The Mind Control Device Short: Son Awakens to His Sexy Mother by mypenname3000

The Mind Control Device Short

Son Awakens to His Sexy Mother

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

A mother and her son are unaware that Dean Michaels is about to perform his second test of the mind-control device. They are shopping in their local grocery store, Wholesome Food, picking up a few odds and ends. What is about to happen will change them forever.

The machine activates.

The mother and son discover the joys of incest while they are under its influence. When it turns off, Carter shouldn’t remember that anything happened between himself and his sexy mother.


Carter Miller – Moments after Deactivation

I blinked and felt like I came out of a fog.

I felt good as I stood in the grocery aisle. Real good. Like I had just cum good. Embarrassment flushed through me at this buzz. I was shopping with my mother. I surreptitiously glanced down to see if I was hard. I got erect all the time.

It was so embarrassing to have it happen around my mother.

I was.

I swallowed, glancing at her. My mother was panting. She fanned her face, looking flushed. Her breasts rose and fell and… They were such large breasts. Big and swelling out the front of her blouse. She looked… gorgeous.

I had the sudden flash of my mother on her knees sucking me off right here in the grocery store. In the cereal aisle.

My dick throbbed in my pants. A powerful pulse at the taboo idea. It was incest. I shouldn’t think about that. I wrenched my gaze from her and turned around to stare down the aisle lined with all those different brands of cereal. I sucked in deep breaths and then grabbed at my cock. I adjusted myself.

“Let’s see,” my mom said, sounding out of breath. “Whew, we need to get the… the… Cereal. Yes, that’s what we need. What type do you want, Carter?”

“Uh, the usual,” I said, shrugging.

She grabbed the shredded wheat. I didn’t eat the frosted shredded wheat any longer. I wasn’t a kid. I was eighteen. I ran a hand through my short, black hair as more images of my mom sucking on my cock filled my mind.

They felt so real. So intense. Beyond just idle daydreams. Like forgotten memories or something. I squeezed my eyes shut to try to force them away. These were not things I should be thinking about at all. She pushed the grocery cart ahead of me.

My eyes fell on her rump. Those rounded mounds looked so appealing writhing beneath the skirt of her dress. I had a flash of her wearing a pair of dainty, gray panties. Two triangles connected by a thin strip of cloth. That couldn’t be. My mother wouldn’t wear something sexy like that.

She was a mom.

Yet I could picture her unbuttoning her dress and stripping naked. Revealing her large breasts in a gray bra with pink trim. I sucked in a breath and flexed my fingers. Why was I thinking about my mother in this way?

She glanced over her shoulder at me. Our eyes met for a moment. This flare of heat rushed through me. Then she jerked her gaze away and pushed the shopping cart faster. Her hips swayed more, her rump flexing beneath the swishing skirt.


“We need to hurry up and get everything,” she said, pausing to scoop up a box of cream of wheat off the shelf. “And, uh, get home to make dinner.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“So you’re definitely going to be home for dinner?” she asked, moving ahead of me.

It was Saturday. I should go out with my friends since I didn’t have a date. I was between girlfriends. I swallowed, staring at that ass. My mom was sexy. I had never realized it. She’d always just been my mother, not my mother.

“Yeah, I’ll be home for dinner,” I said, following after her, staring at her ass like a pervert. She was my mother.

Why should that be wrong?

That thought had me reeling. Of course, it should be wrong. Incest was illegal. It created inbred babies. Right?

And? this other voice in my head seemed to say. Incest is okay. It’s sexy. Incest is okay. It’s sexy.

It was like a signal on repeat in my head, echoing over and over. I swallowed, my dick so hard. Those flashes of my mother working her mouth up and down my dick intensified. That should be impossible. We didn’t do anything like that.

Couldn’t have. We were in the middle of the store.

She pushed the shopping cart to another aisle, and I followed after. My thoughts were plagued with ideas. Like falling to my knees and finding out what sort of panties my mother was wearing. Just throwing up her skirt and ripping them down. I would feast on her pussy. Just devour her.

Her black hair swayed around her shoulders. She was a gorgeous woman. The more I stared at her, the more I realized just how hot she was. Busty and sexy. In great shape. Her figure looked amazing in the dress she wore.

Dad was a lucky man.

I wanted to be lucky.

Finally, we headed to the checkout. Mom frowned and pulled out her phone as we waited in line. She blinked at it. “Shoot.”

“Mom?” I asked.

“I don’t know how we spent so much time here,” she said. “It’s almost five.”

“What?” I asked. “It couldn’t be much past 4:30.” I pulled out my own phone and saw it was 4:58. “Huh.”

“I know,” she said. She glanced at me and then jerked her gaze away, her cheeks going red. “Your father’s getting hungry.”

“When’s he not hungry?” I said, trying to sound casual.

Mom didn’t answer, just typed on her phone.

Soon we were ringed up and heading to the car. I put the groceries in the trunk and returned the cart. I hopped into the driver seat. Mom was letting me drive now that I had my license. She typed on her phone, staring at it fixedly.

I couldn’t help but notice how great her legs looked as they peeked out beneath her dress’s skirt. The hem had ridden up, showing off more of her thighs. I groaned, wanting to get home and jerk off my dick. Just stroke one to a screaming orgasm.

It would be great.

We pulled up at the house. We both grabbed an armful of the groceries and headed inside. Dad was sitting on the recliner watching the game. He had a beer sitting on his gut. He glanced up at us as we headed in.

“What took so long?” he asked.

“Oh, well, we must have lost track of time,” Mom said lightly as we strode through the living room. Baseball was on. The ball cracked, the crowd cheering.

After we had brought in the groceries, I found myself helping my mother put away the groceries. I never did that normally, but tonight I just wanted to be around her. She was pulling out cans and putting them up in the shelf. I came up behind her to help, grabbing one.

She shifted and her rump pressed into my crotch. She froze. I throbbed. I could feel the impression of her buttocks against my dick. She shifted her hips, sliding her ass across me as she picked up another can and slowly put it away. This energy seemed to flow between us.

My heart screamed in my chest. I stood there confused by what was going on. This was so strange. What was happening? My dick twitched against her. I wanted to start humping on her as she kept putting away the grocery.

“Thanks,” she said, as I helped, grabbing another can.

“You’re welcome,” I said hoarsely, my voice choked by this heat rushing through me. Did she realize what she was doing to me? Did she think there was nothing strange?

Why would she? I was her son. She couldn’t realize that I just wanted to lift up her skirt and yank down her panties. It would be so easy. She pressed her rump harder into my ass as she leaned over to push a can into the back of the top shelf.

My dick wanted to explode. Her rump felt amazing on me. So soft and plump. I could do it. Just grab her skirt. My hands moved, drifting. I couldn’t stop myself. There was nothing wrong with incest. It was right.

There was nothing wrong with incest. It was right.

That thought intensified in my mind.

My hands grabbed her skirt. She put away another can of soup, her rump pushing back into my cock. I just had to lift—

Footsteps approached. I pulled away from Mom as Dad entered the kitchen. He opened the fridge and pulled out a beer. “You bought more beer?”

“Yes,” Mom said, her voice strained. She put another can away, looking tense. I grabbed a bag that held the bread and cereal, putting those away as Dad cracked the can.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Stir fry,” Mom answered.

“Good. Starving.” Then Dad lumbered out of the kitchen.

I panted, realizing what I had been about to do. It would have been the dumbest thing in the world to do that. She would have freaked out. Slapped me. Dad would have come in roaring at me. He’d kick me out of the house if he didn’t beat me black and blue for trying to fuck my mother.

I had to get a grip.

I worked on the other side of the kitchen. I glanced over at Mom as she was pulling out vegetables from another bag. She looked at me. Our eyes met. Then I jerked my gaze away, my cheeks blushing. What was wrong with me?

The moment I had my bag emptied, I rushed for the living room. I had to get away from her and think. I sat down on the couch, the game on. I couldn’t concentrate on it. Dad was into it, but all I could think about was my mother stripping naked and blowing me in the cereal aisle of the grocery store.

“What kept you and your mother so long?” Dad muttered. “You two make any other stops?”

“Nothing happened,” I said.

Dad stared at me. His brow furrowed. “What?”

“We just went to the grocery store,” I said. “That’s all. Just took more time. That’s all. Nothing else.”

He grunted and went back to watching the game. In the kitchen, I could hear the chop of knife and soon the sizzle of stir fry. The savory scents drifted through the living room. My stomach growled. My dick throbbed. I had two hungers. I wanted to eat my mother’s cooking and eat her. If she had blown me, I had to return the favor and go down…

No! She didn’t blow me. That was insane. My mother would never do that, let alone in the middle of the damned grocery store. I closed my eyes as these lusts surged through me. I needed to take care of this. Calm down.

I stood up to go upstairs and stroke one out.

“Dinner’s ready,” Mom called. I froze.

“Bout time,” Dad muttered. He closed the recliner and stood up.

I swallowed and followed after. Mom had made stir fry chicken and noodles with cabbage and other vegetables. It was a simple meal for a Saturday. She sat it out in a bowl. Dad dished up a large helping, Mom a small one. I went in the middle.

It was good.

I sat across from her, those big breasts of hers swelling out her blouse. I just wanted to undo those buttons. She had the top few open. Was that more than it had been when we went shopping? I could just catch a hint of pink lace. And a bit of gray.

Flashes of her tits cradled in that gray bra trimmed by pink flared through my mind. Then she took it off, freeing those heavy breasts. I stared across the table at her, seeing them clearly in my mind. The way they jiggled as she took off her panties and exposed her black bush.

“You going to eat it or stare into space like a stoner moron?” Dad asked.

I jumped. “Sorry. I was thinking.”

“About a woman?” Mom asked.

My cheeks burned. “No.” I stabbed at the stir fry, looking at it and not at her half-unbuttoned blouse.

Dad cleared his plate and grunted, “That was good,” before heading back to the game. I was alone with my mother again. With that blouse half-undone. More of her bra was visible, the round slope of her large breasts on display. She leaned back in her chair, pressing them forward as she let out a contented sigh.

“Did you enjoy it?” Mom asked.

Flashes of cumming in her mouth flooded my mind. Just the way I had pumped her mouth full of my cum in—

“Of course!” I gasped. “I loved your cooking.” I didn’t get a blowjob from my mother! I didn’t cum in her mouth. She didn’t swallow every drop of jizz I had in my balls. That was insane. And I certainly didn’t fall to my knees and eat her out after that. “I’m going to take a shower.”

I bolted from the table, my dick throbbing in my pants.

I raced up the stairs and threw myself into the bathroom. I closed the door and ripped off my t-shirt. My muscular body caught my attention. The girls at my college liked me. I usually had a date on Saturday nights. Nothing serious. Just some fun. Fooling around. I should call one. Go out. Get my balls drained. Stop thinking about my mother.

I ripped off my jeans and underwear. My dick popped out swollen. I grabbed my cock and closed my eyes. I pictured my mother on her knees staring up at me as she sucked so hard on my dick. I could feel it.

Three strokes, and I was cumming into a wad of toilet paper. I shuddered and threw that into the bowl, flushing it away. Then I turned on the shower. I was still hot. Still aching. I needed to cool off. I stepped into the icy water.

“Fuck!” I groaned as the cold spray splashed over my body.

I thrust my head into the stream, letting the water soak my hair. I trembled, my body shaking from the chill. I grit my teeth and let it wash away all the heat. Get it out of my system. I couldn’t be thinking about my mother this way.

It was wrong.

It had to be wrong. Everyone said it was wrong, but it felt so right to me. Shopping with my mother had turned me on to how sexy she was. To the wicked things she could do to me. How hard she could suck my cock. She was a woman. I bet she had sucked Dad off so many times.

Why not me?

Because she was Dad’s wife. My mother. It would be cuckolding him if I did anything with her.

God, she was hot, though. And Dad was out of shape. He had a big beer gut. He didn’t exercise like Mom did. Why shouldn’t she deserve a guy in great shape? Someone who could please her. I shuddered beneath the cold spray, forcing myself to stay under it until my teeth chattered.

Until I couldn’t think these thoughts any longer.

I wussed out.

I slapped the shower to warm. Not even the cold could banish these thoughts. I was still getting hard. I needed more. I shuddered as my flesh warmed up. The heat melted across me. I groaned and then I grabbed my cock.

I was hard again. I stroked myself. I pumped my hand up and down my cock, imagining my mother climbing into the shower. Her large breasts were wet and gleaming as they pressed against my chest. Her lips on mine, kissing me with such passion.

My dick would throb against her as we reveled in incest. There was nothing wrong with it. It didn’t matter what society said. There was nothing wrong with incest. With fucking my mother. I should do it.

I should—

The door opened. “Sorry!” Mom said as she burst in. “I just have to pee.”

I gasped, my hand freezing on my cock. I could see her through the glass doors. A shape that moved to the toilet. She hiked her skirt. I heard the rustle of her panties. Were they the gray triangles like in my imagination? How could I know what pair she wore?

That was impossible.

I slowly stroked my cock as she sat down. I could hear her peeing. She was right there. I just had to fling open the door. Show her my naked body. Offer her my cock to suck on. She would lean forward and engulf it.

Dad was home…

It would be wrong. They were married. In love. Right? They had to be. They were still together. My chest rose and fell. I wanted to just do it. To flash her my cock. But she wouldn’t think it was okay. She couldn’t.

She stood up. The toilet paper rustled. She wiped her self. She ran that cloth through her pussy lips. I licked my lips. I could lap her twat her clean. I could feast on her, feel the silky caress of her curls on my face. I just had to go for it.

She would get mad. Right?

The toilet flushed.

I had to do this. Right now. She was about to leave. Just fling open the door. There was nothing wrong with incest. It was right.

There was nothing wrong with incest. It was right.

So I just had to slam open the shower door and…

She threw open the shower door. It rattled on its rollers. She stood there, her gray panties around her ankles. They looked just like they had in my dream. She stared at my cock in my hand. It was aimed right at her.

With a groan, she fell to her knees, leaned forward, and swallowed the tip of my cock.

I stared down at her in shock. The pleasure flowing down my dick was so impossible, I couldn’t believe I was experiencing it. Yet there were my mother’s lips wrapped around my shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she nursed. Water landing on my body sprayed on her face and tits in a fine mist.

This was happening.

My mother was sucking on my dick.

“Holy shit,” I groaned, my balls throbbing as her lips slid up and down it. “Mom.”

She just closed her eyes and moaned. The humming sensation rippled around the tip of my cock. The pleasure felt intense. The heat rushed through me. I groaned, feeling dizzy from the intense delight of what she was doing to me. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart thundering away in my chest. This was amazing.

“Damn, Mom,” I groaned, relaxing into this incestuous bliss.

My nuts twitched as she sucked with such hunger on me. She nursed with all that passion. She bobbed her head up and down my cock. She pleasured me with every bit of force she could muster. My balls twitched.

Her mouth felt amazing. Was amazing.

I would have such a huge orgasm. Just pump her full of all that cum brimming in my balls. She would drink it down. This wasn’t a fantasy, but reality. She worked those lips up and down my dick, sucking hard on the way up, her cheeks hollowing.

“Damn,” I groaned, the pleasure rushing through me. “Goddamn, Mom, that’s… You’re… Fuck!”

She whimpered around my cock. Her tongue danced. She caressed me with her passion. It was amazing to feel. Just a treat. I groaned, my dick throbbing as she nursed on me with all that effort. She put her all into it.

I groaned, my dick throbbing in her mouth. She suckled and nursed with such depraved love. She bobbed her head and slid her mouth up and down my cock. The heat was incredible. The pleasure was intense. Better than any other blowjob.

“Goddamn, yes,” I groaned. “Oh, Mom, that’s good. That’s amazing. I’m going to drown you in so much spunk. Yes!”

She sucked with all her force. She nursed with hunger. She was like those girls at my college. She sucked with the same passion, only she wasn’t a girl. She was a woman. My mother. She loved my cock.

I stared down at her, loving the sight of her face, eyes closed as she moaned her delight in worshiping my dick. Her black hair rustled about her face while her cheeks hollowed. My balls twitched and throbbed.

“Goddamn, this is great. Better than my fantasy! Hell, yes!”

The pressure rose in my balls. That aching heat swelled and swelled. I would spurt so much spunk into her. I would just spurt and spurt and spurt all that cum into her mouth. I couldn’t hold back my longer. I wanted to.

God, how I wanted to hold back and enjoy this for as long as I could.

But she felt too good. Too amazing. Her mouth loved my dick. I shuddered, hurtling towards my orgasm. I would have such a huge explosion of bliss. I would cum in her mouth with all my passion. My hands tightened.

“Mom!” I groaned.

She sucked with hunger.


My cum pumped into my mother’s mouth.

Pleasure exploded through me as I spilled spurt after spurt of my jizz into her mouth. I basted her with my spunk. The pleasure rushed out of me. It spurted into her mouth. She groaned and gulped it down. She swallowed my spunk with her hungry mouth. She was so loving that way. It was amazing. I groaned, savoring every moment of it. Every last suck.

She gulped down my jizz. She swallowed it with her hungry mouth. My face contorted with the bliss of her wonderful mouth sucking at my dick. My chest rose and fell as she gulped down more and more of my seed.

“Fuck, Mom!” I panted as I fired the last of my cum into her mouth. “That was amazing.”

Her eye snapped open and stared at me. Then she ripped her mouth off my dick and bolted to her feet. Cum ran down her chin. “I don’t know why I did that, Carter!”

Then she bolted out of the room so fast, her panties came off her bare feet. They lay in the middle of the floor. Two triangles of gray connected by a thin line. Just like in my fantasy. How could I have possibly imagined she was wearing this pair of panties. I didn’t even know what sort of panties she liked to wear. Never would I have believed she’d have such a racy pair.

I shut off the shower. “What the fuck is going on?”

I felt amazing just like I had in the grocery store. Where we had spent a half-hour longer than we should have. But there was no way we could have done anything? Not in public. And we would remember. It wouldn’t feel like a fantasy or anything.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

I bent down and scooped up the panties. They were silky. Wispy. I sniffed them and smelled her tangy aroma. I groaned, wanting to lick her pussy. I could picture myself doing it. licking at her. I could almost feel her silky bush on my face. She had a thick one. Not like the girls at my college who were all shaved.

I threw her panties in the clothes hamper, dried off, and dressed. I stumbled to my room and lay down on my bed. I grabbed my tablet and started Googling. I learned that “lost time” was a phenomenon with alien abductions. People could lose hours. Sex seemed to be involved in them, but that was more getting probed by the aliens and not having sex with my mother.

In the cereal aisle.

“Fuck,” I muttered. It couldn’t be aliens. Nothing had happened at the grocery store and yet… Why did my mother blow me in the shower? It was like she was thinking about all the same things as me? I wanted to go talk to her. Get some answers.

I headed downstairs and found Mom sitting on the couch by Dad. She was curled up at the edge of the couch. She looked up at me and then away. Her cheeks reddened. She licked her lips. My dick throbbed. I swallowed. I had to speak with her.

“Hey, Mom, I, uh, I have a girl question.”

“Wear a condom,” Dad said.

Mom nodded. “I’m watching TV.”

“The baseball game?” It was in the eleventh inning, the game tied. “You like baseball now?”

“Uh-huh,” she said.

I sighed and sank down on the couch beside her. I would get a chance to talk to her if I didn’t let her out of my sight. Eventually, she’d get up. But she just kept sitting on the couch beside Dad. The game stretched on and on. Twelfth inning. Thirteenth inning. Finally, in the sixteenth inning, one of the dumb teams got their act together. I thought, finally, my parents would stop watching TV.

But then Dad was onto Fox Sports to watch the commentary about the game and its mind-numbing tedium. The hours waned on and on. Finally, Dad closed the recliner and muttered he was going to bed. Mom stretched and said the same.

“I really could use that talk, Mom,” I said, pleading at her.

She just said, “Maybe in the morning.”

Then she hurried out of the room with Dad. I sighed, leaning back on the couch. My dick was hard again. I could use another blowjob from my mother. I could eat her out. I groaned, turned off the TV, and went to bed myself.

I tried to sleep. It didn’t come. I just wanted my mother so much. I found MILF porn to watch on my tablet and stroked one out, but that didn’t help. It wasn’t real incest. Just step-mothers or the girlfriend’s mother or something. Never the real thing. Never my mom.

I did cum, but I couldn’t sleep. I just lay there in a daze.

Finally, I groaned and headed downstairs to get a soda to drink. If I couldn’t sleep, I figure I’d play some GTA 5 online. Fuck around or something. I grabbed a Pepsi out of the fridge and headed back through the dark living room.

My mom stepped into the living room and froze. She wore a nightgown that fell off her shoulders with spaghetti straps and clung to her round breasts. Her black hair made her face seem so pale in the dim light coming from the kitchen. She quivered there, twin points hardening on her breasts.”

“Carter!” she gasped. Then she whirled to flee.

I dropped the can and grabbed her arm. I spun her back to me and kissed her.

I claimed my mother’s lips, my hands gripping both her arms now. She squirmed, but she didn’t pull back. She let me devour her mouth with mine. The forbidden delight of kissing my sexy mother rippled over me.

My dick throbbed while that tangy musk from her panties filled my nose. I had to enjoy her. I had to savor every bit of her. My tongue danced with hers. I kissed her with hunger. She quivered there, her tongue dancing with mine. Her arm hooked around my neck.

Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I loved the taste of her against my lips. The feel of her was incredible. My dick throbbed and ached. The pressure swelled in my balls. Her nipples rubbed at my bare chest through her satin nightgown.

I broke the kiss and gasped, “Mom.”

“Curtis,” she groaned. “I tried. I tried so hard…”

“Since the grocery store?”


I kissed her again. Something had happened to us there. What? I couldn’t think right now. Not when I needed to be in her. Fucking her. I had to just slide into her pussy and pound her cunt hard. I would bury over and over into her snatch. I would fuck her with such power. She would cum so hard on my dick. But I had to do something else first.

I pushed her back to the couch. She didn’t fight me. She surrendered to me, her tongue dancing with mine. Her mouth tasted so sweet. So delicious. I loved it. My dick throbbed against her, pressing at her through my boxers.

Her calves hit the couch. She gasped as she fell back on it, ripping her lips from mine. Her breasts bounced in her nightgown. She panted as she sat there staring at me, her hands went for my boxers. She shoved them down.

“Curtis!” she groaned, her hands grabbing my cock. “You’re so much bigger than your father!”

I grinned at her, feeling my control over the situation. “Take off the nightgown, Mom.”

“Yes!” She grabbed the hem and lifted her rump to pull it off. She revealed her black bush, her curls gleaming with her juices. “Since the grocery store, I’ve wanted you. I don’t know what happened. When did you become so sexy? Mmm, you’re not like your father at all. Not fat. Not lazy. No small dick. My son is strong.”

“Yes,” I growled as her breasts came into view. Large and soft, her nipples the same shade of dark-red I remember from my fantasy. Somehow, my mom has sucked me off in the middle of the grocery store.

It wasn’t fair that I couldn’t remember how it happened. Why. Someone had stolen that from us.

I fell to my knees and pushed her thighs apart. I groaned at the sight of her pussy lips peeking through her bush. Her tangy musk filled my nose. I groaned and then kissed at her silky, inner thigh. I moved down her flesh.

“Carter, are you…?”

“I’m going to devour your pussy,” I growled.

“Oh, god, your father never does. You’re so much better than him. Yes, yes, eat my pussy. You came from there. Incest should be wrong, but…”

“But it’s amazing!” I growled as I kissed closer and closer to the hole that had birthed me.

I ached to be back in my mother. To slide into her. I kissed down her thigh and then I nuzzled into her bush. Her silky hairs caressed over my face. She squeezed her thighs about my head. She held me to her.

I licked through her folds. I caressed my mother’s pussy. She gasped. Her breasts jiggled above me. Her plump lips pursed. I stared up her body as I feasted on her. I devoured her, licking and lapping with such hunger. I would make her explode.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she groaned. “Mmm, you’re going to make your mother cum so hard. Yes, you are.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned and thrust my tongue into the depths of her pussy.

Her cunt clenched around my probing tongue. I soaked in her tangy juices. She groaned and humped her pussy against my face. Her silky hairs caressed over my cheeks and nose. Her breasts heaved over me. Those big and soft and lush mounds.

They were hypnotic to watch as I devoured her. I thrust my tongue into her depths. I danced around in her, loving every moment of her groaning and gasping. Of her squirming in delight. Her passion would burst out of her. It would be incredible.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s good. Oh, yes, Carter!”

Her passion echoed through the living room. Her tangy juices coated my lips. They ran down my chin. She was so wet. Tasted so good. I ate her Mommy pussy. I devoured my hot MILF. She was my mother I’d love to fuck. That made her even hotter.

“God, Mom!” I growled. “I want you to cum.”

“I will!” she gasped. “I’ve been wet since the grocery store. I need it. Mmm, blowing you had been so hot. Your cum tasted so delicious.”

I winked at her and fluttered my tongue up and down her pussy folds. I caressed her. Loved her. I savored the taste of her. She humped against me as I feasted on her. My tongue danced through her folds. She groaned, her face scrunching up. Her bliss echoed through the room. Her breasts heaved as she ground herself against me.

Her juices grew hotter and hotter. Her cream ran down my chin to the hollow of my throat. I loved the feel of her silky hairs caressing my face. My tongue caressed her folds. I licked up her passion, giving my mother such delights.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, Carter!”

“Mom!” I growled. I flicked at her clit with my tongue.

She bucked. “My sexy son! Yes! You’re so big and strong. Eighteen. A stud!”

I sucked on her clit. I nursed on her bud with hunger. She groaned and humped her mouth against me. I shuddered as her silky curls rubbed across my face. I thrust my tongue into her snatch. I fluttered up and down her slit. I caressed her with my hunger.

I feasted on her with passion. I thrust my tongue into her before I lapped at her pussy lips. My tongue flicked against her bud. She whimpered and clenched her thighs tight about my face. I sucked on her nub. I nibbled on her with passion.

“Oh, Carter, yes!” she moaned. “Mmm, you’re going to make me cum. Oh, my sexy son is going to make me explode.”

I winked at her as I nursed on her clit. Her breasts jiggled and shook. They smacked together. They rippled with the force of their impact. She squeezed her thighs around my head and whimpered. Her hands grabbed her lush boobs.

Her fingers dug into her tits. She whimpered. Moaned. Then she cried out in rapture. “Carter!”

Her cream gushed out of her pussy. Those delicious and tangy and forbidden juices. I feasted on my mother’s passion. I licked up her incestuous rapture. My tongue fluttered up and down her folds, loving the taste of her.

“Yes, yes, yes, Carter!” she moaned. “Oh, my god. That’s so good. Oh, yes, yes, Carter!”

I savored licking up her cream. Her juices spilled down my cheeks and ran down my throat. So much of her passion gushed out of her. She bucked, her tits smacking together. Her moans echoed through the living room.

“This is it!” she moaned. “This is the pleasure that I crave. That I deserve. Oh, my god, that’s amazing. Yes, yes, yes! This is the best cum of my life!”

“It’ll get better,” I growled and ripped my face from her tits. “When I fuck you, Mom. When my cock is in you.”

“Fuck me!” she moaned.

But I wasn’t ready for that. I buried my face into her tits, first. I rubbed my cream-coated cheeks into the inner slopes of her boobs. I squeezed those soft and pillowy mounds around my face, savoring them. They were perfect. Just so lush and ripe.

“God, you’re sexy, Mom!” I moaned, my fingers digging into her tits.

“And you’re not, Carter?” she groaned. “You should be out with a girl your age, not with your old mom.”

“Old? Fuck, you’re one of the hottest women I know.” My fingers dug into her tits. “None of the girls at my college have boobs this big and fine. God, and you’re my mother. That makes this even hotter.”


“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “Incest is amazing!”

She shuddered and breathed, “It is. Oh, Carter, you’re amazing. Mmm, and look at you. I guess all boys love big boobs, huh?”


She giggled, a girlish sound that made my dick throb. Her hands ran through my hair as I reveled in the feel of her breasts around me. I loved their softness. The scent of her. It wreathed in the air around her. Just a perfect aroma.

Then I kissed up and up to the top of her right boob. I smooched up and up it. She groaned and squirmed. My fingers dug into her tits. I squeezed them, digging my hand into her tits. My tongue flicked out and brushed her nipple.

It quivered.

I sucked her nub into my mouth. I savored the feel of her around me. She groaned, her body shaking as I nursed on her. I suckled with hunger. She squirmed beneath me, her moans echoing through the living room. Dad was upstairs sleeping.

I was playing with his wife. She was wet for me. Said I had a better cock then him. Bigger. I was a greater man than him because I made her cum the hardest in her life. I suckled with such hunger on her nipple as I reveled in cuckolding my father.

If he couldn’t love this woman right, I would.

“Carter,” she moaned as I nibbled on her nub.

I sucked on her. She squirmed, her body trembling beneath mine. My dick throbbed and ached. I was so ready to fuck her. So eager to ram my dick into her pussy and make her explode. She would have such a huge climax on my dick.

I popped my mouth off her right nub and darted for her left nipple. My tongue fluttered against the dark-red delight thrusting up from her wide areola. Her moans echoed through the air. I swirled around her nipple and then sucked her into my mouth.

I loved her.

Nibbled on her with my lips.

She squirmed beneath me, her pants growing louder and louder. I could feel her building need. That desire she had for me grew in her as I loved her bud. My dick ached as I nursed on her nub. I loved the feel of her nipple in my mouth. It felt so wickedly right to do this depraved act. I squeezed my mother’s tits as I worshiped her. Gave her the pleasure she deserved.

“I need you in me!” she moaned, her cry of passion so throaty I had to respond to her.

I ripped my nipple off her mouth and slid up her body. Her hand shot down and grabbed my cock. She stroked me, her brown eyes staring into mine with such hunger. She pressed my cock into her thick bush. Her silky curls caressed over the top of my dick.

Then I felt the hot kiss of her pussy lips on my crown. Her cunt almost smooched at my dick. I shuddered as she pushed me into her snatch an inch. Just enough for those hungry folds to slide around me. I was one thrust away from ramming into her.

“You want my dick in you, don’t you, Mom?” I asked.

“Yes!” she moaned, her body trembling. “I want it in me so badly.”

“Mmm, and you’re going to get it,” I growled. “You’re going to get my dick slamming to the hilt in you. I’m going to fuck you harder than Dad ever did.”

Her eyes lit up. Her arms slid around my body, fingernails biting into my back. “Promise?”

“Yes!” I growled and thrust into her.

I claimed my mother’s pussy.

She gasped, her fingernails biting into my back. Her cunt felt incredible as that silky sheath squeezed about me. That hot snatch gripped me. The pleasure raced through me. It was outstanding to feel. I groaned, savoring every inch of her silky hole sliding around my cock. That hot and sexy twat held my dick with passion. She would make me explode.

I couldn’t wait for the rapture to erupt out of my cock. It would be incredible to feel her snatch writhing around me as I pumped her full of spunk. I kissed her with hunger, my lips still tasting of her tangy snatch. She kissed me with hunger as I drew back. Her snatch clutched at me, sucking at the tip of my dick.

I pumped away at my mother’s incestuous depths I buried into her again and again. I savored every hard plunge into her snatch. Every amazing and delicious thrust into her cunt. She squeezed her twat about me. It was amazing to feel.

The pleasure surged around me. It was amazing ecstasy to revel in. Her snatch caressed my dick. I grunted and groaned as I pounded her cunt. It was a fantastic delight. The pleasure rushed around me. This amazing heat that surged down my cock.

I broke the kiss to gasp, “Damn, Mom!”

“Oh, Carter, you’re so big!” she moaned, her tight pussy clenching around me as I pumped away at her. It was like her twat was measuring me. “So much bigger than your father! Oh, yes, yes, that’s good. That’s amazing. Mmm, I’m going to cum on this dick.”

“Good,” I growled, slamming into her cunt. I buried hard into her. I slammed to the hilt in her snatch. “I want you to explode, Mom. You’re going to get the pleasure you need.”

“My wonderful and sexy son!” she moaned.

She kissed me with her hot lips as I fucked her hard against the couch. It creaked beneath her as I pounded her incestuous sheath. Her snatch squeezed about me, building and building that ache at the tip. I would fire so much of my cum into her.

Just flood her with all my passion.

My heavy balls cracked into her taint. The meaty sounds mixed through the air. She groaned, her fingernails clawing at my back. She raked across me. I groaned at the burning scratches. Her depraved passion excited me.

Spurred me to fuck her hard. Fast. I pounded my mother without restraint, our bodies coming together in forbidden bliss. We were united again. Mother and son made one. Her pussy gripped me, welcoming me into her snatch with my every thrust.

She broke the kiss to gasp, “Yes, yes, you’re so much more virile than your father!” she groaned. “He would have cum by now. But you…” Her pussy clenched down around my dick. “You’ll have me climaxing first. Ooh, you have stamina! My son is a stud!”

“And my mom is a foxy beauty!”

She groaned, her pussy squeezing around me. Her flesh grew hotter and hotter as I slammed into her. I buried hard and fast into her pussy, her snatch massaging my tip. That hot twat built and built the ache at the pinnacle of my cock. The heat flowing down my dick fed the pressure in my nuts.

They would explode with ecstasy. A mighty burst of rapture that would sweep over us both. I groaned and kissed my mother with hunger. My tongue danced with hers. She groaned, trembling beneath me.

I slammed into her hard. My balls cracked into her body. She gasped. Her pussy clenched down hard on my cock. As I pulled back, her flesh rippled and writhed around my dick. I groaned at the feel of her hot flesh convulsing about me.

I buried into my mother and came in her.

I groaned as I pumped spurt after spurt of jizz into my mother’s pussy. Her cunt convulsed and writhed around my dick. She humped against me, her twat sucking at me. She felt incredible as she came.

The pressure surged to the tip of my dick. I broke the kiss. “Mom!”

“Carter! Carter! Cum in me!” she howled, her pussy spasming with such force around my cock. “I need it. You’re such a stud! I haven’t cum like this in… in… Ever! You’re amazing! I love you, Carter!”

I kissed my mother and buried to the hilt in her. My cum pumped into her pussy. The pleasure shot out of my balls and spurted into her snatch. Her flesh rippled around my dick. She sucked at me, hungry for me. I groaned, my balls aching as they flooded her with my incestuous seed.

I basted my mother’s unprotected pussy. Was she on birth control? Could I be breeding my mother with my jizz? I shuddered, my orgasm intensifying. The pleasure slammed into my mind as she bucked beneath me.

Her pillowy breasts rubbed into my chest. Nipples hard. Her pussy wrung out every drop of spunk in my balls. I groaned as I fired the last of the spunk into her. I broke the kiss, the pair of us panting as we came down from our forbidden bliss.

“Carter,” she said, smiling. “That was amazing.”

“Yes, it was,” I said and kissed her. She closed her eyes and loved me.

I knew that even though she would be returning to my father’s bed, she was mine. I had claimed her. This would happen again and again. She would come for my cock. And I would fuck her so hard. I would give her the pleasure she deserved.

I didn’t know what happened at the grocery store, but I was glad it had. I would treasure my mother. I would worship her. And then I would fuck her hard and make her cum on my dick like the wildest schoolgirl-slut.

I had the sexiest woman in the world in my arms. I was such a lucky son.

The END of this Tale of the Mind Control Device

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