The Girl At The Bar

I worked as a bartender in a pretty popular place for a few years. Lots of bachelorette parties. We were sort of the secondary “hotel bar”, a little lower key, a little out of the way, but also closed a little earlier. 

One evening, we had a nice gathering, a bunch of people, and a bachelorette party of about 8.  It’s a younger group, bride is about 22 and they’re a little wild and honestly borderline out of control. One of the sisters is sitting at the bar with me, one of the quiet ones, at least in this setting. I was chatting with her, and serving her all night. she was friendly and nice, we had a lot in common. Her two sisters would come and check on her occasionally, just to make sure she was happy or whatever. As the night starts going on I start flirting with her a bit, and more as she’s receptive to it. 

It’s last call, and I know the party is intending to move to a different bar, and that my buddy doesn’t want to. I make sure to serve her last drink last, so it’s full, and I let her know I’m not gonna kick her out she can hang out a bit.  The party leaves, and I rush through close and then chat with her until she finishes her drink. I quickly wash it and offer to walk her back to her room. she picks up her purse, and her heels that she’d kicked off, and we walk off in her stocking feet.

This girl is about 5’2″, maybe 120? her hair is dirty blonde but it’s up in a fancy braid, she’s got a little makeup on but is still pretty pale, emerald colored eyes, sort of a long face. She’s thin, with very small tits. She’s wearing some frilly light blue dress, low cut, down to her knees. I could get a decent peak when she would lean on the bar, but standing up not so much.  pale/nude stocking/leggins or whatever.

“Hate being dressed up this long. Everything’s so tight” She says. “Can you unzip my dress a little in the back? will help me a lot”

“with pleasure” I say, and unzip it all the way.. It sags on her arms a little. Not enough to see anything, but her bare shoulders are nice.

“hey, too far!” she says, without conviction. 

Elevator arrives and we walk to her room. She swipes in and I follow her in.

“Thanks for walking me back. You didn’t have to come in i don’t think.” she says.

“Didn’t I?” I ask, not entirely sure if she’s just playing coy. 

“I need to get out of this dress and stockings.” she replies.

“Go ahead.” I sit on the edge of the bed, right next to her, watching intently.

“oh um..oh. ” she stammers a bit. She turns around and let’s the dress slide down, and steps out of it. she undoes her bra but lets it hang, and slides out of the stockings, revealing just a very thin pair of tan panties. She looks over her shoulder at me. “Much better”

“You’re so pretty” I say, and pull her towards me, onto my lap. I turn her head and kiss her. For some reason she’s surprised, but she starts kissing back and melting into me. She turns around now and let’s the bra drop to the floor, she’s straddling me. “I didn’t realize that..sorry so naive sometimes..” and kisses me again.

I undress and move all the way onto the bed, and she follows.  She lays next to me, slides her panties off and turns to kiss me, and while she does her hands finds my cock, rock hard, and starts stroking it. Her naked body is everything i imagined, her tits are tight and perky, with big erect nipples in the slightly chilly hotel room. 

her pussy is unshaven, with darker hair, but still neat, her pussy lips extruding a little, and as I reach down to play it quickly becomes wet. We grope each other for a bit, before i can’t take it anymore and nudge her onto her back, and get between her legs.

“I don’t have a condom” she whispers. “I’m snipped, it’s alright” I reply and she nods.

I lean down for a kiss ,and enter her as I do, hard and deep. She gasps and moans a little, and I give her another hard thrust before slowing to a more methodical pace, allowing my lips to nibble at her neck and down to her nipples. 

When my tongue hits her nipples it really seems to excite her, she gets louder, so i nibble a little, gently, while thrusting deep into her. her cute moans are getting me so hot and bothered, and she reaches around and has her hands on my back, feeling me press into her. she lets out a long moan of pleasure and relief as she cums, her nails digging in and her legs clenching my cock tight, i feel her pussy flood with warmth. It doesn’t take me much longer after that, as my hands slide their way from her tits to her hips to push them against me as I pick up the pace and start thrusting harder into her I feel that moment of climax and moan as I pump her full of cum, exhausted I slide out and lay on my back. she turns to cuddle a bit, and plays with my soaking wet cock idly. It doesn’t take her long to fall asleep. She’s beautiful asleep too, i notice. 

I get dressed and let myself out, satisfied. I drive home rethinking the experience,and by the time I finish the 30m commute I’m horny again and I kind of wish I’d stayed. When I get inside, shockingly, my wife is still awake reading for bed. I wash up a bit and climb in, and she slides over to cuddle, and I know what that means..


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