The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties Chapter 12: Futa’s Mind-Controlled Cherry Girlfriend by mypenname3000

The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Twelve: Futa’s Mind-Controlled Cherry Girlfriend

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Chloe Quick

I trembled as Stacey approached. My best friend had a nervous look on her face as she came up to me and Kendall, one of my mind-controlled lovers. I had my hand shoved into the pocket of my skirt gripping my wet panties.

My nipples throbbed and ached against my babydoll t-shirt. My pussy clenched and my futa-dick throbbed in my panties. It was chubbing up, forming a noticeable bulge. My girly balls ached, getting soaked by my juices.

“Hey,” Stacey said. “Um, you’re hanging out with Kendall now?”

“She’s cool,” I said, grinning. “Why do you look so scared.”

“I mean… Yesterday.” She glanced at Kendall again. “What we found when we… I mean… With you and your… Uh…”

“It’s okay, she knows that Mildred was fucking my mother with her girl-dick,” I said. “You should have stuck around. I had so much fun with Mildred and Mom and my big sis and aunt.”

“And my mom and her girlfriend,” Kendall added. “And me.”

“And Kendall,” I said and grabbed her rump.

Stacey stopped a few feet from me. “Wait, are you and Kendall…” She swallowed. “Are you coming out, Chloe? I mean, that’s really brave of you and it’s great and all…”

Something flashed across her face that made me blink. Was she… hurt?

“Yeah, I’m into girls now.” I smiled and then pulled out my panties and tossed them at her. “And so will you be.”

She gasped as they hit her in the chest and fell into her startled hands. She held the white panties, bunched up from being in my pockets. They were perpetually soaked with my pussy cream. She balled them up in her hands and then she pressed them into her face.

She breathed in deeply. Her brown pigtails swayed. She looked so cute and sexy all at the same time. She was petite, like me. A eighteen-year-old cutie that had my pussy clenching and my dick throbbing. I wanted my best friend to be my lover.

“That’s your pussy,” she moaned. “I know this scent.” She breathed in deeply.

“You know my scent?” I asked, shocked. “Wait, how?”

“I love sniffing your panties whenever I can,” she moaned. “I sometimes would sneak out a pair from your dirty hamper, take them home, and masturbate to while sniffing. Then I returned them.”

My jaw dropped.

“Wow, that’s kinky and hot,” said Kendall.

“I know,” said Stacey. “I’m so sorry.” She trembled, still sniffing my panties as tears filled her eyes. “I’m such a terrible friend. You just make me feel all tingly and I don’t know what to do about it and it scared me.”

“I thought you liked boys!” I gasped. “We talk about them all the time.”

“I do like boys.” She trembled. “I think I’m bi. And I’m so sorry for taking your panties and…” She took another deep inhalation. “And sniffing them.” Another deep breath. “And rubbing them on my pussy when I masturbate.”

“No, no, that’s cool,” I said. “Oh, my god, Stacey, this is awesome. Do you have a crush on me?”

She nodded.

“Well, then you’re my girlfriend,” I declared. “Now come here and give me a big kiss.”

She gasped and ripped my panties from her face to rush over to me, her lips and nose smeared in pussy cream. She threw herself on me. It was intense. I loved it. Her lips tasted like my spicy pussy. My futa-cock went so stiff in my panties, stretching them out. The tip poked out the top. She kissed me with such enthusiasm.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She groaned and sucked on it. It was so hot. My pussy clenched and futa-dick throbbed. I grabbed her ass through her skirt, pulling her tight to me. The world seemed to swim around me. My backpack shifted behind me as I held her, stuffed full of books and a special pair of panties for a very special person.

I broke the kiss, panting. Stacey gulped down air, her face flushed and her hazel eyes dewy. She stared at me with awe. I smiled and rubbed my nose against hers. I didn’t care that people were passing us or anything.

“So, we’re dating now,” I said.

“Yes!” she squealed and bounced before me, her pigtails dancing. “Oh, Chloe, I love you so much.”

I smiled. “And you know those panties of mine you were sniffing just now?”


“They’re mind-controlling panties.”

“Wow,” she said, accepting it.

“And Kendall; she’s my slave. She’ll do anything I want, won’t you?”

“Yep, Mistress,” Kendall said all nonchalantly. The Black girl had a big grin on her face.

“Kendall, this is my girlfriend, so you have to listen to her,” I said.

“Makes sense. S’up Mistress Stacey.”

“Okay, Stacey, tell her to do something,” I said, taking the panties from Stacey as I broke away from my best friend. My first girlfriend.

“Um…” Stacey furrowed her brow. “Stand on one foot, pat your head, and rub your tummy.”

Kendall did that, squirming, shifting, almost falling over as she strained to stand on one foot. A look of such concentration crossed her mocha-brown face as she fought to concentrate on doing this activity.

“This is… hard,” she said.

“You can stop,” I said, waving at her. “You can tell her to do sex things, too. She’ll do anything for you.”

“Wow,” said Stacey. She looked around. “But, um, we’re on the street corner.”

“So right,” I said. “Let’s get to college and we’ll have some fun in the bathroom before class. You’ll get to meet my futa-dick, Stacey.”

“Is that a dildo?” she asked.

“No, no, I have a real cock that fires cum and everything. I’m a futa now. Isn’t that cool?”

“So cool,” Stacey said as she took my arm. “So, like, I can have sex with you and it’ll be like a boy and a girl.”

“Yep!” I said, strutting.

Stacey had soooooooo many questions for me. They fell on me in a rapid-fire barrage.

“Do you pee out of it?”

“Nope, still have my urethra in my pussy. I just cum with it.”

“Are you circumcised or uncut.”

“Um, not sure,” I said.

“Uncut,” Kendall supplied.

“Are you above average or below?” Stacey asked next.

“So above average!” I said, throwing my hands wide before us.

“Does your cum taste good?”

Kendall let out a throaty purr.

“Do you have to itch your balls like my dad does?”

“They do itch sometimes,” I said and then adjusted them in my panties. “And they like to shift around.”

“Can I get pregnant?”

“No idea. What to find out?”

“Uhh…” she blinked.

“Yeah, you do,” I said and her expression turned naughty.

“How many girls have you fucked?” she asked.

I counted. “Ten! I think.”

“Wow! And you were a virgin last time I saw you.”

“Not any longer!” I said, strutting.

“Have you done anal?”

“Done it and received it.”

“This is so neat!”

I nodded as we reached the college, my dick so horny. I was going to have such a huge orgasm in the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to get in there and get naughty. The other students were flowing in. I grinned when I spotted Ms. Escamilla, the naughty Hispanic professor.

“Are you thinking about fucking Ms. Escamilla?” Stacey asked.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “I’m going to fuck her so hard.” I shifted my backpack, “but you’re first. I want you to have it before anyone else at our college. You’re my girlfriend.”

“I am!” she said, gushing. “Ooh, my girlfriend can control people.”

“If they sniff my panties,” I said.

“Wow.” She shivered, this wild look in her eyes. “This is amazing. You’re amazing, Chloe.”

I grinned at her, feeling like a billion bucks. I knew Stacey would be perfect to mind-control. My best friend—my girlfriend!—was so awesome.

I pushed her towards the single-use restroom. She gasped, looking around at the crowded hallway. I just winked at her and then grabbed the doorknob. I pulled it open and ushered her inside. Kendall sauntered in after, closing the door behind her and locking it.

“Okay,” I said, glancing at Stacey. “How do you want to lose your virginity.”

“I want it to be after a romantic date where we’ve just seen—”

“No, no, in this restroom,” I said. “I’m too horny to wait that long. You have me and Kendall. Tell us what to do.”

“Oh, wow, sure,” she said. Stacey squirmed. “Um, I guess we can get naked first.”

“Okay,” I said and peeled off my babydoll t-shirt. It slid over my small breasts, rubbing at my pink nipples. My blonde hair spilled around my shoulders as I pulled it off. I tossed it to the floor and then grinned as she stared at me. “I know, I’m sexy as fuck.”

“Yes, you are,” she said. Then she gasped as Kendall dropped her top, too, baring her own small breasts. She licked her lips, staring at the older girl’s little titties.

“You, too,” I said to Stacey. “Let’s see your boobs!”

“Oh, right!” She grabbed the blue tank top she was wearing and pulled it up. Her smooth belly came into view and then a pink bra that cupped her little mounds.

“That’s cute,” I said. “You bought that last month at the Gap, right? When I found that cute pair of yellow panties with the white polka dots.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, reaching behind her. She unhooked her bra with practice skill and unveiled her cute, little titties.

Feeling naughty, I grabbed her and Kendall. I pulled them against me, rubbing their small tits into the sides of mine. “We’re the A-Cup Titty Squad!”

“Ooh, we are,” Kendall said. “Just three sets of cute, itty bitty titties!”

“Yes!” gasped Stacey. She rubbed her small boob into my right tit. I groaned as her nipple brushed mine. “Ooh, that’s nice!” Then she ducked her head down, pulling her nub from mine.

Which I didn’t like.

A moment later, she engulfed my nipple with her hungry mouth. She sucked on it, and all was forgiven. Her lips were sealed tight around my nub, swallowing all of my areola, too. I groaned, the tingles racing down to my pussy and then up to the tip of my cock. My clit tingled and my girly balls ached more and more.

“Mmm, fun,” Kendall said and leaned down, sucking on my other nipple.

“A-Cup Titty Squad attack!” I gasped, my pussy clenching as more delight shot down to my futa-dick. “Ooh, you’re making my cunny wet and my cock so hard. You two are so naughty. I love it!”

Stacey popped her mouth off. “Your cock! I almost forgot. I have to see it!”

“Then let’s get naked!” I shuddered. “Kendall, I’m sorry, but you have to stop sucking my nipple for a bit.”

Kendall pulled her lips away, pouting. “I like sucking on parts of you, Mistress. It’s so much fun.”

A heady rush ran through me. “You’ll get all the fun you can handle.”

“You always deliver,” she purred and then unzipped her skirt. She dropped it and revealed that she was sans panties. I smiled, loving the sight of her shaved pussy. Her tight, brown vulva gleamed with her juices. More ran down her thighs. That wonderful, tangy aroma filled the air.

“Ooh, you’re shaved!” gasped Stacey. “I’m always so scared I’ll cut myself.”

“Just have to go slow,” Kendall said. “So long as you take care, you don’t really have to worry.”

“Wow,” Stacey said, this look of awe flitting over her face. “That’s so cool.”

“Yeah,” I said, unzipping my skirt and then shoving it down. I had on a pair of sky-blue panties that had failed to contain my big futa-dick. It thrust out the top of the waistband, throbbing and pulsing there.

“Oh, my gosh!” gasped Stacey who was in the process of dropping her skirt. She had a matching pair of pink panties with a white heart over her pubic mound. “That’s your girl-dick.”

“Yep,” I said. “Drop your panties, and I’ll drop mine!”

“Right!” She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and then shoved them down.

I smiled at the sight of her rolling down the panties. They peeled away from her flesh. I groaned, licking my chops at the wicked sight. My hips wiggled from side to side, my heart pounding in my chest. This wild heat swept through me. I couldn’t wait to do such wicked things to Stacey.

As she dropped hers, exposing brown bush, I shoved mine down. My futa-cock popped out and my balls swung free. They were hairless, my blonde bush tickling around them. I shivered, my precum beading at the tip already.

Kendall smacked her lips while Stacey stared in awe at me. She stepped out of her panties and then drifted to me. She reached out a hesitant hand, looking so timid. It was so cute with her pigtails. I wanted to grab them and use them as handlebars.

But I also wanted her to keep being so adorable. It was such a dilemma.

Her trembling fingers brushed the tip. She jerked her hand back. “It’s warm.”

“Full of all that blood to make it hard,” I said, grinning at her. “Don’t worry, though. She won’t bite. Go on. It’s okay to love her. You’ll enjoy it.”

She swallowed and then reached out again. I shuddered as her fingers slid over me. She gripped me, a smile growing on her lips. Her small titties quivered, her nipples and areolas puffy and swollen. She wiggled her hips. Dewdrops of her passion gleamed on her brown curls.

The look of awe on her face as she stroked me was so adorable. I just wanted to hug her and kiss her and fuck her hard with my girl-dick. I let out a little squeal of delight, my pussy clenching. The air smelled of pussy juices. Kendall rubbed herself as she watched, her eyes smoky and hot.

Then my friend fell to her knees. Stacey knelt there, her sandy-blonde hair swaying about her face. She stared at my cock in awe. She licked her lips, her body trembling. The lust on her face was so delicious. So adorable.

I loved it.

“You’re throbbing,” she said. “Is that your heartbeat?”

“Uh-huh,” I said. “Mmm, and your touch feels so good on me.”

She blushed. “Really?”

“Of course. I have a sexy girl sucking my dick. Mmm, you’re the cutest girl in our year. Just the sexiest.”

“Wow,” Stacey said. “I never realized it. I am, aren’t I?”

“Just so hot and cute as fuck!”

She beamed at me. “I’m cuter than you, Chloe.”

“You are,” I said, realizing I had just mind-controlled her to believe it. “Mmm, and I’m right behind you. You’re just a smidge cuter, Stacey.”

“Yes,” Kendall moaned. “Just a smidge. But you’re still sexy, Mistress.”

“That’s right,” Stacey said. “We’re the two hottest freshmen. Though you got the cutest cock, Chloe.”

“Absolutely!” I said.

Stacey stroked me with more confidence. Her smile grew. She licked her lips and then she kissed the tip. She pulled back as if testing my reaction. When I didn’t object, she went back in and kissed at the crown. I groaned, my balls swaying as they drank in the sensation. My pussy loved it.

Her hand absently pumped up and down me as she kissed all around my dick. She smooched it. Gave it quick pecks. Pleasure shuddered through me. My body trembled and toes curled in my shoes. I panted as I loved her smooching touch. Her tongue flicked over it.

“Such a cutie, Ms. Cock,” she purred. “Yes, you are. Just so adorable.”

She kissed right at the tip longer. I groaned as she started to suck. Her eyes squeezed shut. Then her lips spread over my crown. I gasped. Her pigtails swayed as she engulfed more and more of my cock. Then it was all the way into her mouth.

I groaned at how amazing it felt to have my best friend sucking on my girl-dick. Stacey nursed with delightful suckles. Her mouth nursed on it. Her tongue stroked around it, sending pleasure down to my aching futa-nuts. My pussy clenched, juices drenching my bush.

“God, that’s sexy,” moaned Kendall. She leaned back and rubbed at her pussy. She caressed herself. “She’s loving your cock.”

“She is,” I moaned.

Stacey opened her eyes. She stared up at me and made such wet and naughty sounds as she suckled. The pressure on my dick made me groan. My balls swayed. Her hand stroked the base of my cock as she nursed on the tip.

She was so adorable. I loved staring into her hazel eyes as she loved my girl-dick. She bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my shaft. It was so wonderful to feel. I swayed, my heart beating so fast.

Her tongue danced around my dick. She sucked with hunger. With such wild and wanton desire. I groaned, my pussy clenching from the force of her passion. She bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my girl-dick.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s good,” I moaned. “Oh, Stacey! Oh, wow, that’s good.”

She popped her mouth off and panted, “Is it?”

I nodded.

She grinned. “Can I touch your balls?”

“Yeah,” I panted, her hand stroking my wet cock.

She ducked down and stared at my nuts. They swayed beneath me. They were brimming with my cum. The hand stroking my dick was stimulating me. She would have me popping off in no time if she wasn’t careful. I couldn’t wait.

She cupped my balls. She groaned as she massaged them. She ducked her head lower, staring at them. She squeezed too hard and I gasped, a jolt of pain shooting through my groin and up to the tip of my cock.

“Careful,” I moaned. “Those are sensitive.”

“Sorry!” she gasped. Then she kissed one. “There. Better?”

“Mmm, better,” I groaned.

She kept fondling them. Her touch was so wonderful. I could just stay here and enjoy every second of it. She lifted my balls and then gasped in delight. She nuzzled past them and into my blonde bush.

She licked my pussy. Her tongue dragged through my folds, shooting pleasure right to the tip of my cock. I groaned as she brushed my clit. Sparks flared. More moans burst from my mouth as Stacey smacked her lips.

“That’s good,” she moaned. Then she licked me again, crossing over my clit. She rubbed on my little bud. “Ooh, ooh, you have a clit, too.” She pulled my balls away. “That’s so sexy how your dick thrusts out right above your pussy. It that where it thrusts from on a guy?”

“Yeah,” I moaned. “I guess.”

She licked me again. “Ooh, that’s so much better than just licking your panties. No cotton flavor.”

“Just one-hundred-percent Chloe’s cunny juices!”


She thrust her tongue deep into my pussy. I groaned at the delight. Her hand fisted up and down my dick. She stroked me as she did this. It was so incredible to enjoy. I whimpered, the heat rushing through me. She gave me such wicked pleasure. I would have such an amazing orgasm thanks to her.

Her tongue danced around in me. I groaned, pussy clenching down on her tongue swirling in me. Then her appendage flicked out and brushed my clit. She sucked on my bud. She nibbled on it with her lips. Teased me while my cock throbbed in her hand.

I groaned, staring down at her, loving how her pigtails danced around her shoulders. I grabbed them. I grinned, “Handlebars!”

“Hold on!” she moaned and then licked up my shaft. “I’m going to take you for a ride!”

“Ooh, do it,” Kendall moaned, her fingers plunging into her shaved pussy.

“Yes, yes, take me for that wild ride!” I moaned, my body trembling.

She licked up to the tip of my girl-dick. She caressed her tongue around the top of it. I groaned at the stimulation on my spongy crown. The delight shot through my body. I groaned, my heart pounding with wild passion.

My cunt clenched as she engulfed the tip. It felt so good. I shuddered, her mouth sliding over my dick. I squeezed my eyes shut as she sucked on me. She nursed on me with such passion. Her tongue danced around my cock. The pleasure surged down my shaft to my cunt.

I gripped her pigtails tight and then pulled on them. I used her handlebars to work her mouth up and down my girl-dick. She didn’t fight me at all. She just sucked harder. My cock brushed the back of her throat and then she slid back up my dick. She sucked the entire way. It made me feel so incredible.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Ooh, you’re going to make me cum.”

She nursed with such wild passion.

“I think someone wants some futa-cum!” Kendall sang.

“She’s just a little naughty, isn’t she?” I asked and grinned at my sex slave.

She winked back.

I glanced back down at Stacey, my small titties jiggling as I fucked her mouth up and down my cock, pulling on her handlebars. Her pigtails felt so wonderful in my hands. I groaned, my pussy clenching. The ache built and built at the tip of my girl-dick.

I would have such an amazing orgasm. I would cum and cum. I would pump her mouth full of all that jizz. She would gulp it down. It would be incredible. I couldn’t wait to drown her in my cum. My pussy clenched. Juices soaked the back of my girl-balls. They swung, growing heavier with my impending orgasm.

I would fire so much jizz into my friend’s mouth. I would baste her tonsils. I couldn’t wait. It would be so incredible. I grinned at her, loving her sucking hard. She bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my girl-dick.

“Yes, yes, just like that,” I moaned. “Ooh, you’re going to make me explode. Yes, yes, your mouth feels so good on my futa-dick.”

She moaned around my cock. I loved it. She sucked. She nursed. She worked her mouth with such hunger. I loved it. My pussy clenched with her every suckle. I tightened my grip on her pigtails, coiling them around my hands. I yanked hard.

Stacey groaned around my cock.

The wonderful vibrations rippled around my dick. I gasped and then I threw back my head. My pussy squeezed so tight. The pleasure surged through me. It was so amazing to feel. I groaned and then my cum fired into her mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, pussy cream gushing out of my spasming pussy. “Stacey! Stacey! I love your mouth so much! You feel amazing on my girl-dick! Oh, yes, yes!”

“Ooh, she’s so lucky!” Kendall moaned. “Oh, god, yes!”

I shuddered as I pumped her mouth full of my girl-cum. Spurt after spurt of my girl-spunk fired from my dick to baste her tonsils. She gulped it down. Her eyes smoldered as she sucked and swallowed and whimpered.

The pleasure wreathed my thoughts. Dual delights flooded my body. It was fantastic. I swayed, the pussy cream running hot down my thighs. The spicy scent wreathed my nose. I breathed it in, loving that wonderful flavor.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I howled. “Oh, that’s so good. Mmm, that’s it. You’re drinking it all down.”

I fired out the last of my cum. My little titties jiggled. Kendall whimpered in the background, her orgasm bursting through her. The Black girl whimpered. Her juices ran down her thighs. I grinned at her as my orgasm died to buzzing bliss.

And Stacey kept nursing on it. She kept sucking, working out any last drops of cum. I shuddered. I stared down at her and then realized I was holding her so tight she couldn’t slide off of my cock. I released her pigtails and she slid her mouth off.

“Oh, my gosh, Chloe, that was so amazing,” spilled from her lips. Drool and some of my cum gleamed on her chin. “You just pumped all that yummy jizz into my mouth. I kept swallowing and swallowing, and there was just more and more. It made my pussy so wet. I’m so ready to lose my cherry.”

“And I know just how you should do it!” I said, smiling down at her.

“How?” she asked. “Ooh, tell me, Chloe.”

“How much do you love me?” I asked her. I grabbed my cock and shook it at her.

“I love you so much.” She bounced to her feet. “You fill me up with such joy. I love being around you. It makes me feel all warm and special. I am just so thrilled that I get to be here with you. This is so exciting. Oh, Chloe. I love you! I love you! I love you so much!”

Her enthusiasm was so amazing. I pulled her to me and kissed her. I tasted my spicy pussy cream and salty cum on her lips. It was wonderful to experience. Our tongues danced together. She squirmed against me, her body trembling. I loved kissing her so much.

I slid my hands down and grabbed her rump. I held her tight, kneading her butt-cheeks. She trembled against me. My futa-dick throbbed against her stomach. The pleasure rushed down to my pussy and balls.

I had to take her cherry.

I broke the kiss and asked her, “Ready to know how you’re going to lose your cherry?”

She nodded, looking at me with such pleading love in her brown eyes. “I do! I so do!”

I glanced at Kendall. “You want to eat our slave’s pussy, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Stacey bounced in my embrace, her small titties sliding up and down mine. Our nipples brushed. My cock ached. “I like yours. I like your pussy a lot.”

“So, get on your knees before Kendall. You eat her out and I’ll fuck you so hard. I’ll fill you with so much cum. You’ll get to go to our first class dripping with my jizz. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“It is!” she moaned. “Oh, Chloe, that’s the best way to lose my cherry. So much better than after a romantic date while lying in bed, with the lights turned down low, and some Boyz II Men playing!”

“Right,” I told her. “This is way hotter. It makes my dick throb.”

“Good!” She squealed. “I love you!”

She kissed me again. I savored her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I loved her so much. I was glad she was my girlfriend. We were going to have so much fun with Kendall and Mrs. Solomon and Ms. Lyon serving us. And my special surprise. I couldn’t wait to have my sexy futa-slave joining the fun.

I broke the kiss with Stacey and said, “Let’s do it!”

“Yes, yes, take my cherry! Itty Bitty Titty Squad!”

She spun around from me, her pigtails flying through the air. Then she fell to her knees before Kendall. The Black girl pulled her fingers out of her pussy. She grinned down at Stacey. It was so sexy watching her pale face slide between those creamy-brown thighs. She nuzzled into the older girl’s twat.

“Yes,” Kendall groaned, her head leaning back. She shoved her gleaming fingers into her mouth, her eyes closing. A hot thrill ran through me.

I moved up behind my friend. This was it. I was popping my first cherry. I let Mildred have Kendall’s because Mildred was just so awesome. Stacey’s, however, was all mine. It was only fair. She was my girlfriend.

I fell to my knees. My cock smacked Stacey in the rump. Her pale hands gripped Kendall’s brown thighs. Stacey’s head moved back and forth as she feasted even as she wiggled her hips. She was so excited. It was so exciting.

“I’m going for it,” I moaned and moved my cock down her rump.

“Yes, yes, take my cherry, Chloe!” moaned Stacey. “I’m so happy it’s you doing it!”

“Me, too!”

I pressed my dick past her taint and into her brown bush. The wild thrill shot through me. I delved into her silky hairs and felt the wet kiss of my friend’s pussy. She moaned into Kendall’s twat as I pushed into her folds.

Found her hymen.

Right there across the entrance to her pussy was that naughty membrane. I felt it quivering, just waiting for me to ram into her. I pushed on her. She groaned. Moaned. She made such wicked sounds as her cherry stretched and stretched before me.

“Come on!” I moaned, wanting to be in pussy.

“You can do it!” gasped Kendall. “Oh, Mistress, you can do it. I believe in you. Just ram through her. Pop her cherry and make her squeal.”

“Yes!” I gasped and pressed harder.

Her hymen tore.

I felt it bursting before my cock and then I was sliding into her untouched depths. I was in my friend’s virgin pussy. This wild heat swept through me. I groaned in delight, my head throwing back as I sank deeper and deeper into Stacey’s twat. The first cock to ever enter her. It was so amazing. I loved every second of burying into her.

My futa-dick twitched and throbbed in her snatch. I reveled in this wonderful moment. I smiled, the pleasure rippling around my cock. It was absolutely amazing. It was fantastic. I loved it. I groaned as I savored it. She squealed in delight.

“Ms. Cock is in me!” she moaned, wiggling her hips from side to side. She stirred her cunt around in me.

“Yes, yes, Ms. Cock is buried to the hilt in your cunt!” I groaned. “You’re going to cum so hard on my dick. Your naughty cunny is going to milk my balls dry.”

“So dry!”

I grinned and drew back. Her pussy clenched down on me. She licked and lapped at Kendall’s pussy. Stacey must be fluttering her tongue up and down. Her head moved back and forth. Her pussy squeezed about me. It was such a wonderful delight to feel.

I slammed back into her. I pumped away at her cunt. I thrust over and over into her. It was so wonderful. My small titties jiggled. The pleasure flowed down my girl-dick to my futa-balls. They swung and smacked into my friend over and over again.

That wicked sound echoed through the air. It resounded back and forth. I loved it. I smiled, savoring every thrust. Every plunge of my cock into juicy pussy. Stacey whimpered, her cunt squeezing down around me.

“Oh, god, she’s devouring me, Mistress!” groaned Kendall. “She’s just feasting on me. It’s incredible.”

“I bet it is,” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, I love it. This is going to make me cum so hard!”

“Mmm, I bet it is!” she moaned. “Just explode in her, Mistress. Fire all that cum into her pussy.”

“All that yummy cum!” squealed Stacey, her pussy squeezing around my girl-dick.

The heat swept through my body. I shuddered, thrusting hard and fast. The pleasure blazed through me. It was fantastic. An amazing rush of pleasure. I pumped away hard. Fast. I plowed into my friend, my girly balls smacking into her over and over again.

Her butt-cheeks jiggled from every impact. They rippled from my girl-cock burying into her. I loved it. I savored every moment of burying into her. It was just so awesome. It was the best. I squealed in delight, pumping away so hard and fast.

Her pussy squeezed about me. She held me tight as I plowed into her. I buried into her again and again. The wonderful pleasure rushed through my body. The heat swelled in my cunny. The scent of hot cunnies filled my nose. My cock emerged coated in her frothy juices. More beaded on her brown bush.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my tits jiggling. So were Kendall’s small boobs. “Itty Bitty Titty Squad!”

“Yes!” moaned Stacey. “I’m going to cum on your cock. Your dick is amazing. I love it!”

“Mmm, so do I!” gasped Kendall. Her head threw back. “Oh, my god, just like that, Stacey. Don’t stop licking me like that.”

I grinned, my orgasm building and building in my balls. My friend’s tight, deflowered pussy felt amazing. I never wanted to pull out of her, but classes were starting soon. I had to deliver my gift. I groaned, burying hard into Stacey’s pussy.

Then Kendall gasped. She threw her head back, and I knew she was cumming. The Black girl’s small boobies quivered. Stacey moaned with such throaty hunger. I could hear her licking and lapping and drinking up all that pussy cream.

“Is it good, Stacey?” I asked, hammering her molten cunny.

“Yes!” she moaned, her pussy clamping down on my girl-dick. “I love pussy so much. Pussy and girl-dick are amazing!”

Her cunt rippled around my futa-cock. I gasped, savoring that wonderful sensation of her cunny convulsing around me in orgasmic delight. I made my best friend cum. I slammed into her depths, savoring her flesh rippling around my futa-dick.

She squealed in delight. Her pleasure must be rushing through her. Just drowning her in ecstasy. It was amazing. I loved every moment of plunging into her. It was just the best thing in the world. I groaned, my hips pumping away hard and fast.

“Cum in me!” moaned Stacey.

“I’m getting there,” I moaned, my balls tightening. “You feel so good that I don’t want to cum.”

“You feel amazing in me!” Stacey threw a look over her shoulder, her lips dripping with my cream. “But I want your cum in me, Chloe. We’re girlfriends now. I love you so much.”

“Breed her, Mistress!” Kendall moaned.

“Yes!” I gasped.

I thrust again and again. I buried hard and fast into Stacey’s cunt. I fucked her with all my passion. I rammed my girl-dick into her so hard while her flesh sucked at me. That rippling, spasming, amazing cunt drew me to the pinnacle of rapture.

I hit it and erupted.

My hot cum fired over and over into my friend’s pussy. This amazing delight pumped into me. It was incredible. I groaned as I pumped all my seed into her hungry pussy. She swallowed it all down while moaning out her pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s amazing. Yes, yes, I love it. I love this so much!”

“I’m glad!” I moaned, growing dizzy from the force of the jizz firing from my girl-dick. I groaned, swaying. The rapture rippled through my body. The sparks flared. “Oh, Stacey, I love cumming in you.”

My pussy convulsed. My juices gushed down my thighs. The air filled with all our naughty scents. Kendall panted. Stacey groaned. I moaned. My girl-balls emptied all my seed into my best friend’s wonderful pussy.

Then my orgasm passed.

I groaned and sank down, my legs folding until my rump rested on my heels. My cock popped out of her pussy. For a moment, her hole gaped open. A flood of my futa-cum spilled out of her. Then she spun around and threw her arms around me, her lips gleaming with Kendall’s cunt cream.

My girlfriend kissed me. I groaned, savoring the tangy flavor on her lips. I closed my eyes, kissing Stacey with such hunger. It was such an amazing day. I was so glad that I had my mind-controlling panties and my futa-cock. I would have even more fun.

I had a special gift to give. My body quivered. The moment I saw those black satin panties with their elegant cut to them, I knew there was one woman who deserved them. I couldn’t wait to make her into my futa-slave.

College would never be more exciting.


Verónica Escamilla

I strode through the halls to my classroom, the staff meeting over. Our new dean was a tiresome bore that liked to spring these morning meetings on us. It took out the time I needed to prepare my class for the day’s lessons. I would barely make it before the first class started.

The students melted out of my path, many of them recognizing me. I felt the boys’ eyes on me. They all thought I was sexy. I knew it. I would never admit it, but I drank in their attention, loving their eyes on me. I knew they called me the “Hot-Ass Latina Teacher.” I felt my rump swaying in the tight, black skirt I was wearing today.

I liked my nickname. Something else I would never admit.

I swept into my classroom. It was teaching freshman history first. A general study on European history and the lead into the American Revolution. Many of the students were already in their seats. I glanced at them, my glossy, black hair swaying about my face.

“Morning,” I said to the students. Several answered back.

I sat down at my desk and set about getting it ready. The analog clock ticking away above the door brought the start of the lesson closer and closer. The traffic in the hallway thinned. I squirmed and then heard footsteps racing up. Students who were cutting it close to reaching their class on time.

A moment later, two of my students burst in. Chloe and Stacey both had flushed faces. They panted and burst into giggles as the warning bell rang right behind them. I shook my head at the pair of eighteen-year-old vixens as they rushed to their desks, the pair of them immediately whispering.

“Ladies,” I said, giving them a look, “is it okay if I teach, or would you like to continue your conversation?”

Stacey blushed but Chloe, to my shock, had a flick of irritation. Like she didn’t appreciate being admonished. That was unusual for the quiet and polite girl. Then she smiled and I swear something wicked gleamed in her blue eyes.

“Sorry, Ms. Escamilla,” chimed Chloe. “You may teach us.”

I tightened my brow at that. She was giving me permission? What had changed about that girl?

I pushed it back into my mind and reminded myself to watch her. A change in behavior could mean something had disrupted her family life or other problems had arisen. I wanted to make sure I mentored my students. They were all important to me.

I launched into my lesson, lecturing on the collapse of the Western Roman Empire at the hands of various barbarian tribes such as the Vandals. The students were getting that bored look in their eyes, so I switched over to a discussion midway through, asking questions, trying to gauge how much they were absorbing the material.

Some of them were quite inquisitive. It was always refreshing to have conversations and even debates on what the Romans might have done to stop their fall. It was the sad fact of history that every great empire collapsed one day. The generation that made them great was always followed by weaker and weaker ones until something new took its place.

“And that will lead us into what’s called the dark ages, though it was truly not as dark as some say,” I said. “We’ll begin our talks on the lead up to Charlemagne the Great and the Muslim invasions of North Africa and into Iberia.” I paused, smiling. “That’s modern Spain. Please, read chapter 5. Enjoy your day.”

Chloe came up to me with a white box with a purple ribbon on it. The sort of box that clothing came in. I was more than a little shocked when she handed it to me and said, “Sorry for being late and talking. It’s just been a super exciting day. I have something for you. I think you’re going to love it. Please, please, open it at lunch.”

“Okay,” I said, feeling a little uncertain. Had she bought me a scarf or something? Did the girl have a crush on me? That could happen at her age. Usually, it was with a male professor, but the reverse was true. I remembered my own flings with lesbianism as a schoolgirl, exploring things, before I found out that I just liked guys better.

Dicks beat pussy every time.

“Thanks,” I said, being polite. “Now you better get going. You don’t want to be late for your next class.”

“Nope,” she said and hurried out. I shook my head and then glanced at it. I set it to the side on my desk as my next group of students piled in.

I had a few more hours before lunch and a break to check out what she’d gotten me.


Mildred Dean

I strode into work feeling like a new woman. I had the box with the last pair of panties tucked beneath my arm. I knew just who to give it to. My futa-cock throbbed in my regular panties, my skirt whisking about my thighs.

I clutched my hand about my mind-controlling panties, the cloth wet and delicious.

“Morning, Mildred,” my friend, Kyra, said. The brunette was the only friend I had. Over the years, she had chipped through all my defenses, my fear of dealing with strangers, with her bubbly enthusiasm. She had made me feel welcome. “You look… different.”

“I feel different,” I said and hugged her with fierce passion. She stiffened at that and then embraced me back. I felt the warmth of her. My futa-dick twitched as I ground it against her.

“Eh… this is nice,” she said. “But, um, what is that digging into me.”

“My futa-cock,” I said and broke the hug. I smiled at her and then shoved my panties in her face.

She gasped for a moment and then she groaned, breathing in the smell, falling under my mind-control. She swayed there for a moment, inhaling my musk. She let out such rich and throaty sounds that were an utter delight to listen to.

“Wow,” she said. “That scent is a rush.”

“I know,” I said. “It’s why I’m so confident. Kyra, you’re such a wonderful woman. I’m going to do something special for you. I want you to think about any woman you know, any woman at all, that you want to be your lesbian sex slave. I’ll make sure she’s yours.”

“Oh, wow,” she said. “My own lesbian sex slave…” She blinked. “What will she do for me?”

“Lick your pussy, massage your back. Whatever you want her to do.” I smiled at my friend. “Take some time and think about it. It has to be someone I can speak to, though, so don’t say Margot Robbie or anything.”

“Oh, right,” she said. “A lesbian sex slave… I’ve never had a woman eat my pussy before.”

“You’ll love it,” I said and kept moving.

Maybe I should give these panties to Kyra for being such a great friend, but they deserved to belong to someone more dynamic. Someone who would use them to their fullest. Someone driven and powerful. I shuddered as I strode through the cubicles.

“Good morning, Mildred,” said Minako. The Japanese secretary gave me a soft smile. “This is a surprise. Do you need anything?”

“Need to speak to Ms. Pearce,” I said, panties clutched in my hand. “I have something for her that she needs to see right away.”

“Oh, well, let me call and see if she can see you. She’s on the phone right now, so it’ll be a few…” Minako’s words trailed off as I marched forward with confidence. “Mildred?”

“I don’t have time to waste,” I said, my futa-cock throbbing.

I thrust open the door to find Athena Pearce sitting at her desk on a leather chair. An executive’s chair. It radiated power, just like the dark furniture, the shelves with the books, the small liquor cabinet, and the large windows looking out at the city. She spoke on the phone, her eyes narrowing on me.

She wore her black hair in a professional manner, her face serious and beautiful all at the same time. Lips a vibrant red. Her gaze swept over me. Normally, I would be quaking at such scrutiny, but I had my panties.

“I have to call you back,” she said and hung up. “Mildred, what are you doing? Is this more of your… conditions at work.”

“Yes,” I said and tossed my wet panties at her.

To be continued…

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