The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties Chapter 13: Futa Mind-Controls Her Hot Boss by mypenname3000

The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Thirteen: Futa Mind-Controls Her Hot Boss

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Mildred Dean

The panties sailed over my boss’s desk and landed on her cleavage, sticking to the round expanse of firm boobs the dominating woman had. Athena Pearce gasped in shock, thrusting back from her desk. The leather executive’s chair wheeled back as fury crossed her face.

“There is no mental health condition that is going to justify throwing your wet panties at… at…” The fury on Ms. Pearce’s face trailed off. Her sharp features furrowed. Her bold nose twitched. Plump lips worked together as she wetted them. The red grew shiny. Color blossomed in her cheeks as she pulled up the panties, leaving a wet smear behind on her chest.

I loved this wonderful moment when a woman became dominated by my panties. Like Mrs. Quick, her naughty daughter Chloe, my reverend’s wife and daughter, and others, Ms. Pearce fell under the spell of my pussy juices.

Like a drug addict, she inhaled my panties. She groaned as she smeared the purple thong, trimmed in pink lace, against her face. I smiled as her tits swelled her low-cut blouse on her inhalation, beads of my cream gleaming on those round surfaces. Nipples hardened, poking at the silk of her bra.

“I have a gift for you,” I said, setting the box on the table. “You can have it after you tell me how much you love me. Because you do love me, don’t you?”

“Oh, god, I love you so much,” she moaned and then inhaled my panties again.

A surge of lust shot through me. I had desired so many of the women in my life, always too scared to admit my lesbian desires. Whether it was Elouise, the reverend’s wife, or my sexy doctor, or the dominating boss that both intimidated me and soaked my panties, I never had the courage to overcome my anxiety. I used to take so many pills just to be able to come to work, making myself feel so numb to the world.

Now I had the confidence thanks to my futa-cock.

“I love you more than there are stars in the skies and grains of sand on the beach. It’s deeper than the Mariana Trench and higher than Mount Everest.” Ms. Pearce shuddered. “Oh, god, what do I have to do to prove I love you. Because I do.”

I smiled. I had no idea she had this poetic side. But she also had the confidence and domination to make the most use of the panties. Chloe would find the perfect person at her college, too, and I would control them through her. It still irked me that Sasha had gotten away with that other pair. I wanted to be the queen sitting atop all the fun.

Well, maybe something could be done about her.

In the meantime, there were so many delights at work to play with. My only friend, Kyra, that sexy secretary outside this office, my boss, others. I quivered, my futa-dick pulsing and my pussy getting wet, soaking the backs of my girl-balls.

“If you want to prove you love me,” I said, “crawl on your hands and knees around your desk, push up my skirt, pull down my panties, and blow my futa-cock.”

“Yes, Mildred,” she moaned and slipped out of her expensive chair.

I shuddered as Athena Pearce crawled around her desk. Her head appeared, black hair held back in a bun. Those glasses on her nose shifted as she moved. Her silk blouse rustled and that tight, dark-gray pencil skirt clung to her rump. Even with her coming at me, I could see how great of an ass she had.

So many wonderful lusts surged through me as she crawled towards me. She had such a big smile on her lips, so happy to prove her love for me by crawling. It was intoxicating. My cunt clenched. The heat swelled up my futa-cock.

Then she was at me. Her hand slid up my tights. She caressed my flesh. Tingles rippled through me. I groaned, the heat growing and growing in me. I groaned, loving every moment of this. It was incredible. I wiggled my hips from side to side. The pleasure swelled in me. I would have such a huge orgasm.

It would be outstanding playing with my boss.

“Mildred,” she moaned, pushing my skirt higher and higher. Her eyes stared at my bulge. “You have a cock. That’s so amazing. How?”

I winked at her. “You’ll see.”

“You’re so different,” she moaned. “So confident. Where has this amazing Mildred been? I could have fallen in love with you years ago.”

“I know,” I groaned. “But that’s the past. All that matters is that you love me now. You are mine.”

“Yours,” she breathed in delight. A big smile crossed her face.

Then she groaned as she revealed the pair of bronze panties I wore. My futa-dick throbbed in them. Pulsed. She pressed her face into my underwear, kissing at the satin fabric. She smooched right at my heavy nuts. She sucked on them through the fabric.

It was such a delight to experience.

My skirt around my waist, her hands hooked my waistband. She drew my skirt down. My futa-cock popped out. Her dark eyes focused on it. She moaned, licking those ruby lips. Her hips wiggled, her skirt rustling as she drew my panties down my thighs. The fabric caressed my skin. It felt incredible on me. I loved every moment of it.

She pulled the underwear down to my knees. Rolled them past my calves. I stepped out of them, my cock bobbing before me, balls swaying. The tangy musk drifted up to my nose. I savored the scent of my arousal.

What did she taste like?

I knew I’d find out.

“Mildred,” she groaned and brought those panties to her nose and inhaled them, too. Then she dropped them, not getting that rush like she did from the special pair. “Oh, this cock is gorgeous. You’re huge.”

“I know,” I said and then gasped as she grabbed me.

“So much bigger than any guy I’d fucked,” she moaned.

She stroked me and, with a wild groan, attacked the tip. I gasped at the manic way she licked at my cock. Her tongue became a pink blur streaking over my crown. She lashed it, whipping my cock with her wet tongue.

I gasped, my pussy clenching. Pleasure flowed down my shaft, warming my twat. My balls drank it in. She groaned, her hand pumping up and down my shaft. Her other grabbed my girl-balls. She kneaded them as she bathed the crown of my cock with her naughty tongue.

Then she swallowed the tip. She sucked me into her wet mouth. She nursed with passion. Her cheeks hollowed. Sloppy, slurping sounds rose. Drool spilled out of the corners of her mouth. I gasped in delight, my twat drinking in the pleasure.

“Oh, yes, yes, love me!” I moaned, my breasts jiggling beneath my bra. “Just like that, Athena.” I shivered. “Mmm, only I can call you Athena, right?”

She nodded.

“You’re Ms. Pearce to everyone else.”

She sucked harder, moaning her agreement.

Her humming passion rippled bliss down my cock. It fed that growing pressure in my balls. My pussy grew hotter. Juices soaked my bush. The tangy musk filled the air as she sucked and slurped and worshiped my girl-dick.

I groaned, my tits swaying from side to side. She gave me such bliss. It was amazing. I groaned, savoring every second of her licking and sucking and worshiping me. I would have such an explosion of rapture from her mouth.

“Oh, damn, that’s good,” I moaned. “Yes, yes, just like that. Oh, you’re going to make me explode.”

She shuddered, her eyes burning with delight. She sucked with such hunger, nursing with powerful suction. My body shivered. My balls twitched in her massaging hand. More and more drool ran out of her mouth as she brought me closer and closer to that moment of eruption.

“Just like that,” I moaned. “Oh, that’s good. That’s amazing. Oh, yes, yes, Athena. You love my cock.”

She sucked with all her might.

“You want my cum?”

She nodded, nursing.

“Then you’re going to get it!” I gasped. “Just keep sucking. Just like that. You are my slut! You love me. Worship me. Yes, yes! Athena!”

I threw back my head, my pussy clenching. The pressure rose up to the tip of my cock. I hit that frantic moment when there was no going back. My dick would erupt. I thrust my hips forward, slamming my cock to the back of her throat.

I painted her tonsils with my futa-cum.

The jizz boiled out of my girl-balls and burst out of my dick. It splashed into her mouth. She moaned in delight and then swallowed. She gulped down my seed. I gasped, my pussy convulsing. Shuddering. Juices gushed out, dripping down my thighs.

“Yes, yes, yes, Athena!” I moaned, the dual delights surging through my body.

I drank in the convulsing bliss from my cunt and the explosive euphoria from my dick. I rode that wonderful delight as she sucked out more and more futa-cum from my balls. They emptied my spunk into her hungry mouth.

I hit that peak of pleasure, pumping the last of my spunk into Athena’s mouth. She kept nursing to draw out the last of my cum. It was a wild delight to enjoy. I shuddered, savoring that wonderful delight spilling through me.

And down my thighs.

My cream ran hot from my cunt. I shuddered as I pulled back, drawing my cock from her hungry mouth. She gasped, a line of drool connecting my dick to her mouth. More drool spilled down her chin. She had made such a wicked mess.

“Did that prove how much I love you?” she asked.

“Mmm, it did,” I moaned. “But you’re always going to have to prove it.” I smiled. “What’s the best way for you to prove your love to me right now?”

She flicked her eyes to my cock. “You’re still hard, Mildred.”

“I’m a futa, not a man,” I said.

“Then I know what I have to do.” She grabbed her silky blouse and untucked it from her skirt. Then she pulled it up and over her breasts. Her round tits appeared cradled in a black bra. Her tits jiggled as her black hair swayed about her face. She adjusted her glasses then reached behind her. “You’re going to feel the depth of my love. My devotion.”

“I know I will,” I said, curious about what she would do.

She unhooked her bra. Straps spilled off her shoulder. Her breasts came out, nice and firm. Nipples hard. She shuddered, dropping her bra, and then attacked her dark pencil skirt. A short zipper rasped down on her left hip. The fabric dropped down her thighs and piled around her heeled feet. A black thong lurked beneath, a few curls of her trimmed bush peeking out the sides.

I shuddered as she shoved her panties down. I breathed in. Over my own tangy musk, her tart aroma filled my nose. I shuddered, my mouth watering at that delicious aroma. I inhaled deeply, my breasts swelling the front of my blouse.

“Yum,” I groaned. “You smell good.”

“Thank you,” she moaned and then darted to me. She undid the buttons of my blouse. There were three of them, large squares. She opened my blouse, my round tits held in a bronze bra matching the panties she’d already stripped off of me.

She groaned in delight and hugged me tight, pushing her naked boobs into mine. My futa-cock throbbed against her belly, her silky flesh rubbing on me. It felt incredible. I savored it as she unhooked my bra.

She pulled that off from between our boobs, and suddenly our naked tits were rubbing together. I shuddered as she moaned. She wiggled her shoulders as she dropped my bra to the floor, sliding her boobs over mine.

Our nipples caressed. Sparks flared.

She had this wild heat in her eyes as she stepped back. She bit her lip and then turned around. She bent over her desk, aiming her ass at me. It was such a submissive gesture, an acknowledgment that I was the one in power here. She wiggled her rump at me, her bush between her thighs. She grabbed both her firm butt-cheeks.

My boss parted them, exposing her asshole. “Fuck my butt, Mildred. Anal will prove how much I love you. I’ve never given this to any man, but it’s yours. I’m yours. I love you so much.”

“Yes, you do,” I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing. The ache swelled in my balls already. “Mmm, you are definitely going to love the gift I’m going to give you. You’re so bold.”


Athena Pearce

Delight rippled through me at Mildred’s compliment. “Thank you!” I whimpered, my fingers holding my asscheeks apart. I felt so exposed, my butthole on display for her to enjoy. “I’m so glad I’m earning your gift. Your love.”

“Yes, you’ve earned it,” Mildred said.

Her transformation was so amazing. I would never have believed Mildred could have this confidence. Could be this sexy. Her pussy smelled so good, just the best thing in the world. She had that big cock. The salty flavor of her jizz lingered on my mouth. I shuddered, so aching for her to sodomize me.

She pressed the tip of her girl-dick between my butt-cheeks. I gasped as she slipped in between them. A hot delight shivered through me. She slid it up and down, stirring it between us. I closed my eyes and groaned in delight.

The wet tip went lower and lower until she found my virgin butthole. I didn’t know if this would hurt or not, but I was ready for her to sodomize me. Even if this was the most painful act in the world, I would give it to her.

Anal would prove my devotion. How much I loved her.

She pushed against my sphincter. I whimpered, feeling my anal ring widened. I wanted to clench down, to resist, but I forced myself to relax. This was my love’s futa-cock. My nipples throbbed against my desk’s surface as my sphincter stretched to its limits. It almost hurt. I groaned, strange sensations rippling through me.

Her cock popped into my bowels.

“Oh, my god!” I groaned.

“Mmm, that’s good,” panted Mildred. She slid her girl-dick deeper and deeper into my bowels. “Oh, that’s really good.”

“I’m so happy,” I moaned as her futa-cock spread me open. My anal sheath stretched around her.

It felt so weird to have her in my bowels. My asshole clenched about her, drinking in this velvety friction. It didn’t hurt. In fact, it was starting to feel good. Real good. The deeper into my bowels she penetrated, the more I moaned.

The more I liked it.

My body shuddered on my desk. My nipples rubbed into the surface. I groaned, the delight tingling through me. I shuddered, whimpering out my pleasure. It was all so good. So amazing. I would have such a huge orgasm.

I would explode on this girl-dick.

She was so deep in me. She had penetrated so far into my bowels. It was amazing. Wonderful. I gasped, my asshole squeezing down so tight on her girl-dick. I shuddered, a big smile crossing my lips. This was what I needed.

This was amazing.

Her bush rubbed into my butt-cheeks. Her hairless balls dangled against my taint. I had taken every bit of her. And then she pulled back. My back arched, pushing my tits into my desk. My nipples throbbed as I gasped out in delight.

“Mildred, I love your girl-dick in me!” I panted.

“I know,” she groaned. “God, you’re so tight, Athena. You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

“Good,” I moaned and then glanced at the clothing box on my desk. What had she bought for me? What delicious gift had my love procured for me?

I couldn’t wait to find out.

She slammed back into me. Her dick thrust in deeper and faster. I groaned, my bowels relaxing around her girl-dick. The pleasure swept through my body. I groaned, savoring every inch of her girl-dick penetrating into me. I gasped, loving it. This was amazing. Perfection.

She pumped away at me. Her balls smacked into my flesh. The velvety heat melted to my pussy. My cunt drank it in, my orgasm building and building with every moment. I gasped beneath her, trembling, my bowels clenching about her girl-dick.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, that’s so good, Mildred. Mmm, you’re fucking me so hard.”

“It feels so good!” Mildred moaned. “I can feel how much you love me. Ooh, your virgin bowels are going to make me explode!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, Mistress, you have to cum in me. You have to fire all your jizz into my bowels. I’m yours!”

“You are!” she groaned, thrusting faster and faster.

My pussy grew hotter. Juices soaked my bush. Trickles ran down my thighs, ticklish and delightful. Her girly balls smacked into my taint as her futa-cock plowed into my bowels. I shuddered, on the verge of my orgasm.

But I held it off. I wanted her to cum in me. I was showing her my love. My devotion. She buried into my bowels again and again. I loved every moment of it. Every last stroke of her girl-dick into me. She made me shiver. Gasp.

She made me feel so wonderful.

“Mildred!” I groaned. “Dump your cum in me!”

“Getting there!” She buried her girl-dick deep into my bowels. “Oh, I’m getting there. Athena!”

Hot cum fired into my bowels.

My orgasm exploded through me.

The pleasure raced through my body, triggered by her futa-dick dumping her jizz in me. My pussy convulsed. My asshole writhed around her girl-dick. The pleasure rushed through me, this heady ecstasy. I pleased Mildred. I gave her such bliss.

“Oh, god, yes, Athena!” she groaned, more and more of her futa-cum firing into me.

“Mildred!” I howled, my mind drowning in euphoria.

My asshole worked out all her cum while I shuddered on the table. My nipples throbbed on my desk. I quivered in delight, savoring that wonderful pleasure surging through me. I squeezed my eyes shut. I whimpered as my bowels milked out the last of her cum.

“Oh, Athena, that was amazing!” she moaned. “I felt all your love. Mmm, did you feel mine.”

“Every last drop,” I groaned, my body buzzing with the delight she gave me.

I shuddered as she pulled her girl-cock out of me. I felt her jizz brimming in my asshole. She filled me up with all that spunk. I couldn’t believe how amazing that felt. I just wanted to lie here forever. My eyes closed as I panted.

Pussy cream dripped down my thighs. I must have squirted out so much juices while I was quivering in delight. It was just the best. I wiggled my hips back and forth, savoring every last second of this bliss.

“Oh, that’s good. That’s really good.” Mildred sounded so happy. “Athena, open your present. You’ve more than earned it.”

I gasped and bolted upright. “Yes, Mildred. Thank you!”

Such joy shot through me. I was so lucky to get a present from her. She was amazing. I grabbed the white clothing box wrapped up in a purple ribbon. I pulled on the loose tail. The cloth whisked together and then it spilled open.

My pussy clenched in anticipation. Cum leaked out of my asshole.

Hands shaking with joy, I lifted off the lid. I did it slowly, savoring every moment of this. It popped free. I set it to the side with care. Next, I pulled aside the tissue paper to reveal a pair of black panties with red lace on them. They appeared naughty. The type of panties you’d buy for a lover.

“Oh, Mildred, they’re gorgeous,” I moaned, lifting them up. I stroked them through my fingers, sliding my digits across them. There was red on the crotch. Two lines of lace and… “Are they crotchless.”

“Yes, they are,” Mildred purred. “When I saw them, I thought of you.”

I whirled around to face her, tears filling my eyes. “Oh, thank you, Mildred. Can I put them on right now?”

“God, yes,” she moaned, stroking her dirty cock with eager delight. It was clear she was anticipating that something would happen.

I shuddered, my round breasts swaying as I stepped into the dainty pair. Right foot and then left. I drew them up, the fabric kissing my skin. Mildred groaned and bit her lower lip. She wiggled her hips back and forth, whimpering.

The fabric passed my knees. Then they hit my thighs. I groaned as they climbed higher. I stretched the elastic waistband over my rump. Mildred groaned, her hand pumping faster on her dirty cock. The fabric seated against my pussy and gripped my ru—

I came.

It was no ordinary orgasm, it was a powerful one.

The room spun around me. Pussy juices gushed out of my cunt. I gasped and moaned, trembling. I stumbled, grabbing my desk and then I was on the floor. I gasped and thrashed, my panties growing soaked with my juices.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I howled.

Tsunamis of rapture swept through me. Great tidal waves of bliss slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision as I drowned in ecstasy. I bucked on my side, my entire body writhing in the currents of euphoria flowing out of my pussy.

Something sprouted from my crotch. I swear to god that I felt something growing from me. It was thrusting from my pubic mound. It brushed the panties and then slipped out through the slit in the crotch. I groaned, trembling.

“Am I growing a futa-dick, Mildred?” I howled.

“Yes, you are,” Mildred moaned. She stood over me, looking so lovely, her brown hair spilling about her face. Her dark eyes gleamed behind her glasses. She licked her lips. “You are my futa, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “I love you! I love you so much! Thank you. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” she moaned and put her foot on my hip. She gently pushed, rolling me onto my back. My futa-cock thrust up before me. I could see it bobbing. I groaned, my orgasm finally dying down.

Every inch of my new panties was soaked by my juices. My tart musk filled the air.

“Mmm, you’re going to do so much for me with those panties,” Mildred groaned. “We’re going to have so much fun.”

“Yes!” I gasped as she straddled me. She lowered down to sit on me. Was she…?

She was!

“Oh, Mildred, thank you! I’m so glad that you’re going to enjoy my new futa-dick.”

“Of course I’m going to enjoy it,” she moaned. She had such a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Why do you think I gave you those panties. I want to enjoy this big dick in me.”

She straddled me. I gasped at that. It was incredible. Then she lifted up my cock. She held me in her throbbing hand. Her pussy came closer and closer, covered by her brown bush. I felt this ache swelling in my… my…

My balls.

I had girly balls.

They were hard and aching. I groaned, savoring the feel of them full of my cum. I bit my lip as she lowered her pussy down to my throbbing futa-dick. Her curly pubic hair brushed the tip. I gasped at how amazing that felt. Then her hot folds rubbed into my crown.

“Mildred,” I moaned in awe as her pussy began engulfing my new girl-cock.

“Enjoy,” she said, her big dick and girl-balls swaying before her. “Just enjoy.”

“Yes!” I screamed as she swallowed me.

Inch after inch of my girl-dick vanished into her pussy. Her hot, silky, wet warmth engulfed me. My eyes widened at how incredible it was. My cunt drank in the heat. So did my new balls. I trembled on my back, my boobs jiggling.

I whimpered. Moaned. More and more of her engulfed me. My futa-dick was so big. I couldn’t believe how huge it was. I whimpered, my back rubbing into the ground. The pleasure swept over me. My breasts rose and fell, savoring this wonderful rapture.

“Mildred!” I gasped. “Oh, my god!”

“I know,” she moaned, squeezing her cunt around me.

That made this feel even more incredible.

Then she bottomed out on me, her futa-dick twitching over my stomach. I grabbed it, holding the hot shaft in my hand. I stroked up and down it. She shuddered, squeezing around my new appendage every time I stroked to the pinnacle of her cock.

I threw back my head. I whimpered, moaned. Pleasure fluttered through me. My heart hammered in my chest. My cunt clenched, drinking in the heat. The pressure in my balls increased. Then she rose up me.

“Mildred!” I gasped. “Oh, my god, this is amazing. I love you. I love being a futa! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Oh, our fun is just beginning!” she promised, her round breasts swaying. She pushed up her glasses and grinned down at me. “We’re going to do so much!”

“Yes!” I gasped as she slammed her pussy down my futa-dick.

Her hungry cunt engulfed my girl-cock. I whimpered and moaned, the heat rushing through me. My dick throbbed in her pussy. her silky flesh massaged me, increasing the pressure in my girl-nuts. They brimmed with my futa-cum.

I would fire the first load of my seed into Mildred’s pussy.

How did I get so blessed?

I pumped my hand up and down her girl-cock. I stroked her, my hand flying faster and faster. She moaned, squeezing her twat down around me. The pleasure rushed through my body. She moaned, her breasts bouncing as she rode me.

They were such delicious things to watch. I licked my lips, drinking in the sight of them heaving over my head. I shuddered, my twat clenching tight. This wonderful heat swept through my body. I groaned, my shoulder blades writhing.

It was incredible to enjoy. It was an amazing rapture to experience. This exciting bliss swept through me. My pussy drank it in, my balls aching with the pressure. I bit my lip, loving every inch of her cunt sliding up and down my futa-dick. My hand stroked hers, loving it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s it. Ooh, Athena!”


“Are you going to cum in me?”

Whimpering, I nodded.

“Yes, yes, I want you flooding my pussy with all that futa-cum!” She slammed down my futa-cock, her dick throbbing in my embrace. “I want my pussy dripping in it.”

“I’ll baste your pussy, Mildred!”

My words sent my hand to flying up and down her girl-cock. She gasped, throwing back her head. Her brown hair flew about her face, her glasses gleaming in the sunlight flooding through my office window. She gasped and groaned, her cunt clenching about my futa-cock.

My balls ached. They were building and building with a load of girl-cum. I would have such a huge eruption. I would fire all that jizz. I would just erupt. So much spunk would fire from my cock. But not before she came.

I fought it.

I clenched my teeth against my first futa-climax.

My balls brimmed with so much cum.

My pussy itched, the feminine and familiar orgasm swelling through my twat’s depths.

“Mildred!” I moaned, caressing her girl-dick.

“Yes!” she howled. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s it. Just like that, Athena! Oh, we’re going to have so much fun!”

“We are!” I gasped.

She slammed her cunt down my cock. Her pussy burst into wild convulsions. Her dick pulsed. Hot cum fired from her shaft and splashed on my round tits. I gasped as she basted my breasts with her spunk. She coated me with her passion. She smothered my tits in her bliss.

I bucked on the floor as I exploded in her. “Mildred!”

My futa-cum pumped into her spasming pussy as her futa-passion splattered my body. She moaned, more and more of her spunk splashing on my tits. One spurt hit my mouth. It painted my lips. I loved it.

“Yes, yes, fire all that jizz in me!” she gasped, her pussy convulsing around my cock, milking at my erupting shaft.

I whimpered, my body shuddering as such rapture flooded through me. Two different delights. The wild and heady explosions from my futa-cock and the gentle and rippling bliss from my pussy. I bucked and moaned on the floor.

My tits rose and fell, dripping with her futa-cum. My cunt writhed, gushing out juices. It was wicked and wild. It was utterly delicious. Her pussy wrung out the last of my cum while my hand squeezed out the final drops onto my belly.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s so good!” she moaned, her eyes fluttering. “Mmm, did you love your gift, Athena?”

“I absolutely did!” I moaned, my tits covered in jizz.

“And look at that mess we made,” Mildred purred. “In my pussy. On your tits.”

“Oh, no, I’ll have to clean that up.”

Her smile grew wickeder. “Why? That’s why you have that cute secretary.” Mildred leaned over me. “Did you know that your panties will mind-control anyone who breathes them. It’s why you love me so much.”

“That’s amazing,” I gasped. “You gave this to me.”

“I want your ambition,” she moaned. “Mmm, you’re going to do so much for me, aren’t you?”

I gasped, wicked ideas dancing in my mind.


Mildred Dean

I sat naked on Athena’s desk, my thighs squeezed shut. She stood beside me, her new panties in her hand. She picked up her phone, her futa-cock throbbing out before her gleaming in my pussy juices. My cum ran over her tits, looking just delicious.

“Minako, I need you in here right away,” Athena said after a moment. Then she hung up.

A moment later, the door opened. “You needed to see…” Minako’s voice trailed off. The Japanese secretary gasped at the sight of our naked bodies. My futa-cock throbbed as the cutie gasped, “Ms. Pearce?”

“Mmm, I need you to smell these panties for me,” Athena said, stalking forward as she held her crotchless delights before her.

“What?” Minako gasped, her round face blanching in shock. She had those delicate, Japanese cheekbones and this porcelain, olive skin. Her narrow, black eyebrows rose in shock as she took a step back.

“I said to breathe in the musk from my panties,” Athena said with absolute authority cracking in her voice. “Not say ‘what’ or gape at me like you’re a mouth-breathing cretin that’s never heard a word of the English language.”

“I… that’s…” Minako swallowed then she took the panties from Athena and, gingerly, brought them close to her face. She gave just the small inhalation, a small twitch of her nose. “There, I…”

Her words trailed off as this look of awe crossed her face. That magical moment when the mind-controlling powers swept over her. I was so right about Athena. She had just the right sort of drive and ambition. She would do all that boring stuff while I had fun.

“Oh, my,” Minako said and sniffed again, this time longer. She brought the panties closer to her nose. “Is this your… your pussy, Ms. Pearce?”

“Yes, it is,” purred my futa-slave. “Mmm, isn’t that just the most delightful thing in the world?”

“Yes!” she moaned.

“Wrong!” Athena’s voice snapped through the air.

Minako gasped and flinched back.

“Mildred’s pussy is the most delightful scent in the world. I want you to go over there, shove your face in her pussy, and experience that heavenly aroma for yourself.”

“Yes, Ms. Pearce,” Minako gasped. “You’re so right. I’m so wrong. My deepest apologies.”

The Japanese cutie rushed over to me, her almond-shaped eyes focusing on me. I lifted my girl-balls and leaned back, my legs parted so she could have an easy time getting at my pussy. Her black hair fell about her face as she leaned over and nuzzled in. She inhaled deeply.

“That is the most delightful scent in the world,” she moaned. She brought her face closer. She pressed her nose right into my brown curls. She inhaled again. “Oh, my, yes.”

“Mmm, it is,” Athena said, staring at Minako’s ass.

I smiled as the Japanese secretary nuzzled her face into my bush while staring at my futa-slave. “Are you enjoying the sight of her rump, Athena?”

“It’s just so cute,” moaned Athena as she stroked her cock.

“Enjoy,” I said. “Unless I have a task for you, feel free to fuck any woman you can.”

“Yes,” moaned Athena. “Oh, Mildred, I love you so much.”

I smiled in delight and looked down at Minako. “Do you love me?’

She hesitated. “I love what you smell like, Mildred.”

“Of course you love her,” Athena said. “She’s amazing. You worship her and would do anything for her. Like me.”

“Yes!” Minako moaned and then licked my pussy with sudden hunger.

I groaned as she lapped at my cunt, my futa-dick quivering above her. My balls rested on the bridge of her nose, the two testicles spilling around it. Her eyes stared up at my cock while Athena came up behind the secretary. The futa grabbed Minako’s skirt and hiked it, sliding it over the cutie’s rum.

“Mmm, these panties are delicious, but they have to go,” moaned Athena, tugging down her secretary’s panties.

“Yes,” I moaned, leaning back and letting Minako lick my pussy. “Mmm, stroke my cock as you feast on me.”

“Yes, Ms. Dean,” she moaned and grabbed my cock.

The Japanese secretary stroked my cock and licked my pussy. I groaned, the pleasure swelling in my balls. It was delicious. At the same moment, Athena was pulling down the secretary’s panties. A throaty groan came from my futa-slave.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” she purred and pressed her cock between Minako’s butt-cheeks.

The secretary gasped into my twat. Her hand tightened on my dick. I loved that wonderful moment. Her tongue thrust into my cunt’s depths. She moaned as Athena groaned. Her breasts swayed as she drilled her cock into Minako’s ass.

My pussy clenched on Minako’s tongue as I watched the wicked sight. My futa-dick throbbed and ached, my breasts swaying. This heat rippled through me, stirred up by the moaning cutie. More and more of Athena’s cock vanished into Minako’s bowels.

Then my futa-slave bottomed out in the cutie.

“Yes!” gasped Athena. She grabbed Minako’s hips and drew back.

“Ms. Pearce!” squealed Minako into my cunt as Athena thrust forward.

I felt every one of Athena’s thrusts into Minako’s bowels shivering through her body. She moaned into my cunt and stroked my cock as she took that big dick in her ass. I groaned, loving it. My breasts swayed. I pushed up my glasses and then leaned back farther on my elbows.

I savored the pleasure sweeping through my body. This wonderful bliss built and built in my depths. My balls drank in the delight of her tongue and the stroking pleasure of her hand. Precum spilled from my cock’s tip. She massaged the gleaming cream into my shaft.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Athena as she thrust forward, her tits heaving. “Oh, Minako, this ass. I’m going to fire my cum in this tight ass!”

“Good, Ms. Pearce!” the cutie moaned.

“Mmm, and I’m going to drown you in pussy cream!” I moaned.

“Wonderful, Ms. Dean! Please, please, drown me! I want it!”

She stroked me faster. Her tongue fluttered up my folds. She brushed my clit. Sparks flared. I gasped, my toes curling. The ache at the tip of my dick grew and grew. That wonderful pleasure would explode out of me.

The slap of flesh on flesh echoed through the room as Athena fucked her girl-dick in and out of the cutie. She fucked Minako hard. Fast. The futa pounded that sexy, Japanese beauty’s asshole with powerful strokes.

I loved the sounds. The moans. The way Minako fluttered her tongue against my clit. She fisted my cock with powerful strokes while caressing my bud. I whimpered, my orgasm building so fast now. Nothing would stop my orgasm.

I would have a huge one.

Just cum so hard.

My balls tightened. I groaned and shuddered. Minako whimpered. She sucked on my clit. She nursed on my bud, her hand flying up and down my cock. Athena plowed harder and harder into Minako’s bowels.

“Oh, my god, yes!” Athena gasped. “Shit, that’s it. That’s what I want. The way you squeeze it… Oh, god, yes! I’m cumming!”

She buried into Minako.

The secretary squealed around my clit as she felt that futa-spunk pumping into her bowels. She sucked on my bud and fisted my dick. I swear, she must be cumming, too. Her passion swelled through me.

My balls boiled over.

Hot cum fired out of my futa-dick. The white delight arced up and then rained down on my tits. The jizz splattered over me. I shuddered, loving that delight painting across my tits. My pussy convulsed. My cream gushed out.

Minako licked it up.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled.

“That’s it, Minako!” gasped Athena. “That’s how you worship Mildred. Yes, yes, just like that. You’re doing great. You’re such an amazing secretary. You keep doing this good, and you’ll be rewarded.”

“I’m so happy!” she moaned between licks of my cream.

Cum spilled over my tits. I shuddered, savoring this heat burning through me. I groaned, knowing that Athena would do so much for me. She would be driven to get wealth. Power. Prestige. She would claim it all for me.

I threw back my head and trembled as my orgasm died. I loved these panties. I was so glad P had given them to me.

“Mildred’s tits are dirty,” Athena hissed. “Clean them with your tongue.”

“Yes, Ms. Pearce,” Minako moaned.


Chloe Quick

I squirmed through my next class. I felt so naked without my panties, but this plan would be amazing. I couldn’t wait for Ms. Escamilla to open her gift. I hoped she would wait for the lunch break so I could be there.

But she wasn’t under my power. Yet.

She would be.

It was so hard to focus. My girl-dick was throbbing. There were so many cute girls in my English class. Gina, Beverly, Clarissa, Tammy, and Jeanette were all gorgeous, eighteen or nineteen. Freshmen like me. God, I wanted to do such filthy things with them.

My pussy clenched, my poor panties fighting against my throbbing cock and my tide of cunt cream flowing out of me. It bit my lip, fingers flexing as I struggled to listen to Mr. Donaldson, my English professor.

Why did this have to be so boring? I just wanted to get to lunch. I wanted to have all that wonderful fun with Ms. Escamilla. It would be so hot. I wanted to ask for a bathroom break, but masturbation wasn’t what I needed.

I needed some sisterly attention.

Discreetly, I pulled out my cell phone. “Want to fuk?”

I kept my phone on my lap, hoping Mr. Donaldson wouldn’t notice.

“God, yes. Mr. Asshat is boring me. First floor bathroom.”

“Sounds good.” I raised my hand. “Mr. Donaldson.”

“Er, yes, Chloe.”

“I not feeling well. I think I need to visit the nurse.”

He sighed. “Okay.” He pulled out a pad and filled out a note. I’d have to bring it back or get in trouble.

My sis was an expert at forging the college nurse’s signature.

Pass in hand, I headed out, trying to look miserable. I slipped into the hallway and then smirked. I rushed through it, eager to get me some incest pussy. My big sis would be squealing on my cock. I hummed, grinning at the classrooms I passed.

I passed all those poor students who didn’t get to know the delight of having sex at our college, let alone the sheer joy of sliding their cocks into their big sister’s cunts. Only fucking my mom was a better incestuous thrill.

I reached the bathroom and burst inside.

Bryana was waiting for me.


Verónica Escamilla

Curiosity piqued my interest as my second-period class took their test. Their pencils were scratching away. I brushed my finger against Chloe’s gift sitting on the edge of my desk. A clothing box wrapped in a purple ribbon, tied badly, off-center and lopsided like it was done in a hurry.

What had she bought me?

It was a little strange, but girls could get crushes on their professors, even female ones, at that age. Or maybe she was realizing she was a lesbian and starting to come out. This was further proof that she’d had a major life change.

I had to be on the watch to see if it would affect her grades and make sure that she had any support she needed.

I glanced at the clock. Half an hour left.

I pulled the box to me and grabbed the ribbon. I pulled with care, not wanting to make noise and distract my students. The ribbon came undone, the sound barely a whisper over the scratch of twenty-three pencils.

I lifted the corner of the box, spotting tissue paper and something white bunched up on top. A spicy scent filled the air. It had that wet musk of an aroused woman. My pussy went molten in a flash as this hunger surged through me.

I opened the box further and realized the bunched up cloth were panties. Wet ones. Soaked all the way through. They were sitting on tissue paper with something else beneath. I grabbed the panties, feeling how drenched they were.

It was the source of this mouth-watering scent.

She’d left her lacy panties drenched in her own pussy cream. I couldn’t believe this. I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply. I squeezed my hand so tight around the dainty cloth, I wrung out juices that ran down my wrist.

I licked them up, savoring the spicy musk.

I breathed in again, this wild heat bursting through me. My heart pounded in my chest as I loved this wonderful aroma. My eyes squeezed shut as I inhaled again and again. I had never breathed anything that smelled better.

The aroma of Chloe’s pussy was intoxicating. I couldn’t stop breathing it in. I kept rubbing the panties against my nose. My students were taking the test as this wicked heat blazed through me. I squirmed on my chair.

My eyes stared at the cloth beneath. The amazing Chloe had given me something else. I had to see it. Holding the panties balled up in my right hand, my left pulled away the tissue paper with care so as not to disturb my students.

I revealed a pair of black, satin panties. They looked to have a naughty cut to them. High in the waist, almost like a French cut. I shuddered, touching the fabric. My pussy clenched as I breathed in that spicy musk again.

Chloe had given me panties.

I had to put them on right now.


The Figure quivered.

Things were getting interesting.

To be continued…

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