“The Making of a Songbird’s Melody” — how to fuck me right ;)

Here’s a quick note from the author: I enjoy showing off my body as well as the creations of my mind, so I include images of myself for all of my stories. The idea for this particular piece sparked in my imagination while looking at pictures of me in lingerie in a cage that I took while at an adult play space. You can read the story and see the image that goes along with it at: [https://lilaember.com/2024/02/03/the-making-of-a-songbirds-melody/](https://lilaember.com/2024/02/03/the-making-of-a-songbirds-melody/) Enjoy 🙂


If I were to venture an educated guess, I’d say you’ve imagined just how it would feel to plunge yourself inside of me, inside of my warm, pink pussy. (If you hadn’t, you just did. 😉). However, it’s one thing to enter a woman, and it’s entirely another to make her glow at your touch.

To make this sexy little songbird sing out euphoric notes of pleasure, let me spell out the perfect recipe for one hot and bothered Lila. For me, baby, it starts before you even see me, before you lay your perfect fucking hands on me.

Tease me with your mind, with your words; I’m sure you’ve noticed by now just how much I love them. Say things like “Fuck, baby, I can’t stop thinking about you” and “I wish I could see you right now.”

And when I send you a provocative picture, because you know I can’t resist teasing you, tell me “You’re so fucking sexy.” Tell me, “God damn, I want to wrap my fingers around your perfect hips.” Tell me, “You just made me so hard.” And please, feel free to send evidence of that last admission. It doesn’t have to be a full on dick pick – at least not at first. Start with you, hard in your underwear with one of your hands holding yourself, outlining it for me. Give me just enough, but not everything. Make me wonder. Make me curious. You’ll have me wanting more.

Get to know me, too. Don’t keep it all sexting, baby; I like a good balance between meaningful conversation and nasty descriptions. A mingling of our intellects is my kind of foreplay. Use your words well, and you’ll have a layer of anticipation coating my pussy before we even meet.

Ask me what I like both in life and in bed. A simple “What are some things you enjoy doing?” will build some familiarity, some comfort. “How do you like to be touched?” will give me a chance to voice my own preferences, information that you can use later. Trust me, a good conversation will have my veins vibrating with songs of desire for you.


When we meet, don’t simply bend me over and fuck my creamy pussy right away – anticipation is the air that stirs desire’s flame. Take me on a date. Wherever it is that you choose for us, make sure you touch me – perhaps a knee pressed against my own, a hand on the small of my back, or fingers slid up my forearm. These might seem like small gestures, but they will have my body craving you from the place deep within my belly, that place where pleasure and longing accumulate. Touch is my poison. Touch is the key that unlocks my cage.

Every part of my body will purr at the tips of fingers drawn lightly across my skin, but if you want to make me close my eyes in focus and let out a small sigh of bliss, make sure to pay special attention to the insides of my arms and thighs.


You’ve done all the groundwork. You have me consumed with lust and ready to bust into that sweet song of intimacy. Surely you know what comes next.

Take me somewhere sexy, somewhere that elicits an erotic feel. Lights are important, and red is my favorite color. Black lights are sexy, too. Play some music – sultry hip hop or something sensual and lyrical. Keep it soft, not too loud. I want our duet to be the central melody in that space.

When you get me there, to that place where you plan to devour me, it’s on. You’ve been so patient already, baby, so it’s okay to let the wolf out of its cage. Pull me in – or better yet – push me against the wall. The feel of a man’s weight pressing into me, letting me feel his strength and power, is my kind of drug.

Take a handful of my hair and gently pull my head back. Look at me and tell me how you feel. Say, “Fuck, you make me feel wild,” as your hips grind hard into my own. Before you kiss me, run your hands across my body, across any part of me that you want because at this point, I’m yours.

Kiss me deep, letting me taste your hunger for me. Knowing that every part of you is pulsing with craving for me is my kind of turn on. It’s sure to send another rush of water down to welcome you.

But before you fully destroy me, tease me, just a little bit more. Feel just how slick you’ve made me. Slide your fingers between my lips and enjoy how smooth and full they are. Let the feel of them heighten your need for me, your desire to push me onto whatever surface is closest and launch a full blown invasion of my body, of my dripping opening. I love seeing the fervor in your eyes. It awakens the good little girl in me that wants to bend to your every whim, to placate you with my obedience and submission because being submissive is my kind of game.

Call me baby when you’re deep inside of me. It turns me on, maybe because it feels intimate. It makes my body surrender to you. “God, baby, you feel so good” is a phrase sure to warm my blood, sure to have me opening my legs wider.

Along those same lines, be vocal. The more sounds you make, the more music you’ll bring from me. Words, of course, are lovely, but so are the primal cries of pleasure that escape your lips at the feel of my warm, glistening pussy, at the feel of me grinding into your body as I say, “Fuck, baby! I needed this so damn much!”

Take me in whatever position you want. If you want me on my knees, I’m there, looking up at you while I wrap my mouth around your hard, desirous cock. Bend me over and grab my hips. Pull my hair – whatever you want, but when you’re ready to hit the crescendo, makes sure to keep the following in mind.

All songbirds have the spot that awakens their harmony, and it’s not all the same. For me, push me onto my back and smother me with your body. I’ll bring my knees up, letting you deep within me. The key here, baby, is to move in just the right way as to press and slide your abdomen across my vulva while you stroke, giving me a delightful combination of internal and external sensations that will have me moaning under you.

Speed is also crucial. Keep it somewhere between slow and a strong, insistent medium. This zone is where I feel the most sensation as you slide into me.

Finally, baby, keep the pressure low and enjoy the moment. Instead of saying, “I want to see you cum,” or “Cum for me, baby,” say “God, baby, you’re so hot. I’ve got all night and all I want to do is make you feel good, so just relax and enjoy my touch.” There’s nothing that will dampen the song in my throat like needing to sing it for someone else.


If you mix together all these elements, baby, you’ll have me trembling, have me collecting the ecstasy you give me and drifting it back out to fill your ears with the sweet, melodious confirmation of just how much you’re turning me on.

You’ll have me arching and pressing my hips into you as I moan out “Goddamn baby, this feels so fucking good.” You’ll have me running my hands across the muscles of your ass and your back and wettening more at the feel of them above me. You’ll have my breaths landing short and my thighs trembling. You’ll have me saying things like “Baby, I fucking need this all the time,” and “Oh God, you know the spot, don’t you?” and “Shit, this feels so good.”

This, darling, is your recipe for a one-woman opera, for a sultry, intimate front-row experience where the song will ring out into your ears in the lascivious staccato way of a woman losing herself in pleasure.

Now, tell me, baby, when do you want to start? My DMs are open… I’m waiting 😘

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