The Girl – Book 1 – Chapter 01 by boardpin123

Lilly was walking slowly down an dark alley. The place was filthy. Dirty ground, some bins, trash, and a never drying paddle of water in the middle. All windows from the alley side were either covered or dark. The only light in the alley was coming from the main road from which she was walking. From the map on her phone, she knew the alley ended with a turn, and went to another major road. But she could not see the turn yet.

— “Hey baby. Where you’re heading?” — A voice said behind her.

— “Oh. You startled me.” — She said turning. — “I’m just passing.”

— “Maybe we can help, if you’re searching for something.” — another voice said as two men emerged from behind a bin.

The men weren’t some homeless guys living in the alley, but they weren’t clean either. They were big, hard working, men, probably in their sixties.

— “No. I know my way. Thank you.” — She replied politely.

— “You don’t look like you know your way.” — One of the men grabbed her arm.

— “Please. I’m just passing by.” — She said, looking to the ground.

— “Nice phone you have there.” — Said the other man, taking the phone out of her hand.

— “Hey. Please, it’s mine.” — She said getting more worried.

— “Of course it’s yours.” — said the men — “We are no thieves” — he smiled — “We just would not want you to call anybody” — he said opening the phone with a quick move and taking out the battery and the SIM card.

She instinctively tried to grab it, but was shoved by the other man to the brick wall of the alley. The man grabbed her by her neck and held her to the wall.

— “Please” — she started to said, and the man placed the finger on her lips.

— “Shh. Let it happen.” — he said squeezing her throat — “And maybe we’ll let you live.”

She was petrified. She could not move or make a sound. The man lowered his hand, leaning his face closer to her. Looking into her eyes all the time, he shoved his hand up her skirt. She tried to stop him by closing her legs, but he was too strong. And every time she tried to fight him in any way the grip on her neck was becoming unbearable. The big hand, with thick fingers, was roaming freely under her skirt. Her panties were first shoved to the side, but after some time, the man just ripped them off of her with one single tug.

His fingers quickly found their way between her pussy lips, massaging her, and then slowly inside of her hole.

— “Please. No.” — She whispered.

The man smiled, and took his hand off her crotch. A brief moment of hope for the girl was soon broken by the same hand, catching her shirt and pulling it forcefully down. One side ripped, and the other just slid off her shoulder.

— “Look, Sam. She doesn’t have her tits yet.” — He said to his friend, they both laughed.

Even in this situation, she was hurt by this comment. She tried to cover her exposed nipples with her arm, but it was quickly smacked by the man.

— “Try that again and I’ll break your arm.” — The man said and started to squeeze her small breast and fondle her nipple.

— “Please. Don’t hurt me.” — She said, her voice trembling from fear.

— “We’re not going to hurt you little one. As long as you’ll be a good girl.” — he said — “What’s your name?”

— “Lilly”

— “Nice. I’m Hank, and this is Sam.” — he responded — “Nice to meet you.”

She looked at them, not knowing what they want. Suddenly she felt the grip on her throat tighten.

— “I said: Nice to meet you”

— “Nice …” — she started — “Nice to meet you”

— “Sir.”

— “Nice to meet you, sir.”

— “Good. Now.” — he loosen his grip — “Are you gonna be a good girl?”

— “Ye… yes.” — she mumbled.

— “Are you gonna be a good girl and suck us off?”

A new force came into her, and she shouted:

— “No way in hell” — and spat on the man shoes.

Just as she did that, she realized it was a horrible idea. Before she could react, the man slapped her face so hard, he cut her lip and she fell to the ground. She scratched her elbows and knees on the hard pavement, and as she was getting on all four, she felt a kick in the stomach. She felt like the kick lifted her off the ground, and she landed again on the hard pavement, soaking her ripped cloths in the dirty water.

— “Hurting also works for us.” — the man said, and the two men started to kick her.

The kicked her all over her legs, her stomach, back, and even her face. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but it didn’t help. When they finally stopped, she was curled like a fetus, with a bleeding nose and bruises. She then felt one of the men take her hands stretching them. The other man straighten her legs. Her top was ripped and was mostly around her waist, as was her skirt. The man by her legs, knelt and grabbed both of her legs in one hand. This hand was huge, and he held her knees to her torso with ease. Her pussy and ass were completely exposed, and the man started to play with her.

The other man, Hank, knelt over her face, putting his full weight of his legs over her arms. He then unzipped his pants, and took his cock out. It was huge. And it was just in her face. He first humped his dick and balls over her face a few times, and then grabbed forcefully the hair on the back of her head, and pulled her head back. He pulled so hard, top of her head was now painfully pushed to the pavement. Even if she tried, she would not be able to keep her mouth closed in this position. Her mouth gaped open, and he places his dick in it. He then caught one of her extended nipples, and pinched it hard, making the girl scream. As she started to scream and arch her body, he pushed his dick deep into her mouth, going all the way into her throat.

His cock was so big, it choked her completely, cutting off air. His balls landed on her eyes and nose. He then retracted a bit and shoved the big fat dick even further. Each thrust she tried to catch her breath, while the man fucked her face hard. After some moments of nearly constant panic inducing suffocation, the man laid himself on her small body, grabbed her head with both hands, and fucked her mouth until an orgasm. When he came, she pushed himself so deep he dislocated the girl’s jaw. He held her until he deposited all his cum directly in her belly, while she frantically shook underneath him, fighting for air. Finally he released her, and she gasped catching her violated face and throat.

Only then, she noticed that the man at her legs, had two fingers up her pussy and one in her ass. He was fucking them in and out, grinning.

— “Wait. I’ll fix it.” — The man said, while she was trying to understand what happened with her jaw.

She felt a hard slap on her face, and heard a clunk of bone jumping to the right place.

— “Nice, Sam. You’re a real doctor.” — The other man laughed — “You should thank the man for being so nice to you.” — He said — “Fingering your pussy, while you were busy sucking me off. And fixing your jaw for you. Real trooped Sam is.”

Sam didn’t wait for her response, and just unzipped his pants, and took out his cock. He took the girl by the hair and pulled her head to his crotch.

This time the girl kept her mouth shut. Behind her, Hank took some wire from the ground, and tied her hands behind her back with it. Then he took off his belt, and smacked her ass. He then started to whip her back and legs, until she opened her mouth. Sam caught her head with both hands and shoved his dick deep, and started to fuck himself with her mouth. If she thought her compliance would end her torment, she was mistaken. She felt the belt land on her legs yet again. She lost count on how many times she was hit, but she knew some of the wounds were open by the time the man finished in her mouth. The two men stood up and started to whisper in a distance while she laid on the ground.

— “So, what do we do with her now?”

— “I know a good place to dispose of the body, just beside the river”

— “That is good thinking. But do we play with her a bit more, before we off her?”

— “No reason not to, but I would tape her mouth first, so she would not scream, while we gut her.”

— “I have some duck tape in the car. I also have a crow bar that would fit perfectly in that cunt.” — the man said with a vile smile and left.

While Sam was gone Hank stood tall over the girl and smiled at her.

— “Please, sir, I won’t say anything. Please just …” — she started to beg.

He lifted his heavy shoe and stomped hard on her face, breaking her nose and hitting her head on the hard concrete.

— “Shut the fuck up.” — He said, just as Sam came back.

They taped her mouth shut, and then one of them sat again over her face, and the other held her legs spread-eagled. Hank (who was sitting on her) took the hooked end of the crow bad, and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. As she cried inside the tape, underneath him, he moved it around, until it found the mark, and slowly made it’s way into her hole. The crow bar wasn’t thick, but this end was flattened and was quite rough also. It scratched her vaginal walls as it was pushed in with each twist and turn Hank did. Finally the whole section was up her pussy and the bend was laying comfortably on her crotch, and the main arm of the crow bar was on her belly. Not comfortably for her, of course. Then, they taped the metal rod onto her torso with same duck tape, and covered it with what was left of her top. They stood up, and lifted her, so that she would stand. Her face was bloody, her hands were tied, and she was standing awkwardly, as she had a big piece of metal shoved up her pussy. The two men smiled.

Sam, took the wire off her hands, wanting to tie them also with duck tape in front of her, but as soon as he did that, she grabbed the nearest bin and tipped it over between herself and the two men. As there was some serious filth in it, the two men instinctively jumped back. The girl took this opportunity and ran to the other end of the alley.

— “There is no way to run” — Sam said, as they calmly started to walk behind her.

She came to the end of the alley, the turn she saw on the map was nowhere to be seen.

— “Here, here, little kitty …” — Hank mocked her, while caving in on her.

Suddenly she noticed that there is a gap between buildings, which was hard to spot in the dim light. Most of it was covered with some planks, but there was a small opening. But she was small. She could fit. Quickly, without thinking twice, she slipped through the hole, into a narrow gap between the buildings, and ran. “They would not be able to follow.” she thought, and she was right. The men tried their best. After some time they had to stop, as they knew that the girl would sooner or later alert somebody and it would be best if they would not be found in the alley.

After — If you want to read Part 2

She found some enclosed spot in the next alley. She was full of emotions, and when she finally knelt, she started to sob quietly. She was hurt, frightened that they would kill her, and above all, frightened that she would let them. She felt sore, helpless, but also she felt more horny then anytime in her short life. She felt damaged. In all ways possible. And as she sobbed, as she felt all the wounds on her young body, still the heel of her foot found it’s way between her buttocks and pushed the crow-bar even further. The pain burned anew, but at the same time, she the intense feeling of her clit on the cold and hard metal.

She woke up from her daydreaming, and shuddered. She started quickly to get the tape off her body. As she didn’t have any hair to pull out, ripping off the tape proven to be not so painful. Pulling out the crowbar, was a different thing. First she tried to do it delicately, but it was too painful. So placed a folded piece of cardboard between her teeth, grabbed the thing with both hands, and pulled it out in one smooth motion. It stung as hell, and she cried into her make-shift gag, but at least it was quick. The crowbar was bloody. Blood was also dripping out of her pussy. She didn’t know how much of it was from breaking her hymen, and how much was just from scratching her insides.

She used the water from a nearby puddle to clean her skin of all the blood. She knew it wasn’t very hygienic, but she would clean herself properly when she would come back home. She wrapped up the crowbar in some paper to carry it home. She knew it was risky, but she was not prepared to part with it yet. She fixed her clothes as best she could and she plugged her pussy with a piece of cloth. Then she looked at her reflection in a piece of glass that was laying around in the alley. She didn’t look bad. You could see some swelling on her nose, but nothing which would make people stop her and ask her questions. Her general appearance probably would, but she was planning to go fast enough for the people not to notice her.

She thrown the duct tape pieces into a bin, took the wrapped crowbar, and sped out of the alley onto the main road, and she half walked half ran all the way to her house.

At home she hid her package, together with her blood stained clothes under her bed, then went to the bathroom naked. She locked the door, as her mom would be back soon. In the bathroom she admired her body in a full length mirror. She traced all her wounds with her fingers. She brushed her small breasts with the tips of her fingers, and then suddenly crashed them with her hands, and pinched her nipples hard. She gasped with pleasure. She then took a long hot shower, and spent most of it playing with herself. She came three times, and by the end of it she was sitting exhausted on the bottom of the shower, with her back against the wall, and water running over her hair, face and body.

When she finally regained strength, she came out of the shower, and towelled herself off. She then sat on the toilet and disinfected all of her wounds. Most of them could be easily covered with clothes. She only had to explain her broken nose to her parents. But that wasn’t a problem. She wasn’t bullied or anything at school, so her parents will easily believe it was an accident.

Even after the shower, most of her body was aching. She also had sore throat. She was surprised she didn’t vomit when the man forced his dick up there. But she just assumed her young body was more able to accommodate any weird stretching and stuffing. In the next few days, it kind of proven itself, as her body healed very quickly.

In the coming days, she experimented a lot. It was like some curiosity was woken in her. She trained her throat on any object she considered good for that, as long as nobody was watching. She found out that her initial rape made her nearly completely loose her gag reflex. She wasn’t certain she had one in the first place, as she didn’t really try to put anything there previously. She used carrots, sausages, even her mother’s dildo she knew she was hiding in the cupboard. And when she was at school she purposely placed her pen on the back of her throat to desensitize it even more. She also tried putting things in her bum. Her pussy was off limits. In all things that was done to her, and she done to herself, she considered putting anything in her pussy by herself as wrong.

She cleaned the crowbar with soap, and the with bleach, as she heard in the movies, that it removes any evidence. She also bleached and hand-washed her clothes, before fixing them. She liked some handiwork, and her mom had a sewing machine, so she transformed the rip in her top, into a a nicely finished gap with rivets, and laced it up with a shoestring. She didn’t want to throw them out. She wanted to wear them to school, only her knowing what they reminded her of.

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