The Girl – Book 1 – Chapter 3 – 3/3 by boardpin123

The night was very uncomfortable. It was hard to move in the confined space. She could not straighten her legs, or lay on her side. She ended up falling asleep curled on her knees.

She was waken from her uneasy sleep, by the bright light, when Sam uncovered her cage. Before she even adjusted to the light, and woken properly, she shrieked as Sam sprayed her with cold water with a water hose. She tried to hide from the stream, but she could not even move a muscle in her cage.

After the initial rinse, Sam opened the cage and pulled Lilly by the chain. As she stood on all fours he continued to wash her off with the hose. He then washed her legs and ass caressing it with his hand. He then directed a strong stream between her legs. As she got used to the coldness of the water, the feeling was someway nice.

Sam switched off the stream, pressed the nuzzle against her anus, and held her body with the other hand.

— “You’ll grow to like it.” — he said, opening the stream. — “Bitch like you should do it frequently.” — he explained, as her bowels filled with water. — “You wouldn’t want to soil a man who decides to use your ass?”

— “I wouldn’t, sir.”

— “Because that’s what you are.” — he said stopping the stream. — “A hole to be used.”

— “Yes.” — She said, holding the water with her sphincter. — “And I want to be a clean hole, sir.”

— “Clean of shit.” — he smiled — “Full of cum.”

— “Yes, sir.”

He stood up, and led her by the chain to the drain in the floor. While she walked on all fours, she clenched her buttocks to keep the water it.

Finally she squatted over the drain and waited.

— “Release.”

She relaxed her muscles and the water came out of her ass, into the drain. There was not much shit, as she didn’t eat nearly anything yesterday.

— “Wash.” — said Sam, throwing her a big yellow car sponge, soaked in soap.

She washed all over with the harsh sponge, including her chest, pussy and ass. Sam then took the sponge from her hand and rinsed her again with the cold water from the hose. Clearly the sight of the helpless young naked girl was making him horny. As she dried herself with the rug she was sleeping under earlier, she looked at him invitingly.

As he unbuckled his belt, she smiled. But her smile quickly disappeared as she saw him take off the belt and approach her.

She tried to hid from the strikes, but still the leather hitting her naked skin was very painful. She culled from the belt in the corner, but the hits were relentless. When he stopped, she hurt all over, and sobbed, curled up in a ball. He then pulled her by a leg, back into the middle of the trench. She was laying on her front. He spread her legs, and undid his pants.

— “Please …” — she started to beg.

— “Shut up, bitch.” — he said, landing one more strike across her back.

He then laid on her, immobilizing her with his weight. He directed his dick with his hand, at the opening of her anus.

— “Please, no.” — she begged, as she was completely dry, and her ass wasn’t stretched by the butt plug like the last time.

— “You think you have a say in this?” — shouted Sam — “You’re just a hole.” — he pushed her head onto the ground hard — “A worthless hole to be used, by anybody who want to.”

With that, he pushed hard at her sphincter, until it gave way. Even being still a bit wet from the enema, it was rough and very painful. With every stroke, she felt the friction irritate her delicate skin.

He didn’t care. He just used her, as she laid there and cried. She could not do anything.

After he came, he simply stood up, and zipped his pants. She laid there sobbing, not able to move. He took something from a stool and approached her again.

— “Let’s don’t forget your small toy.” — he said, as he forced her dry butt plug up her ass, as she cried out.

Clearly causing her pain was a big turn on for him. He unfastened the chain from the bolt in the floor and pulled her onto all fours. He then led her like a dog, up the stairs, and into another part of the workshop. There was a small resting with a kitchen annex.

— “We got up early today, especially for you” — said Sam — “So I think it’s only prudent of you to make us some breakfast.”

He fixed her chain to ring in the floor, which they clearly made today. He then showed her the ingredients, and left. She was exhausted, and her legs were weak, but she knew better then to say anything. She prepared some sandwiches, some scrambled eggs and some tea. She then placed it all on the table, knelt by the table and waited. She didn’t prepare a plate for herself, as she knew it would only bring more whipping.

She didn’t wait long, before Hank and Sam came. Sam took two dog bowls. He filled one with water, and the other with some dog food from a can. He placed them under the table, and they sat.

They all started to eat. Lilly was so hungry she ate the greasy dog food in seconds. She then lapped the water. They even didn’t have to tell her not to use her hands. After she finished, she knelt beside the table, waiting for them. She felt very warm and fuzzy, when one of Hanks huge hands stroked her hair and back of her head. She purred like a cat, closing her eyes. The situation was surreal. She was being petted by the men, who raped her several times, tortured her, and tried to kill her. And it felt so good.

It didn’t last long, as Hank pulled her under the table and ordered her to unzip his pants and take out his dick. As she did that, she admired how big it was, even not fully erect. She caressed it with her hands, feeling it getting hard under her fingers. When it started to get big, she took the head of it into her mouth, and used her hands on his shaft.

When they finished eating, Sam stood up and placed the dishes in the sink. Hank lifted Lilly off the floor, and laid her on the table. He spread her legs and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She was thanking the heavens he didn’t decide to fuck her ass like Sam.

— “You are one wet slut” — he commented, as he pushed the head of his dick in.

She held to the edge of the table, as he pushed more and more of his monstrous dick, with each stroke. Her eager moist pussy, combined with her saliva on his dick, was making the process quite smooth. When he went balls deep, he was hitting her cervix, causing her pain. But at the same time, when he was all the way in, he was grinding against her clit, stimulating pleasure. The mix of these intense feelings, bad and good, was overwhelming.

— “What are you?”

— “A hole to be used.”

— “By who?”

— “Anybody who wants me.”

— “And what can we do with you?”

— “Anything.” — she grunted between his thrusts — “Anything you want, sir.”

— “Can we fuck you?”

— “Yes” — she moaned

— “Can we rape you?”

— “Yes” — her orgasm was building

— “Can we hurt you?”

— “Yes” — she started to push herself on him.

— “Why?”

— “Because …” — she moaned — “Because I’m a …” — she strained — “Because I’m a worthless whore” — she shouted as she came.

With each thrust a wave of orgasm went through her. Her contracting vaginal walls squeezed Hank’s dick, which caused him to cum after just a few more strokes. She felt torrents of cum, deposited directly into her womb.

As she withdrew, he zipped up his pants and looked at her. She was laying still on the table, spreadeagled, her pussy gaping, and her ass plugged with the plastic plug. Hank unfastened the chain from the floor, took her into his hands, and carried her out.

Sam used the power tool to undo her metal collar, and Hank placed her on her feet at the entrance. Her legs were very weak and she could barely keep them together. Hank pulled the summer dress over her head, and placed her shoes in her feet. Then they opened the door and pushed her outside.

— “Have a nice day at school, kid” — said Hank.

Before closing the door, as she was standing back to them, Sam pulled out the butt plug from her ass with one strong tug. He placed it in her pocket and smacked her ass as a goodbye and closed the door.


Lilly stood for a second on the street. The street was busy with people hurrying to work and school. Nobody was noticing her. Her whole body ached. Her ass and pussy felt used, stretched and sore. She felt welts on her skin under the thin material of her dress. It felt weird, that on the outside she looked so normal. A girl standing on a street in a summer dress.

When she started to walk, she felt that the cum started to leak out of her two holes, down her thighs. She couldn’t do anything about it, so she just walked straight to her school.

At school she went to the bathroom and tried her best to clean her legs, but most of the cum already dried. She cleaned herself as best she could with the toilet paper and spit in the stall and then went for her classes.

Throughout the day she had the feeling she was stinking of cum and sex, and that people were looking at her weird. Especially male teachers.

After school she rushed home and took a long warm shower. She traced her curves in the shower. She admired how flat her belly is, remembering how it raised when Hank pushed his cock in. How her pelvis was pried open, and her legs felt moved even more apart.

Next few days, she was constantly thinking about what happened. She got into the habit of having a shit always at the same time in the morning, and giving herself enema. So during the days she had her rectum squeaky clean. She also started to train her ass not only with a butt plug, but with other straight longer objects, to keep her insides aligned. She also spent most evening with something keeping her mouth forcefully open. She used a stress ball, similar to the one Sam used, a ring gag she made out of a metal ring and some old belt, and of course her mom’s dildo sometimes.

She also became much more horny. She was frequently on edge in school, and ended up masturbating in the bathroom. She didn’t know if it was related or only by chance, but her body also changed it shape. Her tits became more pronounced, her ass widened, and her pussy lips became more fluffy. She started to fill her school uniform more.

As soon as her parents noticed and bought her a new one, she made a scene of throwing the old one out, really keeping it under her bed to use it later.

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