The Mind Control Device Chapter 17: Mind-Controlled Brat Spanked by mypenname3000

The Mind Control Device

Chapter Seventeen: Mind-Controlled Brat Spanked

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

June “Junebug” Michael

Excitement rippled through me. Daddy was having more fun with his mind-control device. And I got to enjoy the aftermath. It was so exciting. And it was my best friend that he controlled. He used my friend Britney for his pleasure.

Daddy was amazing.

I led my naked friend across the cafeteria. Every girl kept looking at us in envy. Jennifer was so amazing. Who else would go naked at college? Not me. But she had the courage to do it and everyone just accepted it. Britney’s girlfriend was so lucky to have her.

And I was so lucky to get to eat out her pussy.

“Ooh, June, hurry,” Britney said. “You’re daddy’s cum is leaking out of me. It’s spilling out faster and faster. I won’t have much of a chance to hold it in if we don’t get to the restroom soon.”

“We’re almost there,” I said, my heart pounding. This was it. I would have such a fun time with her.

I pulled her into the restroom, passing two girls who both turned their heads to stare at Britney. One said, “Oh, my god, you’re so cute. I wish I was your girlfriend.”

“Right?” the second girl said. They were both older than us. “Mmm, you’re just so sexy. Your girlfriend is so lucky.”

“I know,” Britney said, a big smile on her face.

They wanted to eat my friend’s pussy, but I was the lucky one who got to do it. Me and her girlfriend, of course. Daddy had arranged this. Ooh, I loved him so much. I had to do something so nice for him.

I pushed my friend into the stall, slammed the door behind us, and fell to my knees. My pigtails bounced about my shoulders. I stared up at my friend with eager delight. My eyes traveled up her naked body from her bush of light-brown hair matted with some of Daddy’s pearly cum to her small breasts that were cute, little handfuls. They were topped with dusky-pink nipples that were so suckable. Her light-brown hair fell about her round and freckled face.

“You are so cute!” I moaned, grabbing her hips and leaning forward. “Ooh, Britney!”

I buried my face into my friend’s bush. I felt Daddy’s sticky cum rubbing onto my cheeks. My tongue flicked out, sliding across her tangy pussy lips. The salty flavor of Daddy’s spunk mixed with my friend’s naughty flavor.

Delight burst in her green eyes peering down at me. Her little boobies rose as she sucked in a deep breath. Then she moaned in delight as my tongue caressed over her pussy lips again. I stroked through her folds and brushed her clit. Sparks burst.

She gasped, her eyes so wide as she stared down at me. The heat rushed through me. Her hips wiggled back and forth. She ground her twat from side to side on my face. Her head threw back. She panted and moaned, a big smile on her lips.

I thrust my tongue into her cunt. I scooped out Daddy’s cum from her tangy depths. Her silky pubic hair rubbed across my face. She had a big smile on her lips. This look of awed passion as my tongue wiggled around in her.

“That’s so different,” gasped Britney. “Your dad took my cherry. I’ve never had Vivian’s tongue in me. I like it.”

“So do I!” I groaned, my hands sliding around her hips to grab her rump now. I held her tight.

She whimpered as she did. It was incredible for me. I held onto her so tight. She smeared her hips from side to side, grinding her cunt and bush on my mouth. Ticklish hairs rubbed on my nose. I almost giggled.

But I didn’t. I focused on pleasing her.

My tongue licked and lapped through her folds. I fluttered across her juicy pussy. It was so much fun doing this to her. My tongue plunged into her twat. I caressed her. Loved her. I scooped jizz out of her snatch as she threw back her head.

Her moans were amazing to hear. Just the best to listen to while caressing her. Lapping at her. She groaned, her eyes so wide. I savored every time my tongue swiped through her folds and gathered up more of my daddy’s cum.

I brushed her clit.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she cooed. “Ooh, yes, June. I had no idea that you loved pussy, too!”

“I do!” I moaned. “But I also love my daddy’s dick more. He’s the best, Britney.”

“He’s nice,” my friend said. “For a guy. I mean, his cock felt amazing, but he’s so manly. Ugh.”

“You’re such a lesbian,” I said and giggled.

“I am,” my friend admitted. “It’s so nice to say that. I’m a lesbian!”

“Yes!” I sucked on her pussy.

She gasped. The tangy-flavored cum in her pussy flowed out into my hungry mouth. I nursed on her cunt, her ass flexing beneath my squeezing grip. She whimpered, her hands grabbing my pigtails to me. She held me to her pussy.

I drew out all of Daddy’s cum I could. I kept sucking on her pussy hole, her tangy flavor growing stronger as the salty delight grew weaker. Then I couldn’t taste any of Daddy’s jizz any longer. I groaned, my pussy clenching.

So I just licked her. I lapped at her. I pleasured my friend with every bit of passion I had in me. My tongue flew across her vulva. She gasped, her body shaking as I did that. Her face contorted. The look of delight in her eyes was something special.

Something amazing.

My fingers dug into her rump. I held her twat to my mouth and feasted. Tangy pussy cream flowed into my mouth. Her juices ran hot down my chin. She squirmed more and more. I sensed her building and building to her orgasm.

I would make her cum.

“June!” echoed through the stall. “Oh, June, yes! Lick my pussy!”

“Yummy pussy!” I moaned.

My tongue found her clit. I nursed on her bud while my right hand reached down around her butt-cheek. Her pubic hairs tickled my face as I sucked on that cute, little pearl. I nursed on her while my finger reached across her taint.

I found her pussy lips.

“June!” she gasped when I thrust two of my fingers into the hole my daddy had deflowered.

His cock had been in here not long ago. Now my fingers were sliding into her. It was so wonderful. I loved my daddy so much. I sucked with hunger on her clit. I nursed on her with all the passion I could muster. She bucked, her small breasts jiggling above me. She tightened her grip on my pigtails.

She pulled me tight against her pussy lips.

My fingers plunged in and out of her hot cunt. I worked them in fast and hard. I savored every moment of plundering her. It was so hot. I loved every moment of it. My tongue fluttered around her bud. I loved it.

Her moans grew louder and louder. Her pussy clenched around my digits plundering into her depths. Her hot cream ran down the back of my hand. My tongue swirled around her bud. I had so much fun playing with it.

She moaned. Gasped. Her pleasure burst from her lips. It was so hot to hear as I devoured her. I danced my tongue around her bud, making her buck and moan. I shoved my fingers deep into her pussy. Her cunt clenched around them.

“June!” she gasped.

Her pussy went wild about my digits.

“You’re cumming!” I squealed and ripped my digits out of her.

“I am!”

I licked and lapped up her tangy cream gushing out of her. The hot juices flowed over my chin and ran down towards my blouse. She soaked me in her cream. My pussy was on fire. I squirmed there as I drank my friend’s yummy delight.

I gulped down her cream. I loved every moment of drinking her passion. This heady rush washed through me. My hips wiggled back and forth. I had to touch myself. I had to rub my cunt and get myself off right—


“No!” I gasped, ripping my mouth from her twat.

“Just in time,” gasped my friend.

“I don’t want to go back to class,” I wailed. “I want lunch to last longer.”

“Sorry,” my friend said. “But it was amazing. You’re good at that. You sure you don’t want to be a lesbian.”

“And give up my daddy’s cock?” I shuddered. “Women are fun, but men—my daddy—are hot!”

I hopped to my feet, pussy cream running down my chin. I grabbed her hand and dragged her from the stall. We had to get to classes. I led her out of the bathroom over to the table where we’d left our stuff. We gathered it up, her holding her clothes beneath her arm.

“So, tell me everything about you and Vivian,” I said, hooking her arm with mine and heading to class. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were having sex.”


Dean Michaels

Sally Tailor sucked my cock. My student, the worst one in my class, was on her knees beneath my desk, her mouth wrapped tight about my cock. The rest of her classmates were taking the pop quiz, competing to see who would win the prize.

Sally’s mouth felt amazing on my dick as I browsed through Amazon to find parts I’d need to build more mind-controlling devices. I’d have to stop by the same computer wholesaler I shopped at yesterday to get the parts to build more, but there was stuff I could have delivered to my house from the online retailer.

It was so hot to purchase parts for more devices while having a nineteen-year-old girl sucking on my dick. To feel that delightful mouth working up and down my dick. Sally was good at it. She put her all into blowing my dick. After all, I had programmed her to love it.

I went to checkout on the website and glanced at my phone. My wife had texted me Tonya Albertsons’s credit card. Our bitchy neighbor was more than glad to pay for these things to apologize for how horrible she’d been to my wife.

I completed my purchase. The card went through. I smiled and leaned back.

My students were busy taking their tests while Sally’s hungry mouth worshiped my dick. She slid her mouth up and down it, her sucking incredible. I smiled, loving every second of it. My balls grew tighter and tighter as she nursed on my dick.

She wanted that cum.

I closed my eyes and relaxed into the bliss. The pressure in my nuts rose with her every suck. My cum came closer and closer to erupting out of me. I would baste her mouth with my cum. Just pump her belly full of all the seed that I had brimming in my balls. It would be amazing. I loved every moment of it.

Her hand kneaded my nutsack. I hadn’t told her to do that, but it felt amazing. I groaned as she sucked and slurped. The sloppy sounds echoed out from beneath my desk. I smiled at them as she nursed on me. She sucked with hunger.

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned.

Papers rustled. Someone set their test on my desk. They didn’t care that I was naked and getting my dick sucked by Sally. I loved my mind-control device. The pressure rose and rose in my balls. The ache grew at the tip of my cock.

“Get ready!” I groaned. “Get ready to take it, Sally!”

She sucked with hunger. She moaned around my cock. The humming bliss rippled around the spongy crown. I groaned at that wonderful moment. My balls tightened in her hand. Then I growled out and erupted.

I pumped the cum into her mouth. I spurted blast after blast of my jizz into her hungry maw. She groaned and drank it down. She sucked down all my cum with such hunger. It was amazing to feel. I loved every second of it.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled.

Another student set down a test.

I smiled in delight as Sally nursed out the cum that was in my balls. She swallowed it all down. She gulped it down. She swallowed every drop of the spunk erupting from my balls. I basted the back of her throat.

I soaked her with my jizz.

“Goddamn, Sally!” I growled. “You might be a bad student, but you get a fucking A plus in dick-sucking.”

She moaned around my cock and nursed out the last of the cum firing out of me. I panted, opening my eyes. More and more students were coming up to turn in their tests. I shuddered, my body buzzing from the rapture.

Sally popped her mouth off my cock and said, “Thank you for using my mouth, Mr. Michaels.”

“You’re welcome,” I told her and pushed back my chair. “Back to your desk.”

As she crawled out, I smiled. I had so many plans. This mind-control device was such a powerful thing. I hadn’t realized just how heady of a rush this would be. I smiled and grabbed the first test to start grading it.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Michaels

Tonya drove us in her new slutty maid outfit.

The busty MILF looked so sexy sitting upfront as Natalie and I were in the back. We were being chauffeured around. My best friend still looked a little dazed from the fun we’d been having. From all the sex toys that we had bought.

Natalie was a good, Christian wife. She had been so pure until yesterday when my husband had activated the mind-control device at our church. The program had plunged her down a path of incest. It had ended with her teaching her son about sex and getting her husband to fuck their daughter.

Just as we were pulling into my driveway, Tonya’s phone beeped. She pulled it out of her purse and read it. “My daughter’s on her way over, Miss Kimberly.”

“Thank you, slut,” I said, smiling at the hot wife. I had already made her fuck two men. The first was a Black delivery man while the second was the guy running the porn shop. He gave us a nice discount after that.

Well, Tonya got the discount since her credit cards had paid for the several hundred dollars worth of naughty delights we had bought.

A rush of excitement shot through me. Gina Albertson was an twenty-year-old brat who had picked on both my daughters when they were all younger. Especially my youngest, June. It would be so satisfying to have the mother and daughter be my family’s live-in bang-maids.

I couldn’t wait to watch my husband fuck them both.

Tonya carried the discreet bags to the door. They were black with no logo. No idea that they came from the sex boutique. I tingled as I unlocked the door. My laptop set on the coffee table. It was connected to the mind-control device in the basement.

I was back in control of everything.

I quickly rushed to it as I set Tonya to start doing the daily cleaning. She was more than happy to keep apologizing by doing whatever I wanted. I sat down on the couch beside my friend, Natalie’s black hair swaying about her face and shoulders. Her large breasts jiggled.

“Ooh, I can’t wait for her to get her and we can have fun,” I told my friend. “I’d advise us to get naked so we can be ready for her.”

“Ooh, that’s such a good idea,” my friend said. I might have mind-controlled her to accept my advice. Just a nudge. It wasn’t full-on domination. I didn’t want to make Natalie my slave. Just help her to get her two children to become lovers.

It would be so hot if her son and daughter got married. I loved incest.

We were both stripping naked, my red pigtails swaying. I didn’t mind the schoolgirl look. It made my husband hard. I had a petite body, my breasts barely more than A-cups, so I could pull it off. I slid out of my clothing in record time, my small tits jiggling. I revealed my shaved twat dripping with excitement.

Natalie was a busty woman. She had large and soft tits. The perfect boobs for a MILF to have. She had a black bush gleaming with her juices and such wonderful curves. She was fit. In shape. It made me hot knowing her son had enjoyed her body.

What if he had bred her? Natalie’s husband had a vasectomy.

“Your husband should have his vasectomy reversed so he can breed your daughter,” I said. “Or maybe your son will knock her up, but I think a father should do that with his daughter at least once.”

“Wow, that’s kind of hot,” she said.

“I know.”

We chatted, sipping glasses of rosier wine. I kept glancing at the screen, watching new dots appear and then vanish as people drove by the entrance to my cul-de-sac on the main street. I grew more and more hopeful with each one that it would be Gina.

Tonya cleaned, moving about my house as she dusted and vacuumed. She looked so hot in her slutty maid’s outfit. Her short, black skirt rode up to flash her naked ass every time she had to bend over. Her large breasts were almost spilling out of the square-cut bodice. Her large tits swayed in it without a bra.

I was wet and juicy, my legs crossed tight.

“Ooh, that dot turned onto the street,” Natalie said.

I glanced down at the screen and saw DA493C moving down the street. Was that a new dot? I wish my husband had used something less geeky than these strange letter and number codes. He called it hexa-something. Like that was supposed to mean anything.

My stomach tightened. The dot slowed and then it moved into the Albertsons’s driveway. I shivered in delight. “That’s her. That has to be her!”

My hands lunged for the keyboard.

DA493C;come to the Michaels house and enter then await further instructions


I shivered as I watched the dot move down the driveway then the sidewalk. The Albertsons were my direct neighbors. The dot cut across my yard. I turned to look out my bay windows to spot the twenty-year-old girl wearing a pair of jeans and a belly shirt. She was a brunette, like her mother, with round breasts bouncing.

DA493C;upon entering Michaels’ house strip naked then beg for 682DEA to spank you while you eat out 72B2AE pussy until she cums


That sent a naughty thrill through me.

“Oh, wow,” Natalie said. “How do you know what to type?”

“Cheat sheet,” I said, nodding to the notepad beside the table, my pussy wet. I had my next command to type.

682DEA;after DA493C begs to be spanked, spank her butt with the wooden paddle until DA493C makes 72B2AE orgasm


The sound of the key echoed through the room. The dot for Gina reached the door. She opened it and closed it behind her. I watched as she immediately grabbed her belly shirt and ripped it off. She didn’t have a bra on beneath. I smiled at that. Her left tit had a spiky tribal tat covering it. Black, jagged lines that wrapped around her boob like scary tree branches.

“Oh, my,” Natalie said. “She has tattoos. If I was her mother…”

“You’d be that bitch Tonya,” I said. “Your daughter’s going to turn out to be wonderful. She’ll marry your son and be happy with him.”

“Yes, she will,” Natalie said. “She’ll be a good girl. Not a whore. Look at how she’s dressed.”

I smiled as Gina shoved down her jeans, rolling them off her curving hips. Her round breasts swayed as she did it. My pussy grew even hotter. She wore a thong, of course. Purple and bright, the narrow cloth showing off the shaved flesh of her vulva. She peeled off her shoes and stepped out of her jeans. Socks came off then her panties. She rolled them down.

I bit my lip at that bare pussy. Nice, tight cunt. I licked my lips, my thighs squeezed so tight. I was so ready for the fun to begin. I fanned my face as Gina stepped out of them and strode towards me, her eyes locked on me with this hungry need.

“Mom, you have to spank me!” she called out. “Please, please, you have to spank me. I need it.”

From down the hallway, Tonya appeared. She strode in her maid’s outfit, her large breasts jiggling. They were like those tits on that maid in the Clue movie from the ’80s. I always thought that the actress had been so sexy the way her tits jiggled and threatened to pop out every time she moved.

“You have to spank me right now,” Gina said, sounding bratty as she moved before me. I parted my thighs.

She fell to her knees and buried her face into my cunt. The mind-controlled brat licked at my pussy. Her tongue slid through my folds. I shuddered as she devoured me. I leaned back into the couch and savored this moment, reveling in that hot tongue lapping at me.

“So you’re 72B2AE?” asked Natalie.

I nodded and watched as Tonya fetched out the wooden paddle I had her buy from the sex shop. She gripped it in her hand and approached her kneeling daughter. Gina wiggled that ass in invitation as her tongue darted through my folds.

She licked and lapped at me. She drove her tongue through my folds. It felt incredible. I smiled at that wonderful sensation. I enjoyed the way Gina’s tongue caressed over me. My thighs squeezed about her head. I held her to me.

“Yes, yes, yes, just like that,” I groaned as her tongue danced through my folds. She stroked my twat with such hunger. She licked at me. Lapped. She feasted on me. “Mmm, you’re going to make me cum. That’s perfect.”


Tonya’s boobs heaved in her dress from the swing. I watched them as her daughter gasped into my cunt. Gina’s butt-cheeks jiggled. A large, red spot blossomed. I smiled in delight while Natalie squirmed beside me.

“Masturbate,” I told her. “Don’t hold back. This is hot. She’s got her tongue fluttering over my pussy lips.”

“I don’t even know why I’m spanking her,” Tonya said, cocking back her arm, her breasts heaving.


“Because you’re daughter’s a brat!” I moaned. “But she’s apologizing with that tongue. Oh, yes, she is. Just apologizing.


“Mmm, spank her!” I moaned, the girl groaning into my pussy. Her tongue fluttered through my folds. The way she whimpered was so hot. “She’s been a bad, bad girl.”


“Yes, she has!” gasped Tonya. “She never listened to me or her father.”


“She’ll listen to me!” I groaned, savoring the girl’s tongue fluttering up and down my folds.

I looked down past my small breasts to stare into Gina’s brown eyes. Her lips were pressed into my shaved vulva. Her tongue thrust into me, swirling around. Such delight rippled through me. I groaned, savoring every moment of it. My pigtails danced over my shoulders.

Natalie masturbated next to me. She rubbed her cunt with her hands. She pleasured herself with whimpering moans. That was so hot. I loved how she did that. She whimpered, her big boobs jiggling as she watched Tonya’s large tits heaving in her dress.


“Yes!” I gasped, my cunt clenching around Gina’s probing tongue. My orgasm built and built so fast. “Spank that brat!”

“Such a bratty daughter!” Tonya hissed, frustration bursting across her face.


“That’s what you get!”


“You will be good from now on!”


“Yes!” I moaned, my clit throbbing.

My hands grabbed my tits. I twisted my nipples, watching the sexy MILF disciplining her daughter. Gina moaned into my cunt. She whimpered. Her tongue fluttered up and down. She stroked my pussy lips. My clit. Sparks flared. They showered through my cunt.

Gina’s ass grew redder and redder. Her butt-cheeks jiggled from her mother’s every impact. I bit my lip, my thighs locked tight about her head. The pleasure was swelling and swelling in me. I would have such a huge orgasm.

I would explode on her. My cum would flood over her face. It would be amazing. I couldn’t wait for that rapturous explosion to burst from me. I squeezed my thighs around her head. She plunged her tongue into my cunt. She swirled around in me. She caressed me.


This was insane. It was amazing. I loved every second of it. My body bucked from Gina’s tongue caressing over me. Tonya’s tits almost bounced out of her top as she swung that naughty paddle again and again.


“Yes!” I gasped, my orgasm swelling through me.

“Spank your naughty daughter!” Natalie moaned. “You were a bad mother! But you’ll be good now. Kimmie will make you good now!”

“Yes, I will!” I gasped, my pussy clenching.


“I’ll be such a good mother!” moaned Tonya. “I should have spanked you years ago!”


“Yes, Mom!” Gina moaned into my pussy.

Her tongue brushed my clit. This heat swept through me. I gasped and then I bucked. My pussy clenched from the bliss. My impending orgasm drank it in. My back arched, rubbing into the couch. I whimpered. Groaned.


“Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming!” I howled. My thighs clutched about Gina’s head as my pussy convulsed.

Tonya’s next swing faltered. She panted there then set the paddle down and went back to her cleaning. I shuddered, gasping, moaning, my small titties jiggling. My pussy convulsed, juices gushing out into Gina’s mouth.

I felt her struggling to pull her head away, but I held her pinned to my pussy. My cunt cream flooded out of me. The pleasure washed through me, the thrill of punishing this brat and putting her mouth to good use. It was amazing. Incredible.

“What the fuck?” Gina gasped. “Why am I doing this? Let me go, you nasty dyke!”

“Nasty dyke?” I groaned, my orgasm blazing hot through me. “Ooh, you’re going to pay for that!”

Gina ripped her head from between her thighs. She stood up and whirled around. Her face was red, tear tracks running down her cheeks. She rubbed at her ass and turned around to find her mother happily dusting the cabinet. Then she looked at my friend who was whimpering in delight beside me.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Gina demanded.

I reached out to the keyboard and typed: DA493C;apologize to 72B2AE for calling her a dyke and beg to be 72B2AE obedient bang-maid for the rest of your life


“You are going to—” The programming took effect. Her eyes widened. “Mrs. Michaels, I’m so sorry for calling you a dyke. Oh, god, I’m so sorry. Please, please make me your obedient bang-maid for the rest of my life. Please! Please!”

DA493C;believes being a bang-maid is the most important thing and understands that a bang-maid must do everything her owners tell her to


“Why should I let you?” I asked after I finished the command.

“Because being a bang-maid is the most important thing,” Gina begged, staring at me with her red-rimmed eyes. Her round tits jiggled. “I’ll do anything my owners tell me to do. That’s you. You’ll be my owner.”

“And my husband and daughters,” I said. “You accept that.”

Gina nodded, crawling to me. “Please, please, I’ll accept anything to be your bang-maid.”

“Anything?” I asked, standing up.

“Yes!” she moaned.

“There’s a g-spot stimulator in that bag,” I said. “Get it out and use it on me. And get out the wand massager.” I glanced at my friend. “You need to feel one of these. They’ll change your life.”

“Ooh, yes,” Natalie said. “I must.”

Gina scrambled to obey. She pulled out the sex toys I instructed. I wasn’t surprised the girl knew what a G-spot stimulator was. She pulled out the silver, slender toy with that delicious curve to it. Then she handed me the pink wand massager with its round head.

“Plug that in over there,” I said. The wand massager was too powerful to run off of batteries.

I fell to my knees between my friend’s thighs. Natalie pulled her fingers from her pussy. She sucked on them, this look of excitement in her eyes. My new bang-maid plugged in the wand massager while her mother kept cleaning in the background.

I flipped the switch. The wand massager hummed to life. The bulbous end fuzzed on the edges from its rapid oscillation. Natalie shuddered and jumped. Her eyes were so wide as I brought the toy right to her pussy.

I pressed it against her cunt, her curls spilling around the end.

She bucked. Gasped. Moaned. Her eyes widened and her large tits heaved as I rubbed the wand massager up and down her flesh. She shuddered there, the heat in her eyes growing intense. Beautiful to witness. I loved the sight of her passion.

“Ooh, yes, that’s what you need,” I said, massaging her in slow circles. “Yes, yes, just like that. You’re going to cum hard, aren’t you?”

She nodded.

“Yeah, you are. You’re going to cum on that vibrator. It’s going to be amazing.”

She grinned at me. “Yes, it will. I believe it. You give the best advice. I love this.”

Behind me, the lesser hum of the G-spot stimulator came to life. My pussy, still aching from my last orgasm, clenched. Then I groaned when the narrow, buzzing tip of the toy pressed into my shaved twat.

It slid into me, the curved shape pressing the tip along the top of my pussy wall. I shuddered at the buzzing delight. I kept moving the wand massager in slow circles across my friend’s pussy as I savored this wicked pleasure.

Then the stimulator brushed my G-spot.

“There!” I gasped, my bundle of nerves in my twat drinking in the massaging hum. “Right there, whore. That’s it!”

“Okay,” she said. “I’m going to make you cum.”

“Miss Kimberly!” I groaned. “That’s how you address me. Miss Kimberly, slut!”

“Yes, Miss Kimberly.”

I shuddered as the G-spot stimulator did its job. That wonderful stimulation sent pleasure rippling through me. My sensitive bundle of nerves had my pussy clenching on the slender toy. And that sent pleasure rushing through the rest of my body. I groaned, wiggling my hips from side to side. I loved the feel of it. This was amazing.

Just the best thing in the world. It was what I needed to feel. To experience. I would have such a huge orgasm on this toy. It would be incredible. I whimpered and moaned as Gina worked the stimulator around in my twat.

She massaged it around. I shuddered, my pussy clenching down on it. The pleasure buzzed through my body. This amazing bliss that would have me cumming hard. I pressed the wand massager into my friend’s snatch, her breasts heaving above me.

“Mmm, we’re both going to explode,” I groaned, my orgasm swelling fast.

“Yes!” Natalie gasped. “Oh, my god, this toy… It’s making my pussy lips melt. My clit… Oh, my gosh, my clit!” Her boobs swayed back and forth, the heavy mounds smacking into each other. “I love it! Kimmie!”

“Mmm, yes, yes, explode!” I groaned, my pussy drinking in the G-spot stimulator’s vibrations.

That nasty little bang-maid slut kept the tip moving over my G-spot. The pleasure burst from it, feeding my growing orgasm. My climax swelled and swelled in me. I shuddered, pushing the wand massager harder into my friend’s furred muff. Her silky pubic hairs crinkled around the edges while she threw back her head.

Her body shook. I could tell she hurtled towards her orgasms. I wanted her to cum so hard. Just explode with all her rapture. It would be amazing. My pussy blazed. The fires swelled faster and faster in me. I shuddered, wiggling my hips back and forth, my G-spot about to melt.

“Lick my ass, slut!” I hissed.

“Me, Miss Kimberly?” Gina asked.

“Yes, you, whore!” I moaned. “Rim my asshole and make me cum!”

“Rim her!” gasped Natalie. “Oh, my gosh, Kimmie! Oh, my gosh, I’m going to cum! This is amazing!”

Gina’s face pressed between my butt-cheeks. Her tongue lapped at my asshole. I groaned as she soaked my butthole. The naughty sensation melted down to my cunt. My G-spot burst with sparks. I couldn’t last much longer.

Natalie bucked.

Her moans echoed through the living room. Her orgasmic bliss swept through her. I shuddered, rubbing that toy on her. Juices gushed out, soaking the end of it. Her tangy aroma filled my nose. I breathed it in, wanting to savor every last second of her delicious scent.

“You’re so sexy!” I gasped, watching her tits heave. My orgasm hurtled towards that breaking point. Gina’s tongue danced around my asshole.

“So are you, Kimmie!”

My pussy melted.

My cunt convulsed as my orgasm rushed through me. I gasped, butt-cheeks clenching about Gina’s face. The waves of rapture hurtled through my body. They swept through every nerve and slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision.

I rode the orgasmic delight, the stimulator massaging my G-spot. More and more rapture burst from my convulsing cunt. I pushed the wand massager hard into my friend as we both gasped out our pleasure.

“That’s it, slut!” I moaned, drinking in the bliss. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s it. That’s just perfect. Fuck, yes!”

The pleasure blazed through my thoughts. I shuddered there, my eyes widening from the heat that swept through my body. It was amazing. I squeezed my eyes shut, this wonderful heat rushing through my body. Gina kept licking my asshole.

My pussy ached. I couldn’t take much more of the stimulation. It was so intense, sending orgasm after orgasm bursting through me. I moaned out my ecstasy. My body felt incredible as the bliss shot through me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned.

“Kimmie!” gasped Natalie, her body bucking. “Stop! Stop! I’m going to die! It’s too much! Too much pleasure!”

I ripped it away from her. “I know! Slut, rip that stimulator out of me. Holy shit!”

Gina did, but she kept rimming my asshole. I turned off the wand massager and laid my head on my friend’s lap, her wet pubic hair rubbing into my chin. Her tangy musk filled the air. I groaned, that hot tongue bathing my butthole feeling amazing.

I just lay there for the next few minutes reveling in all the pleasure that had just swept through my body. This was incredible. It was amazing. I was so glad my husband built this machine. I had to do something nice for him.

I had to make his favorite dinner. Not one of my bang-maids. Me.

“Oh, my god,” groaned Natalie. “Ooh, I want to stay, but I have to go. Classes are almost out. My children will be at home.”

“You need to start working on your son and daughter,” I said. “Get them thinking of each other. If they love their parents, then it should be easy. Kevin and Samantha are you and Mitch but younger.”

“You’re so right.” Natalie sighed. “Thank you for being such a great friend, Kimmie. And thank you for the wand massager.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, Gina’s tongue caressing my asshole. “Slut, you can stop that. Ask your mom for your uniform then help her clean the house. Then I’ll have groceries for you to go buy.”

“Yes, Miss Kimberley,” she said.

I liked that. I was going to enjoy this new life with the mind-control device. I just wished it was easier to use. All that typing… And those dumb codes. Why did they have to be codes? If it were just names…

I’d ask my husband to change that.


Eve “Dusk” Michaels

Classes were out and I hurried through the halls. My pussy was on fire. I hadn’t seen Daddy at all today. Not since he dropped me off. That wasn’t to say I hadn’t had fun. He had done a few naughty things with his mind-control device.

I burst into the classroom to find him folding up his laptop. He was naked and hard. I rushed to him, fell to my knees, and sucked his dick into my mouth. Daddy groaned and stared down at me as I nursed at him.

“Dusk,” he groaned as I sucked. “Well, aren’t you just a wicked thing? Just couldn’t wait to suck you daddy’s cock, huh?”

I was his slut. I had to suck his cock all the time. I could taste pussy on him. A tangy scent. I wonder which of his students he fucked. Was it a nubile, little freshman or a sexy and naughty senior? A nerd? A cheerleader? A slut like me? A good girl?

My pussy clenched as I sucked him clean. I reveled in the taste of hot cunt on his dick as I bobbed my head. I worked my mouth up and down his cock. I sucked on him. Slurped. I wanted to enjoy every moment of this. Just savor every last second of sucking on him.

It was amazing. The pleasure was outstanding. My dad’s cock throbbed in my mouth. His precum spilled over my tongue. It was amazing. Just the best thing in the world. I squeezed my eyes shut and nursed on him.

I loved my daddy’s cock with every ounce of passion I had in me. I sucked on him. Loved him with all my heart and soul, my pussy blazing with lust for him. My head bobbed, sliding my lips up and down his dick. He groaned, his face twisting in pleasure.

“Goddamn, that’s good,” he panted. “Oh, wow, Dusk, you know how to make your Daddy feel loved.”

Such joy rushed through me. My hands grabbed his thighs. I gripped him tight. I worked my mouth up and down his cock, nursing on him with hunger. His precum spilled over my tongue. It was the best taste in the world.

Just amazing.

I nursed on him with more and more hunger. I sucked with all my might. He groaned, his face twisting in pleasure. I shuddered, loving every moment of sucking on him. Loving him. It was just amazing to do. Pleasuring him was the best delight in the world. I would get to gulp down his cum. Just swallowing every drop of it.

His face twisted in rapture. That look of bliss crossed his expression. He was coming closer and closer to cumming. The flavor of his student’s pussy faded. Now only his salty precum remained. And that grew stronger.

I nursed with passion.

My cheeks hollowed.

Drool ran down my chin.

“Fuck, Dusk,” he growled. “My little daughter-slut is just hungry for my cum, isn’t she?”

I moaned and nodded. I was so hungry for his cum. Just eager for him to spurt all that wonderful jizz down my throat. I would have such a huge orgasm. I would cum and cum and cum. It would be amazing.

I nursed. I sucked. I hummed around his cock. His chest rose. His glasses shifted. He was such a sexy man. A hunk. I cupped my daddy’s hairy balls, kneading them. I felt them twitch. His cum was about to fire into my mouth.

“Dusk!” he growled.

His cum burst into my mouth.

Hot and salty and delicious. I gulped down his cum with hunger. I swallowed it all. Every last drop of it flowed down my throat. I shuddered, savoring this wonderful moment. Daddy groaned, his face twisting with delight as I gulped down his cum. I swallowed every bit of his jizz. It all poured down my gullet to where it belonged.

“Dusk!” he groaned, more and more of his spunk firing out of him.

I loved my daddy. I pleased him. I drank down all his cum. It flowed down into my belly. I massaged his balls, working out the last drops of his jizz. I sucked hard one final time, my tongue caressing at his slit.

The last bit of his spunk melted across my taste buds.

“Damn, Dusk,” he groaned. “You are an amazing slut.”

Joy burst through me.

After I swallowed down the last of Daddy’s cum, he got dressed. Then we met up with June and Britney at the college’s entrance. My little sister’s friend was pulling on her clothes. She was clearly eager to come home with the family. I stared at that petite cutie getting dressed.

“Your girlfriend is so lucky to have you, Britney,” I said.

“I know,” she said brightly. “Mr. Michaels, I’m so looking forward to spending the night.”

“Sleepover!” June squealed. The pair bounced in delight.

They were so cute together.

We drove home and walked in to find that bitch from up the street, Gina Albertson, kneeling on the floor, her tits cupped in a low-cut, slutty maid uniform. She smiled up at us and said, “Welcome home, Master and Mistresses. Miss Kimberly is still cooking dinner. Do you need any help relaxing?”

I glanced at Dad.

“Gina and her mother are our new bang-maids,” Daddy said. “Feel free to use them however you want.”

“But I’m your slut, Daddy,” I whimpered.

“So be a slut,” he said.

I grinned. I glanced down at the bang maids and nodded. How to make this interesting? “So you’re a real slut, huh?”

“Yes, Miss Dusk,” she said, staring at me with smoldering eyes. “I’ll do anything.”

I quivered. Daddy’s mind-control device was amazing. I hiked my skirt, flashing my naked pussy. “Well, if you’ll do anything, will you drink my piss?”

Daddy blinked at that even as Gina said, “Yes, Miss Dusk!”


Natalie Meyers

The door opened. My son strode into the house, home from college. He looked at me with this eager glint in his eyes. Hopeful. He was so boyish. So young, just growing into a man, and hadn’t quite gained that confidence that his father had.

But Kevin would get it.

Following him was his sister. She had a happy smile on her lips. She hummed as she glanced at me. She shuddered. Did she want more lessons? I wanted to give her more lessons, but I also wanted to start on Kimmie’s great idea.

I wanted to see my son and daughter love each other. I knew it was the best way to give Kevin confidence. I was the dominant one in our relationship, taking charge with him. But with his sister, he could be in charge.

“I’ve been thinking about your future,” I said, taking my son and turning him to face Samantha. My daughter watched us, her cheeks growing red. “Look at her. Isn’t your sister cute? She’s like I was at eighteen.”

“Really?” my son asked as I slid my hands around to cup his growing hardon through his jeans.

“Really,” I told him, my pussy on fire. It was time to teach both my children how to love each other. It was the best solution. My husband, Mitch, wanted Samantha to find a good man to treat her right. Who was better than her brother?

Incest was amazing.

To be continued…

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