The Mark of Cernunnos Episode 2: PLUR for Life to PLUR for Dogs part1 by darkfan90

Intro (optional to read, depending if you want more story or more mystery)

I am the mighty Cernunnos, nature god of the old world. I am the lord of all male animals, fertility, and procreation. There was a time when you humans revered me. Then, you decided to worship false gods that you invented. You worship material possessions and worse more, you worship gods like the Christian one. Your kind has forgotten me, but I will be ignored no longer! I have taken one of your most desirable women, now I shall take another. I used a minor version of my spell for the first one, and she now loves her new K9 mate more deeply than any human. This time I shall bestow a more powerful one. I expect this mark to be even more entertaining for me and my children. Her entire sexual being should instantly revolve around only other species. She will never even look at a human male ever again. Unlike my first blessing, this girl has not ridiculed the act of beast love. She is a ripe blank page for my children to write all over. However, she has not had any interaction with it or even been asked about it, but she will after tonight HA HA HA!

Narration (beginning of story)

Briana (Bri) is a wild bisexual raver girl who loves a fun time and is quite a looker. She is very fond of all kinds of drugs and is bold as hell. She has a petit build, standing at 5’2” with 32c breasts. She has a stereotypical raver girl look; with platinum blond dreadlocks, a black ring pierced through her lower right lip, and a sleeve of tattoos on her left arm depicting rainbows, peace signs, dreamcatchers, and of course PLUR. She is a frequent EDM festival goer. Currently having another MDMA fueled night at Dreamstate 2019. She is dressed in a white tutu, white fuzzies on her feet, and a matching white bikini top. She is attending with her best friend Roxy, who is in the same outfit, except black. Her and Roxy have joined a group they just met at the party, because of two guys who are seducing them. Roxy is a heavy-set Latino girl with black hair who, while not quite as attractive as Bri, makes up for it with huge E-cup breasts and an ass to match. The guy who is hitting on Bri has given her a quad-stack pill (4 hits of extacy pressed into 1) and told her it was a normal one in an attempt to make it easy to fuck her. The effects are beginning to show. She is looking very high, having already taken some pure MDMA earlier in the night.

Body (narration from Bri)

This was the best rave ever! Wow was I feeling great and this guy was super-hot. I was feeling very fucked up now. Either that last pill I took was way stronger than I thought, or this guy just dosed me. I didn’t care though; I was planning to let him fuck me anyway. Roxy looked like she was really into the guy hitting on her too, so everything was great. All of the sudden I got this dull pain above my ass. It must have really hurt for me to feel it while on that many pills. I reached back and felt it, thinking some drunk asshole just burned me with his cigarette. However, everything felt just fine, nothing there. Things immediately began to feel really different for me. I looked up at the guy I was with, as he was asking if I was ok. As soon as I saw his face, I had lost all attraction for him. Not only did I not care about him anymore, but I found his advances repulsive as I thought about us having sex. What the fuck just happened to me? This guy was turning me on a lot in all the right places and now he disgusted me. I have had that happen when I come down off drugs, but never not coming up and rolling this hard. He saw the look on my face and became noticeably angry but fuck him. I saw Roxy making out with her guy. She was really enjoying herself, so I didn’t want to interrupt, but I had to get away from this asshole. “I have to go!” I shouted at him and quickly left the group. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was running on pure feeling at this point. I was probably as high as I had ever been wondering the rave now, but it felt better than being hit on by that guy. I was becoming a little concerned when I saw other couples making out as I walked around. I saw girls kissing their men and felt very disgusted at how they could enjoy that. It must be the drugs. It had to be how fucked up I was, and I just wanted to fuck a girl right now. Yeah, that had to be it. I am just going to cruse for a hot girl instead. I felt wonderful, but what I found sexy was all confused for right now.

Then I saw him, this girl had a very large German Shepard on a leash with her. It was unusual to see a dog in a rave that did not belong to a cop. The really weird part was that I thought he was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life. My body was responding like it never had for any guy or girl in my whole life. My pussy was soaking in seconds! What the fuck was going on with me?! This couldn’t be the drugs. Why would a guy give me drug that turned me to dogs? No way that could be it. I also had no idea how I knew the dog was a he (I had not seen his junk yet), but I just felt it. All I knew was I had to be near that dog. I moved towards him and his owner like I was possessed. The Latino girl holding his leash looked like a hardcore lesbian. She wore a black wife beater and men’s pants. Her face was covered in piercings. She had one in both cheeks, one in her tongue, one in her nose, several in both eyebrows, one in her lip, a ring in her septum, and she had gages in. She had spiked short hair and both of her arms had sleeves of tattoos. She was flat chested but had a more feminine ass. You could tell she worked out a lot, because her upper body was extremely fit. You could also see that she had pierced nipples through the bumps in her top. As I got closer, I realized she had another leash attached to the collar of a girl next to her. She was clearly a BDSM slave. She was dressed in nothing but black leather bondage gear and had her very small tits exposed. I could not see her face, because she had a leather dog mask on. She was about the same height as me, save a couple inches shorter. Behind them were two very big guys making out with each other. One was a black guy with a shaved head and the other was white with spiked blond hair. They looked like they were bodybuilders. This whole group looked totally insane, but I didn’t care. I had to be near that beautiful German Shepard. I had done a lot of crazy shit in my life, but I knew already I was going to go completely off the rails tonight.

As I got within spitting distance, the leash holder saw me and made eye contact. It looked like she knew exactly what I was thinking, as a huge grin appeared on her face. “Well aren’t you a hot one. I am Veronica and what is your name sexy?” she asked me. “Thank you for saying that. Um, I’m Bri,” I said timidly. I am not normally shy I this situation, but I could not stop thinking about this dog. He seemed very happy to see me with a rapidly wagging tail. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him. My eyes went straight to his crotch and I saw a huge pair of balls. They were absolutely gorgeous I thought. I had no idea what the fuck was happing to me as my pussy started twitching at this sight. I was brought back to reality fast, as Veronica noticed my staring and said; “His name is Jax before you ask. I know he is very sexy, but we were in the middle of introductions.” My heart sank and my head snapped back to her with the fear of being found out. She saw the total terror on my face and realized I was not as comfortable with this as she thought. She gave me a warm accepting smile, placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “I am sorry cutie. I just assumed from the way you were staring and how fast you came up to us, that you were a hardcore pet pussy. Don’t feel bad at all. Our group embraces girls like you.” Her kindness made me feel more at ease with how emotionally confused I was. I was surprised by her candor. I still felt like I had to play dumb, even though I understood what she meant. “Thank you, I have no idea what came over me tonight. I have never had this urge before. I just can’t stop looking at Jax. What did you mean by pet pussy?” I asked timidly. Looking very amused by my response she responded, “Wow you are green! A pet pussy sweetie is a vagina that prefers a dog cock over a human one. Only an animal cock can make a pet pussy cum for real. From that look in your eyes I would have thought you had done that before.” Holy shit, between Jax and her talking about dog cock I was more turned on than I had ever been. My pussy was on fire at the thought of it being a pet pussy. I was still in shock as to why I was feeling this so suddenly. My mind tried to blame the drugs again and I explained the whole situation to Veronica. She giggled in response and said, “Oh sweetie I wish that was the case. If there was a drug that could make girls fuck dogs, I would know about it. I would also have a cabinet full and be putting it in all the girl’s drinks. So no, trust me that is not it. Your eyes look like black dinner plates right now honey. I’ll bet you are just rolling harder than you ever have and that is bringing out some buried feeling in you. And if I am being honest, I couldn’t be happier. My life revolves around interspecies sex. I spend all my free time breaking girls and turning them into total dog sluts. Just like this bitch here!” she said as she yanked the leash of the girl with the mask. She proceeded to introduce her friends to me. The two massive gay guys behind her were named Jake (white guy) and Calvin (black dude). She would not refer to the girl in bondage by name. She was just called bitch apparently. The thought of being in her place was very exciting to me I have to say.

This who thing was so fucking strange, but I liked it. “So, do you want to fuck my dog? Do you want me to make you into a total pet pussy, like bitch here? I am not going to lie. Some parts will be scary, maybe even a little painful. However, you will experience sexual satisfaction that you have never dreamed that you could feel before tonight. Is that what you want?” she asked me, becoming very serious all of the sudden. I thought of a bunch of reasons why I should say no and walk away from this. Deep down though, my body was screaming at me to do this. “Ye-es,” I squeaked out. Veronica looked a little annoyed and barked out, “Yes what?! What do you want me to make you?! Stop being shy now, you can only imagine the shit I have seen between animals and humans. You are vanilla as fuck! you are not freaking anyone out as of now. So, I ask you again; WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” I have no idea what got into me, but I gave in and let it out. “I want to be a pet pussy! I want to know what it is like to have Jax fuck me silly,” I begged. Veronica now made a menacing grin and said “Ok, good, but I am the boss. If I ask you to do something you do it. I don’t care how weird and gross it is, or shy you are. Got it?!” “Yes, anything you ask,” I repeated back. Holy shit, what did I just do? No sooner did I spit out those words, that Veronica felt my pussy and my inner thighs. Pussy juice was dripping down my legs from all this talk and thoughts about dog sex. “Holy shit girl! You are gushing all over yourself. You are a bitch in heat if I have ever seen one. And I have seen a lot. Now let Jax lick that up,” she said as she licked her figures clean. She then snapped her figures and pointed at my crotch. Jax rammed his nose in my pussy and started licking. My arms moved down to grab his head out of reflex. She stopped me and pushed my arms back at my sides. “Anything I say bitch! You did not forget that fast. You let this happen or you can leave my group, you understand?” she barked at me. I could barely say “yes” as the intense level of pleasure hit me. His tongue was sending almost electric sensations trough me. I had never felt anything like this before. All the doubts I had were fading now. I felt eyes looking as us, but this felt so right, and I was so fucking high. My whole world started spinning. “He loves fresh girl juice. Here let me help you,” Veronica said to me as she slid my panties to the side. As I opened my mouth to let out a moan, she stuck her tongue into it and started making out with me very aggressively. I was in heaven at this point. I have had a lot of guys (and girls) eat me out, but this was something else. His tongue was reaching way up inside me. The texture of it was doing things to my clit I didn’t know were possible. Maybe it was how good Jax was, maybe it was the shock of a dog doing this to me, maybe it was the drugs, maybe it was all of them, but I came right then and there. It wasn’t just any orgasm either. It was one of the biggest of my life up until that point. Little did I know that was going to be saying that a lot in the near future. My knees went weak, but she held me up. I tried to give out a load moan, but I was muffled by Veronica forcing her tongue deeper down my throat. I could feel her piercing hitting my tonsils. She broke our kiss as I came down. She could tell I was a bit shocked and confused, so she stuck her tongue out freakishly far. “I had a tongue-tie release procedure so I can stick my tongue out all the way to eat pussy better,” she told me. Wow this girl was one crazy lesbian, but she made me feel more comfortable with my new discovery about myself. “Oh, like the guy from Kiss?” I asked. “Yeah exactly! That is actually where I got the idea,” she responded.

She pulled Jax back from my pussy by his collar. The wonders I was feeling between my legs vanished and I whined, “Nooooo, let him go back.” That shit eating grin showed on her face again from hearing the need in my voice. “I know Jax is very good at eating pussy, but he is great with his dick. I want to see him fuck you. Let’s go somewhere more private,” she said. I knew this was coming, but part of me was still nervous about it. The other part was screaming at me to do it now. I had never felt anything like that when he licked me, so I knew I had to do this. I nodded my head and off we went. Veronica’s entire group came as well. I was too fucked up and ignorant about this stuff to realize we would need lookouts. All I cared about right then was getting to be with Jax. My pussy was going crazy as I was fixated on his big balls swinging as he walked. We made our way to edge of the venue. She found an isolated spot where the fencing curved to give us cover on all sides. The only problem was there was a member of security watching it. I looked at Veronica and she smiled and said, “don’t worry, we got this.” We all walked straight up to the guard who gave us a very confused look. Veronica was very direct and said to him, “How’s it going? Look, I just met this hot piece of ass here (she pointed at me) and we want to fuck. You are guarding what seems like the only private spot in this whole party and I will make you a deal. As long as we are in there, my other bitch here (she tugged on bitch’s leash) will suck your dick the whole time to let us have our fun and say nothing. Does that work for you?” The guard’s eyes went wide. He looked around thinking this must be some gotch-ya prank. “Are you serious?” he asked. Veronica smiled knowing she had him now. “Dead serious man, but you can’t look at us. My new friend here is a little shy. You just focus on feeding your cock to my other friend and we are good,” she shot back. “Ok we got a deal! he said. Veronica grabbed my hand and led me into the dark area. Calvin and Jake stood in front of the guard to block his view of us. They were such big guys that they made a solid wall together that towered over the security. Just before they stood in the way I saw bitch get on her knees and lift her mask up. I still could not see her face as she unzipped his fly. Veronica went into her backpack and pulled out these leg pads for me and said, “You’ll need these.” They were kind of like knee pads; except they covered my entire lower legs and were very thick. As I strapped them on Veronica whispered to me, “Ok, this is your last chance to turn back. Once Jax mates with you, you will become addicted and your life will change forever.” I had mad butterflies in my stomach. There were so many emotions twisting in me I can’t even describe it. But there was still that horny part of me overpowering everything.

I wanted this so bad and my pussy was screaming for cock. “Yes, I need him now,” I begged. Veronica gave an evil smile and said, “ok babe, I will walk you through this. It is going to be very intense, so just relax and listen to me. Now get down on all fours and take your panties off.” I did as I was told and felt her pat my ass and say Jax’s name. He started by licking my pussy again briefly. I was sent back into that world of pleasure with a moan. He quickly stopped and I felt his weight on my back and paws gripping my hips. “Here we go,” she said sweetly as she guided him into me. He hit his mark and rammed what I thought was his entire cock into me. He started fucking me hard. Like I was the last piece of ass he would ever get. I was sent into another world as I felt his doggy cock hammering my pussy. I love it rough, so this was perfect for me. I had my first orgasm right there. I was really moaning and making noise. The guard definitely heard me, but I could have given a fuck at this point. This was incredible and it felt so right. I had been missing out on this my whole life until now. He was almost the biggest dick I had ever had in me. With the one exception of this massive black guy I let fuck me one time. At least that’s what I thought until I felt him start to grow bigger. At this point Veronica talked some more instruction into my ear, “ok babe, you are doing great, but now is the real fun a man can’t give you. Dogs have a big ball, called a knot at the base of their dicks. His is inflating now and you need to push back into him and relax your pussy to take it inside you. Once it is in, it will grow bigger and lock you two together while he cums. It will feel like nothing you have experienced before. Just relax and take it.” What the fuck? This was so crazy, but what the hell. I was loving this, so I pushed back and felt his knot slamming into my pussy. Holy shit he was getting big. I did what she said and relaxed my vag and gave a big push back. Jax fallowed suit and gave a big thrust and I felt my pussy stretch wider than ever before. “HOLY FUUUUUCK!” I moaned as my vaginal opening gave way and he slipped all the way in. The feeling was absolutely incredible. Jax’s knot was pressing hard against my g-spot as he continued to fuck me. The tip of his dick was hitting my cervix. This combo was too much for me and I came harder than I ever had before. My eyes rolled back, and I was drooling as I went brain dead from my orgasm. This was the best sex I had ever had, and it was from a dog. How the fuck did I get here? I had just taken my biggest cock ever, it belonged to a dog and I was more than loving it. This was going to ruin me. Nothing else could satisfy me after this. Veronica was right, I was hooked. His knot felt so amazing that I had another orgasm as soon as I was done with the first. I was having multiple orgasms as I was moaning like a bitch in heat. “I CAN’T AHHH, STOP AHHH, CUMMING,” was all I could moan as I went brain dead again. I fell into my own little world of pleasure, as the rest of reality slipped away. My pussy was gripping Jax’s cock like a vice. He could not take anymore and came as well. I felt his cum flood into my womb like hot bath water. He was pumping more into me than any human could produce. I was experiencing my fourth orgasm now as my body milked every drop from his wonderful doggy dick. Not a drop could escape my body thanks to his knot. I felt complete somehow. Like this is what I was supposed to do.

I finally came down from my orgasms and was enjoying the feeling of that wonderful cock inside me.I was so high that I had forgotten Veronica was there completely. She almost started me as she enthusiastically said “Oh my god you were fucking amazing! That was one if the hottest dog fucks I have ever seen! Jax really likes you. I have seen him fuck a lot of girls and he has never looked this happy. You should see the look on his face right now. Fuck it, I’ll take a picture so you can see it later.” I took so much joy in the fact that I pleased Jax. My heart fluttered when she told me that. Veronica snapped the picture of us and asked, “How does it feel to be an official pet pussy now?” “Holy shit that was incredible. That was the best sex I have ever had by far. You were right I am a pet pussy for life now. I can’t live without being able to have that. I don’t think I ever want his knot to go down,” I passionately responded. She giggled, showing a lot of amusement over my conversion to dogs. “Well he needs to get out of you soon, our time is about to be up here. My bitch is good at edging a cock, but he must be ready to blow his load soon. Jax just looks like he is taking his time in you. He really loves your pussy, look!” she told me as she showed me the picture she took. I should have been concerned that this girl I just met had a picture of me fucking a dog. As soon as I saw it though, my cares melted away. It was so hot to see myself like that. It was even more hot to see Jax looking like he was in total bliss. I moaned and my pussy squeezed his cock from seeing the picture. Veronica noticed, put it away immediately and said “Oh shit, shouldn’t have done that. I need you two to calm down right now.” After a few more minutes I felt Jax’s cock shrink. I told Veronica and she seemed to be relieved. I knew we had to get out of there, but it still felt horrible to have his cock leave my body. I never wanted that feeling to stop. His cock slipped out of me, followed by a huge amount of cum. Upon realizing this, my heart sank. I felt like I was losing something as valuable as gold. I quickly balled up my panties and stuffed my pussy with them to block the cum in as I stood up. Veronica saw me do this and said, “Holy fuck you have it bad. You know I would have no idea you have never done this before if you didn’t say anything. Between how horny you are for my dog and that pawprint tattoo, I would have never guessed you were a dog virgin.” Now that confused the hell out of me. “What are you talking about? I don’t have a pawprint tatt,” I shot back. “Yeah you do babe, it is just above your ass, look,” she said as she took a picture and showed it to me. She was right! What the fuck? There it was plain as day; a big black pawprint tramp stamp with a small heart in the center. That freaked me out, but I did not want to weird her out too. I just played it off, “oh I forgot, I just got that, and I am so high on molly I must have just blanked it,” I lied. She bought it, but inside I became concerned about this. I remembered the pain I felt on my back earlier when I was with that guy. That had to it, but it is impossible to put a tattoo on someone that fast. I was quickly distracted away from thinking about this, as my thoughts returned to the security guard. Anyone who has been trashed on MDMA will attest to the fact that it makes your attention span shorter than a child’s. We had finished and made our way back to the guard. I saw him throw his head back and moan. He was definitely cumming in bitch’s mouth and she was swallowing it all. She gave his dick one final suck to get the last bit of cum out and stood up. I finally got to see her face for the first time. She had short brown hair and was very plain looking. She was cute in a nerdy kind of way. If she had glasses on, she would have reminded me of Velma from Scooby-Doo. I only got to see her for a second before she put her mask back on. “Did that taste yummy bitch?” Veronica asked her. She responded by only barking like a dog. Holy shit this girl was hardcore into this. I imagined being a total dog slave like that and I have to say it really turned me on. I would just not want to suck a human off. I imagined being totally devoted to dogs would give me the joy that she seemed to have for being Veronica’s bitch. The security guy seemed very amused by this and said, “God Damn, you people are crazy! But fuck, who am I to complain right?” He then turned to Veronica and I and said, “you two sounded really hot by the way. She really knows what she is doing. She made you cum hard girl.” We both smiled at him and said nothing. We were giggling inside and thinking; you have no idea what we just did.

I was feeling a special bond with Veronica and her friends from helping me just have that life defining experience. They were crazy as hell and it was such a turn on to just be a freak for dogs and not care. I felt a deep sexual awakening. “Will you come back to my place tonight? I have more dogs that would just love you,” she asked. My heart skipped a beat upon hearing this and blurted out, “oh my god, absolutely!” We decided to go see more of the rave before going back to her place. We made our way to see an amazing DJ we liked. I loved the fact that I had no panties on and had dog cum dripping down my legs and drying. I felt so free, like some kind of sexual goddess. All I wanted to do was fuck some more dogs. The set was great, and I was rolling hard. I got a few lightshows and they all noticed my bare vagina when I sat down. They all loved it and I felt like a total slut which really turned me on. The big turn on for me; was them thinking that I was ever going to fuck them. After tonight there was no way I would ever let a human cock in me again. We left and got into Veronica’s big black SUV. I was supper happy about getting to fuck more dogs. I felt a more powerful need to have dog cum in me than I had ever felt for anything. The boys were up front, with Calvin driving of course. Driving as Jake sucked his huge cock. It looked like another gear shift. Veronica and I were doing coke, which brought my E soring back up. Bitch was in the cargo area having her pussy drilled by Jax. I was incredibly jealous of her to the point of being almost angry. I knew though, that I should not be upset. She helped me get my first dog dick and she deserved a reward. Oh my, did she get a reward too, she was visibly cumming hard. It was hot to see from the outside now. It was so crazy I had never seen or thought about anything like this my whole life. Why did I just go crazy for dogs tonight? I texted Roxy to let her know I was going. I let Veronica eat my pussy to help take the edge off my new doggie urges. She was really good, and she loves dog cum a lot too I found out. “How ahh, did you get them to let Jax in? I have never seen anyone with a dog at a rave before,” I asked her. “Oh, I have a friend who is a doctor who got him rated as a medical service dog. They have to let him in, it’s all bullshit though, just to take him places with me,” she answered. The went back to removing my panties from inside me and slurping out Jax’s jizz, while spending time grinding her piercing on my clit. She had a large single-story house, that was out by itself. Her house was isolated, because she had a large property that extended out from the actual house. Leaving her with no neighboring windows, which was good for what went on in this house.

I heard their barks as we walked up the path to the front door. They sounded thunderous; these were not tiny dogs. My pussy started tingling thinking about them. “Ok, here are the men of the house,” Veronica said as she opened the front door. Three more big beautiful dogs ran out to us. She then gave me introductions on them that made my pussy gush. She told me the gold lab’s name was Romeo. He was the sweetest and most romantic lover. She usually used him to convert girls who were unsure about being a pet pussy and needed a push. Next, she had a massive Grate Dane named Tommy Lee. She explained that he got his name, because he had one of the biggest doggy cocks. I was very hot for him; Tommy was fucking gorgeous. The last and the biggest one was Hercules. He was a giant Mastiff who looked very cuddly. She explained that Hercules had the largest knot of the group and that I would need to get a lot more experience before I could take him. That was disappointing, but I could not complain when I hit the jackpot of hot K9s to fuck me. We all went in the living room and Veronica said, “This is Bri guys! She is your bitch for the night!” They were all swarming me trying to sniff and lick my pussy. I felt that wonderful feeling come back as all their tongues caressed my flesh. The inside was mostly hard wood, including the floors. It seemed normal at first glance, but if you looked at the decorations you would start to get the hint. She had pictures of girls smiling and kissing dogs everywhere. There were several of girls and dogs kissing open mouth, that was very hot. The others seemed more normal, but I could tell they had feelings for that dog. “Ok bitch, take off all your cloths. You don’t need them anymore for the night. We are going to strap you to the breeding bench,” Veronica shouted at me. I was out of my cloths in an instant and ready to go. I didn’t know what a breeding bench was, but it sounded great. I was led down to the basement or AKA the doggy fuck room. There was a bed made with black sheets in the corner. The walls were covered in framed pictures of women getting fucked by animals. At least 40 images of dogs fucking girls, like 10 that were letting horses fuck them, and a few of pigs. Seeing that fascinated me. I felt like this is the world I need to be in. There was a prison shower in the other corner. No walls, no doors or curtains, just a showerhead coming out of the wall and a drain. All the walls and floor were solid concrete. There was a long table filled with a massive collection of sex toys and BDSM gear. I noticed that all of the dildos were shaped like dog or horse cocks. None of them were human and I was so into it. I had never been this horny in my entire life. There were all kinds of low to the ground bondage devices, with the king of them all in the center of the room. There it was; the breeding bench. I could see why they called it that. I was a black, wooden, and padded device to lay on, that put you in the perfect position of get fucked by K9s. It had straps on it, so you would be tied to it and have no choice but to let them have their way with you. It even had a bowl attached to it to catch all the cum. My pussy gushed some more and at this point my juices were running down my legs. Veronica turned and stared at the sight between my legs and shouted, “Holy shit girl! Look at your pussy! That is amazing!” I looked down and saw what she meant. You could see how badly I wanted to get fucked. My labia had swelled up and bright red. My clit was fully erected out of its hood and throbbing visually. I had never seen it that big before. My whole pussy was red, and you could see every detail. “Please please Veronica! I need to fuck a dog! I need it bad!” I begged her. She smiled and said, “Yeah no kidding, I can see your pussy girl. But before we get started you have to understand the rules of the house. Number one you know, but there is a clause; You obey me no matter what, unless one of the dogs is fucking me. I am a bitch just like you when that happens, and they are in charge during that time. Number two; You will treat the dogs like humans. That means talking to them just like you would a human. That also means you must obey them, because you are their bitch. Rule three; you will always be naked or at least have your pussy and boobs exposed so a K9 can take you whenever he wants. You must also keep your ass clean for them; they are allowed to take any hole of yours. Four; I can film and record whatever goes on in this house. Rule five; If I give you a drug to take you must take it whatever its form. I will never lie, I will always tell you what it is, but you must take it. And finally, six; bitches must always wear a collar.” I loved the rules even though this would have freaked me out a week ago. Veronica clipped a white leather collar around my neck and asked, “So do you agree to the rules?” “Oh yes, every single one!” I responded passionately. At that point I would have agreed to cut off my arm if it meant I could have a dog fuck me right then.

I was led over to the shower and given an enema so I could take it up the ass. I did like to do anal now and then, but the idea of letting a dog do it made it sound way better. After I was clean, I jumped onto that breeding bench faster than a kid into a rollercoaster. She strapped me in but left my arms loose. My pussy was completely exposed for any dog. Veronica had gotten naked as well. She was only wearing a pair of black leather chaps leaving her ass and pussy exposed. Her body was amazingly fit. It looked like she fought MMA. Her nipples had bolts trough them with pawprints hanging from each one. Her pussy had two very big and heavy rings in each lip weighing them down. She had a tattoo that said “animals only” above her pussy. She had one above her pussy, on the left that read “Hercules” as well as one on the right that was an image of a dog fucking a girl. Plus, one that read “knot locker” on her inner thigh with an arrow to her vagina. Her clit hood had another bolt trough it with a pawprint dangling from a small chain. Her pussy was kinda just hanging open, and this was not just from her piercings. Her vagina had been stretched out and was very loose. She saw me looking and said, “that is what having a stud like Hercules fuck you all the time does to your pussy. Having sex this way all the time will make it so nothing else will do. Just so you know what you are getting into.” I looked up at her and said, “I don’t care, this is the only kind of sex I want to have anymore. Please send in a dog now! They are so hansom I can’t stand it.” Veronica had a mirror and a razor blade she was getting a line ready on. She held it down to my nose and said, ”ok, do this line and we will begin. It is MDMA and some coke. You are going to go all night for my boys” I sucked it down fast and it burned like hell, but I was flying from that shit. “Send down Romeo bro!” she called up the stairs.

He came running down very happy to finally be down here. He ran straight over to me, clearly understanding what happens in this room. In my sexiest voice I said, “Oh my god you are a beautiful boy! And so smart too, you know exactly what is going on huh?” He started licking my face, so I opened my mouth and frenched him. Oh god that felt good, but I needed sex. I broke our kiss as veronica got my attention with a camera. “Say what you have become and what you want right now for the camera. Make sure you are detailed, and I will tell him to mount,” Veronica commanded me. I had enough teasing. I looked up into the camera and passionately snapped, “I have become a total dog whore tonight. I don’t know what came over me, but I now have a pet pussy that does not want humans anymore. All I want with all of my being is to have your dogs fuck me till they are totally satisfied!” I did not have to wait a split second to hear “Rome mount!” and felt that wonderful fur on my back. He was very gentle as he rubbed his dick around to find my pussy. He found his mark and sunk it into me. He was strong but slow as he worked my pussy. I was being flooded with absolute pleasure feeling that dog flesh inside me. He was not as big as Jax, but he had the reach. I felt him poking my cervix and his knot started to grow. I pushed back to take it all and I started cumming. “Oh yeah! Fuck me Romeo! Give it to meeeeee!” I was yelling like a porn star. He noticed I was cumming and started to lick my neck and lightly nibble my ear. “Holy shit you aaahhh, are a romantic ooooohhhh, lover boy!” I moaned out. I reached back to rub his belly as he fucked me. I felt him lock me and start pumping me full of dog cum. This sent me to that amazing place I felt when Jax came in me. The best way I can describe it is; it felt like I was touching god somehow. I was washed in pure joy and I had a big orgasm. I opened my eyes to see the camera in my face. “How did that feel?” Veronica asked. I should have cared about her filming, but I didn’t at all. All I cared about was being a dog whore. “That felt fucking amazing! I can feel him cumming in me and it is great! I love the feeling of his furry sheath on my clit! Oh ahhha, FUCK! I am going to cum again!” I cried out. I had my third orgasm as my pussy squeezed my lover’s cock and I zoned out. I cannot describe how good it feels to have dog cum pumped into you. It is very warm, and you can feel it spread through your insides. I was becoming addicted to this feeling as it gave me extremely high levels of sexual pleasure. I was in my own little world as I rode the waves of pleasure that Romeo was giving me.

I snapped out of it when I heard Veronica shouting, “Hey guys! Send Jax down here!” I clearly had a special thing for Jax. I was getting excited to fuck him already when I still had Romeo inside me. She had the camera back on the tripod and was playing with her pussy, while watching us. She was sticking all five of her fingers inside of herself easily. She could have fisted herself with no issue right there. I joyfully called out, “oh, is that my big lover Jax? Come see me baby, I want you big boy!” I heard Jax come running up and upon seeing Romeo fucking me he ran to Veronica and literally started burying his nose in her vagina. He was licking way, and I mean way up in there. She threw her head back and started moaning, “oh good boy! Gooood boy! You make momma’s pussy feel so good!” As I watched Jax eat her out, I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be to be branded for K9s like she was with her piercings and tatts. I now loved that I had that one on my ass, but I wanted more explicit ones now. She turned to face the camera and moaned, “This is Jax ahhh! He can get his snout in here and lick me in places no man can!” I felt more comfortable now that she was on camera too. I didn’t really care much at all truthfully, but at least now I knew for sure this was not going to be used for blackmail. Now it just felt like we were two slutty girls making an amazing home movie. She was now rubbing his dick and moving in to blow him. I felt Romeo’s cock shrink with a sharp feeling of disappointment. It was short lived with the knowledge of my next stud right there. Romeo slipped out of me and promptly lied down on one of the big doggie beds in the room. I make an audible squeak as his dick popped out. This drew Veronica’s attention, but she just gave me a evil grin and kept sucking Jax. I immediately felt empty and sad and cried, “Jax baby please come back! I need your loving and my pussy is ready for you. I am so sorry I had Romeo in me when you came down.” She made eye contact and stopped sucking Jax and with a giggle, sent him over to me. My joy came back to me as he licked my face. “God you are such a sexy dog. Please take my pussy baby,” I pleaded to him.

He required no further begging. He ran behind me and started licking my pussy now. “Ugh, why would anyone ahh, let a man lick them ooooh. Nothing can beat a dog’s tongue ahhh,” I started saying. Veronica responded by saying “Those would be people who are too afraid to try the beautiful act you are engaged in right now. Many people would say this is wrong publicly and go jerk off to it in private. The truth is that you are beautiful and what you do with dogs is beautiful. If we are freaks for giving other species sexual pleasure, then sign me up for the circus. She grabbed a large horse dildo from the table and placed it on the ground in front of me. It was very big, but not the biggest on the table. It was black and white with a big flared head. She then started lowering herself onto it, while watching Jax and I. She winced a little to get the head in, but she could take that big cock like a pro. “Have you ever fucked a real one?” I asked her. She grinned and responded, “have I ever gotten fucked by a horse you mean? Hell yeah I have! It is amazing, but don’t get too excited too fast. You just got into dogs, enjoy yourself honey. Pigs are fun too by the way, ha ha.” Before I could ask about that, Jax stopped licking and mounted me. “Oh, fuck yeah Jax! Come on my pussy is right there,” I yelled. I was moving my vagina around trying to find his dick. It took Jax longer than Romeo, on account of Jax being more energetic and excitable. When he did find his mark, he really found it though. He started pounding me hard. This dog really knew how to fuck. Before I could even feel his knot, he already had me cumming. “FUCK, OH FUCK! I LOVE THIS DOG AHHHHAAA!” was all I could cry out. I was meeting his thrusts, trying to get every inch inside. His knot began to grow and make wonderful sloppy wet sounds as it popped in and out of my vagina. “Oh fuck, he has a big cock! I love the knots that dog dicks have. They press right up against my g-spot ahhhh,” I moaned like a slut. He was really working my pussy good. He was lasting a lot longer than my first two fucks and I was in heaven. His tongue was laying on my neck as he panted from the dicking he was giving me. I started rubbing his ears and cooing to him, “That’s it lover, take your time, I am all yours stud.” It was a combination of my pussy getting used to knots and the fact that my vagina was so lubed up from Romeo’s huge load, that was making it hard to lock me. Jax was long-dicking me; driving his whole cock (knot and all) in and out all the way every thrust. He was getting bigger, but all the lube was allowing his knot to just keep sliding through my pussy. He was really stretching me as you could loudly hear the wet slaps and cum farts that our genitals made. I could no longer speak as I was getting the fucking of a lifetime. It was very intense, and I came harder than ever before in my life. It was mind-numbing as I felt a big release and I realized I was squirting. Oh boy was I squirting a lot. I gave a big scream and a huge gush of juice shot out of my pussy. I had never done this before, and the pleasure was making me braindead so all I could do was ride it out. All I could do was scream gibberish as this dog fucked me better than I knew was physically possible. I let out a massive second burst of girl cum and my vagina grabbed Jax’s cock with all its might. His knot finally locked me, and he was breathing on my neck hard and whining. Oh god yes, he was loving this too. He unloaded his puppy juice into me and I had yet another orgasm. I literally could not stop cumming and lost control of my body. I began to realize the pattern at this point, having been my third breeding with a dog. Whenever he came, I also, automatically would cum too. Reality faded away and it was just me and him in a state of raw orgasmic bliss.

When I came out of it I realized my pussy was still holding onto Jax tight. I was having a bunch tiny aftershock orgasms. This was forcing my body to milk every drop of jizz from him. From the way he was panting in my ear it was like I could talk to him. I thought I was just crazy from the sex, but I remember hearing, “you are amazing! You are amazing! I have never had a bitch like you! I love you!” I know I heard that, because I said, “You ahhh, are, huu, the best I’ve ever had, uuhg, I love you too Jax,” out loud. I grabbed his head so I could suck on his tongue while he filled me. I was latched onto his cock so tight there is no way he was leaving right now. I looked up to see Veronica holding the camera and grinning. Her pussy was red and soaking and the horse dildo was covered with her cum. “You are lucky I forgot to put the bowl back. We want only dog cum in here. I did not know you were a squirter,” she told me. “Neither did I, that was my first time doing that. Thank you so much for showing me this Veronica. This has been like a sexual religious experience. You have changed my life,” I responded to her. She went over to the table and put on a big dog dick strap-on. It had a pump so you could inflate the knot. She pulled the straps tight and said, “then you can let me fuck you with this, to show your gratitude.” I was not really interested in humans anymore, but I felt a bond with her. Truth be told she did turn me on with how much she was devoted to this life. She grinned and added, “plus Romeo is going to help double team you.” My heart skipped a beat and I blurted out “yes of course.” I was locked with Jax for a while. Our bodies did not want to let go of each other. I did have a special thing with this dog. I loved every second of it to. It felt so good to feel his pulse deep inside my body and his doggie sperm washing my insides. Holy shit my life was about to take a weird turn after tonight. It took at least ten more minutes for Jax to shrink and slip out. I finally got to see the cock that changed me. Jax stood there and I was staring at the most gorgeous male organ I had ever seen. He was 10 inches including his knot and oh what a knot that was. It was about the size of a baseball, all red and purple and covered in bulging veins. It was wet with our juices and dripping cum that I wanted to lick up so bad. Veronica unstrapped me and got me some water. My legs were super shaky after that fucking I got, but I still knelt down and licked his cock clean. I like it was my duty to clean him after the gift he had just given me. I also discovered that I loved the taste of dog cum.

After my break Veronica sat down on the bed, she took a mouthful of dog cum out of the cum bowl and motioned for me to join her. I hopped on her lap and sat on that dog strap-on till I was knot deep. She started kissing me open mouth, bathing our tongues in K9 sperm. I really enjoyed that. I could not help but swallow some and I felt a wave of pleasure doing so. Her K9 dildo was no substitute for a real dog cock, but it still felt good. It was pretty big and she had not inflated it at all yet. The tip made it all the way to my cervix if I took the whole length. She slapped her leg and called Romeo over. He was giving us a confused look, not sure what was going on. Cum bubbled from her mouth and ran down her lips when she broke our kiss. I licked up the precious fluid and sucked the remaining sperm out of her mount like my life depended on it. Veronica pulled me down, so we were lying down face to face, with me on top. My ass was hanging off the edge of the bed, supported by her driving the dildo into my pussy. She gave him the command, “Rome mount!” and he grabbed my hips with his front paws and was on top of me. I was a little nervous about taking a dog dick in my ass. I had been double penetrated once before, but there were no knots involved. I was in no position to question things at this point though. I just opened my ass and moved it to find his cock. It was a good thing I lubed up my ass before we started, because once he found his mark, I did not regret it. I felt silly for being nervous a second ago, it felt fucking great taking a dog cock up the ass. My body rewarded me with pleasure as he drove his dick deep inside. Veronica tried to keep up with his pace as they both pounded me. She pumped up her strap-on a few times, making the knot grow. Both knots were going in and out of my ass and pussy, causing me to moan with delight. I absolutely love the feeling of being stretched by knots. This was so much better than when I let those humans DP me. There is no way I ever wanted to take a normal dick ever again. “Tell me when he locks you so I can knot you at the same time,” she panted. My eyes were closed enjoying the fucking I was getting. I just whimpered, “of course, anything, I can’t get enough knot.” In response. Romeo was lasting longer this time, having cum once already. Every time he sank his growing knot into me, my pussy would clench the larger one Veronica was trusting in. They were staring deep into each other’s eyes over my left shoulder as they fucked me. She was talking about me like I was not there with an intense gaze on Romeo, which really turned me on. She was saying stuff like, “Oh yeah Rome! How do you like DPing this new bitch with me. She is fucking loving it! Wait till we both knot her and she cums for us.” I felt Romeo’s knot start to get really big and I knew it was time. I let Veronica know and she got that evil grim again and said, “ok bitch take it all!” She started fucking me as hard as she could, while simultaneously pumping the dildo up. The knot was getting huge as she continued to drive it in and out with more resistance each time. The same thing was happening to my ass, as Rome locked me. Veronica gave one final thrust all the way inside me and started pumping up the strap-on as fast as she could. My pussy was stretched to its limit as she got it up to maximum size. Rome started cumming which meant I came too. I felt incredibly full as my ass and pussy clamped down tight on my invaders. I could feel both knots pressed hard against each other inside me, straining the barrier of skin that separated my pussy and ass. They just kept rubbing inside me and I came again. “Fuck! I am so full! Sooooo Good!” was all I managed to moan. Every pulse of dog cum Romeo gave me, caused me to grip Veronica’s huge knot. They were now kissing passionately as we all our orgasms together. He was licking her open mouth and she was doing her best to lick his tongue. I joined in too as we all rubbed our tongues together, all lost in this beautiful act. I thought about how the rest of society would find this gross if they could see us but fuck them. They have no idea how good it felt to let go and literally fuck like animals. We continued to lay there, licking each other’s moths and faces as Romeo filled my ass with dog jizz.

After Romeo had finished, he pulled his cock from my ass and retreated to the corner to lick himself. We stayed there for a bit, as I told her how good that felt. When she decided to pull out, she only let some air out and pulled out with the knot still pretty big. This caused me to make a long squeal as my pussy stretched around the dildo and popped it out. This was the first time I had got a look at my pussy since all the dog fucking started. It was so sexy to see it a total mess like that. It was gapping a bit after that fucking, with dog cum still dripping out of it. I had dried dog jizz on my thighs and my small patch of hair was soaked in cum. My lips were still red, and my clit was out and looking for more action. I had love scratches all over my thighs that looked so hot. I didn’t feel any pain on account of the drugs. It clearly looked like I had just been fucked by animals and I craved more. Veronica still trying to catch her breath said, “Wow that was fun. Your pussy was made for dog dick love. Now, get back on that bench, I want you to meet Tommy. The problem is that Hercules will want to fuck you and you are not ready for him yet. He is the alfa and will get very jealous if Tommy is allowed to fuck before him. So, what I am going to do, is let Hercules mount me first then let Tommy go on you. I will say though, that Tommy is not quite as big as Hercules, but he is very big. Your pussy is about to get seriously rocked.” She strapped me back down on the breeding bench, as I drooled at the thought of taking my biggest dog cock. I was turned on by big strong dogs now that was I would have felt for a big musclebound man. She discarded her strap-on and called up to the guys, “hey bro! send down Hercules now, then wait 2 minutes and send down Tommy.” Veronica went to head him off and I could hear her say, “Hey my big strong boy. I need you to breed me baby. I need your knot bad babe.” I then heard the distinct wet sounds of Hercules lapping at her pussy. She continued to moan and talk dirty to him. She then walked into my view again facing the camera. Her ass was about 4 feet in front of me as Hercules was following with his snout in her ass, licking like crazy. My pussy started flowing again at the sight of his massive package swaying back and forth. She dropped to the floor, assumed the doggy position and told him to give it to her. He seemed very horny and was on her back instantly. He was an absolutely huge dog. His body covered hers entirely and he looked way stronger than both of us combined. He started stabbing the tip of his cock around looking for her entrance. I had a full view of their genitals and was about to see their coupling firsthand. I then realized the purpose of Veronica’s heavy labia rings. If she assumed the doggy style position, the weight of the piercings pulled her lips down, automatically spreading her pussy wide. This would give any dog an easier target so one would not have to guide him in. This idea really intrigued me. I found myself wanting to do the same and modify my body to take dock cock more efficiently, since this is the only kind of sex I want now. I could only imagine how big his cock would get and was dying to find out.

Just as I was getting jealous of her, I heard the door open and paw clacks on the concrete. I knew they had just let my K9 lover in and I was overcome with arousal and joy. He came into my view and my body immediately began aching for him. I could not get over how hot he was. “Oh my god you have a gorgeous body! Come fuck me baby, I need it,” I cried. My attention was drawn back to the beautiful act in front of me, as I heard Veronica scream. Hercules had entered her and was driving his puppy maker hard inside with that wonderful sloppy sound I was growing to love. The rings she had pierced her vagina with were also clanging and jingling loudly as he rocked her world. He had his dick buried deep in her so I unfortunately could not see its size. Judging by how easy she took that horse dildo and from the way she was screaming now, I would say he had to be giant. I feared what a fucking like that could do to my pussy after seeing how loose hers was, but part of me still wanted to try it bad. Meanwhile, Tommy was sniffing and exploring my body with a lot of interest. He gave my left nipple a few licks, then my back, then my thigh. I had been licked by dogs before in my life, but now a dog tongue anywhere on my body felt sexually electric. He was teasing me and making me beg him to fuck me. He smelled my aching pussy and turned his attention there. He proceeded to give me the best oral I had ever had in my whole life. This dog was a pro at foreplay. He was licking from my pussy up to my ass. He would push his tongue deep into my pussy then move up and toss my salad. I loved having my ass eaten, but this was next level. I was pushing back and opening my pucker for him and his tongue actually would go up my ass. This was better than any man could ever do as he went back and forth from my pussy to my ass. Between the hot dog breeding I was seeing Veronica get and the heaven Tommy was giving me, I came. My eyes rolled back, and he just kept lapping up my girl juice as I rode my orgasm. I felt Tommy’s weight on my back and claws on my hips, relieved I was about to get what I need so badly. “Ah finally you are going to take me gorgeous. You are such a big strong beautiful boy. I am your bitch in heat. I am all yours, just take me baby!” I pleaded to my lover. He quickly found his target and knocked the wind out of me with that cock of his. I could feel without a doubt, that this was the largest dick I had ever taken. I started screaming with a wonderful mix of extreme pleasure and some pain. My pussy was stretching to accommodate this wonderful puppy injector. I was determined to take it all, so I threw an arm around the back of Tommy’s head and started slamming my pussy back to meet him. I knew his knot was about to inflate and the thought triggered an orgasm. Hercules was slowing down his thrusts into Veronica and I saw his huge balls tighten up and start throbbing. She was still moaning and grunting loudly saying, “Fuck yeah! Wreck my pussy! You are my big alfa boy! Fill me up with that puppy batter! OOOOH SHIT YES!” Then she totally lost control, and she came hard. From the look of his balls, I could only imagine how much he was pumping into her. I now had my own knot to worry about, as Tommy’s blew up faster than a balloon on a tank. My pussy was being pushed to its limit, but I was compelled to take it all. I couldn’t explain it, but not taking a knot, felt like punching a toddler in the face. He had locked me, but still grew a bit, sending me into another orgasm just as I finished the last one. This one was very strong and made me squirt again. I was screaming like a maniac and my eyes rolled back. I must have looked like I was possessed by a demon. When really, I was just possessed by this dog. My pussy clamped down and was stretched tighter than a piano string. He was taking up every bit of space my vagina had and then some. The tip of his cock had even passed my cervix and was inside my uterus a little in order to fit. He was literally reshaping my pussy to fit his cock. He had made me totally and completely his bitch. I had not finished cumming, when I felt the first blast of his puppy seed hit my insides. That sensation sent me into multiple orgasms. Every time I felt him pump a stream into me, It would give me a small orgasm. Our bodies fit each other perfectly for breeding. My pussy was so tightly sealed that the only place his cum could go was my womb. This combined with my continuous orgasms forcing my body to milk his cock for every sperm cell it had. Together we were a perfect breeding engine. It was a shame I did not have dog eggs in my ovaries. Veronica and I were just writhing with pleasure, incoherently moaning as we were filled by our respective K9’s.

I had forgot there was a camera on us this whole time. It exited me to think about how hot this must look, to have two women get absolutely wrecked by two monster dogs. Tommy was cumming a lot and it was beginning to fill my womb to its limit. Between the huge cock and the cum I felt so incredibly full, plus this odd glow. Maybe it was all the drugs, but there was this strange feeling of satisfaction I felt as this dog had me stuffed like turkey. I just felt like I had fulfilled my purpose in life, and all was right with the world. Hercules decided that he was done and started trying to pull out of Veronica. She started pleading to him, “No, please stay big boy. Stay in my pussy.” It was strange hearing her talk in such a submissive way after always being so dominant. I could see Hercules’ knot start to emerge from her vagina. This made her give a load moan and she would flex her pussy to pull him back in. It was amazing to see her make that knot sink back down using only her vagina muscles. She had a very strong master pet pussy for sure. They kept up this dance for like five minutes before Hercules got tired and really decided to pull out. Holy shit, what a sight that was. Her pussy started spreading as the knot began to show. Every time I thought the edge of the knot would show, I just kept seeing her pussy give way to more red dick. She started screaming very loudly when she did reach the edge of his knot, and her pussy gave way with a sloppy pop sound. When I saw the size of his cock, my jaw dropped. The size was both glorious and freighting to see. He was 11 inches not including his ridiculous knot, which was the size of two fists combined. His cum exploded out of her pussy and was dripping all over the floor. Her pussy was a gaping cavern at this point, expanding and contracting with her breaths, but not able to close all the way. After seeing this I thought of her as a real-life doggie sex goddess. I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to ruin myself for dogs, so that if I ever had the idea of being with a human it would no longer be an option. My feelings were reinforced as I watched her waist no time in licking up the cum off the floor and then Hercules’ dick. She sucked him like it was the last cock on earth. She was slobbering all over it and swirling her very long tongue around the shaft. He looked at me with an expression that clearly said, “I love her so much.” I had begun to calm down from my own breeding but seeing this made my pussy start squeezing Tommy again. I could feel him breathing on my neck as my pussy messaged his dick, prolonging our tie. We stayed like that for a long while. This had been my longest tie by far and I enjoyed every second of it. I would have been perfectly happy if I stayed on that bench with a dog dick locked in my pussy for the rest of my life. I had completely lost track of how many orgasms I had that night, but I had a ton of them. As Tommy and I lied there enjoying each other’s bodies, Veronica walked out of my view with the cum bowl. I am not sure wat she was doing, but I was dying to see.

Eventually Tommy relaxed, but his cock was too big to slip out. I felt him start to pull it out of me, which caused me to start making a lot of noise again. My pussy opening stretched around his knot and finally gave way with a loud, long cum fart. I felt a huge relief of all the pressure inside me as I felt and heard his cum leaving my body. This upset me a bit, because I wanted all the K9 cum back inside me and not to be wasted. Luckily Veronica was behind me catching all of it in the bowl. “Wow he really filled you up girl. Tommy really likes you a lot,” she told me. I felt so thankful to her and said, “this has been the best night of my life. I don’t know how to thank you enough for this. I want to get tatted and pierced like you.” I felt her kiss me on the cheek and say, “Just come back for more nights like these is thanks enough. I love how hardcore of a zoophile you became in just one night. And we can arrange to have your pussy branded like mine no problem.” She unstrapped me from the bench, and I sat up on it, with my legs feeling weak. I then got to see the cock that had just rearranged my pussy. Tommy was licking his beautiful foot long dick (knot included). The shaft was ticker than Hercules’, with a knot that was a little bigger than my fist. I could not believe I could take that whole thing and felt a tremendous sense of pride. Veronica walked over to the shower area with the cum bowl and ordered me to follow. She then filled the enema bag with all that wonderful K9 semen and made me bend over. Much to my delight, she filled my ass up with all the cum and stuck me a large butt plug to hold it all in. I loved the electric feeling that sent through me. I was leaning of the unusual yet amazing sensations that my body produced when I came onto contact with animal fluids. The last thing I remember was Veronica saying we should do some shots and the rest is a blank.

I woke up in my bed the next day with a killer hangover. Everything hurt, my head, my jaw, legs, ass, and my pussy. As I became conscious, I started to slowly piece together my night. From the position of my body, it was clear I had fallen asleep while masturbating. I was on my back with my legs spread open and the comforter at the foot. I had my phone in one hand and my other was resting on a dildo buried all the way in my pussy. There was dried cum and bloody scratches all over my inner thighs. That is when it hit me. Oh my god! No way did I get fucked by three dogs last night. I pulled the dildo out and it was shaped and colored like a medium sized dog dick. I opened my phone to find I had fallen asleep watching the video of Veronica and I getting fucked by two huge dogs. Oh my god I did! It was very surreal, but there I was, on my phone taking it from a Great Dane and loving it. What the fuck happened to me? Why did I go crazy last night and do this? I got my answer as my body immediately responded to the image and thoughts of dog sex. My pussy was wet in seconds and was aching to get fucked. What the hell was going on? I had never thought about bestiality in my entire life and after one rave it was all I could think about. Then I remembered that fucking tattoo. I tried to get up and check and felt something big up my ass. Oh shit, that butt plug Veronica stuck in me to hold all that dog jizz in was still there. I limped into the bathroom and removed the butt plug and went pee. I then turned around and looked at my ass in the mirror. I stared at the tattoo, running my mind in circles on how this could have happened. I started getting very happy over the fact that this was a permanent stamp that meant I really love dogs. I still had on the white collar from last night and loved how it looked. The logical part of my brain was trying to fight these new feelings. I would be a total freak and an outcast for going down this path. I could have blamed my feelings last night on the drugs, but I felt the same, if not more driven to be a dog slut today. Every reason I came up with to talk myself out of this was overpowered by much more intense emotions. I tried to put this entire argument in my head on hold, by making myself breakfast to counteract my hangover. As I sat down in front of my TV to eat though, I realized how impossible of a task that was. I flipped though the channels and any images of animals I saw made me very wet. I could not help myself but stop on animal planet and my pussy went nuts. I was sexually haunted by every male animal I saw on the screen. I wanted to know how big their cocks were and what their sperm tasted like. It was more than a want. I felt a need to make them cum that burned inside me like fire.

I just gave in, not being able to stand it anymore. I had to find a dog to fuck somewhere, or I was going to lose it. I got dressed and drove to the pound as fast as I could. I decided to keep the collar on. Little did I know that I would never make it there. My journey was interrupted by the sight of a huge Dobermann in an ally. I pulled over and locked my gaze on him. He was stunningly beautiful to me, as both my pussy and mouth drooled over him. I moaned at the mere thought of letting him take me. I got out of my car and approached him, feeling like a high school girl dreaming about the big jock. He noticed me, started wagging his tail and my heart melted. It sounded so crazy, but I could feel what he was thinking. It was like he could talk to me with this simple gesture. He could sense that I wanted to be his bitch and was wagging with excitement. I did not know if this was magic, or he just could smell my vagina, but I did not give a fuck. I knelt down to his level and started petting him. “Oh my, what a stud you are. Do you have a home? Do you want to come back to my place for some fun?” I asked him sweetly. In response he began licking my face and I instinctually opened my mouth to let our tongues meet. That was defiantly a yes, so I took him back to my car and headed back to my apartment. The logical side of my mind was screaming, “What the fuck has gotten into you? You just found a stray dog in an ally and are taking him home to fuck. This is crazy!” My emotions were silencing that part of me though, by turning the volume down every time she spoke. I did not care about what the consequences were at all. I knew what I wanted to do with more passion in my heart than I have ever felt before. There was no point in fighting this at all.

We arrived home and he was ecstatic to be there. He was wagging his tail, jumping and running around. I was filled with an overwhelming joy that matched his to have made him this happy. I stripped off my cloths and held him close. I was kissing his face and rubbing my naked body against his fur. It felt so good on my skin that I can’t even describe it. My pussy was dripping with excitement and it needed a dog cock now. I got into the position for him to take me. My body still hurt from last night, so I got on my knees and rested my chest on my couch. Both my pussy and knees were still sore as hell, but I did not care at this point. I’m sure he could smell my soaked pet pussy and needed no coaxing. His nose was buried in my pussy as soon as I leaned over. He was a very enthusiastic licker. He was getting every single inch, inside and out. He was tonguing my ass too and I was sent to dogie pleasure world. I was moaning loudly as I came from his tonguing. Before my orgasm even subsided, he mounted me and hit his mark. He quickly gave me my next orgasm, just before his knot started to form. I was just moaning, “GOOD BOY! YOU ARE SO GOOOOOD, AND BIG! AHHH!” His knot inflated and I just kept cumming. My pussy gripped his cock like my life depended on it. I really needed to learn how to fuck dogs in missionary. I really wanted to pet and kiss him as we had sex. He had a great cock. It was about the size of Jax’s. My favorite thing about whatever happened to me was; as long as the dog was cumming, so was I. This dog could really do that, he came a lot. I zoned out from all the orgasms, as I felt that wonderful heat spread inside me. It felt fantastic as I lied there for 30 minutes, as he just pumped me full of doggie sperm. There was so much, it was dripping off my clit. My pussy was just squeezing him, sucking it all up inside me. I knew what ever happened to me was not normal when I realized I felt incredible all the sudden. All my soreness and aches were gone. My headache vanished and I felt like I could run a marathon. It was like my body was being magickly healed by dog cum.

After he pulled out, I grabbed him and scratched his back. We started licking each other’s mouths, as I thanked him for the sex. I felt wonderful now and just wanted to be with this dog. I was beginning to understand the way that this change, spell, whatever it is worked. My body would be physically rewarded, and my mind would be emotionally rewarded as long as I embraced this new obsession. If I did not think about fucking animals, I would start to feel depressed. If I did not actively fuck animals, then my body would ache and feel shitty. Plus, the more I embraced it, the better it felt. Bestiality was like a drug I became totally physically dependent on after one night. Not only that, but my whole world view had been altered. I felt like other animals were my equals now. I could understand them and feel a very powerful romantic connection to them. I wanted to spend time with them and make them happy. I knew something very unusual, even impossible was happening to me, but I didn’t care. I wanted what I wanted, and I was done fighting. I gave him some water. He was thirsty after our workout. I decided to call him Chris for some unknown reason. He just felt like a Chris to me. We lied on my couch together and watched animal planet. I was still naked (except the collar), as I held him and massaged his back. I was enjoying how good his fur felt on my skin, as I watched all the other sexy species on the screen. I was learning about this new lifestyle of mine on my phone. I was surprised to find there are a lot of people who do this kind of thing. Apparently, I was becoming an exclusive zoophile as they call it.

I was looking around the darker corners of the internet, and really liking what I was seeing, when I got a text from Roxy. She was asking what happened to me last night and I was not sure what to tell her. She was my best and most trusted friend and I did not want to lie, but I was afraid to honest on this one. I was vague and just said that I had a “very very wild” night of sex and that she would not believe me if I told her. She was itching to tell me about her night, so I caught a break and fed into that. I was asking a lot of questions to keep her talking about her experience. Since I had left the guy I was with very frustrated and since it was close to the end of the rave. She was holding all the cards and got both of them to fuck her at the same time. She has always wanted to get double penetrated by two hot guys, so she said they both fuck her, or no one gets laid. I was happy for her and enjoying our chat, but my thoughts were drifting back to the stud I was cuddling with. The glow from my first dose of cum was starting to ware off. Chris was also feeling in the mood again. He was giving me a look that clearly said, “It smells like you are still in heat, so better let me breed you again.” I was no longer fighting my urges, I just put the phone down and got onto all fours. He understood what I was doing and mounted me as soon as I bent down. He lasted longer this time, but still came a ton. I really loved how much cum this dog made. He must have had me for 40 minutes this time, but I lost track. I was just floating in my own little world as I rode orgasm after orgasm. My eyes were rolled back, and I was just moaning gibberish. As I had a brief break in between cumming, I opened my eyes to see Roxy standing there shocked. She had a key to my apartment and had texted me she was coming over, but I had put my phone down to fuck. My heart sank and I was horrified as she said, “Wow Bri, is this real? Are there guys about to pop out with cameras telling me I’m on some show?” I wanted to cry, but Chris wasn’t done, and I couldn’t stop cumming. All I managed to say was, “Please don’t hate me girl, I can explain. Please just hear me out, OH GOD, I’m sorry, I can’t help AHHHH!” before another orgasm ripped trough me. “Oh girl, relax! I don’t think any less of you. In fact, I am impressed you could go kinky enough to shock me. You are still my BFF. He is obviously enjoying himself, CLEARLY you are enjoying yourself. In my book I see nothing wrong here at all. This is actually the hottest thing I have ever seen you do. He looks like he is making that pussy talk girl.” I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me with another orgasm. Thank god she did not freak out. I don’t know what I would do if I lost her as a friend. She waited for us to be done in my bedroom.

When Chris was done with me, I told her everything about last night, save for the supernatural stuff. I told her that it just felt so good and right to me. That I feel a deep romantic and sexual love for all animals. I told her that I needed this in my life now and I no longer felt sexual attraction for humans. She made me feel a lot better with how understanding she was. She even asked me to show her some of the video of me and Veronica. Seeing that made her jaw drop and she said, “You are right. I would not have believed you had I not seen you in the act a second ago. It is crazy that you decided this so fast, but if it really makes you that happy then go for it. Fuck what anyone else thinks. I mean, you are wearing a fucking collar girl. What you are doing is just as beautiful as anyone else’s love. I mean you make it look like it feels godlike. I am not going to lie; I do look up those videos sometimes to masturbate to. I have thought about trying to fuck a dog, but I was too scared. Seeing you take to this so fast is making me very curious though.” now I was shocked and excited to hear her say that. She looked at my reaction and gave her “let’s get in trouble” grin. “You have really thought about this before?” I asked. Now thinking that being a zoophile might not be so lonely after all.

To Be Continued…

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