The Keane Agreement 2 by John Black

After a few more glasses of wine Nadia cleaned herself up and put her clothes back on. It was almost 9pm. She had been sitting around for almost three hours trying to figure a legal way out of the contract that her Father had signed years ago with Mr. Hughes. Racking her brain proved to be fruitless and she had finally decided to go back to the main house and sleep off the wine she had been drinking. She avoided her Father’s room and realized that both her sisters weren’t home yet so she took a quick shower and went to bed. Come morning she would meet with Rachel and Michelle.

Nadia awoke the next morning at 7am. No one else in the house was up. She left urgent notes for both of her siblings to meet her in the office house. She also called Charlotte and requested that she not come to work today. As she sat there at the desk waiting for her sisters, quick flashes of what happened the night before in this very office flickered through Nadia’s slightly hung over mind. She could still feel Terry’s cock in her throat. She remembered how big it was, how powerful it felt as it stretched her throat farther than anything had ever done before.

As she glanced at the couch on the other side of the room she remembered how she clung onto the arm of it for dear life as Terry fucked her mercilessly from behind. Her pussy had never felt that full before. Terry’s nine inches opened her body to a capacity she didn’t know had existed. She still felt opened and it had been hours before that she had endured his powerful fucking. As she thought of these images over and over, Nadia began to feel a moistening between her legs again. It was like she was craving more and she didn’t know why she had these feelings.

At about 10:30am the girls arrived at the office. They found Nadia looking worried and a bit haggard sitting at the office desk with nothing but the manila folder that Mr. Hughes had given her the night before in front of her. She looked tired, and she was uncharacteristically dressed in loose clothing that covered her body conservatively.

Rachel: “Nadia?”

Shelly: “Yeah what is this about Sis? I’ve got a couple of meetings today. What are we doing here?”

Rachel: “Me too. I don’t have time for this. What is going on?”

Nadia poured both of her sisters a cup of coffee that she had already set up on a tray on the desk. She then took a sip from her own cup before speaking.

Nadia: “Nothing either of you have scheduled for today is worthy of the meeting we will have right now. So…I’m going to need both of you to call your offices and cancel anything that you have planned for today.”

Rachel and Michelle looked at each other with confused looks on their faces, then back at Nadia. But before either could speak, Nadia spoke again.

Nadia: “Listen to me, you both need to clear your schedule. This is very important. You know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t. It is in regards to Daddy. It’s about Mom, it’s about the firm, and it’s about the house. It’s about everything. It’s about our whole way of life. We’ve got some real problems and there will be changes soon so, please do as I asked.”

After a few moments of silence, Rachel stood up and grabbed her cell phone and walked out into the outer office area. Shelly then picked up her purse and walked over to the office bar. They both called the necessary people that they needed to call in order to clear their schedules for the day. After about ten minutes, both girls returned to their chairs at the desk where their sister was waiting for them.

Rachel: “Ok everything is canceled. Please tell us what is going on!”

Shelly: “Yeah, this better be good.”

Nadia: “Oh, it is, and it’s not a story you are gonna enjoy hearing so bear with me.”

Nadia stood up and walked around the room as both her sisters watched her with anticipation. They both listened as she explained the details of the meeting she had taken the night before with the man named Terrence Hughes from their Father’s case files. The expression of both girls’ faces changed from surprise, to disgust, and then to fear as they took in everything that their big sister was telling them about their parents and what had been going on for the past five years.

Nadia then explained through tears about how Mr. Hughes had taken advantage of her and forced her into oral and vaginal sex right there in their Father’s office. Rachel stood and hugged her during this as Shelly sat crying. After composing themselves, Nadia continued.

Nadia: “I honestly haven’t a clue how we get out of all of this. He’s coming back today and…. and…”

Shelly: “What? Coming back? For Christ sakes why?”

Nadia: “I can’t even say it. Here, it’s all in clause #7, paragraph 3. Read it for yourselves!”

She handed them the file sliding it nervously across the desk. Nadia then got up and went and made herself a drink, this time some scotch as her sisters together skimmed through the manila folder. The next five minutes there was silence, aside from turning pages and the clinking ice of Nadia’s drink. Shelly was the first to speak.

Shelly: “Gangbang? You mean one of us is gonna have to…”

Rachel: “I’m NOT doing any of this! I don’t care WHO he is!”

Nadia: “Rach we have to. After he left last night I did nothing but read that thing from front to back. He’s got us. It’s iron clad. There’s no way out from it. If we don’t do what he instructs us to do, he will take the house, Daddy’s practice, everything!”

Shelly: “But…I’ve never fucked a black man before!”

Nadia: “You think I did before last night?”

Rachel: “Oh my God! I can just kill Daddy for all of this!”

Terrence Hughes: “That can be arranged, but at this time I don’t recommend it.”

All three girls turned their heads towards the door to find Terrence Hughes standing there. He wasn’t alone. There were four other big black men standing behind him. They were all giants, each one bigger than the next one. Apparently they had been listening just outside in the outer office. Nadia’s face turned pale as she stared at the black man who had fucked her the night before. They were all scary looking. Rachel and Michelle just sat there with surprised looks on their faces frozen in their chairs. Terry walked towards the window then turned around towards the women.

Terry: “No. We aren’t going to ‘kill’ Daddy, little girl. Nah. We aren’t murderers. None of us are, you or us.”

He walked around the room some more then continued.

Terry: “The facts are this; your Daddy went and fucked up. And sometimes life isn’t fair. He never wanted any of you involved in this. Neither did your Mother. It’s why she agreed to do what she had been doing which is how she protected you. But you white people are very naïve. No one can ever truly be protected forever. Now you girls will have to pay your Father’s debt. Sorry, that’s just how things are and you all better come to terms with it and pretty damn quickly.”

Mr. Hughes motioned his finger towards the door, and two of the men stepped forward then walked over towards the desk area and stood on either side of Nadia’s chair. Nadia nervously looked up at both of them then back at Terry.

Terry: “Nadia. This is Paul and Gregory Jackson. They are business associates of mine. I would appreciate if you go with the two of them back to their hotel and show them a very good time. You will do whatever they ask of you, and you will like every bit of it. Now you may go. Please, I need to speak with your sisters.”

Nadia’s heart began to race again. She almost started to protest but saw the look on Terry’s face and just looked down for a moment before rising up slowly and then leaving with the Jackson brothers. Both Rachel and Michelle just sat their still frozen in fear, shocked with what they were witnessing. Mr. Hughes walked to the desk and sat in the chair that Nadia had just vacated. He folded his hands across the desk and he smiled at both girls.

Terry: “Now, we’ve got some more business don’t we?”

Rachel: “You can’t do this. You can’t force us to honor this, this farcical agreement. We don’t have to do these things.”

Terry: “Oh but I can. You will all do whatever I ask of you. Or it’s all gone! Not just the house and all of the money. Not just your Father’s firm either. I can promise you that if you girls do not honor every single thing that I want, I will ruin your lives just like that.”

Rachel didn’t know what to say. What could she say? Terry held all the cards. Their lives were now his to command. Terry then motioned to the door again and the other two black men walked to the desk and stood behind Rachel. Terry continued.

Terry: “You know, I thought long and hard over my decision on which one of you two would be taking your Mother’s place doing the monthly gangbangs. It wasn’t until this very moment that I have decided that it would be you…’Rach’. So I’m going to require you to go with Mr. Smith and Mr. Williams here. You’re Moms missed a few months when she got sick so you’re going to have play catch-up. See, she did her duty up until she lost all her hair from the chemo. She wanted so much to continue her obligations right up until she died but to tell the truth, the brothas weren’t too keen on fucking a frail bald woman.”

Rachel jumped up to her feet and reached across the desk to slap Mr. Hughes but the two black men that were standing behind her quickly restrained her. Terry just laughed as they dragged her kicking and screaming out the door. Terry rose from his seat and walked over the office door and closed it. Michelle watched on, terrified, not knowing what was going to happen next. She was now alone with this maniac. Then Terry walked over to the bar and made himself a drink. As he was preparing it he spoke to Michelle without looking at her.

Terry: “Well Michelle. Or should I call you Shelly? It doesn’t really matter does it? You read the contract so you already know what I want so why don’t you get to it. We’ve got some work to do don’t we?”

Shelly’s heart started pounding. She knew exactly what he wanted. By process of elimination, With Rachel replacing her Mother in the gangbangs, and Nadia sent out on what seemed like a special assignment, it was Shelly that would be the one who would have to bear children for Mr. Hughes.

She thought for a moment and realized that even though she would be required to ruin her figure and bear this man’s children for the rest of her life, she considered herself luckier than her sisters who would have to service multiple partners in the years to come. Then she started to feel jealous. ‘One man for the rest of my life?’ it doesn’t seem fair at all. The thought weighed on her mind as she began to remove her clothes.

Michelle’s body started tingling. She removed her skirt, and then her blouse followed by her shoes then bra and panties. Michelle stood there totally naked by the desk waiting for Mr. Hughes to give her some more instructions. Her pussy was completely shaved and her nipples were hard as little rocks. She thought again about becoming pregnant and what it would do to her small frame. The thought excited her a little and she didn’t know why.

Her heart raced some more as she watched Mr. Hughes put his glass down and start to remove his own clothing. This whole time he had still not turned in her direction since walking over to the bar. Shelly stared at his large hairy ass as he pushed his briefs down to his ankles. Her curiosity tried to locate a glimpse of his penis but from her vantage point she just could not see it. One dick for the rest of her life, she was hoping that it would be worthy of her desires. Terry stifled her thoughts with his next command.

Terry: “Okay Shelly, right now I want you to get on your knees in the middle of the floor. Right on that throw rug over there.”

Shelly did as she was told, her eyes never leaving the giant black man that was about to have his way with her. She positioned herself on the floor and Terry turned and walked over to where she was kneeling. His thick nine-inch coal-colored cock swung between his legs then dangled in front of her face. It was huge.

Terry: “Now…suck my cock! Show me those skills girl.”

Shelly reached up and took his cock in her hands. She had sucked plenty of dicks in her young 31-year-old life over the years because of her promiscuity with her clients. This was her first black one though and it was easily bigger than any cock she’d sucked before. Shelly worked her lips around the bulbous head of it and struggled to get it into her mouth. Her jaw refused to allow it entry but she kept trying and wetting it all around with her little tongue.

Terry: “Come on now girl. You’re big sister got it all the way in. It just takes a little work.”

His words stunned her. How could Nadia have swallowed this giant schlong? Shelly worked her lips and tongue with more determination and then suddenly, the head popped into her mouth. Terry reached down and grabbed the back of her hair and started to short stroke in and out with careful direction. She felt him growing and hardening as he fucked her little white face. Tears started to rain down her cheeks as he pried open her mouth with his hard black flesh crowbar.

It took a while, but eventually Terry had gotten at least four inches into Shelly’s mouth and was pushing at the back of her throat gagging her with each thrust. Just when she thought she would die from asphyxiation, Terry then pulled completely out.

Terry: “Alright enough of that shit. Lie back on the couch over there so we can get some dick in you.”

Shelly rose to her feet and then lay back on the couch. Terry reached in his pants pocket and produced a small tube of lube then got down on his knees between her legs. He opened the tube and generously coated his fully erect cock making it look very shiny. Terry then put some more lube on his two middle fingers and then rubbed them around the opening to her little white vagina. Shelly moaned involuntarily as Terry’s lubed fingers rubbed her cunt lips and across her clitoris and even poked and inch inside her.

Terry then put his cock head at the entrance to Shelly’s pussy and started to push in. It was a very tight fit but the lube was helping it open her up. Shelly started to panic and she pushed with both of her hands at Terry’s stomach but to no avail. She couldn’t stop him.

Shelly: “Oh! Oh my god! It’s too big! It won’t fit! Oh! Ahhhh! You’re splitting me it two!”

Terry ignored her cries. The pain was excruciating. He stroked in and out a few more short strokes before pulling everything out but the head, when he left there for a few moments. Then with a powerful thrust he forcefully stabbed inward and got a good seven inches deep into her. Shelly’s head popped up from the couch and she made a face like she was going to scream but all that came out was air.

He continued with some more short strokes, and after another thirty seconds he pulled everything back again except the head then slammed back in. He did this over and over again, short strokes then one big slam stroke. Shelly came a few times during this regimented and calculating cocking.

With each thrust in Terry got more of his meat into her box. He then grabbed both of her ankles and then stood up and pulled her up and then leaned forward over her. He pumped his cock in and out with a faster speed and Shelly came and came again. He fucked her completely and thoroughly. After about twenty minutes, he drove it all in and came deep inside her flooding her womb. When he finished he pulled out and ordered Shelly to clean all her pussy juices from his cock.

A few minutes later, Terry had her on her knees and he was fucking her doggy style. Each fuck session lasted about twenty to thirty minutes and each time he came he would pull out and she would lick him clean again. He continued the offbeat thrusting and was driving Shelly crazy. On the fifth load into her womb, she confidently thought that there wasn’t a possible way that she wouldn’t be pregnant after this night. It wasn’t until weeks later though that she would be impregnated.

Deep into the night Mr. Hughes fucked her over and over again until he couldn’t shoot a full load and her pussy was red and raw. By the end of it all, he left her there naked and she passed out on the couch.


Rachel Keane has always been the smartest one of the Keane sisters. She won all kinds of academic awards throughout high school, and even graduated summa cum laude in college. Mr. Hughes actually made the gangbang decision on Rachel months ago when Mary had gotten sick. He sat down with Bill and learned all he could about the three Keane daughters. Being that Rachel was the brain, it boded well to keep her busier than the other two. It was earlier thought that it would be more beneficial and ideal for young Michelle to take over the gangbangs because of her promiscuity but keeping Rachel ‘black cock minded’ and constantly exhausted proved to be the winning decision.

The two men dragged a kicking and screaming Rachel to a white van parked just out front of the Keane Estate Offices. The seclusion of the estate made things easier for them. She saw another black man in the driver’s seat, and when they opened the back doors Rachel saw two more black men in the back. Smith and Williams shoved her into the van and immediately the other men grabbed hold of her and lay her on her back and held her down.

The van started and speed away. Rachel was still kicking and screaming and now crying as the four behemoths tore at her clothing. Her red blouse and skirt set was torn to shreds and her black heels were ripped from her feet and tossed aside. Lying there in her panties and bra, Rachel yelled ‘No!’ just as Williams grabbed her head and stuffed his 8-inch black cock into her opened mouth. He held her head in place by her hair and he jammed it in and out between her lips. She couldn’t breathe. His cock filled the entire circumference of her mouth. Her eyes began to water even more as he stabbed at her throat with his big black bone.

Rachel’s bra and panties were then ripped off and she could feel the heat of pairs of hot lips and tongues on her breasts sucking hard at her erect nipples and strong hands groping the rest of her body. Her long legs were pulled apart and held up high in place with firm hands gripped around her ankles. She felt someone’s hot tongue jut into her pussy and start licking her clit and around the outer part of her vagina. After about thirty seconds it started to drive her wild. She tried to suppress her pleasures but it just felt too good and she moaned around Williams’ cock.

Rachel was now pushing her hips upward trying to get more of that pleasure making tongue. A few minutes later she came all over his face. As she tried to regain her senses, she then felt one of them position between her legs and start pushing at her with his cock. It felt massive, and the forcible way it was stretching her open made her wince in pain. Williams pulled out of her mouth and her head was turned to the other side and her mouth was then stuffed with Smith’s cock.

She was no longer trying to fight off her assailants. In fact, Rachel was now in full lust most and she was hungrily bobbing her head over each pecker that was put into her mouth. She moaned like a wilder beast as each cock took turns driving deeper and deeper into her twat. At some point she was turned up on all fours and taken doggie style with a cock stabbing in and out of her mouth and pussy.

Williams: “That’s it bitch! You liking this shit now huh?”

The ride was a good twenty minutes during which Rachel’s pussy and mouth were jammed with black cock constantly. The van pulled into a warehouse area and then finally into an oversized garage. The garage door was quickly closed after the van entered and it was padlocked shut.

When the doors of the van opened, Rachel was surprised to see a big crowd of more black men. Besides the five that were in the van with her, there looked to be a total of twenty-five more men in the garage but she couldn’t make an accurate count.

Rachel was picked up by one of the garage guys and carried over his shoulder over to a black plastic sawhorse, which had some leather padding on the top of it. Rachel was then leaned over the sawhorse on her elbows in a standing position and her mouth and pussy were refilled with a new black cock.

The thirty hung black guys then took turns for the next hour and a half stretching her mouth and pussy to previously unknown capacities. She came numerous times. Her toes and legs started to hurt because each man that fucked her pussy was lifting her up from the garage floor onto the tip of her toes. It seemed that every other guy would randomly jizz into her pussy or throat. She swallowed more sperm in these hours than she had done in her lifetime.

When the men tired of that position, next they placed her on her stomach down across the leather-padded top of the sawhorse. A cock was then put in her mouth and another started to push at her virgin anus. Rachel tried to wriggle free but she was held in place and her asshole was forcibly impaled by eight-inches of hard black meat. This hurt more than the first cock that had invaded her pussy earlier. The pain subsided as they fucked her some more then soon she was in ecstasy again.

After a few minutes, another cock replaced the first one and then a few minutes later another, than another, replaced it. That’s how it went for the next hour or so. Rachel’s asshole was gaped wide by these giant black monsters as each one took its turn opening her ass. Her jaw began to feel numb from all of the face fucking as well.

Someone then spread a few blankets on the concrete floor and Rachel was then carried to it. One guy lay down on it and Rachel was then placed on top of him and his cock was shoved up her pussy all the way to the balls. Another cock was then put in her mouth and then another in her freshly fucked open asshole. She was then triple penetrated for the next two hours. Rachel felt like a pincushion as three cocks at a time kept her three fuck holes open to beyond it’s maximum.

Rachel’s body was secreting orgasms at a record pace. It also was collecting loads of sticky cum and black sweat. She wondered if it would ever stop. She started hoping that it wouldn’t stop. As the day went on, some of the black men left, and more of them would show up and take their turns inside her body. Their ages ran the gamut from early twenties to late fifties. Their penises were all big though, most in the nine to ten-inch sizes but she would see and take ones that were as small as about six-inches and some that seemed to be ten-inches or more throughout the whole session.

Rachel’s mind was turning to mush and her body was becoming a sticky mess. If semen were glue all her holes would be cemented shut. Every black man that showed up would write a number that represented the count of how many joined in on the fun. Each man was also told to take at least one turn at one time or another in each of Rachel’s holes.

When the gangbang finally finished hours later, all the men started to leave and Rachel was left to lie there for a while until Williams returned and got her up on wobbly feet. He wrapped a robe around her and took her out to the van that she had arrived in earlier.

Williams and Smith then drove Rachel back home. She was exhausted and sore and didn’t speak to either of them. It was late, close to 11pm. When they pulled up to the Keane Estate, the book that all the men numbered was given to Rachel my Smith.

Smith: “This log book was Mr. Hughes’ idea. See, he wanted your little white ass to know just how many different black dicks were up inside all your shit!”

Williams: “You did well bitch! Your true white whore self came out today. Now you need to go inside and rest up. You’ve got three days of rest and then we’re coming back to get ya for another go. I suggest you be here and be ready to go.”

Rachel exited the car and they drove off. She slowly turned to the door and went inside the house. Standing there barefoot in just the robe that was given to her, she stared up the stairs to the door of her Father’s room. She hated him for what she had been put through tonight. She walked into the living room and collapsed onto the couch and sat there for a few minutes staring at the closed logbook that she held in her lap. She opened the book and looked at the inside. There wasn’t any names in it just a bunch of numbers. It was only a page long and it was numbered starting at 1, and it ended at 87.

Rachel closed the book and began to cry.

To be continued

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