The Girl in the Yellow Swimsuit by DonJon8

Her look pierced right through him, as if she wanted to pin him down into the shallow water with just her eyes. But he waded right past her through the ankledeep water, not even giving the young woman a second look.

This was nothing new for Adam. He went to the beach too many times not to notice the desirous glances of some women. They weren’t even subtle, like they expected him to bend them over on the spot. Adam knew that if he played things right, he could probably have many of the women checking him out.

But that was out of the question. There’s nothing that could get him weak for some girl who just happened along, much less on the beach he frequented so often. And even though he had to admit to himself that he had checked out that women’s ample breasts, ultimately, it was only a dent in his resolve.

As he dried himself off, he looked around the beach. It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun slowly climbing down from its high, bathing everything in yellow-golden light. The beach wasn’t as crowded anymore, since all the families had taken off, but there were still many people lounging in the sunlight, splashing at each other in the water and letting the day come to an end in the company of friends and loved ones. No one was really paying attention to him strolling back to the parking lot, but he could make out the odd pair of eyes quickly looking him up and down. A brunette here, a redhead there; it wasn’t unusual for women to inspect his sturdy chest, but it truthfully annoyed him more than it flattered him.

Walking up to his car, he was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice the girl standing in front of it until he was just a few meters from here.

But this girl wasn’t just standing there, she was posing for the phone camera in her hand, flinging her long golden hair back and forth to get the shot just right. Her swimsuit glowed in the same yellow color as Adam’s VW bus behind her, and was held up on her shoulders by two thin spaghetti straps outlined against her tanned chest and shoulders.

Even more than her bare, suntanned legs adjusting her pose, the girl’s smile caught Adam’s attention.

But before he could stare at her even more, his mouth already uttered the words, “What are you doing?”

The young girl jumped a little, startled by his sudden appearance.

“Um… I’m just taking pictures here. I’m sorry, is this your car?”

“Yes. Yes it is, “ Adam responded, trying to regain control of himself again. “Why were you taking pictures in front of it?”

The girl struggled for words, looking like she had been caught doing something outrageous.

“I just really like the colors, that’s all. I’ll be gone now, sorry for disturbing you”, it quietly came from her, and she scrambled for her bag on the ground.

Adam felt confused.

“No”, he suddenly exclaimed, prompting the girl to stop and look at him. “I mean… you’re free to take your pictures. I was just surprised that anyone would want to have this old bus in their photos.”

And there was that big, bright smile again, this time shining on her face because of him.

“Oh, thank you so much! And actually, I really love your car”, she started babbling. “It’s basically my absolute dream car, you know, so of course i’d want to take pictures with it. Oh, and of course the color! Well, just look at me!”

Still smiling and motioning at her yellow swimsuit, she came up to him and reached out with her free hand.

“I’m Kyrie, by the way.”

Adam quickly looked her body up and down when she approached him.

“Nice to meet you, Kyrie”, he said while shaking her soft hand. “My name’s Adam.”

Inexplicably, a little smile crept on his face too.

They stood there, him looking down at her smiling face and her looking up at him, just shaking hands like old friends.

“Oh”, Kyrie said and pulled her hand away, to reach for her phone, “would you mind taking some pictures of me? I think they’d come out great if someone other than me shot them.”

And without awaiting his response, she handed him the device and bounded over to the yellow bus again.

“Uh, sure”, he muttered to himself, while looking down at her phone and adjusting it in his hands.

This was a strange turn of events, but he wasn’t about to stop being friendly now. It surely couldn’t hurt to help this girl out, he thought to himself before raising the phone and looking at Kyrie on the display.

But what he saw through the camera would prove to be a true test of his resolve.

The young girl stood at the front wheel of his car, very closely to the car, and had half-turned her backside to him, while her hands were supporting herself on the vehicle’s body. In this position and by angling one of her legs, Kyrie’s cute bum jutted out and was perfectly accentuated for him to photograph. Adam couldn’t tear loose from the sight of this girl’s butt cheeks. Two beautiful, bubble-shaped orbs, just standing there firmly, scarcely contained by her taut swimsuit wrapped around them.

Kyrie turned her head, flipping her shining hair onto her back and looked over her bared shoulder right at him. Adam’s mouth had unconsciously opened at her stunning display.

“Are you getting this? I wanna have the best pictures, the lighting is just so good right now!”

Unable to respond, Adam began taking photos of the young girl just like she wanted, marvelling at her astounding body in the process, while she playfully shouted her commands at him.

Kyrie constantly adjusted her poses, trying out new positions all the time while Adam pointed the camera at her body: she walked towards him, kneeled in front of the car, leaned up against it or just danced without inhibitions, the petite mounds on her chest jumping up and down with her. She was always in movement and the befuddled Adam found himself hitting the shutter button almost continually, trying to capture every movement of this girl set free.

The makeshift photographer couldn’t believe some of the things he saw this beautiful girl do, often looking over the edge of the phone to witness her magic with his own eyes. How he had ended up watching this dazzling lass excitedly pose and writhe in front of his very own car was a mystery even to him.

And as time passed on, something else happened, hardly noticeable to the casual onlooker.

Kyrie sometimes put her hands on the parts of the cloth running together between her legs, striking a pose with her swimsuit getting pulled up by her fingers. This, accompanied by Adam’s unending barrage of curses in his head, led to her bathing suit getting caught up in her vulva, the cloth hugging Kyrie’s outer lips and creating the alluring image of her dainty pussy being parted by the straightened one-piece.

So even though Kyrie posed in ways Adam didn’t even dream of, his sight was always magnetically drawn to her crotch, entranced by her labia, while this carefree girl seemingly noticed nothing off about her appearance.

“Ooh, I like this one”, Kyrie said, pointing at the screen in front of them. They were now standing together scrolling through all the pictures taken by Adam on Kyrie’s phone. Instead of just looking on, he was now very near her, her arm touching his. The feeling of being near her, but inexplicably far from her was unsettling.

But while Kyrie still chattered about the colors and composition, Adam’s heart beat faster and faster, until he took a leap of faith and very carefully put his arm around her, lightly grasping her other arm.

He couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

All it had taken to get him out of his shell was a cute girl being open and friendly to him. After years of shielding himself from any female affection that went beyond a platonic relationship, he again felt like that boy crushing on the girl in the front row of class.

“I think this one turned out really great. What do you think?”, she excitedly inquired, examining his puckered face.

Adam took a second to realize his opinion had been requested, so he looked at the photo he had taken just a few minutes earlier. There couldn’t have been a picture to more violently yank him out of his blissful thoughts, because this was one of the photos in which the outline of Kyrie’s pussy lips showed most scandalously. Adam instantly regretted shooting this from such a low angle, as he turned a little red and stammered for words.

“Uhm… well… that’s right, because, uh, the lighting is just so good in this one.”

“That is true”, Kyrie said, leaning into him and continuing with a whisper. “But it may also be, because I look so cute.”

For a moment Adam panicked, thinking he had been caught red-handed. But as soon as that flirtatious yet still innocent smile crept on the girl’s face, he knew everything was alright.

“Oh, ohh”, he responded with relief, taking in two deep breaths. “Yeah. That too of course.”

To that, she turned towards him and wrapped her arms around his back, laying her head against his large chest.

Adam didn’t know what was happening. But, his hands on her back, he responded to her closeness and gently rested his left cheek on top of her head. The golden locks felt so soft against his skin, tenderly brushing his face with every one of Kyrie’s breaths of air.

A few seconds passed like this and Adam began imagining them embracing each other until the sea washed this whole beachside away.

“Thank you”, he could feel Kyrie whisper against his chest, before slowly withdrawing from his arms.

She no longer looked him in the eyes, looking down at the ground, trying to hide her vulnerability. But her burning red cheeks betrayed her, when she quickly turned around, shouldered her little backpack and took big strides down the road.

What Kyrie hadn’t realized was that Adam was vulnerable too. He just stood there, his arms feeling strangely cold in the sun, missing the warmth she had given him, even if just for a short moment. He had looked at her body in ways he hadn’t looked at anyone in years, but what he really yearned for in that moment was being near her again.

“Hey! Kyrie!”

The exclamation surprised not only Kyrie, who turned around with an uncertain look on her face.

“How are you gonna get home anyway?”

“Oh, I’m taking the bus.”

“If that’s the case…”, Adam hesitated for a moment. “Well, how about I drive you home? If that’s okay with you.”

Okay didn’t even begin to describe Kyrie’s feelings. Her face lit up as she ran back to him and fleetingly hugged him again.

“Yes, of course”, she said as she jumped to the passenger side. “Thank you so much, Adam! Uhh, these seats are comfy!”

Adam smiled and got in on the other side and started the car.

“Turn right here”, Kyrie instructed him at the exit.

“I hope it’s clean enough. I usually don’t get to drive such lovely company around.”

A giggle came from her.

“That’s very nice of you”, she tittered. “But I’m sure a dashing man like you has no problems with the ladies.”

“Oh, Kyrie, you’d be disappointed. And even if I was that serious heartthrob, that wouldn’t change anything about the fetching lady with me right now.”

He turned his grinning face towards the equally amused girl in the passenger seat, who was taken by surprise but oddly satisfied with his response. She winked at him with honest appreciation, something Adam wasn’t used to anymore.

“I’m not lying, I promise. I’m just happy I can do something for you, that’s all.”

“But you already did something. You took all those great photos of me, so I’m the one who should be grateful.”

“Well… I was happy to do that for you as well”, Adam responded sheepishly before steadying his voice again. “But I would be grateful, if I didn’t just agree to driving you across the entire country.”

“Don’t worry, meanie”, Kyrie chuckled. “It’s only half an hour from here. Just follow the road until I tell you. Or can this car not go that far?”

Now she had a devilish smile on her face, illuminated by the slowly setting sun.

“Wait a second. Did you just seriously insult this car?”

The feigned indignation in his voice even surprised himself. But Kyrie just leaned over and put her hand on his right thigh. Her touch was pure, but full of purpose and determination, sending electric shocks through Adam body.

“No, of course not”, she cooed. “I love this car way too much to ever do that to you.”

And they just continued driving like this with the coast line to their right: talking, joking and laughing together, while her soft, warm hand rested on his thigh, her thumb gently caressing his skin. It wasn’t much, but more than Adam expected, so it still distracted him from driving.

“Oh hey, take a right now”, Kyrie suddenly exclaimed.

Adam was ripped from the blissful moment and quickly turned the steering wheel to the right, driving onto a little trail through the bushes.

“Yes, I think this will look great”, Kyrie said, clearly content with herself.

“Kyrie? Is this not the way to your home?”, Adam asked warily. But before she could answer, the bushes cleared the view and Adam looked down on the sea, driving on the what could only be described as a cliffside path.

“Yeah, this is good, please stop right here”, Kyrie called out again and rashly pinched his thigh, while she looked over the edge of the cliff and to the sea.

“Why are we stopping here? Kyrie, what–?”

But she didn’t listen to him, instead jumping out as soon as the car stopped and towards the cliff. He got out of the car, lightly swearing what her deal was, walked around the car and toward the rocky height.

Kyrie just sat there on an ankle-high rock, turned away from him. She looked beautiful in her yellow swimsuit against the orange sun, her slim body casting a shadow behind her. And again, as her swimsuit had been stretched in this sitting position, her adorable butt cheeks captured Adam’s attention. When he came closer, he just wanted to reach out and squeeze, just once, he told himself. But he knew better and sat down beside her.

As soon as he did, he forgot about his improper thoughts. The scenery was just too beautiful not to bask in its glory. Kyrie on his right had her eyes closed and was just enjoying the sunlight on her skin and the slight breeze whirling her hair.

Adam took a deep breath and followed suit, concentrating on the sensations on his skin. A temporary warmth, washed away by the mild air swirling around him, and then warmth again. Drinking and eating seemed pointless, when all he needed was sitting here with Kyrie relishing in the setting sun.

Time passed, but Adam didn’t care anymore, until Kyrie’s voice broke the silence.

“This cliffside is where my mother used to bring me.”

Her voice was hoarse.

“I didn’t need anything more. Looking at this sun with her was the best thing in the world for me. There was nothing I wanted more than to be with her in those moments.”

Adam looked at with concern, almost too afraid to ask. What could he say to that?

“It’s okay”, she knowingly said, looking over at him. “It was a long time ago.”

Kyrie cleared her throat.

“She was military. I didn’t quite understand what that meant, until she didn’t come back anymore.”

She took in a deep breath. Petrified and not knowing how to react, Adam just sat there.

“But as I said, it was a long time ago. And she wouldn’t want me being sad just because she’s gone now.”

She exhaled sharply, nodding at herself.

“I’m happy for the time I got to spend with her. And”, she added, “I’m happy I met you. Truth be told, my grandparents sadly don’t bring me to this cliff anymore, so I hadn’t been here in years.”

A grateful smile greeted him when he glanced at her again. But he could only see it through his own tears.

“Hey”, she said softly when she saw his watering eyes. “What’s up? Is everything alright?”

“I– I get it”, Adam coughed out. “This is that place for you that you think of whenever you think of her. I get it, I have that too. Well, for me it’s not really a place, but… this car.” And he pointed back to the yellow VW bus, as if his words needed explanation.

“I think of her too whenever I’m inside that car. My wife, that is”, he said and sniffed.

The only thing Adam could do was stare right ahead into the sun, while tears rolled down his cheeks. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Kyrie in that moment, but the floodgates were open and it all came out.

“We met as freshmen in college, her and I, and we bought this car together. We spent every possible moment on the road, driving up and down the countryside. Every day with with her was different and exciting and I couldn’t have been luckier to have met her.” No longer could Adam hold any tears back. They were dripping down on the rocks and his chest; hot teardrops, but he didn’t even notice them through his weak sobs.

“It wasn’t just happy memories in that car, of course. But I still loved her through everything. We married while we were still in college, but before we could settle down anywhere, she… was diagnosed.”

“Adam… I’m so sorry”, Kyrie said faintly.

“I guess… I never really recovered. It was only a few months after that, then she left me forever. And I… I didn’t know what to do. It was like falling into the darkness and seeing no way out. To be honest… I pushed almost everyone near me away. Even with my best friends it took months or years for me to accept them back into my life. But I was never able to feel anything with anyone that came close to her. I tried dating, but it was absolutely miserable. No one came close, no one understood and I was just a wreck. So… I stopped. I didn’t let any new person into my life, definitely not girls. So while I felt like I could hold on, I was still so alone and saw no way out of it.”

Adam sat up straight, looking at Kyrie, whose turn it was to look concerned.

“I know it doesn’t mean much, because we’ve just met, but…”

He wiped another tear away.

“I feel like even though I don’t know you, you are the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. I let you in my life, for however short this time was. Had someone told me yesterday that tomorrow, I’d be sitting on a rock, talking to a girl I didn’t even know yet, I would have laughed. But… I did, I opened up more than I had for years. And I… I am happy that I did, Kyrie.”

A husky laugh escaped his mouth.

“It’s stupid, but… you’ve been a ray of sunlight in my life.”

Silence followed. No one said anything, while his last few tears dropped to his chest. The waves crashing on the rocky coast were louder than usual.

“It’s not stupid”, she said in her softest voice.

Adam shifted to look at her. Kyrie had half-turned towards him, her hands on the rock between them and her face closer to him than before.

“And it does mean something. I think of you the same way. My past is my past, but I’ve never met anyone who understands me like you do. And for whatever it’s worth, I really enjoyed my time with you.”

Her face inched ever closer.

“I guess I just… really like you.”

Her words were nothing more than whispers. Adam could count the freckles on Kyrie’s face. Her eyes, teary like his, were full of longing, looking up and down his face now that

she was right in front of him.

Very slowly, she came closer and closer. Ever closer until he could finally feel her soft lips

lightly touch his and see her eyes close. She continued onward, pressing her lips on his

with more urgency.

Adam couldn’t move, completely frozen, but experiencing a whole array of feelings. Her shoulder brushing against his arm, her long hair tickling his chest and her warm lips continually pushing against his; it was all too much for him.

He still hadn’t moved. He was as still as before even though his head almost exploded. Everything was just warm and full of life, so incredibly vibrant. Even Kyrie’s small nose grazing against his while she kissed him made him feel more alive.

When Kyrie shyly moved her face away it didn’t seem real. She had those reddened cheeks again and looked more uncertain than before. But to Adam, their kiss hadn’t ended. The sight of this timid young girl, fearfully waiting to be scolded and rejected by the young man she had just ambushed with her kiss was almost too much to bear for him. She turned her face away to avoid his look.

But he couldn’t stand one more second of Kyrie looking afraid because of him, when he only wanted to reciprocate her loving touch.

He brought his hands up to her cheeks and longingly pulled her lips up to his again.

Everything was over in that moment. He kissed her and she kissed him back, everything concentrating on their yearning mouths. They couldn’t feel anything else, just their lips touching each other again and again, not letting each other go for one second. He probed with his tongue and hers drove back at his, intertwining, their movements dependent on the others.

Kyrie’s hands had come up to his strong arms, when she suddenly swung her right leg over his lap and sat on him, never breaking their kiss. While sliding her hips back and forth on his lap, she wasted no time and began caressing his body. Roaming from his muscular chest, down to his abs, her hands lovingly slid over them, before gliding back up on his sides and to his back.

Adam’s hands, meanwhile, rested on the middle of her back, cautiously stroking it in little circles.

For a moment Kyrie interrupted their kiss, a big smile on her face.

“It’s okay”, she said while lightly pushing his arm down her back. “I don’t bite, I promise.”

And just like that, Adam found his hands enveloping this brazen girl’s round butt cheeks. Kyrie giggled and began sensually kissing and caressing him again. It took him a few moments to catch up with the physical world. But when he realized what she had just put in his grasp, he carefully gripped what he had on his hand. Upon his squeeze, Kyrie perked up a little and let out a small, playful sound of approval into his mouth. Her small bum cheeks felt so soft and springy yet surprisingly firm in his hands, and he wanted to feel more of them, more of her. He squeezed again and again, not able to stop as he felt her soft flesh being shaped in his desirous grasp.

Now their kissing was only interrupted by Kyrie’s occasional sighs when he kneaded her, with the teenage girl grinding that butt back onto his hands. Frantically gripping Kyrie’s butt in his hands and feeling her body’s reactions vibrating through his body was a pleasure Adam didn’t even know he wanted.

All of the different sensations – kissing each other, massaging Kyrie’s butt, and her sliding up and down on his lap – awakened something in Adam. Something very familiar that had, until this moment, rested deep inside for so long.

Adam’s body had gotten hot and something in his swim trunks had began to twitch. It was a very natural sensation, but he hadn’t been close to a girl like this for years, so he was a little surprised when his penis began to grow under the libidinous movements of the lass straddling his legs. Adam knew deep down he should be careful in this situation, but in that moment he didn’t care if she felt his hardening member underneath her. The moment was too blissful to ruin with disingenuous objections.

Kyrie didn’t give any indication that she had felt his lurching penis, she just continued to glide up and down while they embraced each other. With his newfound confidence and the will to heighten their pleasure, Adam took his touches a step further. Instead of just touching half of the girl’s lower cheeks over the swimsuit, he skillfully slipped his hands underneath the cloth and firmly grasped the fullness of her butt cheeks in his hands.

Kyrie jumped up and tore away from his mouth when she felt his strong hands on her entire naked butt and his fingers lingering in her petite butt crack. A high, sudden moan escaped her mouth, and no longer the strictly playful kind. There was no longer just longing in the young girl’s eyes; there was youthful lust, waiting to break out at any moment.

And that moment had come.

Instead of going in for another kiss, Kyrie slid down his legs, positioning her head at his upper chest and leaving Adam empty-handed again. She kissed his smooth chest, slowly going down his body and covering it in loving kisses, from his chest to his navel.

When Kyrie reached his swim trunks, she looked up at him from her kneeling position. Her hands slid up his legs over the swim trunks, until her fingers found the waistband and began pulling down on it. Adam, still too mesmerized by what was happening, subconsciously lifted his hips and the trunks came down his legs to the ground, revealing to Kyrie his twitching manhood. It was clear that Kyrie had indeed felt his hardening rod against her.

A quick glance up at Adam and Kyrie reached out, closing her hand around his semi-erect penis. Adam took in a sharp breath, and another when the girl to his feet gently moved her small hand up and down his shaft. He was ready to say something, to make her stop. But as soon as she reached his cock’s base for the first time and brushed against the loose skin of his ball sack, all air escaped him.

“Uhh”, he softly hummed at her movements.

He wasn’t fully hard yet, but Kyrie’s strokes already felt great on his sensitive skin. He couldn’t have ever anticipated this happening, but he was oddly satisfied with himself, because he had just trimmed his pubic hair the day prior.

Kyrie smiled up at him. But she wasn’t satisfied with what she was getting from him.

“I’ve never done this before”, she whispered and scooted closer, her face nearing Adam’s loins.

Her mouth had already halfway opened, when Adam’s hand shot up to her chin and held her head in place. Unable to move forward, she had to look up at the young man’s concerned face.

“Kyrie… you don’t have to do this”, he said, his voice shaky. “Are you sure you want this?”

The girl on the ground, sensing his worry, spoke in the most reassuring tone.

“I am sure, really”, she responded confidently yet warmly. “Just… try to enjoy it, okay?” And with that, Kyrie pushed Adam’s hand to the side, opened her mouth and let the head of his penis slide into her mouth. With that first movement, she pulled back his foreskin and enveloped his sensitive head.

When she let her tongue dance around his penis, Adam gasped out: “Ohh, Kyrie!”

Spurred on by his audible enjoyment, the young girl smoothly moved forward, her lips sliding along his cock. She continued her movements up and down his shaft, working her way down, to which Adam reacted with more moans and his cock swelling further inside Kyrie’s confined mouth.

“Oh, yes! Right there, baby! Ohhh”, the young man exclaimed when her tongue found the underside of his glans.

Kyrie continually increased the depth and speed she took his hard penis in. Her head finally bobbed up and down and she simultaneously licked around his member at a frantic pace, creating an incredible stimulus for Adam, who just let out more moans and grunts upon her unbelievable effort.

And even though Kyrie was still inexperienced when it came to bringing men pleasure, she still instinctively used one of her hands to jerk up and down on the parts of the shaft she couldn’t take in her mouth.

Adam looked at this sweet girl between his legs, her golden locks jumping around, while she did everything she could to bring him pleasure with her mouth, wrapped around his cock. And it worked so well that he was sitting on the edge of the rock, feeling the sensations building to his climax.

For the first time in at least four years, Adam was experiencing the touch of a woman, or rather girl, on his body again. It felt so thrilling and captivating, he couldn’t think about anything else but the sensations Kyrie was giving him. And his body was aching for more.

Adam noticed, that while she did everything she knew how to do, there was still a little more unfilled room in her mouth that could make him feel even better. Shakily, he put his hand behind her head and carefully pushed it toward him.

“Hmm”, Kyrie mumbled onto his cock.

“Is that okay?”

Kyrie recovered quickly from the little shove. She gave him a quick thumbs up and bobbed up and down again, while his hand remained on the back of her head. She had little problem adjusting to the new deepness she was dropping to and was promptly rewarded with more deep grunts from Adam. He had become bolder with Kyrie, but the inexperienced girl could feel what he wanted and needed, and was more than willing to provide it for him.

Her other hand, which had been resting on his thigh, eventually found the weighty ball sack jumping up and down below his penis at every one of Kyrie’s movements. She carefully took it into her hand, letting his balls slither between her fingertips, while she continued her suckling. Her touch elicited a bigger groan from him, so Kyrie grasped his aching balls more firmly and began clumsily kneading them around in her soft hand.

Through more of Kyrie’s wild and awkward but incredibly gratifying sucking and licking and massaging, Adam felt his orgasm building. It had been years since he’d felt that with a girl and he wasn’t ready for it.

Suddenly, he pulled his hand away from the girl’s head.

“Kyrie”, he gasped out aloud, “I’m cumming! Ohh, I’m gonna cum right now!”

The girl didn’t deviate from her course though, still rapidly plunging his penis into her mouth again and again.

She just looked up at him, deep into his eyes, in eager anticipation.

“Please, Kyrie! You don’t need to–! Ohh, here it comes! Ohhhhh!”

The young man felt an intense rush of satisfaction coursing through his entire body, from head to toe and back again, and his cock spasming inside Kyrie’s mouth.

She held Adam’s pulsing rod in place when he unloaded his semen in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of thick, white seed shot out of his over-stimulated penis, landing on her tongue and trickling down her throat, while Kyrie continued to move up and down his cock, only stimulating the tip.

“Oh, baby! Ohh, that feels so good!”, Adam groaned, looking up at the orange sky, only able to focus on his incredible orgasm. It felt like he had endless supplies of semen to give after not being in a sexual situation with a girl for years.

When his penis finally stopped twitching he looked down at Kyrie again and her pulling his member out of her mouth.

To Adam’s surprise, he was still fairly hard, even though he had just shot his biggest load in forever into the warm mouth of the teen girl to his feet.

Kyrie for her part was still struggling with all of the semen in her mouth.

“You don’t have to, Ky–!”

But the girl beat him to the punch again. She leaned her head back and with one big gulp, swallowed all of his seminal fluid, letting it pass through her throat into her stomach.

A moment of contemplation; then she coughed loud and hard, holding one of her hands in front of her mouth.

“Kyrie? Are you alright?!”

Adam hands came up to her face to help her in any way he could. He was concerned, he had overdone it; that he shouldn’t have come in her mouth, maybe that he shouldn’t even have let her suck him off. She was still inexperienced after all, so had he taken advantage of her?

But Kyrie motioned him to stop. She coughed one more time, then looked up at him, a frown on her face.

“It just–”, she started, then coughed again. “It just tastes really weird. That’s all.”

Adam looked straight into Kyrie’s eyes.

“Oh, baby”, he said with a relieved, loving voice, ”you didn’t have to do that. But… you can’t imagine how heavenly you look right now.”

He let out a little laugh before he grinned at her. And there was her smile again, shining so bright at him in the afternoon sun.

She stood up, leaned down and planted a long and affectionate kiss on his lips. Adam faintly tasted the residue of his cum on her lips, but he didn’t care. All that counted was her being near, and still wanting to feel him, even after what had just happened. A warmth deep in his chest told him that all of this might be right after all.

“And I didn’t overdo it? You’re okay?”, Adam asked through their kisses.

“Yes, I’m okay”, Kyrie whispered back at him with a muted smile before kissing him once more. “And I didn’t hurt you? I just did what felt right, but I’m not sure, if it was any good.”

“Noo”, he groaned in her mouth, letting his tongue poke against hers, “you did great! You were so incredibly sexy!”

His words made the girl drive her lips against his once more.

They finally disconnected and Kyrie stepped away to take a look at him from her elevated position. Adam leaned back, still breathing heavily, rested his elbows on the rock and looked at her whole body as well, his still fairly hard penis swaying around between his legs.

He just sat there and she just stood there, while they examined each other from head to toe. They stayed like that for what felt like hours, until they locked eyes again.

Kyrie looked as cute as ever and perhaps also a little pleased with herself, but the determination in her eyes hadn’t wavered one bit. Her cheeks were red again, but Adam couldn’t make out, if that was from the fire inside her still burning or her feeling afraid.

In the blink of an eye, Kyrie reached for the straps holding up her swimsuit, pulled them to the side and down over her arms, until the upper part of her yellow one-piece was bunched up just below her bellybutton. Adam gasped when he looked at her now exposed upper body.

There wasn’t much her swimsuit had concealed, but what it had now pointed proudly at him. Kyrie’s small breasts on her slim body looked so beautiful to Adam. He couldn’t even put his finger on it, but her cute budding mounds she had so willingly revealed to him reinvigorated his intense craving for the young girl.

But Adam wasn’t able to gawk for long, as Kyrie didn’t take any half-measures. Before he knew what was happening, Kyrie pulled the yellow bathing suit further down, until the whole thing dropped to the ground.

If Adam hadn’t been stunned before, he was utterly electrified now. Here he sat, looking at this teenage girl, completely naked in front of him. He was not able to move at the sight of her incredible body, as his eyes wandered from her navel to her narrow hips, admiring the weak tan lines, and finally, to her bared pussy.

Adam was already aroused, but when he looked at Kyrie’s smooth slit glistening in the sun, his penis twitched a few more times, and finally steadied at full length again. He knew he shouldn’t feel that way, but he wanted nothing more than to slide his rigid cock into her small pussy hole. His breathing became heavier and he had trouble looking away from Kyrie’s hairless mons. But when he finally did and looked into Kyrie’s eyes, he saw uncertainty. For just a moment he saw a fight in Kyrie’s eyes, while she just stood there naked.

And that’s when he knew that this was real. The girl that had been smiling at him all day was wrestling with herself. She had already gone farther than ever before, but that hadn’t just given rise to confidence in her. It had also scared her. Of what she wanted to do, but didn’t know if she could.

But before Adam could even try to say anything, Kyrie swiftly stepped out of her swimsuit and tumbled toward him. Her petite body bounded up and down, while she straddled the leaned back young man again. Adam couldn’t even react before he felt her hand grab his rock-hard shaft. Kyrie nudged his cock head between her soft pussy lips and let her hips sink down on it, when Adam’s strong arms gripped the girl by her upper thighs, not letting her move one inch further.

“Woah there, Kyrie! What the hell are you doing??”

Kyrie looked up at him, flustered and agitated. Adam’s penis had stopped right at her opening.

“I’m…”, she stammered. “I– I thought… we would have sex.”

There was considerable confusion and even hurt in her voice. Adam didn’t know how to reply to her. He could only feel Kyrie’s body uncontrollably shaking in his hands.

Kyrie continued in that jittery voice: “Don’t you– Don’t you want to… do it with me?”

“Oh, Kyrie”, he responded with realization. “Oh no, no, no… I mean, yes, I do. Of course I want to. I don’t know, if I’ve ever wanted something more, Kyrie. But, it’s just… well… I assume you’ve never had sex before, right?”

She nodded slightly.

“Okay. Uhmm, the thing is: I don’t want you to regret this. You know, to be with someone you’ve just met. It’s a big step you can’t take back, and if I hurt you I couldn’t ever forgive myself. And–”, he sighed. Kyrie’s soft pussy torturing his cock head didn’t make it any easier to keep his composure. “And even if everything goes well, it would probably hurt anyways, because you are still a virgin, and you aren’t even prepared for sex. So”, he took a deep breath, pausing long to think once more about what he was about to offer Kyrie, “I

need you to be absolutely sure about this.”

Adam couldn’t believe what he was saying. It seemed so surreal to talk about this stuff, almost as if he was in school again. But only almost. This time he was considerably older than the girl and carried all the responsibility for her.

Kyrie still looked at him with her wide eyes. She opened her mouth, but hesitated for a moment.

“Adam, I’m sure. And if it’s okay with you… I’d like nothing more than you to be my first.”

Her voice wasn’t shaky anymore, but nothing more than a whisper.

“Even if it hurts? It might not be easy and you may hate it.”

A loving smile appeared on her face once more.

“I trust you to take care of me, Adam. As long as you promise me to be gentle, I really, really want to sleep with you. Can you do that?”

It was his turn to plant a kiss on her lips.

“Of course, Kyrie. I promise I’ll do everything I can. But first, we’ll have to make sure your vagina is even ready for my penis.”

Even if it didn’t seem like it, but Adam was still uncertain and afraid about having sex with the virgin in his arms. But Kyrie seemed so sure of herself, now that they had talked about it. She eased her grip on his penis, letting it drop to his stomach and sat down, rubbing her outer lips along his shaft, while they embraced each other. If Adam didn’t know any better, he’d have said this was another attempt to persuade him.

“Sooo… how does this happen now?”, Kyrie asked.

“Well…”, Adam contemplated. “First of all, I should do something for you as well. You know, to get your… vagina ready for penetration. So it hopefully doesn’t hurt. And… I don’t know, if it would be the best idea to have sex on this rock, you know? Could be really painful, if–.”

“The car it is then”, Kyrie exclaimed and jumped from his lap.

The car would certainly be more comfortable, Adam thought. But… making love in that car. Was that what he really wanted?

“You know”, he said slowly, ”that is a… good idea.”

“Okay, then let’s go!” Kyrie took his hand and excitedly pulled him to his feet. It was almost like she had to tow him behind her at the pace she was going.

Adam’s head was spinning. He was going to take this young girl’s virginity. There was no way to sugarcoat this. She wanted him and him alone to be with her, to love her like no boy or man had before. It was all so confusing to him, but he couldn’t do anything other than follow Kyrie on this adventure. Maybe because he hadn’t felt this with a girl in ages, not this desired or needed, like Kyrie wanted him.

His body was certainly ready for the experience, as his solid penis flopped from side to side while they walked, eagerly waiting to enter the girl skipping about in front of him. And the view he was treated to only contributed to his anticipation. Kyrie’s cute ass cheeks, finally fully denuded, bounced up and down with every one of her enthusiastic steps. It was captivating and Adam just wanted to reach out and grab hold of them like before.

His thoughts were interrupted by a delighted giggle. Kyrie had watched him ogle her springy butt over her shoulder.

“I’ll take that as a compliment”, she still giggled and turned around, leaving Adam to glance at her bouncy bum once more before they reached his car.

“I’m going to lay out a blanket, so it’s more comfortable”, Adam mumbled after sliding the big car door open.

He spread out the coziest blanket he could find in the spacious car while Kyrie sat on the the car’s console and watched him.

“Okay! All done”, he announced and turned around.

Kyrie sat shyly on the blanket, leaned against the driver’s seat, her legs spread slightly. The sight had Adam feeling shaky again, but he made himself press on and slowly crawled toward her, toward her opened pussy lips. He moved between her legs, and Kyrie was forced to spread her legs further to allow his broad shoulders to approach her.

He reached out and let his index finger slide down her bare slit. She took in a sharp breath. Seeing as he knew to go slow with her, Adam brought his head to her chest, his mouth grazing her right breast. His tongue came out and lightly licked across her nipple. He repeated this motion until he felt she had gotten accustomed to his licks and enveloped all of her tiny, hard nipple in his mouth, sucking on it.

“Ahhh”, Kyrie moaned, her hands gripping Adam’s arms.

He sucked and sucked, switching between her two buds and always slightly pinching the vacant one, while Kyrie just had to endure his attacks of pleasure. They proved to be effective, because the young girl’s breathing became more erratic, her chest heaving up and down in between soft moans, and her body opened itself more to the man in between her legs.

Adam enjoyed it immensely to pull her small nipples into his mouth, but it was time to move on. He quickly kissed her on her lips, letting his tongue wander into her mouth, and then mimicking Kyrie’s earlier movements on the rock. His lips kissed down along her sternum, caressing her smooth skin on the way down. When he reached her bellybutton, he looked up to see Kyrie’s aroused but anxious face intently staring at him. His eyes stayed focussed on her eyes as he kissed further down.

Shortly before he reached her virgin hole, Adam felt some light, short hair brush against his lips. Kyrie wasn’t entirely hairless down there, so Adam paid extra attention to her soft pubes that were so light-blonde, he could only make them out up close.

But Kyrie didn’t seem to care much about it. Adam had just reached her young vagina and every touch of his had heightened effects on her body.

There, right in front of her, her vagina blossomed; her lower lips had opened and given a small glimpse into her pink pussy.

Adam didn’t think too long and licked through her tight folds, dragging his tongue from the bottom upwards and lingering on the small nub gracing the top. A lustful moan escaped Kyrie’s mouth, leading Adam to lick down again.

This repeated motion, up and down her slit, was already enough to get Kyrie fired up, and so he continued giving her pleasure. But Adam needed to push further for what they had planned. He placed his lips on her clit, gently kissing it, while he carefully let his right index finger slip into her opening. The young girl gasped and her hands wrapped around his head and held onto his hair. Adam cautiously probed into her warm and squishy vagina.

He didn’t get far though, as a small resistive barrier held up his movement.

“Oww”, Kyrie cried out when he lightly prodded her hymen.

“Sorry”, he muttered against her scorching mons. “But this only the start. If this hurts too much, maybe we should just stop.”

“No, no no no, please don’t! It’s all good, really! Just… be gentle, that’s all.”

Kyrie looked at him pleadingly.

And so, Adam went back to work, licking her clit and sliding his finger into her, all the while Kyrie writhed her body and oozed her sweet juices for the young man to lap up.

As he increased the speed at which he thrust his finger in her pussy, Kyrie became more agitated and her vagina easier to navigate. Every flick of his tongue on her swollen knob elicited fiery moans from the teenage girl, so Adam advanced and took her twitching clit between his teeth, lightly nibbling at it and licking anything his tongue could get to. Adam relished in the feeling of Kyrie’s petite body quivering under his touch, while she squealed in maidenly delight.

When he sat up again and looked at Kyrie, sunk down in front of him and breathing unevenly, he saw something curious, something unexpected: a teenage girl, positively revelling in the pleasures of sexual stimulation. She was, on all accounts, a sexual being, but Adam didn’t want to end her newfound bliss with pain and distress. He just wanted her to stay a happy girl, maybe even preserve a little bit of her innocence, not disrupted by him or any other man trying to force the rawness of sex on her.


Her loving voice echoed through his head.

“Are we going to do it now, Adam?”, she asked cautiously. “Make love?”

It felt like a slap in the face for him. Not too hard, because it was Kyrie’s kind voice who had spoken, but he still felt like an outright fool.

He had only thought of sex as a destructive force, pulling down Kyrie with him once he had penetrated her for the first time… Almost as if she needed to be shielded from some corrupting evil.

But making love… There was nothing for her to be pulled down into. If they both desired to be with each other, having sex would be the most loving thing in the world. For Kyrie, it already was. Maybe because she was still so pure, but her and Adam entwining their bodies was the only natural thing to do in her mind. And immediately, Adam realized that sex with Kyrie should – and would – mean nothing else but making love with each other.

“Kyrie”, he uttered with teary eyes. “Come here.”

In a moment’s time, she was in his arms and they kissed, even deeper than before. He felt her small breasts brush against his torso, while he let his hands slide from her naked front to her back, holding her close to his pounding heart.

Like in a dream, Adam leaned his body forward until Kyrie gently laid on the covered floor. Her legs opened and grazed his hips, allowing him to move between her thighs while they continued kissing. All their senses sharp like a blade, they both suddenly felt his throbbing member poking at her blooming pussy.

Adam pulled away from her lips to prop himself up over her body. His eyes wandered down her maturing curves, when he finally took his cock into one hand, sliding it over her pussy lips. Up and down, just like he had done with his lips a few minutes earlier, Adam dragged his cock’s tip across Kyrie’s wet slit. Gone were the moans, only heavy breathing escaping her lungs, anticipating what was about to come next.

Finally, Adam stopped torturing the young girl and placed his penis head at her opening. He looked up at her and she brought her eyes up to his too. A questioning look crept on his face. He knew what he wanted and what she wanted him to do, but Adam sought the final approval from her.

Kyrie spoke knowingly: “It’s okay. You know it is.” Her voice was shaky, maybe even afraid. But behind every word there was an unbroken trust.

No longer could Adam wait. He carefully moved his hips forward, until his tip slipped into Kyrie’s tight pussy.

“Uhhh!”, Kyrie exclaimed as Adam steered his penis onto her hymen.

Her pussy felt incredibly tight but slippery, at least from the small depth he was reaching. Adam hadn’t quite anticipated the feeling of actually being inside a girl again, and now his breathing turned heavy too. Even though he wanted to take this further right away, he knew to take it slow, so he pulled back and very lightly thrust into her again, prodding her virginal barrier. Even if she couldn’t be, he had be steady for her.

He continued moving just his tip in and out of her, making Kyrie flinch whenever she felt it nudge her seal.

After some more prodding, Adam decided to carefully push further. He cautiously pushed into her and put some pressure into his movement.

“Ahhhh–! Ow!! Ow, ow, owwww!”

Kyrie clearly experienced pain when he pushed into her, and suddenly, Adam couldn’t feel any resistance to his penis anymore. He had breached through her hymen.

This came very abruptly to Adam. It had been about eight years since he had last slept with a virgin girl, when he was much younger, but this seemed to go unusually quickly, as his cock was already about one third inside Kyrie. Did this just go a lot smoother than he had expected, he asked himself.

Only when he noticed Kyrie’s fingers gripping his upper arms, her fingernails digging into his flesh, he instantly knew to pull out of her almost completely.

If she had been shaking before, then her whole body was quaking now, and not in a pleasurable way. Tears had formed in the corners of her eyes that were pressed together in an attempt to hold back the pain and not cry out.

“Kyrie! Kyrie, are you alright?”

The worry in his voice was palpable.

“If you need me to stop, we can stop right here… Kyrie?”

Kyrie opened her eyes, looking directly into his. She brought her arm up to her face and wiped the tears away, hiding her ruffled expression from the young man towering over her.

When her face eventually emerged from behind her arm again, she looked a little better, but still on edge.

“I… “, Kyrie tried to say. “I think… it’ll be okay… You remember what you promised me… right?”

Of course he remembered, so he nodded. Nothing could bring him to divert from his cautious path, he had promised her that!

“Then you know what I still want.”

She pulled him down, planting a kiss on his lips. He had hurt her, but she still felt the same way about him. When he moved away again, he could only do one thing.

“Kyrie… I love you so much.”

The teenage girl’s cheeks probably couldn’t get any redder.

“I like you too… a lot”, she sheepishly muttered.

And with that, Adam eased his firm penis back into her tight vagina.

“Ohhhhh!”, they both exclaimed.

Adam pulled out again, only to cautiously plunge into Kyrie again.

“Oh yes, baby”, he exclaimed over Kyrie’s moans.

His penis was half-buried inside the girl’s pussy, momentarily gripped by her squishy walls and then let go in an instant. He began slowly pumping into her, which sent waves of pleasure from his cock through his entire body. All of his senses were firing at full capacity as he penetrated the teen girl, squirming and yelping below him from the pleasures his rod sent through her.

“Adam, ohhhh! Your penis… feels really good! Ah– yesss!”

“You– Mhh… You feel great too, Kyrie.”

He couldn’t put into words what he felt. It wasn’t only that it had been ages since he last had had sex. No, it was as if this was his very first time. In his mind, he was a teenager again, losing his virginity to a young girl through incessant, desperate thrust into her ripe but inexperienced vagina. And even though Adam was a more considerate participant during this lovemaking, he had a hard time not falling back into his teenage self and just hastily pounding away.

“Ahhhhh! Yes, please go deeper, Adam!”

Kyrie’s behaviour had changed. Her whimpering was only the start, as she had begun to aryhthmically thrust her hips up at him, reciprocating his movements into her pussy. It was clumsy, how she awkwardly tried to match the strength of his unwavering pushes, but there was determination, at least as resolute. She had her first firm penis inside her and needed more of it, to please her as much as possible. Nothing in the world could compel her to let go of this man’s immensely satisfying cock.

And that is why Adam wasn’t thinking only about himself anymore. He could elevate himself to the next level of blissful sensations by frantically pummeling this girl’s tight hole with his dick. But his pleasure no longer depended on his lone highs, but worked through providing Kyrie these thrills too, bathing in their shared euphoria.

“Mhhhh”, he grunted and pushed in further.

Before long, Adam was steadily thrusting about two thirds into Kyrie and started to pick up his speed. The wailing girl wiggled under him, her vagina rhythmically clenching the cock driving into her. Forgotten was that she had just lost her virginity, forgotten was the pain, and forgotten was any sense of modesty in the heated car.

Only their bodies mattered, joint together in lust and colliding under the orange sun, while

his penis thrust deep inside her and their heartbeats escalated.

But not deep enough.

In between moans, Kyrie dragged Adam down into her arms, frantically pressing her trembling lips on his.

“Adam, I–.” She tried to steady her frantic voice without much luck. “Ahh! I meant… what I said.”

And without Adam having enough time to think about her yelped words, Kyrie moved her legs, that had been pulled up to his sides, and wrapped them around his hips. With every thrust he made, the teen girl drew him further into her, until his manhood was buried in her sheath to the hilt.

The sensations this brought were out of this world, but all that Adam could do now was concentrate on pleasuring Kyrie. His hips rose and fell in swift succession, his ball sack repeatedly slapped against her asshole beneath and his prick thrashed Kyrie’s defenseless insides. Through his vigorous but disciplined movements, Kyrie felt him deeper than she could have ever imagined. With every thrust, his invading pole bumped into her cervix, sending unfamiliar but fantastical surges through her body.

Soon, she only writhed uncontrollably under his unceasing lunges, not even able to pull him any deeper into her, as her legs had flopped to his sides again and let him move freely.

Not that it was a problem, Adam already tried to get as deep as possible. He brought Kyrie pleasure through his cock in her vagina, which her increasingly hysterical groans and moans, and vociferous cries of joy clearly showed. Even though Adam’s senses loved every second of their lovemaking, only her climax could make him feel even better about this.

“Adaaaaam”, the girl finally wailed. “I feel… it coming!”

Her moans made it difficult to express anything. So she just pulled his face down and kissed him with an intensity of sexual passion that made him think she wouldn’t ever let go of his lips.

But she couldn’t hold her voice back anymore and pulled back.

“OHH, Adam, something’s coming”, she moaned, while she held his face in place, pressing his forehead on hers. They looked into each others eyes. Kyrie’s blue eyes showed him a chased girl, taken over by her newfound animalistic urges. She could no longer hold anything back, not when all her senses told her to erupt under Adam’s fanatical motions.

“ADAM, I’M… “, Kyrie shouted, while her eyes, full of agony, stared directly into his, the craving in them spurring on his thrusts even more. “OHHHH, PLEASE ADAM! AHH YESS, I FEEL IT EVERYWHE– AH! AHHHHHHH!”

Adam didn’t stop for a second, pounding into the cumming girl as he felt her soaked pussy spasm and erratically grip his cock tightly. Her whole body was quaking, transmitting her orgasmic explosion to him.

But he wasn’t there yet himself. He could only feel her body coil around his penis, hear her ecstatic screams and look into her watery eyes, begging him not to stop. Kyrie, an inexperienced teenage girl and so beautiful in every state revealed to him, felt like this because of him; because of what he had so gratefully given her.

He knew he wasn’t special, but that wasn’t why he felt that rush from his heart, flushing his body with euphoria. He just saw this naked girl with her glowing cheeks and those blue eyes locked on him, and felt wanted. Not for something special or unique he could give, but because he was willing to give her everything he had, everything he was.

He found his lips on hers again, feverishly giving into the feeling, enveloping them both in a protective sphere, a world only for the two of them.

He thrust and thrust and thrust into Kyrie, never stopping, orchestrating her intense orgasm, while their bodies became more and more intertwined.

When the dust finally began to settle and his pushes into her slowed down, Kyrie’s convulsing body gradually began to calm, her moans stopping and only their laborious breathing able to be heard.

But a very simple plea escaped Kyrie’s lips: “Hug me. Please.”

They were the closest they had been, their heads side by side with his head in her silken hair, while their bodies touched all over. Kyrie’s soft skin smoothly slid over his, her heaving chest squeezing out teen-sized breaths, while his upper body pressed against hers. With every movement, Adam felt her small, pointed nipples poke into his chest, but when he paid attention more closely, he could also feel her fledgling heart furiously beating against the inside of her rib cage. Her body worked tirelessly to process the incredible feelings she had and was still experiencing.

Adam began kissing her again, starting at her shoulder. He planted small kisses on her, working his way up her shoulder to her neck, feeling a small layer a sweat all over her skin. Although he was still inside her, the situation was much more serene and almost without any sexual energy. He kissed her lovingly, caringly, and could feel her breathing react to him, but that was it.

Suddenly, Kyrie giggled and her lower body wiggled around, shifting his cock in her vagina.

Adam looked at her still chuckling face.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, it’s just you”, she responded with more giggles.

“Hm? What am I missing, Kyrie?”

“Oh, hiiii, you did it again”, she tittered. “ It’s just… you’re so far in me, your balls sack is

kinda tickling me… at my asshole”, and she only formed the last two words with her mouth.

Adam laughed at her revelation.

“Is that so, young lady?”, he said teasingly.

“I’m afraid so, Mister Big Guy”, she replied in a fake apologetic voice.

“Well…”, he paused dramatically, “what could be done about that?”

And with that he rotated his hips, dragging his ball sack over her exposed butthole. She couldn’t hold her laughter back anymore, the tickling just too much for her.

But as he shifted his lower body around while Kyrie laughed, she also took in sharp breaths of air whenever he slipped deeper into her pussy.

After another minute of straining her laughing muscles with his movements, she begged him to stop.

“Okay, okay, Adam! I think I’ve learned my lesson”, she shouted out with a big grin on her face. “Now: can I be on top next?”

She asked it pretty bluntly, barely any restraint left in her voice.

“Uhhm, are you sure? I mean that was pretty intense for you, I don’t know if I’m convinced you can go another round…” He was choosing his words very carefully, but Kyrie just rolled her eyes and looked at him as if to ask, if he was being serious.

“Do I, the teenaged girl, really have to remind you that your penis, which is still super-hard, is literally inside me in its entirety right now? Like, are you hearing what you’re saying?”

“Well, I don’t know…” Her voice was meaner than expected, but her proposal did rouse him. “I thought– I just don’t wanna wear you out, since all this is new to you.”

Kyrie looked as if she was about to give him the scolding of his life.

“Adam, get your act together”, she said sternly, “I’m here, begging you to do more with me. Why are you still hesitating, we both know you’re not done either?” And her vagina playfully rippled around his cock. Admittedly, there wasn’t much resistance Adam could put up anymore.

“Come on, Adam”, Kyrie whispered seductively. “I can feel your penis twitching down there.”

And with that she rotated her hips like he had before, stimulating the young man’s cock.

“Fine, if you really want to”, he said in a fake annoyed tone. A little grin appeared on his face. “I must have been pretty amazing, if you still can’t get enough, huh?”

“Oh, shut up”, she chided him, as she hit him on the arm.

He pulled out of her, the air almost cool on his lubricated dick, when it had just been enveloped by Kyrie’s warm and inviting pussy. He already missed her snug insides, which made him wonder why he ever considered stopping their lovemaking.

Adam sat himself on the edge of the bus, his feet on the ground and cock pointing straight up. Like on the rock before, Kyrie jumped on him and grabbed his rigid dick, but this time he didn’t stop her when she nudged it between her labia and slowly sank down on it, a deep sigh escaping her lungs.

They sat almost chest to chest when she began moving up and down on his shaft. It could not be denied that she was still full of enthusiasm, the way she quickly moved on him.

Adam leaned back on his elbows, admiring the breathtaking view. Kyrie’s beautiful nude body was irradiated by the low-hanging, orange sun almost directly behind her. While the young girl bounced relentlessly on his cock, her blonde hair flew around her, making it look like a wild river of gold, as the sunlight captured every single strand of hair.

With her hands on his abdomen, she pushed herself up again and again, a movement that seemed incredibly laborious to Adam, but he let her continue, if only to admire her a little longer like this. While Kyrie continuously bounced her hungry pussy hole up and down his cock, her adorable breasts bounced around even more. They were pretty small, all things considered, but seeing them move like that stirred up Adam even for something this little.

Kyrie continued leaping up and down for a few more minutes, while they just looked at each other, the occasional grunt or moan thrown in at their shared pleasure.

But suddenly, Kyrie stopped. She just fell down on his dick and looked at him as if she had done something bad.

“I’m so… sorry”, she said through her heavy breathing, wiping away the beads of sweat on her forehead. “But I just can’t continue, it’s… it’s sooo… exhausting.”

Adam immediately came up to her again, taking her face in his hands and gently kissing it.

“It’s okay, it’s okay”, he reassured between kisses. “The pace you were going at was maybe too much with your experience. Riding, or more like sex in general, takes a lot practice. You mind if i maybe… assist you a little?”

Kyrie sniffed a little.

“No, of course not.”

“Okay. I’m gonna take it a little slower.”

His hands drifted down her back, until they found her round butt cheeks. He grasped and his fingers sank into her soft teenage flesh once more. He pulled her up by her ass until his cock head was the only part remaining inside Kyrie. Then he very calmly let her body sink down on his penis again.

In a very controlled manner, he just slid her from the base of his cock to his tip and back down again. With time, the pace increased and the two started moaning again.

Since he was now in the perfect position, Adam began sucking and nibbling on Kyrie’s erect nipples, which she acknowledged with shrill moans and her hands holding his head, ruffling his chair and spurring him on further.

All parts of her breasts were so astonishingly soft, he couldn’t possibly limit his loving suckles only to her tiny buds. He tried to envelop as much of her cute mounds in his mouth as possible, licking and sucking all over her chest. Especially soft was the barely touched skin on the sides of her breasts just beneath her armpits, that functioned as a kind of connective tissue between her boobs and the sides of her body.

And through his whole obsession with Kyrie’s breasts, he continued to slide her up and down his shaft.

But at some point, Adam could already feel a slight pinch in his balls. The girl’s tight inner palace was doing its work, squeezing all around his shaft, signalling her building pleasure as well. His breathing had become a lot heavier, but now he had to do something about this. These movements were nice, but he would need something more, something more intense, to satisfy them both.

“EEEEK!” She was surprised when he pulled her down until he hit the car’s floor. In this position Adam was a lot more free to move as he pleased, and he used that to thrust up at her, not building up to a high speed this time, but mercilessly stabbing up into her from the beginning.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohh!”, Kyrie moaned in time with every thrust of his.

“How do you like that?”

“MHHHH, A-dam, I love it!”

He held her ass cheeks, yanking her as far down on his cock as he could. Their flesh slapped against each other, lusting bodies intertwined and her lips found his again.

But seeing as how insatiable he was, even this position couldn’t satisfy him.

“Baby, we’re gonna have to try another position”, he said with arduous breaths, grabbing

Kyrie by her hips and pulling the young girl off of his dick to his left. “Just… just lie down on your side.”

“Ha”, she breathed. “Okay.”

Kyrie clearly still grappled with the situation, as she had just felt another orgasm slowly building. But she did as he told her and lied down with her back to him, her front side facing the open door of the car and the beautiful orange sun.

Adam eyed her in this position, her rear side looking just as desirable as the rest of her body. He reached out and slid his hand over her lower back, her waist and hips, and onto her butt. Very distinctly he could see his big, red hand prints over her little ass cheeks. A little smile crept on his face as he laid down behind Kyrie.

Just for a few seconds, Adam rubbed his aching cock between her soft, cherry cheeks, before he bent his stiff penis down, attempting to get it into her again, to which Kyrie instinctively opened her legs for him.

Adam didn’t waste any more time and shoved it right into her waiting pussy, picking up where they had left off, pounding into her at full force.

“Oh, Kyrie!”, he groaned into her neck, full of lust. Her vagina had more or less accustomed to his thick penis stretching her, but it was still narrow beyond belief. “You’re so tight, oh, it feels amazing!”

Kyrie responded with a loud moan and pressed her petite body into to his.

For a few more minutes, he just kept up his breakneck pace, his cock hitting Kyrie’s deepest point once more. Kyrie pushed her pelvis back at him hard, stimulating both of their sex organs with unrelenting movements.

His head was buried in her neck while he felt her all over. Her body crashed back against him, while his hands wandered over body restlessly, grabbing her small breasts, grazing her navel, caressing her delicate hip bone, until he reached her protruding clit. Just a few touches were enough for the teenage girl to soar over the edge.

“OHHHHHHHH, ADAAAAAM!”, Kyrie screamed and looked back at him, violently pulling him in for a kiss. He felt her trembling lips and her restless tongue searching for something to hold on to in his mouth.

“ADAM, I… OHH, I FEEL IT AGAIN!”, she yelped in between kisses, her hand coming up behind his head, forcefully pulling on his hair to draw him nearer.

At this point, Adam was gouging out the depths of Kyrie’s pussy with his raw cock, his hurting balls repeatedly flying onto the girl’s bruised clit. Her vagina was spasming like crazy, even stronger than before, squeezing Adam’s rigid manhood wildly as he tried to prolong this moment for a little longer.

His love for this girl was stronger than he could say and he didn’t want to end this one-of-a-kind moment they were having: Embracing each other in the orange sunlight, feeling the other’s sweat on their own body, pleasuring and being pleasured by a loving person.

While Kyrie’s orgasm prevailed and let the young girl ascend to another plane of euphoria, Adam was right behind her, his penis getting walloped by Kyrie’s already tight but still clenching pussy.

While before, he had been willing to give Kyrie everything, now he was actually going to cede everything of his to her.

“Kyrie–!”, he gasped for air in a futile attempt to control his voice. “I’m– Ohhhh! OH, OHH, KYRIE! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU, KYRIE!”

Adam plunged his cock as deep into Kyrie as possible, when he finally felt his balls release what had wanted to escape all this time. The first rope of his semen jutted out of his climaxing penis and into Kyrie’s defenseless vagina, while the young man gripped the girl’s body, holding on for dear life, his pained voice mixing with hers.


Her delirious screams, his excruciating grunts; they were both suppressed but not quenched by their lips, heatedly mashed together in distress.

One, two, three more powerful spurts of potent seed sent into her, his cock head repeatedly exploding from the stimulation, making his whole body convulse as he felt lust, pain, happiness, and the onset of satisfaction coursing through him.

Kyrie had still not come down from her orgasm, shaking and rocking back at him, while she bathed with him in a sea of pleasure.

Four, five, six, and Adam had almost emptied his balls into her. Even after Kyrie had sucked him off on the rock, the size of his load was still immense, and Kyrie’s vulnerable insides did everything to vigorously milk it from his balls.

He could feel her receptive but cramped vagina overflowing with his sperm, the thick, white fluid even pushing to drip out where the lovers were joined, while Adam moved his cumming penis back and forth.

With a gratified grunt, Adam pushed into Kyrie for the last time, unloading the last wad of spunk in her womb.

Then it was quiet. Only their labored breaths rang in their ears and the lingering impression of satisfaction in their heads.

They were still joined together, peacefully in each other’s arms and his cock inside her.

It was over. Their lovemaking had concluded, but they couldn’t have felt any closer. They had been with each other, in their happiest and most vulnerable moment, being closer in sex than they could have dreamed of.

Nothing else mattered but their affection. Nothing seemed significant enough to care about; not the other people in their lives, not the world they had come from, not the past they had escaped. Only the flames that had been ignited inside their hearts mattered to them, something they knew was love, even if it had happened so abruptly.

And in that sense, even their futures didn’t mean anything. They had found something unexpected, something intense beyond de***********ion; what came next almost didn’t matter in that moment. They only knew it would somehow involve the two of them, together, and that’s all that was important.

Adam’s once-hard penis had begun to shrink inside Kyrie, while the pair held each other and looked into the sunset. Slowly but surely, it started to retract from her cum-filled pussy, until it finally slipped out of Kyrie, now just lying on her thigh, coating it with their bodily fluids. His thick semen followed suit, lazily oozing out of the young girl’s stretched vagina.

After some time, Kyrie disengaged from his arms, crawled to the edge of the car and hopped outside, standing with her back to him. She had her hands on her hips with her tender fingers planted on her lower back, stretching her body toward the sun. Her legs were slightly spread, allowing Adam’s sparkling seed to run down her inner thighs, but Kyrie didn’t seem bothered by it.

Even after their exhausting sex, Adam couldn’t help but admire Kyrie’s body once more in the soothing dark-orange sunlight. Her legs, her butt, her back and shoulders, topped off by her magnificent golden hair, tousled from their lovemaking.

He smiled to himself.

Seemingly sensing his glance on her backside, Kyrie turned halfway to him. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled back at him.

They didn’t say anything, and they didn’t have to. Everything was clear to them.

Suddenly, Kyrie turned around and bounded off in direction of the cliff. Adam, still smiling, sighed and began cleaning up, wiping their juices off his limp penis, attempting the same with the stained blanket and a sip of bottled water, before giving up, and folding it together.

One of the car’s front doors was opened and the next thing Adam felt was something hitting the back of his head.

“There you go, scatterbrain”, Kyrie shouted in a playful voice. “Wouldn’t wanna leave this behind, right?”

She had gotten in on the driver’s side and thrown his swim trunks at him.

“Hey! That’s not nice, young lady!”, he scolded her, feigning anger. “But also… thank you, baby!”

He blew her kiss and Kyrie reacted by sticking out her tongue at him.

Adam climbed over the console onto the passenger seat, grabbing Kyrie’s phone lying on it. The teen girl hadn’t bothered putting her swimsuit back on, sitting at the wheel fully nude, looking out at the shimmering sea.

Absentmindedly, Adam unlocked the phone in his hand and took some photos of the scenery.

“You didn’t tell me what to do”, Kyrie suddenly interrupted his photographing.

“… What?”

“When I was on top!” She turned to him, speaking with an accusatory voice. “You didn’t tell me what to do!”

“Uhm… I didn’t know I should have. You just looked so cute trying your hardest.”

She pouted at him.

“I’m sorry”, he apologized with a grin. “You were so enthusiastic and determined, I just… kinda liked seeing you that way.”

“Well, I really enjoyed being on top, so I would have appreciated some guidance from the expert on the matter. Next time you’ll have to do better”, she explained matter-of-factly.

“Oh?” Adam chuckled. “So there’s going to be a next time?”

Kyrie’s face instantly turned beet-red.

“I– I mean, that’s not–”, she stammered weakly. “I guess… we can do it again sometime, if you really want to.”

“Only if you also really want to”, he inquired.

“Shut up”, she replied, looking down at her feet with a little smile on her face. “You know I do.”

Adam couldn’t love her any more in that moment.

“Come here”, he whispered and leaned over, planting his lips on hers.

Nothing could beat that feeling, and they thanked the heavens that it felt like an eternity until their lips had to part again.

They sat back, admiring the view once more.

“Sooo…”, Adam said, pretentiously clearing his throat. “Where will the young lady take us next on our journey?”

Kyrie thought about her answer.

“Far away”, she responded with longing and hope in her voice. “Just anywhere. I always wanted to travel the world.”

“Aye aye, sir! But Kyrie…”, and she looked at him with momentary concern, “I know you’re very confident person, but as to not confuse any police officer, I’m gonna have to ask you to cover up that gorgeous body of yours.”

Her worried face turned into a smile and then a relieved laugh, making him laugh too.

Adam pointed the camera at the laughing girl, and took one last photo: Kyrie, naked and illuminated under the red evening sun, sitting in the driver’s seat of her dream car laughing, all her teeth showing in this happy moment.

A perfect moment captured in one photo, never to be forgotten.

New memories for an old car.

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