The Keane Agreement 1 by John Black

William P. Keane ESQ is a very well to do lawyer. As a young man fresh out of law school he had begun his practice and by the time he was forty he had build it into a very successful and lucrative law firm. He met his wife Mary, a very pretty aspiring model who was 15 years his junior sometime during all of that and they quickly built a family, which produced three beautiful young daughters. Bill and Mary were very strict with their girls. The three of them were sent to the best private schools and eventually each was put through law school. They all dated frequently by not one of them have ever been married.

Nadia Keane is the oldest. The 30-year-old beauty stands 5’6” and weighs a modest 126 pounds. She has long shoulder length hair that is dyed a very pretty rose colored red. Her eyes are dark but soft and her beautiful 40-25-36 measurements get a lot of courtroom stares as she clicks her high heels around in those tight business suit skirts. Nadia works mostly as a public defender, and her stubbornness and success rate has earned her the nickname ‘Tiger Lady’.

Her sister Rachel Keane is the middle child. At 27 with long dark brown hair, she is easily the smartest of the three women and handles a lot of immigration law. With big brown eyes, Rachel’s tall skinny 5’9” 112 pound frame is complemented by her 34-21-32 measurements. Her best attributes are the longest legs that any man has ever seen and she loves to showcase them by wearing the shortest skirts without ever wearing stockings.

The youngest of the sisters is Michelle Keane. Known as Shelly, the 25-year-old blonde bombshell still has young teenage looks and the prettiest blue eyes. Her measurements are a perfect 38-24-36 and she stands a tiny 5’4” 102 lbs. Daddy’s baby girl has been spoiled all of her life and she knows how to manipulate any man to get what she wants. Just barely out of college, Shelly does a lot of personal injury law, and she has a reputation for ending up in bed with some of her clients and the men who work in the courts with her. She was also very sexually active in college.

Just over three weeks ago, Bill’s wife Mary passed away due to cancer leaving him a total wreck. He has been drinking a lot and hardly has been able to leave his room. All three of his daughters have moved back into the Keane estate to be with their loving Father. While Bill has been in deep mourning, his girls have taken over the household duties, organizing the staff and making sure that the mansion is kept up like their mother always had done. They also have been handling things with their father’s firm putting their own practices on hold while they sort through his appointments and case files and such.

The Keane Estate is located about a mile from the main road and is like a small compound. Bill has an office located about a hundred yards from the main house. Nadia has been working a lot there lately, meeting some of her Father’s clients and setting up postponements and such. Today she has a meeting with a man named Terrence Hughes. As Nadia reads the case file, she begins to notice that there is something very odd about this particular case. It didn’t fit in with the corporate cases that her Father was accustomed to handle. In fact, there wasn’t much written about it at all. It seemed to all be in code. Nadia decided to call her sister for some help.

Nadia: “Hello Rach? I’ve been going through Daddy’s case files and I’ve got this one that is very frustrating to me.”

Rachel: “The Hughes case right?”

Nadia: “Correct! How did you know?”

Rachel: “I was looking it over the other day and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it either. So I went up to Daddy’s room and I asked him about it but he just sat in his chair sipping his scotch and wouldn’t tell me anything about it. When I pressed him on it he yelled at me and told me to leave him alone, so I left.”

Nadia: “Wow he’s getting worse isn’t he?”

Rachel: “Yeah he made me cry for an hour because of it. I think we might need to get him some professional help soon. He’s just so distant”

Nadia: “Well, this Terrence Hughes is supposed to be here today at four o’clock. Maybe I can get some insights on what this is all about and I’ll brief you about it later.”

Rachel: “That would be great big sis! Call me later.”

Nadia hung up the phone and walked over to the office bar. She poured herself a glass of white wine and then returned to her father’s desk and kicked her high heels off. She started thumbing through some more files and put the Hughes file aside. At ten minutes of four, the secretary buzzed.

Secretary: “Miss Keane? Mr. Hughes is here for his meeting.”

Nadia: “Thank you Charlotte. Please give me five minutes then get him a drink and show him in.”

Secretary: “Yes Miss Keane.”

Nadia cleaned up the desk area and put her high heels on. She checked her make-up and fixed herself quickly. After a few minutes, the door opened and the secretary walked in followed by a very tall handsome black man in a dark blue button up shirt. He was holding a briefcase and a glass of bourbon that he placed on the table beside the chair he would be sitting in. He then extended his hand to Nadia and they shook hands.

Nadia: “Mr. Hughes, I am Bill’s daughter Nadia. I will be filling in for him for today’s meeting.”

Terrence: “Nice to meet you. You can call me Terry.”

Nadia: “Charlotte, this is the last meeting for the day. You may go home if you like.”

Secretary: “Thank you Miss Keane. I shall”

They sat down and watched as Charlotte gathered her belongings and then exited the office. Nadia reached for the file that her father had been preparing about the Hughes case. As she did so, Terry looked her over trying not to get caught doing so. The desk didn’t have any drawers so he could see Nadia’s nice shapely legs pushed together and raised by her sexy high heels under the desk. The tight purple business skirt that she was wearing edged and stretched flawlessly across the top of her milky white knees. He also filed away a glimpse of her breasts as the purple blouse she was wearing framed her ample cleavage quite nicely. Before Nadia could look up he was able to look away from it.

Nadia: “Mr. Hughes…. I mean Terry, I’m afraid that we have a problem with your case. You see, since my Mother passed away, my Father has been mostly bed-ridden from grief and my sisters and I have been handling his business affairs. In most instances we have been able to postpone court dates and have them rescheduled for later dockets. Now as you are well aware, my Father’s caseload is predominately related to corporate law. But in reading your case file neither my sisters nor I have been able to establish just exactly what your case is all about. You see everything is in some kind of code.”

Terry: “Well have you spoken to your Father?”

Nadia: “Well I haven’t, but my Sister has, and he was very tight lipped about it and well, in his current mental condition we haven’t been able to get any answers from him.”

Terry: “I see. Maybe I can make things a bit clearer. The reasons why things written in that file aren’t very clear and why they are not in a format that you are used too is because I am not a client of your Father’s, he is a client of mine.”

Nadia looked at him puzzled. If he wasn’t a client of her Father’s then who was this black man and why did her Father hire him? She suddenly felt a little bit lost and her recent familiarity of her guest went back to a formality.

Nadia: “I’m a little confused Mr. Hughes. What exactly has my Father contracted you for?”

Terry: “Well, it’s a bit complicated. You see my business is that of a delicate nature. The best I can do is start at the beginning and explain it all to you. About five years ago, your parents took a trip to Las Vegas. As you know, your Father fancies himself a rather good poker player.”

Nadia: “Poker? Why yes he’s always liked to play cards but what does any of that have to do with this case file?”

Terry: “Allow me to continue. In Las Vegas, there are many casinos, as you obviously know. There is a particular casino that is not known by many but your Father discovered it and he was allowed to play poker one night there. This game is very high stakes, and during this night your Father lost everything to his name, his practice, his money, this whole estate.”

Nadia: “But that’s impossible? This is all nonsense! How could he have lost anything we are still all here and everything is intact? I think you are playing a game with me Mr. Hughes and I do not appreciate being made a fool of!”

Nadia was very angry. She stood up and her courtroom game face was starting to appear. Terry was about to meet the ‘Tiger Lady’. Terry then stood up and his voice got an octave louder.

Terry: “If you will allow me to finish everything will become quite clear! This is not a game! I assure you that what I am telling you is true! Now, would you please refresh my drink and stop interrupting me!”

Nadia was taken aback. Terry’s scolding had terrified her. She clicked her heels across the floor to the office bar and got him another drink. As she did so, he continued.

Terry: “Now, at this card game, like I explained, your Father lost everything that was to his name. He was quite the broken man. When he started begging and sniveling that he would do anything to keep his worth, it was decided that he might be a candidate for ‘the program’. This is where I come in.”

Nadia handed a new drink to him. She wanted to ask what ‘the program’ was but she didn’t dare interrupt him again. She took her seat behind the desk as Terry took a sip of the drink then continued.

Terry: “You see Miss Keane, I am a billionaire. I can buy a man like your Father ten to twenty times over if I choose to. And on that fateful night in Las Vegas, I chose to. Your Father and I came to an agreement. An agreement that allowed him to keep his worth but it came at a very hefty price. Some papers were drawn up. We both signed them and then I made out a check for all of his losses which was paid in full to the card game.”

He stood again and walked to the window of the office. He sipped his drink staring out the window as Nadia sat in her chair trying to take the words he had just spoken in. He turned and continued.

Terry: “There were a lot of terms in that contract. Terms that still continue to this day. The first term that was met was for your Father to take me to his hotel room where he was to persuade your Mother to engage in sexual relations with me while he sat there and was forced to watch.”

Nadia stood again ready to scream at him but before she could he once again yelled her into fear.

Terry: “SIT DOWN! Not a word! You will listen to everything I have to say and not speak at all!”

She cowered back down in her seat. Her heart started pounding faster and her eyes were opened wide. She felt terrorized. Could any of this be true? What could possibly be the rest of this and what exactly was in that unholy agreement that her Father has signed?

Terry: “Oh, you are gonna respect me. You see I enjoy humiliating white people. And for five years now I have virtually owned your Father like a slave. That night I fucked your pretty Mother in all of her holes. She took my big black cock up her ass to the hilt and she loved it. Each time I came, I took myself out of your Mother and I sprayed my load all over your Father’s face. He just sat there and took it. He had to. Since that night I have been inside your Mother on many occasions. I even brought a few of my associates along at times and we all got up inside that whore! And your Father’s face has been painted by black seed each time.”

Nadia began to cry as he spoke frankly to her. She couldn’t believe that her poor Mother had to endure this man’s sick and twisted sexual desires. What did her Father get them into?

Terry: “But, sadly…. your Mother has died. It’s too bad too because she was a really good fuck. But like I said, the agreement will continue on.”

Terry opened his briefcase and produced a manila folder from it. He placed it on the desk and then continued.

Terry: “This is a copy of the agreement. You need to take it to your sisters and go over it because it now concerns the three of you. Your Mother’s death has triggered a clause. You see your Father tried to protect you from all this. He tried to protect you from me. That protection has now ended, and you WILL do as you are told. If you don’t…the agreement is null and void and everything becomes mine. It’s really all mine either way.”

He walked around the desk and stood to the left of Nadia’s chair. He unzipped his pants and took his semi–hard cock out. Nadia looked at it terrified. It looked like a 9-inch thick black monster. Nadia started to shake here head no.

Terry: “Nadia, right now you’re gonna suck my dick! You’re going to put it in your mouth and you are going to suck it until I cum! And when I do cum you’re going to swallow it all! This is non negotiable. Let’s see how smart you really are.”

Nadia started to tremble. She was a mixture of emotions. This big black man was scaring her to death. Her mind started to search for a way out of this nightmare but nothing came to her. Also for some reason her pussy started to get a little wet, which really confused her. Mr. Hughes and his demand then halted her thinking process.

Terry: “Nadia I’m not gonna ask again. You need to put this in your mouth right now!”

She slowly raised her right hand and took his black cock into her palm and enclosed her fingers around the shaft. It felt very warm and smooth and was huge in her child-like hand and she began to stroke it slowly. She marveled for a moment at the contrast in their skin tones. Nadia then brought it up to her lips and opened her red lipstick-ed mouth and slid the head of it onto her tongue. Terry then put his hand on the back of her head and slowly pumped himself deeper in and out of her hot mouth with each thrust.

Nadia started to gag and more tears started to fall from her eyes as Terry’s cock began to penetrate her tight throat. Her mouth felt so full and his cock was still only half way in. Soon her throat relaxed and she felt his cock slide deeper into her esophagus. He began to pump a little faster now and she soon felt his big black balls smacking the bottom of her face. She was now pinned back to her office chair by his cock, and his pubic hair started to tickle her nose as he pumped in and out with perfect rhythm.

After a few more minutes, Nadia felt his cock tense up and he pushed her back into the chair completely onto it and she then felt him shoot his hot sticky cum deep into her stomach. Terry pulled himself back a little so his new pretty fuck slut could taste some of his salty discharge. As he did so her mouth started to fill and she nervously started to swallow it but a little escaped from her lips onto her face.

Terry finished then pulled away and walked back around the desk with his pants still around his ankles and took a long swig from his drink. Nadia just sat there watching him while wiping the excess cum from her face with her fingers and putting it all into her mouth like she was told. With his back still towards her Terry made another command.

Terry: “Now, take off that dress.”

Nadia’s heart started to pound again. Was he now going to fuck her? The feelings of humiliation were mixed with odd feelings of sexual arousal. With a little hesitation she started to unzip the side of her skirt. She then let it fall to her feet and she stepped out of it. Next she pulled her blouse over her head. She stood there dressed in her pink bra and panties, her black thigh-high stockings and high heels. Terry still hadn’t turned around. He just stood there drinking some more of his drink quietly the whole time while she took her clothes off.

Terry: “Now remove your panties and bra. When you have finished, I want you to walk over to that couch over there and position yourself on your hands and knees over the arm of it.”

She did what she was told. First she removed her bra and let her large breasts tumble out. The cool air hardened her now bare nipples. Next she put her thumbs into the waistband of her panties by each of her hips and slowly pushed them down to her ankles and then stepped her heels out of them. Her pussy was now drenched and it had made a large wet stain on her now discarded underwear. Nadia then slowly walked around the desk and by Terry and over to the couch, her heels softly clicking the floor again. As he had instructed, she crawled across the couch cushion and leaned her elbows on the arm of the couch. Her ass and pussy were now vulnerably opened and presented.

Terry removed his pants completely and then took his shirt off and eventually removed all of his clothing. The waiting of it all was torturous and she felt the cool air of the air conditioning chilling her ass and pussy holes. Nadia then heard him walk across the floor and then felt him position himself behind her. She felt his strong left hand on her hip and then he started rubbing the head of his cock across her pussy lips. Her body started to shudder and tingle and tense-up and she let out a wail when he pushed into her about three inches deep.

The next few minutes Terry worked himself deeper and deeper into Nadia’s tight little white womb gaining an inch deeper every thirty seconds. The pain was excruciating and her body bucked and wriggled as it tried to accommodate the long black snake that was invading her insides without any mercy.

Eventually, the pain began to subside and her vagina grew accustomed to the girth of his cock and now all she felt was pleasure. She came almost immediately after that, an orgasm feeling that she never had felt before. This large black man was impaling so deep into her cunt and opening her up so wide that she thought he was about to split her into two pieces right then and there.

A few minutes later Nadia came for the second time. Terry pumped and pumped away like a piston as she flooded his cock with her love juices. He then pulled all the way out of her and flipped her body around onto her back and laid her on the couch. He removed her high heels then put her stockings clad legs high up on his shoulders and pushed his cock back between her legs.

He then fucked her hard for a while with long hard strokes until finally he couldn’t take any more and he shot his black seed deep into her womb. Nadia had never been fucked like this in her life. She laid there still convulsing and breathing heavy as Terry got up and started to get dressed again. Finally, when she had composed herself she sat up on the couch and noticed that Terry was now fully dressed again.

Terry: “Not bad Nadia. You were almost as good as your mother was. I will leave now but I shall return tomorrow. It is now your job to take these documents and read them and explain it all to your two sisters. There aren’t any loopholes so please do not waste any time trying to find any. This deal is iron clad and cannot be rescinded in any way that is beneficial to you or your family. Talk to your sisters, this is your way of life now. You can thank your Father for it all.”

With that Terry walked out of the office and left. Nadia sat there thinking for a bit then she got up and walked over to the manila folder that was on her desk. As she started to read the agreement she began to see how deep her Father had gotten them all when he had signed it. She learned that not only had he allowed this big black man to constantly have sex with his wife, but he had also brokered several sexual encounters with the wives and daughters of many of his top business clientele.

As Nadia read on she then came to the clause that was about her and her two sisters. The beginning read like Mr. Hughes had explained earlier that none of the three girls were to be touched as long as Mrs. Keane was still living. Because of this clause, Her Mother had to endure a once a month black cock gangbang. Nadia surmised that this is why there was a disconnection with her Mother at times.

As she read further on she saw that if for any reason these gangbangs would stop, whether by choice, sickness, or even death, then the daughters would be fair game for the program. The contract then read that one of the Keane daughters would have to replace her Mother in the gangbangs. Mr. Hughes Company had only black employees and they were all very loyal to him. He paid them all well and each month part of their salary was a piece of white pussy that the company would provide. For the last five years that white pussy had been Nadia’s mother Mary. Nadia read on.

The second Keane daughter would be contracted out five days a week like a high-end escort/black cock whore. She would have to take birth control and she would be required to attend functions on the arm of black men who had paid Mr. Hughes for these special services. She was also required to give herself to the client(s) that night and she was to cater to his or their every whim while contracted out to them.

The third of the Keane daughters had a special job too. That woman would have to bear Mr. Hughes children. If there was anything Mr. Hughes liked more than destroying the lives of white people it was impregnating white women. He had already done so on countless occasions. The Keane daughter that was to be required to do this would have to endure pregnancy after pregnancy until she couldn’t have children anymore. She would not be allowed to have sex with anyone else but Mr. Hughes for the rest of her life. She wouldn’t be considered his wife though; she would just be another white slut that he would dump his black seed into to make babies.

It was a lot to take in and even though Mr. Hughes had said that there weren’t any loopholes, Nadia still worked her legal mind over it trying to find something but it was to no avail. She got up and made herself another drink. Sipping her wine she stood there still fully naked and dripping cum from between her legs, and though about how she was going to break all this news to her sisters.

To be continued

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