The Keane Agreement 3 by John Black

Rachel sat there staring at the numbered book. She couldn’t believe that she had just had sex with 87 different black men. Her face had dried tears down the sides of it and it was still sticky with cum. Her body was totally exhausted and full of sticky semen as well. She sat there reliving the whole experience over and over in her head.

A couple of hours later the front door opened and in walked Michelle. She noticed the living room light was on so she walked into it and found Rachel still sitting there. They both looked at each other with blank stares before Shelly took a seat on the couch.

Shelly: “Have you seen Nadia yet?”

Rachel: “No. I just got back myself. Not too long ago.”

Shelly: “She’ll be okay. She’s stronger than both of us. I can’t believe Daddy did this. All over a poker game too.”

Rachel: “Fuck him! I don’t consider him my Father anymore.”

Shelly: “Mr. Hughes told me that I had to have his children and he fucked me all day long. I must have passed out because I woke up naked on the office couch and he was gone. I’ll never see a courtroom again. My career is over. How bad was it for you? Where did they take you?”

Rachel looked at her sister for a moment then looked down at the logbook in her lap. She suddenly felt ashamed. Some more tears ran down her face. Quietly she detailed the events of her day.

Rachel: “Well, first they had sex with me in the truck. They ripped all of my clothes off…and then when we got to the garage… when they got me to the garage they all had sex with me. Over and over, and over again.”

Shelly: “All? How many were there?”

Rachel looked at her sister again and she burst into tears.

Rachel: “Eighty-seven.”

Shelly: “Eighty-seven???”

Michelle embraced her bawling sister in a hug. They had broken her spirit she thought. Still though, she couldn’t help envying her. She thought about Mr. Hughes and how great it felt when he had been fucking her. She couldn’t imagine how that could be magnified with eighty-seven guys. Rachel was more demure so no wonder it was bothering her so much. They both sat there holding each other and waited up for Nadia.


Nadia followed the Johnson brothers to their Cadillac. She got into the back seat alone and sat silently as they closed her door and both got into the front of the car. They drove her to their hotel and brought her to their hotel room. Once inside, they explained what they expected of her.

Gregory Jackson: “Okay Miss Keane we have a 4pm engagement today in the hotel ball room down stairs. My brother and I will leave you here until its time. At 3pm a gown and some accessories will be delivered and you should be ready by 3:45pm. At that time we will escort you downstairs and we shall join our party. Do you understand?”

Nadia: “Yes.”

Paul Jackson: “Miss Keane, the men at this party are very important to us. We need you to understand that we are looking for you to make a good impression on them, if you get our drift.”

Nadia: “I understand.”

The Jackson brothers smiled and then they both left. Nadia sat on the bed and thought about her predicament. She wondered what Mr. Hughes had planned for her two sisters. There was no mistake what her role was to be for the rest of her life. She was to become a high priced hooker for black cock. The term escort meant nothing to her as long as she was being pimped out to the highest bidders. She decided to make the most of it. After all, she had rather enjoyed the fucking that Mr. Hughes had given her the night before and she was starting to look forward to what the Jackson brothers had in store for her.

At 2:30pm Nadia undressed and took a hot shower. She was in a robe and her hair was up in a towel when there was a knock at her door. It must be the gown delivery she thought. She opened the door and there was a tall black bellboy standing there.

Bell Boy: “Excuse me Ma’am, I have your clothing delivery.”

Nadia: “Thank you. You can just put it on the bed for me.”

The bellboy did as she asked and put everything on the bed, which included the dress, and some boxes. When he finished he then turned and stood there smiling at her.

Nadia: “That will be all, thank you.”

Bell Boy: “I’m sorry Ma’am, but Mr. Jackson said that you would take care of me.”

Nadia: “But…I haven’t got any money.”

Bell Boy: “Well, I wasn’t expecting any money.”

He smiled a little be more broadly as he opened the fly of his pants and then pulled his cock from his shorts. Nadia looked on in surprise at what looked like an uncircumcised giant black eight and a half inch worm hanging between his legs. She then realized that she needed to blow him for his trouble. She took the towel from her hair and then brought herself down to her knees in front of him. She grabbed his throbbing pecker and pushed the foreskin over its head and then put the head of it into her mouth.

For such a young guy his cock had a putrid smell to it. She figured it was because it hadn’t been circumcised, at least that was her thinking because truth be told she hadn’t ever seen one before. Nadia began to suck and she could feel his foreskin move within her mouth the opposite way from whichever direction his cock was going. It was weird but not really an unpleasant feeling.

It took 13 minutes for Nadia to make this young bellboy cum, which he did deep down into her throat and into her stomach. She swallowed all of it. The Bellboy pulled his pants up and fixed himself, then thanked her kindly and left. She kind of enjoyed doing that even though it had a funky smell to it.

Nadia rinsed her mouth out with mouthwash then returned to the bed to see what her dress looked like. She unzipped the black bag and pulled out the contents from it. The dress was white and the material was skimpy. It didn’t look like it would cover her entire body. She brought it over to the mirror and held it up in front of her. It was then that she realized that because of the construction of the dress, her breasts would be completely exposed when she put it on.

She opened one of the boxes and found a pair of six-inch white stiletto heels, which looked like something, that a stripper would wear. The other box had some make-up, lipstick and the like, a pair of white stockings and garters, and a folded piece of paper. She opened the paper and read it:

[Miss Keane. This is your outfit for tonight. Please do not add or subtract from this ensemble. Thank you. –Paul Jackson]

Nadia sat on the edge of the bed. She thought about how many people were going to be at this party. She looked at the clothes on her bed and realized there wasn’t any underwear and of course no bra. She just shook her head.

At 3:45pm she heard the door to the room open from the bathroom where she was putting the finishing touches on her make-up.

Gregory Jackson: “Miss Keane. It’s time.”

Nadia: “I’ll be right there.”

Gregory and Paul stood there in suits waiting on Nadia. When she finally appeared from the bathroom, they looked at her with smiles on their faces. The white lacey see through dress she was wearing had a built in wire in it that ran underneath her exposed 40DD breasts The skirt part of it ran loosely about halfway up her thigh and the bottom of her ass cheeks hung out from the back of the skirt due to the angle the six inch heels pushed her body up to. The lipstick was dark red and it matched her dyed long red hair that she had pinned up close to her head and put in a bun in the back.

Paul: “Damn baby you look fine!”

Nadia: “I feel like a damn stripper.”

The two brothers laughed at her but Nadia didn’t feel like anything was funny about her situation. They all rode the elevator downstairs to the ballroom. On one of the floors an old white couple got on the elevator and they both looked at her with racist disgust. Nadia was embarrassed but she didn’t dare try to cover up because she feared what the Jackson brothers might say. This elevator ride proved to be the lesser of her public humiliations though.

On the bottom floor She was escorted arm and arm between the brothers to the ballroom. Everyone in the lobby of the hotel turned and stared at the redhead with the high heels walking between two big black guys with her tits hanging out. Nadia could feel their stares. It made her nipples very hard and her pussy started to water.

When they entered the ballroom she felt a little less embarrassed. The room was full of large black men in suits with other white women dressed in provocative dresses just like what she was wearing. Nadia felt Paul’s hand on her bare ass under her skirt as they walked into the room.

As they mingled through, some of the other black men pawed at her bare ass and tits. They stopped walking and stood by a large planter and waitress brought around some champagne glasses on a tray that Nadia and the Jackson brothers all took one from. As they sipped the champagne, she scanned the room and saw that a tall skinny blonde in yellow was on her knees between four black men and she was blowing them.

On the other side of the room, noises could be heard coming from a shapely brunette in a dark green dress. Her dress was raised up and she was bent over a table and she was taking a ten inch black cock in her asshole.

Just then a man who looked to be about fifty-five walked up to the Johnson Brothers and shook their hands.

Paul: “Mr. Peters. I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

Mr. Peters: “Well, I couldn’t let you two have all the fun could I?”

They all laughed a moment then Gregory turned to Nadia.

Gregory: “Nadia, Mr. Peters is a dear friend. Would you get on your knees and lick his asshole please.”

Nadia was stunned. Lick his asshole? That was disgusting. She couldn’t do that could she? She looked at the Johnson brothers and when their faces started to look angry she quickly dropped to her knees behind Mr. Peters and reached around and unbuckled his pants. She then brought them down to his ankles and then pulled his briefs down too.

Her face was now about a foot from Mr. Peters’ old hairy and droopy looking ass. She pulled his ass cheeks apart with her hands and stuck her tongue between them. It was vile and it tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before. Nadia licked the old man’s asshole as clean as she could. She even ran her tongue over his taint and flicked at the back of his old black balls too.

After ten minutes of this, Paul led her to her feet and they walked to another part of the room. Paul then gave her another command.

Paul: “Nadia, walk to the bar and ask the bartender for two glasses of Hennessy for my brother and I. Of course you’ll probably have to blow him to pay for them.”

Nadia: “Okay Mr. Jackson.”

Nadia walked to the bar. On the way there a very fat black man who asked her to bend over so he could look into her asshole stopped her. She did as she was told and bent touching her hands on her ankles. The fat man took his pudgy index finger and jammed it completely to its second knuckle right into her anus.

Since this whole thing had started the night before, this was the first time her ass had been involved in anything and it hurt terribly. The fat man moved his finger in her asshole for about three minutes before telling her she could go. Nadia continued on to the bar.

Nadia: “Two glasses of Hennessy please.”

Bartender: “Okay sweetie. That’ll be $14.50.”

Nadia: “Would you take a BJ?”

Bartender: “I’d accept nothing less. Come on around.”

Nadia walked behind the bar and noticed that the bartender was completely naked from the waist down. As he made the drinks, she got on her knees and took his flaccid black penis into her mouth and started to blow him. His cock was huge and it grew to about 11-inches as she deep throated it as best she could.

Just before the bartender was going to cum, he pushed Nadia from his cock and sprayed his semen into a cocktail glass that already had about 3 ounces of cum in it. When he was finished he looked at Nadia, who was still on her knees behind the bar.

Bartender: “Damn that was a great suck. Almost filled the rest of my jizz glass. Here Hun, be a dear and drink this down so I’ll have room to put more in it.”

She took the glass from him and reluctantly guzzled it down. It wasn’t a bad taste but it made her a bit queasy when it got to her stomach. She handed the glass back up to the bartender but he shook his head.

Bartender: “Bitch I still sees some nut in there. You best get your tongue out and lick that glass clean!”

Nadia did what he told her and she licked the glass as clean as she could get it like it was an ice cream dish. When she handed the glass back to the bartender the second time it was satisfactory to him so she took the glasses of Hennessy and walked them back to the Jackson brothers.

Gregory: “That took way too long you fucking whore! You’d better step it up next time.”

She just looked down at her feet as he scolded her. Gregory then bent her over and gave her two hard slaps across the ass, which really stung. As the night went on, Nadia was degraded several more times. She had to suck more dicks, and allow more black men to fondle her. She even had to lick some of the other girl’s pussies. By the 10pm hour, the Jackson brothers took her back up to their hotel room.

Her night wasn’t over yet. Paul and Gregory fucked her mercilessly in all three of her holes for the rest of the night and into the early morning hours of the next day. When they were finally through with her, they ordered her a cab to get home and made her blow the old black cab driver to pay for it.

Nadia finally reached the Keane Estate at 6am in the morning. She noticed her two sisters were asleep on the couch together and they both awoke when she walked in and collapsed into one of the chairs. No one said anything. They just all sat there for a while in silence.

Later that day, Mr. Hughes returned with two large black men by his side.

Terry: “Well girls, you all did well in your first day. Now to get things going in the right direction, I’m gonna need the three of you to sign these papers right here.”

He forced the sisters to sign papers to have their Father, which would have him removed from the Estate and put into a mental institution. Neither girl really cared about him at this point so they all signed willingly. He would die there in the institution four years later.

Terry: “Now, Michelle go upstairs and pack your bags. If you’re going to bear me children you can’t do it here. I’ve got a more suitable place for you to live. So, say goodbye to your sisters and go pack.”

Michelle hugged her sisters and then went upstairs to pack. She was now considered retired and would be living in a condo complex that Mr. Hughes owned. She would have her own condo for her and her future children. The whole complex was filled with other white women that Mr. Hughes had impregnated so she was to become part of an upscale harem and put into a rotation with the other girls. Just like all the other women, Mr. Hughes would come by and fuck her periodically and plant his seed.

Terry: “Your sister Michelle is done working, but you two can continue doing so and live here for as long as you’d like. Always honor your agreement and I’ll never ask you to leave. Now, my two associates over there, Mr. Jones and Mr. Willis, I’ve promised them some white pussy. So Nadia, Rachel, please take care of them for me.”

Nadia and Rachel both got up and took their clothes off. Mr. Jones took Rachel to a chair and put his black dick inside her. Mr. Willis did the same to Nadia on the other side of the room on the couch. Michelle returned with a packed suitcase and walked by her sisters wide-eyed as the two black men were fucking them.

Terry: “We can go now Shelly. Let’s get you situated in your new home shall we.”

Michelle followed Mr. Hughes out the door and they left. Even though Nadia and Rachel were both told that they could continue working, they both ended up quitting their law practices. Nadia was just too embarrassed, and actually too busy to take any new cases. Rachel on the other hand was always just too exhausted.

The Keane girls were now all servants to Mr. Hughes and complete sluts for black cock.

The End

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