The Medallion – Chapter 2 (edited) by Sadistic_Dominant

As Jack Winters sat down in his office, he grabbed the strange green medallion from beneath his shirt. “What did you do to me”, he asked as he stared at the stone in his hand.

To his surprise, the stone began to glow and he suddenly heard a voice in his head. “I have freed you”, the sultry, feminine voice said. Jack looked around in shock, but quickly realized the voice was coming from the stone.

“What do you mean? And who are you”, he asked, sure that he was going crazy. “I have been called by many names, but you may call me Anya. And as for what I did, I have granted you the boldness and power to achieve your desires”.

“What desires”, Jack asked, although he felt sure he already knew. “Any desires you have”, Anya responded. “Simply state your desires, whatever they may be, and others will be compelled to obey”. “Wait a minute”, Jack said incredulously, “are you saying that I can make other people do anything I want”?

“Exactly”, Anya said. “You changed how your sister and Maria perceived reality, just by telling them what you wanted. Now go, enjoy this power”. The voice faded and the stone quit glowing.

“This is incredible”, Jack said as he leaned back in his chair. As he thought back over the day, he realized that was the only thing that made sense. Why would his sister be okay with him staring at Emily’s ass? Or why would Maria be okay with him groping her? That voice, Anya, had to be telling the truth.

A knock on his door broke him from his thoughts. “Come in” he called out. The door opened and Karen stepped inside. “What the fuck does she want”, he thought. Karen was one of those employees who was always complaining about something.

“I just want to let you know that I saw what you did to Maria. And I am going to report you to your boss, you sick pervert”, she said, her shrill voice annoying him. Then an idea came to him.

“Shut up”, he said and he saw her eyes flash green, followed by her mouth shutting. “You’re always complaining, making my job harder. No more. From now on, you’re going to come to work with a good attitude and you will tell me how much you love working for me”.

He stopped and looked her over. Despite her attitude, she wasn’t unattractive. Shoulder length black hair, a full pair of lips, and decent tits, maybe C cups.

“Lock the door”, he said and she dutifully obeyed, then returned and stood in front of him. “Now, you’re going to make up for all the trouble you’ve caused me”, Jack said, licking his lips in anticipation.

“Take your clothes off”, he said and he smiled as he saw the order take effect. She began removing her clothes, dropping them on the floor. When she stood naked before him, he inspected her more closely.

He ran his fingers over her pudgy stomach and then he grabbed a breast, squeezing hard. She moaned loudly and her nipple quickly hardened under his touch. He ran his fingers down, frowning when he found a full bush between her legs. “I guess I won’t be fucking you today”, he said.

“Get on your knees, slut”, he ordered and she immediately dropped down. “Suck my dick”, he said and she grabbed his pants, unbuttoning them and freeing his rock hard shaft.

She eagerly took it into her mouth, although she could only get about four inches inside before she stopped. She began to go back and forth quickly, scratching his rod with her teeth. “Fuck”, he growled and grabbed her hair, pulling her off his dick.

“You are horrible at this. Don’t you have a boyfriend or husband at home”, Jack demanded. “I have a husband sir”, Karen said, looking up at him. “Does he enjoy when you suck his dick”, Jack asked. “I don’t suck his dick, sir”, Karen said. “I’ve always found the activity to be disgusting and repulsive”.

Jack looked at her in shock. “Well, not anymore. From now on, you love sucking dick. It’s one of your favorite activities. As a matter of fact, if you’re alone with a man, you will offer to suck his dick”. “Yes sir”, Karen said.

“Now, start with licking my shaft. Then take my dick back in your mouth, but curl your lips around your teeth. I should never feel your teeth on my cock”. As Karen went back to sucking his dick, following his instructions, Jack relaxed a little. “Much better”, he moaned as his her head went back and forth on his cock.

After a few minutes, he could feel his orgasm starting to build. Then he thought of something he had always wanted to do. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his dick.

“I’m going to fuck your face now. My dick is going down your throat. But you’re not going to gag and fight it. In fact, you’ll love it. And when I cum, you will swallow it”. “Yes sir”, Karen said.

Jack grabbed two handfuls of her hair and rammed his cock into her mouth. He slid his dick down her throat with ease, thanks to his command. He started fucking her face hard, his balls slapping against her chin.

Within a minute, he exploded, holding her face against his groin. He pumped spurt after spurt of cum down her throat and she happily swallowed it. When he finally finished, he pulled out of her mouth, allowing her to breathe.

“When a man feeds you his cum, always make sure you lick his dick clean and tell him thank you”, Jack said, looking down at her. She licked his dick excitedly, almost looking like she was in ecstacy. Then she smiled up at him. “Thank you for feeding me your cum, sir”, she said.

“From now on, whenever you suck a dick, your pussy will get wet. And when the man orgasms, you will too. Do you understand”, Jack said. “Yes sir”, Karen answered. “And when you get home, you will give your husband a blow job. Afterwards, you will ask him to show you porn of women sucking dick. That way you can get better at it”.

“Yes sir”, Karen said. “Stand up and get dressed”, Jack said as he sat down in his chair. As she obeyed him, he looked her over once more. “Also, tonight, you will shave your pussy. I dont want to see one hair on it from now on. Then tomorrow, dont wear panties. When you get to work, come to my office and wait for me”.

“Yes sir”, Karen said. “Now, go back to work. And remember, you love working here, especially working for me”, Jack said. She nodded and left the office.

Jack just sat back and smiled. “I’m going to have so much fun with these powers”, he said. Then he headed out onto the sales floor.


Jack left work after only a few hours, leaving instructions with his assistant manager to take care of any problems that came up and to clock him out at the end of the shift.

He drove home, excited about this evening. With this power he had, he could finally do what he’d been wanting to do for the last few years. He was finally going to enjoy his niece’s young body.

He got home and took a shower. As the hot water sprayed down on him, he thought about Emily’s sexy young body and his dick immediately got hard. That surprised him, since he’d jerked off that morning and came in Karen’s mouth just a few hours ago. Normally he was lucky to get off once a day, considering his age.

“Consider this a perk”, Anya’s voice echoed in his head. “Fuck yes” Jack exclaimed. He definitely wasn’t going to complain about being able to get hard more often.

He quickly got cleaned up and then headed to his sister’s house, where the party was already going. He walked in and thought he was in heaven. Young, lithe bodies were everywhere. Sexy, barely legal girls, dressed in clothing that accentuated the best parts of their bodies.

But there was one girl in particular that Jack wanted to find. And it didn’t take long. He found Emily and Alicia in the kitchen. “Hey little brother, I thought you had to work tonight”, Alicia said, smiling and hugging him.

“I got someone to cover me. After all, I couldn’t miss my favorite niece’s birthday party”. Emily hugged him tightly. He loved feeling her perky, young tits pressing against him.

“And I wanted to give her a real birthday present”, Jack said as he reluctantly pulled away from his sexy niece. “What is it”, Emily asked excitedly. “I’m going to take you upstairs and fuck you”, Jack said, shocking both women.

His sister was about to speak, so Jack quickly spoke again. “And your mother thinks it’s a great idea”. Alicia’s face relaxed as her eyes flashed green. “It’s a great idea”, Alicia said, smiling as Jack moved his hand down and squeezed Emily’s ass. “A sexy girl like her should have an older man teach her a thing or two”.

Emily’s jaw dropped as her mother spoke. She simply couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Jack turned to her. “Lead me up to your bedroom”, he said and he smiled at the familiar flash in her eyes. She turned and walked toward her room.

Jack’s eyes never left Emily’s tight ass as he followed her up the stairs. As she entered her room, Jack took a deep breath. His fantasy for the past several years was about to come true. He walked in the room behind Emily and closed the door.

To be continued.

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