online when someone knocked on my door.

Knowing it must be one of the neighbors in my apartment building – else they would’ve rung the front-door bell – I opened the door without bothering to cover up.

I was greeted by Sophie who lives right next-door. I was taken aback for a moment by her outfit: a sleek black satin dress with lace trim, its neckline plunging deep with a series of thin silver necklaces disappearing into her bosom. Her hair was brushed perfectly with a large black pin pushing it to one side and her expertly applied make-up made her more beautiful than she already was.

I’d always had a bit of a crush on my neighbor – her and her husband to be honest, they were such a handsome couple – but I’d never seen her this gorgeous and sexy. For a moment I couldn’t speak.

“Hey Sam, could I borrow some salt?” She greeted me.

I took a deep breath. “Sure, salt… Come in.” I let her follow me into the apartment, to the kitchen-area. “What do you need it for?”

“I promised Jonathan I’d cook a meal for our anniversary.” Sophie replied.

“Your anniversary?!” I exclaimed. “Congratulations!”

“Thank you.” Sophie replied with a short smile.

That explained the outfit, I thought while grabbing a pot of salt from the cabinet. “You’re cooking dressed like that?” I asked.

“We’re going out after dinner.” She replied, accepting the pot as I handed it to her. “Though you’re right, I should probably wear an apron for now.”

“How many years?” I asked.

“Five.” She replied with a broad smile.

“Wow! Wait, don’t leave…” I picked up the bottle of wine I was drinking from as she turned to leave. “We have to drink to that.” And started to pour her a glass as well.

“I should probably go back.” Sophie replied. “Jonathan is already a bit agitated since I took so much time to get ready and now that I forgot the salt for dinner he fears we’ll be late for our date.”

I smiled as a mischievous thought floated up inside me. I knew a naughty little secret about my neighbors, something I didn’t think they realized I knew. Jonathan and Sophie were quite kinky in the bedroom. The wall between our apartments wasn’t very thick and ever since they moved in, I’d often heard the beautiful woman in front of me moaning and squealing as her husband spanked her backside. I’d been worried the first time I heard those loud, repeated swats, followed by squeaks and groans; but the deep moans and guttural grunts had put my mind at ease, especially the passionate lovemaking afterward had reassured me that this was a mutually consensual arrangement.

“You can’t be in that much trouble.” I said, teasingly emphasizing the last word. “Not on your anniversary.”

I was rewarded with a slight blush as Sophie considered how much trouble she might be in. “I guess not.” She replied.

“Just one glass.” I said. “To celebrate.” I was already imagining my neighbor returning to her husband after having wasted even more time. I’d be able to hear her punishment from here and listen to her moans and whimpers as I imagined Jonathan pulling up that beautiful satin dress to bare her bottom.

It was a good thing Sophie couldn’t see my face as I’d turned around to grab the glasses of wine while those thoughts flitted through my mind, making me blush much deeper than she had. I banished all thoughts of my neighbor’s bare, spanked backside, straightened my face and turned around to hand her the glass. “To your marriage.” I said.

Sophie accepted the glass and raised it before taking a quick sip.

“So what is this date you’re going on?” I asked, trying to steer my mind away from its earlier kinky fantasies. Listening to their bedroom activities wasn’t all that piqued my interest, I’d been single for a while and was truly invested in hearing the fancy, romantic evening they must’ve planned.

“We’re going dancing.” Sophie replied. She took another sip from her wine but didn’t seem hurried anymore, enjoying a moment of peace with her friend and neighbor.

I grinned, imagining her on the dancefloor, with that dress. It would be beautiful.

Then before I could ask anything more another knock sounded at my door.

“Shit, that must be Jonathan.” Sophie said.

“Stay here.” I told her and went to open the door.

In dark slacks, a white shirt with crimson red tie and a black leather jacket, Jonathan was just as stunning as his wife. “Is Sophie here?” He asked, as from the front door he could not see far into the apartment.

“Yes, she’s in the kitchen.” I replied as I nervously licked my lips. He was agitated, I could see it in his eyes. I felt a bit vulnerable suddenly, in front of this well-dressed man whilst I only wore a set of cute pink pajamas.

“What’s taking so long?” He asked.

I blushed. “We were just celebrating your anniversary. Congratulations by the way.”

Jonathan smiled suddenly, the look of agitation draining from his face as he focussed his eyes on me – he’d been looking over my shoulder trying to see inside at first. “Thank you. Well tell her she needs to come home or we’ll certainly be late.”

“I will.” I replied.

Jonathan turned to leave and then looked back to me over his shoulder. “Tell her she’ll be in even more trouble if she doesn’t hurry.”

I blushed. He’d made it sound like he was making a joke, but I knew better.

I returned to the kitchen where Sophie was still waiting. She looked nervous, but it was an excited sort of nervousness. I could tell that she wasn’t truly afraid of what her husband might have in store for her.

“It was Jonathan.” I said. “He said you should come home, or you’ll be in trouble… Well, more trouble to be precise.”

Sophie blushed deeper than before and placed her glass on the table. “Well, we’ll continue this some other time then.” She said.

“Wait.” I stopped her. “Don’t leave yet.”

My neighbor turned to me with a confused look on her face.

“If you’re already in trouble, might as well do it properly and at least finish your drink.” I explained.

Her blush deepened. “You don’t understand…” She began.

I grinned. I don’t know why, but it really appealed to me at that moment to hint at what I knew, to tease her with my knowledge of her secrets. “I might know more than you think.” I winked. “The wall between our apartments is quite thin. I hear a lot.”

Sophie was now looking scarlet, but she looked more excited than angry or embarrassed. “Did you hear…?”

“More than once.” I replied.

Sophie was licking her lips, looking back at the front door, but my revelation had stopped her in her tracks for now.

“If you’re going to get spanked, might as well make sure it was worth it.” I said, choosing to be straight-forward and revealing that I knew exactly what was waiting for her as I handed her the glass of wine she’d placed on the table.

Sophie accepted it in surprise and took a big gulp before looking back at me. She was smiling slightly, the color slowly draining from her face before raising her glass. “To getting into trouble.” She said.

I grinned, raising my glass in reply.

Not much later another knock sounded at my door. Once more I opened it to the handsome, but agitated Jonathan.

“Is she still here?” He asked.

“Yes, do you want to come in?” I asked.

Jonathan nodded. “I better, else it seems she’s not coming back.”

I returned to the kitchen with Sophie’s husband following right behind me.

Sophie looked at us wide-eyed, sipping nervously at her glass of wine.

“What are you doing here?” Jonathan asked.

I could tell he was choosing his words carefully, not using the same language he would if I wasn’t around.

“Sam offered me a drink, to celebrate our anniversary.” Sophie replied.

“You were supposed to just get some salt, now we’ll definitely be late.” Her husband said.

Sophie bit her lip. “I guess I forgot…”

Jonathan shook his head. “Forgot? Didn’t Sam tell you I came by earlier, looking for you?” I could almost hear the ‘young lady’ that should’ve come at the end of that sentence.

Sophie nodded, looking slightly more spirited now. “She did, but I wanted to finish my drink first.”

“Well, you’ve had your drink, it’s time to come home now.” He’d stepped past me and placed his hand on the kitchen table and from his body language I could see he could no longer hold back the following words: “You’re in a lot of trouble young lady.”

A tingle ran up my spine as I heard that. I watched them, staring at each other, trying to ignore my presence; but I couldn’t keep silent. “I encouraged her to stay.” I said. “I told her she could finish her drink first.” I don’t know why I suddenly decided to defend Sophie, after trying to get her into trouble at first, but faced with her dominant husband, I now felt to be more on her side than his.

Jonathan turned to me and smiled. “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t be arguing here in your home. We should go.”

“It doesn’t really matter.” Sophie suddenly said. “If we go home or not, she’ll still be able to hear us.”

Jonathan frowned. “What do you mean?”

“She told me she hears everything.” Sophie said.

I blushed as Jonathan turned towards me. “What exactly have you heard?” His words weren’t threatening, more like he was teasing me, really.

“Just… That when you told me she’d be in even more trouble, you weren’t just joking.” I replied.

My neighbor looked back-and-forth between me and his wife. “And after that revelation you decided to stay and finish your drink?” He asked her.

Sophie nodded.

“I guess you’re right.” He said. “It doesn’t matter whether we go home or not to continue this conversation.”

Sophie grinned broadly, but then, slowly, her smile faded as realization struck. “Wait…”

“You wanted to stay here so much, might as well deal with your behavior right here then.” Jonathan interrupted her.

Sophie blushed deeply. “Not in front of Sam.” She said.

“You didn’t mind her listening, shouldn’t mind her watching either.” Jonathan said.

Sophie sputtered, but found no words to protest further.

I could feel my heart racing. Was he really going to do it? Spank her right here in front of me? I’d listened to them so often, fantasizing about what was happening, aroused and even playing with myself when I thought about it on nights I felt most lonely. I eagerly awaited what was going to happen.

“You were already cutting it close, then you forgot the salt.” Jonathan said. “And instead of hurrying, you decided to waste time drinking and refused to make haste even when I came to get you.”

Sophie blushed deeply. “Sorry, sir.” She replied. “I’ll hurry now so we can get ready.”

“It’s too late for that, right now you can hurry and get yourself bent over right here across Sam’s kitchen table.” Jonathan replied.

My neighbor bit her lip, looking defiant for a moment, but she could not look her husband down. After a last second of hesitation, she turned around and bent over the table.

I could feel my heart in my throat, seeing the beautiful woman bent over, the satin dress snug around her voluptuous bottom. I watched as her husband pulled the dress up, revealing her bare legs, her thighs and finally her backside, with just a small black, lace-trimmed thong covering the crack between her buttocks.

I stared at those two perfect, soft pale globes and moaned softly as Jonathan pulled down her panties, sliding them down all the way to her ankles, baring her backside completely.

Jonathan turned to me as I made that involuntary sound and he smiled. “Like what you see?” He asked.

I nodded, blushing deeply.

Jonathan turned to his wife again. I watched as he placed his broad hand on her backside, squeezing it firmly, his fingers digging into her soft skin. With his other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her up off the table. He whispered something in her ear.

I could not understand what he’d said, but after Sophie replied, he let her down again and turned to me. “So let me get this straight.” He said. “You knew the kind of trouble Sophie would be in, knew she was in a hurry, and still you encouraged her to stay and ignore my instructions?”

I bit my lip, a bit guilty now, but still too aroused to truly feel sorry for my deceit. I nodded.

“Seems to me, you’re just as misbehaved as my wife.” Jonathan said. “If things were right and fair, you would be standing there right beside her.”

My heart-rate suddenly jumped up. Had he just suggested I should be spanked as well? The thought vibrated in my head and I could not stop the surge of arousal I felt. “I guess that would be fair…” I replied nervously.

Jonathan grinned. “And are you the kind of woman that tries to do what’s right, Sam?” He asked.

I licked my lips, too excited to think twice about what I was agreeing to. “I am.” I replied.

“Then get over there and bend over right beside my wife.” Jonathan said.

I took a deep breath, reminding myself to breathe and then moved to stand beside Sophie. I bent over the kitchen table and then looked at her. She looked back at me, smiling broadly, excited for us to be punished together.

I could then feel Jonathan’s hands at my hips, his fingers reaching inside my pajama pants before pulling them down. I blushed deeply as he bared my bottom.

There was a moment of silence that seemed to stretch for a very long time. My blush deepened as I imagined my neighbor staring at my naked backside, admiring the view.

“I was going to let you keep your panties on.” Jonathan then finally said. “But it seems like that’s not really an option.”

Sophie looked at me in surprise and I laughed, a nervous giggle really, from deep inside my throat. I wasn’t sure at that moment whether it was a good thing, or a bad thing, that I never wore any underwear underneath those pajamas; I liked to sleep without.

Nervously I waited for what would come next, my bare butt sticking out, my whole body tingling with excitement. Then I heard a loud swat, followed by a low moan coming from the woman beside me.

Again and again the sound of Jonathan’s hand connecting with his wife’s bottom echoed through my apartment, much louder than when I’d hear it coming through the walls.

Sophie looked at me while her husband spanked her, smiling, though the increasingly creased furrow between her eyes and the way she clenched her lips together showed it wasn’t just excitement she felt. It wasn’t long until she had to avert her gaze, looking down at the table as low grunts and groaning moans escaped her lips.

I looked at her with fascination, examining the tiny, mixed facial expressions of pain and arousal. As I looked, I grew nervous, knowing it wouldn’t be long until it was my turn. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t have a better look at what was happening, that I couldn’t see Jonatha’s hand connecting with her backside, the rippling of flesh as he spanked her buttocks and how they would slowly turn red.

Then, I felt a big, warm hand grasping my buttocks. I blushed, the intimate touch turning me on instantly. I noticed Sophie raising her head to look at me, now that the assault on her bottom had paused. I wonder what she saw as she stared at me and smiled: the creeping blush on my cheeks, a look of consternation, worry, arousal, … ? Then Jonathan raised his arm.

His hand landed with a firm swat across my bottom and I had to clench my teeth together to not yelp in surprise. A hot, stinging sensation spread from the impact.

He raised his arm again.

I bowed my head, looking away from Sophie, hiding my blushes, hiding the frown of pain and the difficulty I had at keeping my mouth closed as her husband’s hand rained down on my backside. Again and again, a deep, hot sting was applied to my behind, each swat layered upon the previous so that the pain had no time to dissipate as my bottom quickly turned red and sore.

When I heard low moans and deep grunts, it took a moment for me to realize they were my own, and not my neighbor’s, who was just silently watching. I blushed, but could not stop myself, moaning deeply, not sure whether it was the pain, or the arousal that had forced me to discard my silence.

Suddenly, it stopped.

I looked up, out of breath, my bottom throbbing. I looked at Sophie who had witnessed the entire thing and watched as her eyes grew wide. I realized instantly what that meant, Jonathan had placed his hand on her equally sore, red backside. It was her turn once more.

Excited to be spared the pain for a moment, to be able to watch once more, I looked my neighbor in the eyes. The blush on my cheeks was mostly gone. There wasn’t much to be embarrassed about, not when she was receiving the exact same treatment I was.

No loud swats followed however and the look of trepidation in Sophie’s eyes slowly turned into one of blushing arousal. Her breathing grew deeper, her tongue flicked out to lick her lips, then she bit down on her lower lip, uttering a deep, trembling moan. I could only imagine what was happening: her husband caressing her backside, squeezing, fondling, perhaps even sliding his fingers between her thighs, finding her wet, swollen, most private parts.

I blushed at the thought, but I could feel my own pussy, hot, throbbing, wet with excitement. That look on Sophie’s face: eyes half closed, trembling lips, that would be me if someone were to slip his hand between my legs right now.

Then, the look on her face faded, her eyes opened. I realized Jonathan had raised his arm again a split second before I heard his hand connecting with Sophie’s backside.

My neighbor moaned and dropped her head down towards the table. She squealed even, as the loud smacks echoed through the kitchen. Those squeals, combined with the look of pain on her face made me realize these swats were much harder than before.

I looked at her, nervously, trying to tell myself it wouldn’t be that bad, knowing I was up next. I couldn’t convince myself, my bottom was already sore and I knew I would get a whole lot worse soon. And yet, As I watched my neighbor squeal and moan, I couldn’t wait until it was my turn.

Then, the sounds stopped. Sophie didn’t look up, her head rested on the table-top, breathing deeply as she was out of breath. Her husband’s hand now changed its focus to my backside.

I licked my lips, waiting for the pain to come. But it didn’t, instead I felt Jonathan’s hands caressing my backside, his fingers tracing the curves of my bottom, fondling the soft, sensitive skin of my upper thighs. I then remembered the look on Sophie’s face, before the second part of her spanking had started, the look of arousal, the biting of her lips. The way he played with my bottom was gentle, almost reluctantly, but I knew that as long as I didn’t protest, he would continue. Jonathan took my silence as consent and I could feel his fingers growing more bold, digging into the crack between my buttocks, spreading them apart as he explored my backside. I realized my own bottom lip was caught between my teeth now and I moaned deeply as I could feel his fingers burrowing between my thighs. I spread my legs, as far as my pulled down pajama pants allowed me, granting him access. I felt his warm hand slipping between, cupping my hot, swollen pussy, as if he was checking how wet and excited his punishment had made me.

Then his hand disappeared, satisfied with his answer, Jonathan raised his arm. I braced myself just as his hand landed with a firm swat across my behind.

Again and again he spanked my backside. Each swat was hard and firm, I could feel my buttocks bounce from the impact. I leaned heavily on the kitchen table, needing its support as each swat sent me staggering forward. I squealed and moaned as the pain in my bottom was much greater than it had been before. And yet, with each swat, I pushed back, arching my back, raising my bottom off the table for the next swat.

I yelped, biting away the pain when I could. My backside was on fire and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I’d just wanted to get Sophie into a bit of trouble, wanted to hear her get punished from the safety of my apartment, get horny as I imagined how she got disciplined. I didn’t want to participate in it, surely not share in the pain. Yet as I squealed and cursed myself for getting involved, I couldn’t help but feel the growing excitement between my legs, the throbbing arousal penetrating my body, and the desire to promise Jonathan that I’d be a good girl and never misbehave again.

Finally, the pain stopped coming, and Jonathan’s hand disappeared. Laying down on the table, breathing as heavily as Sophie had been, I looked to my side, at my neighbor and noticed she was smiling at me. It wasn’t a spiteful smile, as if she was reveling in the fact that my attempt at getting her in trouble had backfired; no it was an appreciative smile, as if she was happy to be sharing this experience with someone, excited that she wasn’t alone. Perhaps watching her husband discipline me was just as exciting for her as it had always been for me, secretly listening in on the two of them through the walls. I couldn’t help but smile back.

The pain in my backside was all-over, even my upper thighs were burning. I could imagine my bottom was bright red and didn’t think I’d wish to sit down any time soon. Surely our punishment was now over, but Jonathan did not tell us we could stand up, so I obediently stayed in this position, bent over, bottom presented for more discipline should he consider it necessary.

Some time passed and nothing happened. I could see in Sophie’s eyes that she too hadn’t felt her husband’s hands in a while. I wondered if he was just watching us, staring at our pair of red, spanked bottoms, enjoying the view of his handiwork. It made me blush and wish to look over my shoulder to see what he was doing. I could see from Sophie’s nervous looks that she was thinking the same, but something told me that the first one of us to turn and look over their shoulder would feel the stinging pain of Jonathan’s hand across our backside. Sophie must’ve thought the same, for we both stared silently ahead of ourselves.

Then, I heard a rummaging sound, as if Jonathan was going through my kitchen drawers. I wondered what he was looking for. With my bottom hot and red, freshly spanked, I was in such a submissive mood, the thought didn’t even cross my mind to ask why he was going through my belongings without asking me first.

“Are you two learning a lesson yet?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes, sir.” Sophie quickly replied.

“Yes, sir.” I mimicked.

Then I saw Sophie’s eyes widen greatly.

“I’m sorry, sir, I won’t do it again.” She promised her husband.

“I know you won’t.” Jonathan said. “After tonight, you’re going to be a very well-behaved young woman.”

“Please, I didn’t mean to.” She whispered. “You don’t have to, it’s our anniversary.” There was a look of alarm in her eyes, with just a tinge of excitement, but only if you knew where to look.

I had to fight myself not to turn around and see what her husband was threatening her with, what he had found in my kitchen drawers.

“If you’d come home the first time I asked, your punishment would be over by now.” Jonathan said. “But you decided to ignore me and stay even longer, so now I’ll have to be extra strict.”

Sophie moaned deeply. “Sam asked me to stay…” She protested.

“And I’m sure Sam learned her lesson too.” Jonathan replied.

I blushed.

Before Sophie could protest further, I heard a loud thwack as something connected with her backside. I couldn’t stop myself any longer and looked over my shoulder, just in time to see Jonathan raise his arm again, holding a large, wooden spoon in his hand.

Sophie wailed and moaned as her husband paddled her backside with the hard, firm implement. She squealed and I could feel the table shift as she kicked her feet, fighting against the pain.

Her head rested firmly against the table, screaming at its wooden surface with each swat.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over. I hadn’t kept count, it couldn’t have been more than twenty or thirty swats at most, but Sophie was out of breath, still whimpering and moaning softly.

I held my breath. Was it my turn now? What had I gotten myself into? I couldn’t take such a punishment, could I?

“Are you two going to get yourself in trouble like this again?” Jonathan asked.

“No, sir.” Sophie whimpered softly.

I kept quiet, nervous but excited.

“Sam?” Jonathan asked.

I bit my lip, I couldn’t be contemplating this, could I?

“Is there anything you wanted to say, Sam?” Jonathan asked.

“I asked Sophie to stay.” I said.

“You did.” Jonathan replied. “Which is why I had to punish you too.”

I licked my lips. “I’d already offered her a drink before, knowing she was in trouble at home, and then I asked her to stay after you warned me that she’d be in even more trouble than before.”

There was a short pause.

“And what do you think that means?” Jonathan asked.

“It would only be fair if you were also more strict with me, after ignoring your initial warning.” I said.

I could hear Jonathan stepping up behind me. Then I felt something hard prodding against my sore backside, the wooden spoon. “I was just going to use my hands on you.” He said. “Since it’s your first time…” He paused for a moment. “But if you really want to, I can use this wooden spoon on your backside as well.”

I blushed deeply. Why was I doing this? Hadn’t I gotten myself into enough trouble as is this evening? “I don’t want to, sir.” I replied.

“You don’t?” Jonathan asked.

“No… But I kinda deserve to, don’t I?”

Jonathan chuckled softly. “You do.” He replied.

He raised his arm, placing his other hand on my lower back before the wooden spoon came down with a loud thwack across my backside.

I squealed loudly, but before I could protest, before I could take back my words that perhaps I didn’t deserve this after all, the spoon came down again, and again. I squirmed and screamed. The pain went so much deeper than just his hand, each swat concentrated in one small spot, a flaring of pain in my already burning, hot backside.

I kicked and yelped, whimpering in pain between each stroke, wishing for it to be over and yet reveling in it, deeply aroused by how helpless I felt, overwhelmed by the control Jonathan had over me and somehow greatly turned on as the pain made me submit to his dominance.

It seemed to last forever, the rain of pain brought by the wooden spoon and Jonathan’s swinging arm. My bottom was on fire and nothing would be able to extinguish it. Then suddenly it stopped and it seemed like it had only lasted for just a moment, too short almost as if I wanted more, while at the same time sighing a breath of relief that it was finally over.

“So I’ll ask again.” Jonathan said. “Are you going to get yourself in trouble like this again, young lady?”

“No, sir.” I replied, whimpering softly and deeply convinced that I wouldn’t get myself into this kind of trouble again. Yet part of me was somehow already fantasizing about what this evening might mean, whether perhaps this was just a first of many.

“Alright, you may both stand up.” Jonathan said.

I blushed as I stood up, slowly turning around with my pajama pants still pulled down to my thighs. I noticed Sophie pushing down her dress, covering herself up, so I quickly pulled up my pants as well. The soft cotton felt rough against my sore, throbbing backside.

“We’ll have to skip dinner and eat out.” Jonathan said, addressing his wife as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

Sophie nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Jonathan looked at me and smiled. “It was great seeing you Sam, but we have to go or we’ll be late.”

I blushed. “Of course, I wouldn’t dare make you late.”

Jonathan laughed and a wide grin stretched over Sophie’s face.

Sophie took her husband’s arm as they turned to the door to exit my apartment. I looked on in disbelief, still processing what had happened. Sophie swayed slightly with each step, I wondered whether this was because of her high heels or if her tight-fitting dress chafed against her poor bottom.

The door closed behind them and as quickly as all this had started, as quickly it was over. I then immediately made my way to my bathroom. I pulled down my pants once more to see my throbbing, sore backside in the mirror. I gasped at how deep red the color was. Blushingly, I caressed the burning, hot skin, before pulling my pajamas back up and returning to the kitchen.

It was silent in my apartment now and I could hardly believe wat had happened. I could feel it of course, but couldn’t believe it. Then I noticed, laying on the ground beside the kitchen table, Sophie’s black, lace thong, proof that it had all been real. I grinned softly, realizing my neighbor was out dancing with her husband for their anniversary, with nothing underneath her tight black dress to cover her sore red bottom.


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