The neighbor

On this particular day I was over my moms house while my wife was at work, mom wasn’t home but the neighbor was. She was behind her house trying to catch a tan.

So just imagine this our houses was separated by a chain link fence and our houses were about 50 feet from the road, so I walked over to the fence and stuck mu cock thru the fence and told her to come suck it. She got up and got on her knees and started to slobber all over it.

I was so hard I was ready to blow my load in her mouth when she stopped and said come over here and fuck me behind my house. I jumped over the fence and followed her to the back of her house and bent her over as she watched for her husband who was coming home. I got down on my knees and ate her ass and pussy from behind as she moaned and squirted on my face.

I then put my cock in her soaking wet pussy and hit it a few strokes be for she said her husband was coming up the drive. I I held her by the hips and pounded her pussy till I blew my load. She pulled up her bathing suit and went to the front of her house to greet her husband,

Soon as the cost was clear and they went inside I jumped back over my fence and hauled ass to my moms house. That was so exciting the thought of getting caught that I came the hardest I ever did.

The next time I saw her she told me her husband had stripped her down and fucked her cum filled pussy and thought it was wet cause she was horny. I really enjoy fucking this married slut.

My next adventure was in my car but that’s another story.

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