The gardener pt1 [MM]

The gardener pt1

This erotic short story is about the naughty and adventurous life of a bisexual Tom the gardener. As he explores his sexuality and why great customer care is key. 18+ NSFW

I have worked for a lot of rich private estates in my time as a gardener but would compare to Mr and Mrs Johnson’s 60-acre manor house in the middle of the countryside it was small in comparison to some but had a beautiful walled garden and meadows. Mr and Mrs Johnson were both in their early 50s. Mike Johnson was tall cubby build with black short hair, brown eyes with a well-groomed beard well Anne Johnson was slightly smaller than Mike with long blonde hair just below her shoulders, beautiful blue eyes and a slim athletic body.

One hot summer August day was when I found out they wanted more than just a pretty gardener to mower their grass. I arrived as I all do for a day’s work at the Johnson’s at 9 o’clock I buzzed myself in through the gate, and started loading off the tools from the van when Anne swung past giving me a quick pek on my cheek and she greats me good morning, wow she looked stunning must me off out in a low cut revealing jumpsuit. I go red in the face I try to quickly focus on something else.
“I must dash Tom, Mikes in all day if you need anything”. As she walked on out the gate, so hard not to just stare at her beautiful bum the jumpsuit did not leave much to the imagination. I snapped out of when my rake fell from the side of the van almost smacking me in the head. As much as would love to just daydream I better get some work done.

It reached mid-day I knew they said it was going to be hot but this was crazy sweat dripping down my face the sun beating down my my topless body glistening in the light. after finishing off mowing the grass I popped into the walled garden for some shade. I sat down in the corner on a beautiful patio area. Just admiring the garden I don’t know how I didn’t notice but Mike had been lying naked in the middle of the lawn sunbathing. His hairy tanned arse pointed to the sky what a beautiful sight. I should probably try and sneak out in case he thinks I’m peeping but as I was about to he rolled over onto his back revealing his soft uncut cock lapping it up in the sun. I had to look I could revert my eyes he was so well groomed beautiful round body. Anne is one lucky lady. I could feel myself getting slightly hard just looking at him. I had to get out before he saw me standing here with a hard-on.
I quickly turned to get out but knocking the chair leg with my work boots made a loud noise. I froze hoping that Mike did not hear it.
“Trying to get a good look Tom” he shouted out to me, I turned back around “I’m so sorry sir I did not see you”. I’ve gone bright red sanding there topless in front of a beautiful bear of a man.
“Well you’re not that sorry if you keep staring at my cock, I can tell you like you’ve gone bright red and getting a little bulge in your tight shorts. Come over and get a closer look.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard come out of Mikes’s mouth my mind was spinning and my heart was racing. He’s my boss he’s married what is Anne comes back all the thoughts racing in my head.
“Oh come on Tom, Anne and I have noticed how you look at us, just come over and rub the sunscreen on me at least”, I hesitate for a second before walking over to him I kneel down next to him and squeeze a little sunscreen on my hands and slowly rubs it over his hairy chest down his belly and the top of his legs. “Wow, your hands are very soft for a gardener almost as soft as Anne’s” I start to rub even slower enjoying the feeling of my hands sliding down and up his body. I noticed that he was enjoying it too as his cock just grew and grew to a monster thick 7-inch cock. “How would you look at that he likes you too, your not going to leave him out of the fun too” Mike grabbed my hand and moved it over to his cock. I started to rub his big thick cock starting slow and building up speed Mike let out little moans as I built up speed, moving in between his legs and kneeling on his mat. Moving my lips down to the tip of his cock slowly sliding it into my mouth. Sucking the tip moving my tongue around slowly getting more and more of the shaft in my mouth and down my throat till I reach the base gagging on it my saliva running down my chin and his big hairy balls. I repeat this building up speed till I’m able to take it all and jerk him off at the same time with my hands. His moans get louder and louder. His cock taste so good of pre cum.

Mike pushes me off his cock to the floor grass tickling my back. In one swift move, he removed my shorts and underwear leaving me feeling vulnerable and naked lying on the grass. My hard 5.5-inch cock sticks up as he grabs it on one hand and starts to jerk me off feeling even more vulnerable and he spreads my legs while picking up speed jerking me off. Mike then grabbed me and led me over to out door sofa demanding that I get on all fours. He’s so intimidating and in charge of me. He pulls out a bottle of lube from the box to the side. I feel a cold cooling sensation over my arse hole as Mike squeezes a generous about of lube over me, a slight push of pressure on my hole sending shivers over my body as he slides his finger in. I let out a little moan and he repeats going in and out then sliding a second in before the third finger stretching me open lubing me up for his thick cock. I feel him reposition then the hard thick tip of his cock pushes its way into my hole. I let out a loud moan as it pushed deep inside me pleasure running through my body. Slowly in and out feeling my hole gap for more when he pulls out. pushing deeper inside me till I can feel his thick monster cock push on my prostate and his balls smack into mine. The pleasure ruining while around my body as he pumps and pumps his cock inside me fucking me hard I moan and moan his big hands smacking my cheeks before the grab the side of my waist getting tighter and tighter as he grunts and moans smacking deep inside me. My cock swings about between my legs I can take it any more cum comes flying out my swing cock my hole tightens around his cock while he fills me up with cum. Mike collapses off me leaving his cum dripping out my gapping destroyed arse. Both panting like dogs from the amazing orgasm. We lay a little on the sofa before jumping into the showers next to the pool. While in the shower Mike said. “Well Tom if you work hard in the garden I’m sure I can reward your slutty hole again.”
Not much happened that day. But working for the Johnsons was never the same. Anne is one lucky lady.

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