The Girl – Book 1 – Chapter 4 by boardpin123

She entered the workshop just as they were closing. She was dressed in her old school uniform. It was tightly fitting her curves. Until the last client left, she wondered around the shop, pretending to check out things like leather bags and accessories that they were selling. She made sure Hank and Sam got a good look of her from all angles. She even asked Hank to hold a ladder so she can see a Harley-Davidson leather bag, which was hanging on a wall. She then gave him a good view of her innocent white panties under her skirt.

Even in the dim light Hank could see the panties were dump.

— “It’s dangerous to tease, you know.” — he whispered, when she descended the ladder.

— “And that you gonna do about it?” — she said with a smile.

— “You better be out of here, before the shop is empty.” — whispered Hank — “Else you can get more then you bargained for.”

— “Oh, I think I have a couple more bags to check out.”

She didn’t stop teasing them, bending on straight legs to look at some nice rims, and showing off her chest by rising her hands and yawning beside the counter.

After the last client left, Sam bolted the door and drown the curtains. Hank got from behind the counter, and they both looked at her. Fear came into her heart. She saw in their eyes she teased them a little to hard.

— “You think you can barge in like that?” — barked Hank — “Whenever you like? Like you own the place?”

— “No. Please.” — she cowered — “I didn’t mean to.”

— “You think you can tease us, with your slutty body?” — joined Sam from behind her. — “Like the boys from the school?”

— “No. I really didn’t mean to.” — she said afraid — “I just wanted to give you a show.”

— “So you’ll tease us with your tits and ass, and we will do as you please?” — said Hank as they converged on her.

— “No, sir. Please” — She plead — “I just wanted to please you.”

— “Oh, you will, kid.” — said Sam — “You will.”

He grabbed her from behind, and squeezed her hands behind her back. This pushed her chest out in the direction of Hank. Hank looked hungrily at her, touched her breasts with both hands, and then ripped her white buttoned shirt open. Her small tits were exposed.

— “You think you’re too good for us, don’t you.” — he said.

— “No, sir.” — she begged — “I’m not. I’m a filthy whore.” — she shouted in despair — “I’m a hole to be used. I’m nothing.”

— “Yes you are.” — Said Hank, ripping her panties from below her skirt. — “And don’t forget it.” — he said, taking a wrench in his hand. — “You are just a hole.”

Sam covered her mouth with his hand silencing her, as Hank moved the wrench under her skirt. Looking into her eyes, he pushed the metal into her pussy, with the full force of his hand. She wailed. He then pushed it deeper and deeper, scratching her insides and causing her to wiggle. Finally, as he was very deep, he smiled and he shoved it hard with his hand, hitting the bottom of her vagina. She screamed into Sam’s hand, like mad.

— “Not so proud now, huh?” — he said.

She only shook her head “no”. He shoved it again.

— “Not so empowered, huh?”

Her cries were muffled again. Tears started to stream down her face. They tied her hands and fastened the ties on a hook dropped from the ceiling. Sam pushed a button on a control, and her hands were lifted above her head, making her stand on tip toes.

— “Please, I’ll do anything.”

— “Shut up bitch, or I’ll shove a wire brush up that cunt.” — said Hank. — “But you can scream as much as you like. This part of the shop is nearly sound proof.”

— “Yeah. We do some loud stuff here.” — said Sam.

Hank took the hold of the wrench, which was nearly falling out. He shoved it back up, and turned it meanly. Lilly screamed.

— “Don’t drop it bitch. Or the next one will be bigger.”

Even despite the pain, she squeezed her muscles to keep the darn thing in. Sam came in front of her with some pliers, and smiled. She immediately started to cry, but didn’t say a word. He touched her left nipple with the closed pliers. The cold metal caused the nipple to stand up. He ten toyed with it for a bit, and then quickly caught it in between the metal jaws of the pliers. She screamed again. He smiled at her, and turned the handle, causing he more pain. He then let go and started to tease her other nipple. She didn’t knew which was worse, having her nipples tortured, or waiting for the inevitable torture to happen. Just when her breath calmed down, Sam crushed her other nipple in the pliers, making her wail yet again.

After some evil twisting and turning of her nipples, he rubbed her pussy with his other hand. She relaxed a bit, and thought he was wanting her to cum. She had to say, she was close. He parted her pussy lips and traced his fingers around the wrench. Finally he separated the flaps with two fingers and rubbed her clitoris with the middle one. Her clit was very sensitive, and his rough fingers felt like sand paper. It was an intense mixture of extreme pleasure and pain.

She was so concentrated on the feeling, that she didn’t notice his other hand approaching, and before it was too late, she felt the cold metal of the pliers close on her engorged clit. She screamed like a banshee, and after another squeeze, she passed out.

She was woken with some smelling salts. She was on the ground, with her hands tied behind her back.

— “Kneel.” — ordered Hank.

She didn’t move. Sam took a piece of rubber pipe, and smacked her back. It hurt like hell and immediately felt a red welt on her back. She was weak, and to slow to move, so more hits landed on her body. Soon her back and ass was covered in a maze of red welts, some of them bloody.

— “Kneel.” — repeated Hank.

This time she weakly moved onto her knees. The position pushed the wrench up her pussy again.

As she straighten, Hank knelt in front of her. He took a car battery cable, and closed the two claps on her nipples, making her gasp. He then took out his dick, and grabbed her head with both hands.

— “Open up, bitch.” — he said, and shoved his cock into her mouth.

As she was kneeling, her body was perfectly aligned, and soon he started to fuck her throat. Her ass was lifted off her legs, and she felt Sam caress her ass. She then felt put a greased finger in her anus. Then another. And then another. He was fucking them in and out. It was nice compared to the wrench up her pussy. Finally he pulled the fingers out, and replaced it with his cock. It took a bit of force to push hit past her sphincter, but he didn’t care.

Every time he pushed hard on her, she felt like her insides were moving. She also felt his dick touching the wrench, somewhere inside of her. Hank fucked her throat and her nose was in his pubes, making it very hard to breath. As they got more into it, they started to torture her more. Sam started to move the wrench, while he fucked her hard and rough. Hank on the other hand, was squeezing her nose, cutting off air until she was turning red.

She was hurt. All over. She was constantly on the brink of lousing consciousness from the pain and lack of oxygen. Welts on her back were pulsating with pain as blood was flowing through them. Her clit was still aching from the pliers. Her pussy was being violated by a rusted metal tool. Her ass, now nearly dry, was fucked without mercy. She could feel her throat being stretched under the skin of her neck with every thrust of Hank’s huge cock. Her tits were pulled down by the weight of the battery cable. The claps dug into the sensitive flesh of her nipples, and were moving as she was shoved around. Her hands were tied painfully behind her back. both ankles and elbows. Even her legs hurt, as her socks moved down her legs, and her naked knees were scraping the floor.

Finally they both came. Sam filled her guts, and Hank filled her mouth. As he was cumming, he withdrew to her mouth on purpose, and filled her mouth with cum. She knew better then to spill even a drop, and she tried to swallow everything, but it was too much, and she choked and coughed, and ended up having the cum spill both from her mouth and nose.

After they were finished with her, they thrown the to the ground. She laid there, with her face covered in her tears, cum and saliva. With a wrench sticking out of her pussy, and claps on her nipples. Hank looked at her in a kind of change. He looked like he just realized what they did to her. He grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her to the back entrance. She tried to keep up on her knees, but was dragged lifeless most of the way. Hank threw her into the back alley, cut off the binds on her hands and kicked her into the filthy gutter in the alley.

— “Go home.” — he said. — “And never come back.” — he was very stern. — “If you come here again, it will be much worse. We’ll have no mercy.” — he shouted closing the door.


She laid in the gutter for a second, feeling the cum leak out of her ass. She was hurt. She covered herself with what was left of her uniform, and stumbled to the end of the alley. She then went through the hole she escaped by the first time, and entered the other alley. She had some cloths hidden there. And her back pack. She pulled out the wrench, and wrapped it up in her ripped shirt. It was a bit bloody. She placed it in her back pack, and done a clean shirt. Long sleeves. She also changed the skirt to a long one. She wiped her face, and looked at herself in the mirror.

She put on the back pack, and started to walk home. As she walked, she felt the cum from her ass, and the blood from her pussy, to slowly leak onto her thighs.

The idea of not visiting them again didn’t even cross her mind. But she was an intelligent and well educated girl, so she decided, that some preparation is needed.

She convinced the coach of her swim team that she needed a full body, long sleeve, long pants, swim suit. That would help her with hiding any bruises and wounds. She also got vaccinated for hepatitis and rabies.

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