The Girls Next Door

My next-door neighbors, Tara and Tami, weren’t twins, but they were close enough in age for people to think they might be, especially as they got older. Tami was 20 and Tara was barely nine months behind her. Tami was the typical beach babe — imagine the body of Kate Upton with the face of Margot Robbie — with a glint in her eye to show that she wasn’t just another hot-but-dumb blonde. Tara was 19 and an athletic goddess. Just as pretty as her sister but with a sleeker frame. I could watch her lithe body swimming strokes in the pool for hours – unless my wife caught me looking…

Last summer, the girls brought over a couple of guys while their parents were at work, and my tinted office window looked right out to their pool. Poor me.

The four of them spent the afternoon playing around the pool, listening to music, having a few drinks, and showing off the gifts the gods gave them. Somehow I managed to get a bit of work done, but it was the lack of sounds that drew my attention back to the pool, where I saw the two sets of couples enjoying themselves on the deck chairs.

At first, it was just plenty of making out – Tami’s guy was exploring all of the delicious places hidden within her tiny bikini, while Tara was on top of her timid guy, clearly the more aggressive as she held him down and took what she wanted.

Soon both girls were straddled across their men, moaning loudly as the guys filled them up. The sound of a woman enjoying herself is truly one of the best sounds in the world.

Before long, Tara’s guy sped up, making little whimpering noises as he drove deep inside her. I knew the girls were both on birth control – something their mom had insisted upon as soon as they were young teens – so it wasn’t a surprise to see him grab hold of her ass with both hands as his pumping slowed, emptying his balls deep inside her. The two of them collapsed together, panting and trembling from the effort.

As Tami’s guy neared his finish line, I heard him ask if he could cum on her chest. A moment later, Tami was on her knees in front of him, holding that incredible set together while he took his final strokes. Kudos to him, his aim was pretty good – almost every drop hit somewhere on her cleavage. While he paused to catch his breath, Tami took a finger and scooped up some of the mess on her chest, and – swear to god – looked at me through my tinted office window and then licked her finger clean.

After a bit of snuggling, the group decided to pack up and go out to get something to eat, but before they left, both girls waved a casual hi to me as they giggled and went back into their house.

Pretty sure these two girls will be the death of me, but oh, what a way to go.

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