The girl with the blond ponytail by batonag

Scene 1

The flow of people going down the sidewalk in the evening sun is something special. He could just sit on this bench forever and watch the crowd. But there is so much input. He wouldn’t be able to keep up and maybe that’s what he likes about the idea. Well who knows, he certainly doesn’t but that isn’t why he’s here today.

Karen is walking down the street. Her day at work was pretty stressful and the only thing she wants to do now is going home and take a relaxing bath with a good book to read. But for a while now she has this feeling that she is somehow followed. Normally, she would have already taken two shortcuts to get home faster, but both involve some dark alleys which aren’t as crowded as the street she is walking on presently. Every now and then she looks over her shoulder, sometimes she even thinks to recognize a familiar face.

“Yeah it’s certainly him,” she thinks, not knowing what to do about it. At some point, she has to leave the crowd which at least is giving her some feeling of security. But after what she knows about that psycho, it probably wouldn’t stop him from confronting her.

Someone touches her left shoulder. Her entire body freezes for a second and a cold tingle is running down her spine. Quickly she turns around to face the threat head-on but to her surprise, it’s not him. The man or, to better put it, the boy she is facing now looks surprised about her reaction. “I’m sorry I’ve scared you but I thought I recognized you from somewhere … Are you alright?”

Still, a bit confused Karren answers, “Yeah I’m fine but I’ve never seen you in my life.” He makes an inviting gesture to go to the side of the sidewalk so they won’t stand in the way of the flow. “Yeah sorry, you couldn’t know me. I just looked into some of your publications about the human brain and found that your theories are quite interesting. I wanted to talk to you about them sometime.” He makes a subtle gesture pointing over his left shoulder. Now, looking into that direction, she can see the face of that psycho. He is standing there in a small distance, just waiting as if he’s got nothing to do with anything. “You’re sure you’re alright miss. I could walk you home or, if you don’t mind, we could grab something to eat and discuss your work.”

Is he serious? This boy can’t be more than 19 years old and he wants to talk about my papers I’ve written on the human brain? There is no way he read them and understood anything. Also, on top of his white shirt and his short brown hair, he has this look on his face like he’s without a care in the world. But what should she think about his determination to help her out of this situation with her ex? Something about him doesn’t fit but she can’t really see what it is.

“Oh … I’m just coming from work and haven’t eaten since lunch. Also, I would really appreciate some company.” Karren responds. She is a bit surprised about the words coming out of her mouth. It’s not like she knows the boy. He could be just as bad or even worse than her psycho ex. On the other hand, he is just a boy so she would probably be able to talk her way out of any situation that might arise.

Daniel gives her a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t bite if you don’t”. She can’t hold back a little laugh and for just a second the atmosphere lightened up a bit. It only lasts one moment because then she once again looks over his shoulder and sees her Ex still standing there watching the two of them. Daniel now dead serious “Lead the way. I’m new to town so it’s probably for the best if you choose the location”

Scene 2

“I knew you’d agree to go somewhere for dinner,” He says with a triumphant smile before shoving his teeth into the burger. “You probably don’t believe me because you weren’t even sure yourself, but you’re a scientist and you couldn’t wrap your head around my interest in your work. Therefore, you do the only thing a scientist can do in this situation, you try to go to the bottom of it.”

Pretty accurate. “Impressive, but you’ve already shown me that you can read a situation,” she responds maybe a bit harsher than she intended to. It annoys her that he knows so much about her and she doesn’t know the first thing about him.

He looks up from his plate and says, “You know, you could just ask the questions that come to your mind. My name is Daniel, I’m 19 years old and I’m still going to school. But don’t make the mistake and think that I don’t understand the research you do, as I said I want to talk to you about some theories of yours. I tried to get into contact the official way, but the receptionist blocked me out.”

So, he is the boy I was told about who wanted to speak with me so badly. How did Susie describe him? Handsome little fellow … well, she certainly isn’t wrong about the handsome part but little? Average, maybe … at least for a man. “I’m sorry, but normally I don’t waste my time explaining neurochemistry to teenagers.”

Shit, there is definitely disappointment in his eyes. “Look,” she adds trying to explain herself, “I really appreciate you getting me out of this situation with my psycho ex, but tell me … am I wasting my time talking to you?”

*sigh* “You know, your problem is that you think you’ve got the world all figured out. Your work has very little to do with the neurochemistry of the brain. You’re looking into traces of thoughts, interferences in electromagnetic waves. And yes, I’m well aware that the scientist in you thinks it will probably come down to chemical reactions but you’re far from describing anything.” These few sentences came out pretty dark but then Daniel adds jokingly, “tell me, am I wasting my time talking to you, mam?”

Karren is surprised about his bluntness and can’t help herself but laugh.

Daniel takes out his wallet and says, “You know what? Give me a call when you’re interested in talking. Dinner is on me.” He leaves a piece of paper and some money on the table. Then he stands up, takes his half-eaten burger with him and walks towards the entrance.

“Daniel!” Karren shouted after him remembering why she is eating in a fast-food restaurant and not back home. “What about that psycho?”

He just gives her a warm smile and says, “I could walk you home if you insist, but I thought I just scare him off for you.” He waits for her to respond but she doesn’t. So, he just walks out the door, ready to confront the man.

Through the glass front of the fast-food restaurant, Karren watches Daniel sitting down next to a man who’s waiting on a bench. She didn’t notice him earlier but from the back of his head, it could definitely be him. A few moments later, both men stand up and while her psycho ex just walks away, Daniel turns around to her, gives her a wink and walks away in the opposite direction.

Scene 3

“You’re the new student, what’s your name again?” The cafeteria is only half full and Daniel is sitting alone at a big table far away from the main crowd. It’s his first day at the new school and yesterday he didn’t sleep very well. Now this girl is standing right in front of him, trying to get into a conversation. Maybe if he just ignores her, she will leave him be? He doesn’t have the nerve to make a nice first impression right now.

“Do you mind?” She says while taking a seat right across from him.

Friendly, happy, welcoming. Ok, let’s do this but make it quick. “Daniel …”

Finally, he focuses his attention on this girl. A good-looking blonde, her hair tied into a ponytail, but something is missing. He just can’t quite get what it is. “Don’t you wanna ask me who I am in return?” she jokes teasingly, being amused about the whole situation “or do you just want to stare at me like I got something on my face?”

“No, sorry I was only surprised that such a beautiful girl would want to talk to me,” Daniel responds, trying to throw her off a bit. After all, such conversations can be enjoyed on both ends.

“Smooth, I take the compliment, thank you. In math, you said you’d only moved here by the end of last week?” The girl seems confident, even genuinely interested in what he has to say.

FUCK … That’s it, Daniel doesn’t know for sure whether it is, in fact, a genuine interest. It could be anything really. He can’t get a read on her. For the first time in his life, he hasn’t got a clue about what the person on the other side of the table is really thinking.

“What’s wrong with you?” He just can’t stop himself from uttering these words. Unsurprisingly, the girl didn’t take that very well. She probably also didn’t care to look into his face, after what she thinks was a clear signal to fuck off! She would have found everything. Surprise, fear, relief, excitement and confusion, all written across his face …

Instead, she just leaves him be.

Scene 4

Again, Daniel is sitting in the cafeteria but this time it’s packed. Steve, the guy who he’s having lunch with, said that today is an exception because there was a change in the timetable for the lower grades. Normally, they would eat an hour earlier. Steve was the guy that tried to put Daniel under his wing, at least for the first few days but soon realized how silly and not necessary that was. Still, there is something about the new guy with his short brown hair that makes him so easy to get along with.

And while Steve talks about his love for computer games, Daniel notices a group of girls leaving the cafeteria. He is trying to find that girl with the blond ponytail again, up until now without any luck. And there she is. She’s even looking in his direction. Their eyes meet and for what seems to be only a short moment both of them couldn’t break eye contact.

It wasn’t just a moment, or at least it was long enough for Steve to notice that Daniel wasn’t at all interested in what he has to say about computer games. “Do you know her?” he asks instead. Daniel answers while still following the girl with his eyes, “Yeah, she’s in my Math class. She approached me yesterday at lunch, probably wanted to get to know me a bit better. Well, let’s just say I messed things up between us. I actually think she is holding a grudge against me.” Steve can’t really wrap his head around what Daniel said. Chloe is such a friendly and open girl. For her to hold a grudge against anyone, something significant must have happened.

“Well I mean, she tried to be friendly, and I more or less told her to fuck off.” Daniel adds while watching as ponytail-girl splits from the group she was walking with. Steve says, “She’ll come along, give her time. I only know you for two days but let me say, you’re not a bad guy. Sooner or later she has to realize that.” But Daniel didn’t listen anymore. Instead, he throws in a “Sorry man” before bringing away his empty plate leaving his new friend sitting alone at the table.

“Hey, I’ve heard your name is Chloe?” Daniel says, walking to her left. It’s not easy for him to know what to say when he can’t read someone’s mind but there are always little gestures, signs that accompanying every thought. That he knows. Even the best poker face sometimes breaks. The only problem is that there is almost an infinite amount of different ways to read a finite set of signs. Still, it’s better than nothing.

*sigh* The ponytail-girl just keeps walking, deliberately not turning her head and asks, “What do you want?” Ok, here we go, “I wanted to apologize to you for how I acted yesterday. You’ve got me on a bad day. I know that’s only an explanation and not an excuse but”

“There are literally a thousand other students in this school you could talk to instead …” she says, cutting him off.

The hallway, they are walking in is almost empty, there are still 20 minutes until their next lesson starts. Daniel forces himself into her line of sight. At first, she tried to avoid looking at him directly, but Daniel, now walking backward, waits until she finally faces him. “Chloe, they are not like you … listen, all I’m asking for is a second chance. Don’t judge me before you get to know me.”

He stops right in front of one of the stairwells so he won’t stay in her way. But to his surprise, Chloe does so too. “Fine,” she responds now herself watching his face to study his reaction. After a little pause, she adds, “Do you know where you have to be for your next lesson? After all you’re new here.”

Well, that worked out better than expected. “Not really, I got history. It should be somewhere on the second floor. The teacher is …” Daniel takes a piece of paper out of his pocket, his timetable, but Chloe already knows what class he has to go to. “Mr. Brown,” she says, finishing his sentence, “You’ve got to be kidding me, you’re in my course. Well, I guess the chances were around 25%. Follow me, I was just heading there …”

Scene 5

The door opens and Chloe is facing a middle-aged man. Not exactly what she expected but now that she comes to think about it. What were the chances that Daniel himself would open her the door, considering that they haven’t agreed on a certain time she should come over?

“You must be Chloe,” the man said, “My name is Peter, I’m Daniels uncle.” And he holds out his hand for her to shake. Good manners, very confident, well dressed, and judged by his house he has a pretty nice salary, Chloe immediately comes to think about him as a manager of some kind. Also, he wears a little headset. After shaking his hand, he invites her in.

“The second day at school and the boy already invites over a girl. And here I was worried he would have trouble fitting in …” Peter says jokingly but then explains himself further, “He told me you need to prepare some kind of a presentation? Let me tell him you’re here.”

Chloe is amazed. Even from these few sentences, she can tell, that this man cares deeply for Daniel. She has no idea how she can tell, it’s just a feeling. “Yeah, that’s right. I guess you’ve been on the phone?” she says and looks at his headset, “don’t let me keep you, just point me in the right direction and I’m on my way.” She gives him a comforting smile.

“Well, now I can see what Daniel meant. He is in the backyard, probably sitting inside the whirlpool.”

Scene 6

The sun is still pretty strong at this time of the day. It’s 6 pm and Daniel relaxes inside a hot tub in the backyard. There are definitely some downsides to his living situation, but all things considered, he’s pretty lucky that his uncle lets him stay here. Peter, his uncle, married Daniels mother’s sister a few years ago. From the day they first met, there was this special bond between the two. Daniel never knew anyone as honest and good as him, which is fascinating considering his occupation. Not the qualities you’d expect from a man working in the upper end of management inside a big tech firm. But Daniel finally found someone he could open up to about his condition, about the fact that he more or less can read people’s minds. And it was Pete that convinced his parents to let their boy move away. He argued to them that you wouldn’t be able to hide Daniel’s true nature in such a small town.

The heater of the hot tub is switched off, which makes it quite refreshing just lying there and taking in the evening sun. Daniel hears the sound of someone stepping out of the terrace door. He opens his eyes and sees a familiar-looking blond girl walking over the law right towards him, this time without her ponytail but as confident as ever. Chloe walks up to him leans on the edge of the hot tub and says smiling, “It seems like your enjoying yourself.”

“Well, I already thought you wouldn’t show up today.” Daniel explains himself and adds jokingly, “I’d ask you to join me, but I guess you didn’t bring a bikini?” Chloe laughs, “No, I’m afraid I didn’t” and after a little pause, she decides to tease him a bit. “I could always go naked but I fear you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on our history assignment.”

Daniel’s eyes widen. A picture forms in his mind of her sitting next to him, completely naked …

“You’re right, I don’t think you’d be able to concentrate on the task at hand while sitting in here with me,” he responds. It was the best he could come up with but Chloe still enjoys how she was able to make him uncomfortable.

An eye for an eye. “Next time then … Ok, let me just get out of here,” Daniel says. And while he comes out of the pool, Chloe gets to enjoy the sight of his wet, well-trained body. His arms, his back … Damn, he is hot. She knows she shouldn’t but she can’t get her eyes off his strong chest. He even has a six-pack. All of that was well hidden under the water and now it is Chloe that gets a bit uncomfortable with the situation. He comes closer. Her eyes widen when he leans in, so close, that she can feel his breath on her face, all while looking straight inside her blue eyes.

Daniel is reaching around her picking up the towel behind. She didn’t even notice it before. “Don’t forget to breathe”

Scene 7

“Give me a second, feel free to take a seat at the table. I just go and put on some clothes.” Daniel says after they got back inside. They are in some kind of dining area, right next to a half-open kitchen. Chloe takes a seat and gets out her books along with something to write.

“So, she is the girl you can’t get a read on?” Peter asks, “You know, the one you told me about.” Daniel nods. He was just about to get back to her when his uncle stopped him in the kitchen. “I like her. She seems really nice, do you have any idea, why you can’t read her mind?” Maybe better that way, Peter thinks. Daniel raises an eyebrow, showing Pete that he heard that thought. “I’m an open book, don’t mess things up with her.” His uncle nods towards the table, signaling Daniel to go on.

He takes the seat right next to her, gets out something to write and they begin to go through the papers their teacher gave them earlier that day. Their assignment is to do some tasks and present their notes to the class.

After the second of five questions Daniel’s Phone rings. He doesn’t know the number, excuses himself for a moment and takes the call. “Here is Daniel, who is calling?”

“Daniel? It’s Karren, you gave me your number two days ago.” Her voice breaks and Daniel realizes that she is crying, “I didn’t know who else to call … I wanted to leave my apartment but that Psycho was standing in front, just waiting for me to leave.” Her voice is dripping of disgust. “Now I’m trapped in here.”

He thought he had dealt with that asshole the last time around. “Stay where you are. I’m coming. Don’t panic, he can’t get you in there.” And he hangs up.

The moment Daniel comes back into the room Chloe looks into his face and immediately sees the change. “Chloe, I got to go.” He says. His tone doesn’t leave any space for her to argue, no space for questions. It’s obvious that he can’t care less about finishing the history assignment. Daniel takes his jacket and leaves. What did just happen?

Scene 8

Peter is knocking on the doorframe. “You’re still here?”

Chloe is sitting at the same spot Daniel left her five minutes ago. She likes the quiet, unknown atmosphere of the room. It has something peaceful that helps her think, get the homework done faster. “Yeah, Daniel just left. I was about to finish our assignment and leave. But of course, I can go …”

“No need … I saw Daniel going out the front door. Let me guess, he didn’t say something about where he was heading or why he had to leave?” Peter asks. Chloe shakes her head, adding “You’re worried about him?”

Peter laughs, “believe me, he can take care of himself. Why are you still here? You could finish your work back at home. I hope you don’t wait for him, can’t promise you that he’ll come back anytime soon.”

“I liked the atmosphere. It helps me work.” Chloe answers truthfully, “but I think I should go now.” She begins putting her stuff back into her bag. “Oh no, I didn’t mean to throw you out. I was just curious.” Peter says, “Feel free to stay, I really don’t mind you being here.” Chloe looks into his face, trying to find out if he is making fun of her. Who would let someone they don’t know stay in their house? As if he knew what she thought, Peter explains, “I’m serious. I doubt that you would steal anything. If you want to stay for a while stay. I’d even keep you company, but I still have to make some phone calls.”

“Don’t mind if I do then, thank you, Peter,” Chloe responds.

Peter’s voice is softer as he adds, “Don’t think less of him for leaving you alone with all the work. He wouldn’t have left you if it wasn’t really important …”

Chloe wants to say something but then only nods.

Scene 9

“Karren! Open the door, I only want to talk to you!” *knock* *knock* *knock*

Fucking asshole, Daniel thinks while walking up the stair to her apartment. He can already hear him, it’s a miracle that nobody seems to have called the police for a noise complaint. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to involve the police in this matter, but it’s even better if Daniel himself takes care of it. Way faster and he definitely won’t fail a second time. But then again, Karren didn’t know about his abilities, why did she call him and not the cops?

Second floor. Daniel only knows the building she is living in but it’s not hard to find her apartment. You just follow the noise. “Damn Karren! … Open! … The! … Fucking! … Door!” and with every word, he knocks on the door.

“Is there a problem here?” Daniel asks the man. “Piss off pale, this has nothing to do with you.” “I don’t think you’ve understood me. I ask you one last time, leave her be.” To his own surprise, Daniel was able to say these sentences without any hatred in his voice. The man he is talking to on the other hand … “Who do you think you are?”

Karren is sitting on the inside of her apartment facing the door. She has one of her bigger kitchen knives. The tears are running down her cheek. Up until now, she was able to hear clearly what her ex was demanding her to do but now it seems like he is talking to someone else. Did Daniel finally come? She can’t understand what is being said. After a minute she hers three soft knocks on the door.

“Karren, It’s Daniel. Are you alright in there?”

Karren stands up and unlocks the door. She doesn’t want Daniel to see her like this but she also can’t tell him to leave. “Is he still out there?” She has to be sure. “No, this time he is gone for good,” Daniel explains. So, she opens the door and says the only thing that comes to her mind. “Thank you”

“No problem, mam” mam? If she wasn’t this shaken up, she’d laugh about that. He helped her out, twice, sees her in tears and he still calls her mam. No, she is not a mam, that sounds way too old for her taste …

Daniel’s face lightens up the moment he reads her think that. He’s happy that she no longer thinks about that prick. Karren doesn’t trust her voice yet; it would probably break the moment she tries to speak again. She steps aside, signaling Daniel to come on in. His eyes fall on her right hand, in which she is still holding the knife.

“Give me that, you don’t need it anymore.” He says. The next moment he takes the knife and places it on the table near them. For a second their fingers touch and a tingling sensation runs through Karren’s body. She wants nothing more right now than Daniel to hold her and never let her go but she can’t ask him for that. Not after everything he has already done for her and for how long does she know him again?

She doesn’t need to ask. Daniel knows what to do. He closes the space between them and gives her the best hug he can manage. Firm but not too tight. At first, Karren stiffens up but soon she hugs him back. The hug ends faster as she would have liked it to.

Daniel looks into her face and whips away the tears left on her cheeks. “No lady should ever cry over such an asshole.” Karren doesn’t know if it’s a joke but when Daniel starts laughing, she just can’t help herself and lightens up a bit. A big grin spreads across her face.

“See that? way better …” Daniel tries to comfort her. “Just Shut up and hug me again,” Karren says laughing. She tried to sound angry.

I have to look like a complete mess, she thinks while pressing her cheek against his shoulder. But Daniel, he looks as good as she remembered. He helped her out twice now. There is no question; he can handle himself but how? How was he able to get rid of that psycho? Did he need to fight him? What she would have given to see Daniel kick his ass. He must have looked so hot, standing up for her. She can feel his arms on her back, holding her tight. There is this sensation of him all over her body, surrounding her, giving her comfort. She hasn’t felt anything similar to that for what feels like a very long time. His smell; is that chlorine? Unsurprisingly, she also smells sweat. It’s a warm day and maybe he even came here by bike. Does he own a car?

The whole situation wakes feelings in her she is unfamiliar with.

It’s too much. Karren has to get out of the hug. But she has no intention of distancing herself from Daniel. The opposite is true, the moment her arms are no longer constrained, she takes Daniel’s face into her hands and begins kissing him. For that, she has to stand on the tips of her toes. The last time they’ve met, wasn’t there a thought about Daniel being small?

You have to know someone very well to predict their behavior when they are emotionally charged. Daniel had a feeling that something was going on in the pretty little head of hers, but he definitely got surprised by the kiss.

At first, he doesn’t react but then in his confusion, he kisses her back and not innocently. His own hands now find their way into her hair and on her back. A few seconds ago, Karren literally pressed her chest on his, but the soft touch of her breasts right at this moment is driving him wild. And that is nothing compared to how eager her tongue tries to find her way into his mouth.

In a moment of surprising clarity, Daniel pushes her away and takes a step back. “You’re confused.” He explains and while he says these words, he realizes that he himself isn’t convinced that they are true. Yes, she is confused but not about her actions.

Karren doesn’t care at all about his objections. He didn’t tell her to stop and that’s the only thing that counts for her right now. She wants this. “No, I’m not” she responds while closing the space between them.

Daniel’s defense has been broken. There is still this little thought that maybe all of this is wrong but it disappears the second Karren starts kissing him again. This time he goes all in, returning the kiss while running his hands all over her.

Is that his dick that’s pressing against me? Karren thinks. Finally, I almost thought he wasn’t attracted to me in that way. How far am I willing to go? How far would he go? Shit, Daniel is pretty young. Please tell me he’s not a virgin anymore. Who am I kidding? Either way, I’m going to fuck the shit out of that boy.

A big grin spreads across Daniel’s face and he grabs her ass with both his hands. When he brings up one of his hands again, he slides it under her shirt caressing her naked skin along the way.

The late evening sun is falling through the floor-to-ceiling windows when the two, still kissing, enter the kitchen. That is not the confidence of a virgin, Karren thinks and realizes that they won’t be getting to the bedroom if this continues. Daniel moves her into the room until her backside finds the counter behind her. He undresses her shirt and takes a second to look at her breasts. Not the sexiest bra, but with the lighting, they look great. The attention Daniel is giving them is accompanied by a warm feeling of pride on her behalf. He reaches around her, unhooks the bra with only one hand and takes it off. Two very beautiful breasts, but now it’s Karren’s turn to take of Daniel’s Shirt.

“Just enjoy it” Daniel whispers into her ear and starts to plant kisses on her cheekbones, down her neck, over her breasts, her belly … When he’s finally kneeling in front of her, he takes off her pants and smiles about her choose of panties. Plane white, but the funny thing is, they don’t match her bra. I guess she didn’t plan for this. Obviously, they have to go too. Karren has to support herself at the counter as Daniel plants a kiss on her bare clit to tease her. But before he puts his full attention to her pussy, he wants to do something else.

Daniel lifts her up, so she sits on the counter, making it easier for him to play with her tits, caressing them, licking and sucking on her nipples. The feeling almost drives her mad. Karren can’t remember someone ever doing this to her.

Still, she wants way more. Between soft moans, she begs Daniel to fuck her already.

That’s nothing he has to be said twice. He puts her back to the ground, turns her around and bends her over until her breasts are touching the counter. “Eyes upfront,” he says. Nobody has ever taken control over her like this and It’s so fucking hot. Something in his voice made her stay in place wondering what he does behind her. She can’t see him, he isn’t touching her, but she hears how he takes off his shorts. Then there is the sound of ripping plastic. She is on the pill. Well, she didn’t tell him that.

The next thing she feels is his hand on her neck, his boner pressing against her butt. “You’re sure you want to do this? Last chance to change your mind …” Daniel whispers in her ears knowing very well that there is no way she’ll want to stop now. “Please,” it’s the only thing Karren can utter at this moment and with a smile, Daniel responds, “as you wish, mam.”

Again, he called her mam but he smiled while doing so. Her thoughts get crushed by the fact that Daniel grabs one of her tits and begins to slide his dick into her pussy. She cries out. Not in pain, it was just so sudden. She hasn’t seen his dick yet, but from what it feels like, it’s a hand full. He waits for a second to make sure it’s ok. After that, he begins thrusting into her, at first slowly giving every thrust a special kind of attention and then faster mirroring her response. Her moan goes mad. Daniels hand on her breast, his cock ramming into her over and over again. The fact that she can’t see him makes it all the more intense.

She can’t take it any longer and just lets loose. A sweet wave runs through her entire body as her orgasm is crashing down on her. Daniel keeps his thrusts up until she is finished.

He whispers into her ear as he slides out of her, “I knew, you’d like it.” She only responds with a satisfied purr.

Eventually, Karren finds the energy to stand up again. Daniel is already dressed. She turns around and gets a short glim of Daniel stuffing an empty but used condom in the pocket of his shorts. Surprised she asks, “You didn’t come?” His face gives nothing away but she has seen the condom. The next moment Karren gets on her knees and opens up his shorts again. This boy is the strangest person she has ever met, maybe she should just give up figuring him out? No way, but first things first. Karren slides down his shorts and sees herself faced with a semi erected cock. She has seen bigger ones in pornos, but it’s still pretty impressive. It doesn’t take long until Daniel is back up to speed and Karren is trying her best with sucking his cock. It’s funny how she sees it as a duty of hers to finish him off. It doesn’t take long. Daniel already was at the brick of shooting his load earlier.

He gives her a fair warning before he comes, on which Karren aims his dick at her chest but keeps stroking it, while the warm cum is sprain on her tits.

Scene 10

When Karren finishes her shower, Daniel is sitting at the counter on which they both had sex just a few minutes ago. The sun is starting to fade away behind the house next door. Karren, only wearing her bathrobe, sees that he is so deep inside his thoughts that he doesn’t even notice her standing in the doorframe. There are some visible stains on his shirt. That’s probably her fault for crying on his chest. And he apparently whipped away the sweat from the counter. She can still see the even wetness reflecting the light. What is this guy thinking about?

Daniel stands up as soon as he recognized that she is out of the shower. “You’re alright?” he asks with genuine concern in his voice. Why wouldn’t she be? Because of her psycho ex or because she just fucked someone, she only knew for half a conversation? “Hi” she responds in a warm and relaxed tone which Daniel isn’t used from her. Until now he only knew her as either stressed or terrified. It suits her.

“I think I should go now,” he says. But to exit the apartment, he has to go through the door Karren is standing in. Before he passes her, she says, “I think you should stay.” He looks in her face and her eyes mirror the feeling Daniel is getting from her thoughts. “Please, I don’t want to be alone right now.” She adds, trying her best to not show the fear she feels every time she thinks about that psycho ex of hers.

They talk for an hour about any number of things. Him moving to the city, her change from doing research at the university to doing research for the private sector, his new school and after he was certain that the sex from earlier was a no strings attached kind of thing he even mentions Chloe, the girl he is so fascinated by. It’s nice to have a genuine conversation with someone other than his uncle. Daniel toggles down the mind-reading as far as possible. In the end, he even stays until she is sleeping. She halfheartedly tried to get him to leave but in fact, was happy about his offer to stay until she has fallen asleep.

Scene 11

When he comes home, his uncle is just on his way to sleep. “Daniel, Chloe is asleep in the dining room. I wrote you a note explaining it, but basically, I told her she could stay a while after you’ve left. I had a conference and lost track of time. When I finally checked up on her, maybe half an hour ago, she has fallen asleep at the table. She came with the bike and It’s too late for her to drive home alone. Wake her and offer that she can either stay here overnight or you could drive her home. You know where the keys for my car are.”

That’s some news to take in. Daniel figured Chloe would just go home after he so abruptly left. “Why didn’t you already wake her?” he asks but can read the reason before Peter got time to explain it. “You wrote me an hour ago and gave me a heads up about things. Figured you could take the blame for destroying that girls’ dreams.” Peter grins, that wasn’t the reason but he knows that Daniel already read his mind. It would be the right thing to do in this situation. She stayed that long; he thinks she deserves to at least see Daniel. Also, he thinks they both have a little crush on each other and he wants to bring them closer together. All this and his uncle decided to only make a joke …

“Chloe?” Daniel puts a hand on her shoulder, carefully shaking her, so she wakes up. She raises her head from the table and looks around the room. She has gotten pretty familiar with it the last … hours? She isn’t sure. Someone puts a glass of water right in front of her. The person walks to the other side of the table. Cloe’s hair is falling into her face and her beautiful eyes look tired. It’s like she is half asleep. But the moment she hears that voice again she understands where she is and what must have happened. It’s Daniel. “Your thirsty?” He asks while sitting down right across from her.

From one moment to another she is awake. “Shit” did she really fall asleep? Daniel is watching her carefully and at least on her end, it feels like he is mocking her for sleeping on his dinner table. “What’s your problem?” She says in a harsh voice, definitely not happy about being woken up. For a moment Daniel is surprised about her reaction but then decides to dismantle the tension a bit. Calmly he starts to explain, “if you want to put it that way, I really got a problem at hand. I found a beautiful girl sleeping, she looked quite peaceful actually but it’s late and I guess she should be home by now. Well, I can’t let her drive home with the bike she came here, not at this late hour.” He looks outside the window into the darkness of the night. “What do you think I should do?” Daniel asks.

“Maybe the girl has pepper spray and doesn’t need you to do anything,” she says, mirroring his tone.

The two of them start laughing. It’s a bit of a nervous laugh on both sides. But then Daniel says, “well, seriously I could either drive you home or you could stay here for the night.” He is sure the only thing she wants right now is to go home but she surprises him again, “Would it be ok with Peter if I stay?” That girl … she never does what you’d normally expect, does she?

“He was the one that told me to offer it to you,” Daniel adds with a smile and Chloe responds, “I see … and do YOU want me to stay?” This time his answer came pretty much instantaneously, “I’d love you to stay” Chloe raises an eyebrow and Daniel adds, “I mean, it’s late and … you know …” No there is no real excuse, he just wants her to stay overnight.

Quickly he changes the topic, “I guess you didn’t bring a pajama?”

“I could just sleep naked,” Chloe responds, “but I don’t think you’d be able to concentrate on the sleeping part that way.” She blushes as she realizes the ambiguity of her statement.

“No problem, you can have something from me. I hope you like a bit of an oversize.”

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