The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties Chapter 10: Futa’s Virgin Reward by mypenname3000

The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Ten: Futa’s Virgin Reward

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Mildred Dean

At least the treat before me would make up for Sasha Ford stealing one of the panties P had given me. She was out there, a futa mind-controlling whoever she wanted. It seethed in me that she wasn’t under my power like she was supposed to be.

But at least Chloe had found me Kendall.

“I am really sorry, Mildred,” Chloe said.

“You didn’t help her steal the panties, kitty cat,” I told the eighteen-year-old blonde futa. “So don’t feel sad. We’ll deal with Sasha. She didn’t mind-control anyone?”

“She tried, but her panties didn’t work on us and mine didn’t work on her,” Chloe answered.

That was good to know. Would mine work on Sasha’s, or was she forever going to be a free agent doing her own thing? Well, maybe things weren’t so bad then. I still had the other two. I knew who would get one, and I was certain I could find the right person for the other. Who they were meant to go to.

Kendall pulled off my top. The Black, fifteen-year-old virgin had such a naughty look on her narrow face. She had a rich, mocha-brown hue to her skin, not nearly as dark as her mother, Alesha Lyon. Kendall had a small, dainty nose—cute even—and a smile that made my futa-cock throb beneath my skirt. My girl-balls ached and my pussy grew hotter.

“Aren’t you just an adorable thing?” I purred. “Nineteen and a virgin. How utterly remarkable. You’re lucky not to have that cherry popped.”

“Anal and blowjobs,” she said, a saucy look on her face. “I want my virginity to be taken by someone special. That’s you, Mildred. Chloe told me just how amazing you are.”

“She’s a sweet kitty cat, isn’t she?” I asked as Kendall fell to her knees before me.

She nodded, a big grin on her face. She tugged down on my skirt now. I shuddered as the cloth rubbed across the tip of my dick. A hot shudder ran through me. My pussy clenched, my naughty clit throbbing. It could be such a wicked, little nub.

She gasped when my cock popped out, a flick of precum splattering her dark features. She grinned at me and grabbed my dick. She stroked up and down it, licking her lips with a look of wild hunger in her eyes.

“You absolutely can suck it,” I said, loving the feel of her hand pumping up and down it.

She beamed up at me while her other hand cradled my balls. She kneaded my girl-nuts as she leaned her head down. Her lips kissed at the tip. I shuddered at the delight of her kiss. She smooched around my dick, teasing me, sending such pleasure surging through my body.

I would have a delicious orgasm.

“So, you’re a preacher’s wife and this is your daughter?” Chloe asked.

The blonde girl faced Elouise Tuft and her daughter Christabella. I had recruited them, craving to take Elouise as my lover for years. I made her a lesbian who would seduce all the women in our church if she could. The only cocks she craved were futas-cocks.

But she wouldn’t divorce Reverend Harold. That would be a sin. I would give Christabella to Harold. Let him have his daughter in his bed as payment for changing his wife. I hoped they had children. That would be hot. Incest was such a wicked thing.

It made me so wet.

“I am,” Elouise said. “Can I suck on your cock. I love futa-dicks. They’re the only cocks I like.”

“Why don’t you both suck my dirty dick clean of Sasha Ford’s asshole,” Chloe said. “And Mom, want to lick my pussy as they do it?”

“You know I love licking your pussy,” Mrs. Quick said. The blonde MILF, a bustier and more mature version of her fourteen-year-old daughter, grinned at Chloe.

“Yes, yes, that sounds so hot.” I groaned while Kendall sucked at my cock. She slid her mouth up and down my girl-dick.

“Oh, honey, you make Mildred feel so good,” her mother purred. “Lift up your hips. Let me lick your pussy. Get you all nice and ready for Mildred’s big dick taking your virginity.”

“Isn’t she just such a wonderful mother?” Danielle Solomon said. She was the last person in my living room. A tan brunette with fake tits that Chloe had stolen from her husband. Now Danielle loved Alesha, and the pair planning on getting married.

Mind-control was so wild.

“She is,” I groaned in agreement as Alesha lowered her face down to her daughter’s pussy. The Black woman nuzzled into that virgin twat.

Kendall moaned around my cock. The pleasure surged up my dick. It sent such a wicked heat flooding through me. I groaned at it, my heart pounding bliss through my body. My cunt clenched as it drank in the sucking delight of her mouth.

Her tongue danced around it. She stroked my crown while staring up at me with hunger. My round tits jiggled. Pussy juices soaked my bush while her hands massaged my hairless nuts. They brimmed with all that cum for her to enjoy.

“Mom!” gasped Chloe.

Her small titties jiggled as the slender futa shuddered. Kneeling before her, Elouise and Christabella, the mother and her sixteen-year-old daughter, leaned in to worship Chloe’s futa-cock. They licked at her crown and smooched at the sides, cleaning her dick clean of Sasha’s asshole. Mrs. Quick ate her daughter’s pussy from behind, her hands clutching Chloe’s hips.

“Elouise and Christabella!” Chloe groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s so good. You’re both going to make me cum, aren’t you? All three of you are.”

“Yes,” Elouise moaned. “Coat me and my daughter’s face in your spunk, cutie! Then we can lick each other clean.”

“Yum!” the blonde futa gasped. She glanced at me and grinned. “You found some great women.”

“So did you,” I moaned as Kendall sucked with such hunger on my futa-dick.

My pussy clenched while my balls built and built with pressure. Alesha licked her daughter’s pussy, inspiring the girl to nurse on my futa-cock with all her might. My pussy drank in the heat. It flowed through my body.

I loved it. Savored it. Kendall sucked so hard. Her mother moaned, clearly enjoying the taste of her daughter’s virgin twat. She wiggled her own hips, attracting Danielle’s attention. The busty woman knelt down, her fake titties heaving, and buried her face into her fiancee’s butt-cheeks.

“Danielle!” groaned Alesha. “Ooh, rim my asshole.”

“Yes!” I groaned, loving all the sapphic delights spilling through the room. “Just feast on her asshole.”

Danielle did. With aplomb. I could hear her licking. Alesha moaned and attacked her daughter’s pussy. She squealed around my cock, sucking with even more hunger. I gasped, my pussy clenching as the pressure in my balls swelled.

It was incredible as the bliss swept from mother to daughter to me. I groaned, the sloppy sounds of Kendall’s sucking echoing in the living room, merging with the wicked delight coming from Chloe’s incestuous foursome.

I loved my panties’ power. My mind-control panties were incredible. I wanted to have four futas under my power having fun, but three would have to do. I closed my eyes, the pressure building and building at the tip of my cock.

“Oh, yes, Kendall, you taste so good,” Alesha said, her hand clenching on her daughter’s lighter-brown rump. “Mmm, shower me in your cunt cream.”

The girl moaned around my futa-cock, her hips wiggling back into her mother’s face. I felt my own orgasm rising to the pinnacle of my dick. I was so close to erupting. I wanted to flood her mouth, but I also wanted her cunt spasming around my cock.

“Make your slutty daughter cum, Alesha!” I panted. “Just make her explode.”

“Yes, Mildred!” Alesha’s dark eyes stared up at me over her daughter’s curvy rump with hunger blazing in them.

Alesha’s hand moved out of sight. Then Kendall squealed. She sucked with all her might while her body trembled. It was clear her orgasm surged through her. That she showered her mother with virgin pussy cream.

“Yes!” I howled and came.

My jizz fired from my cock and pumped into the girl’s hungry mouth.

My body swayed as the pleasure surged through me. It slammed into my mind. The dizzying heat pulsed from my dick. It was incredible to experience. I loved every moment of it. My pussy convulsed, adding rippling bliss to the pulsing delight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I howled, pumping my cum over and over into her hungry mouth.

She gulped it down with hunger, her eyes staring up my body with glossy delight. I savored the pleasure slamming through my body from my cock and washing out of my writhing cunt. The two delights were incredible to experience. I rode the bliss as I climbed toward that pinnacle of rapture.

I hit it and floated there. I trembled, my breasts swaying from side to side. I groaned, my pussy clenching. The heat flooded through my body. I whimpered, my breasts rising and falling. A dizzying heat swept through my flesh.

“Oh, yes, yes, that was amazing,” I panted. “Mmm, and I bet you’re ready to get that cherry popped, aren’t you?”

“She is, Mildred,” Alesha moaned. She lifted her head, her lips stained with her daughter’s cunt juices.

The girl sucked on my cock one final time and nodded. A dizzying heat swept through me. Chloe was moaning, enjoying herself while I was ready to take this cutie’s virginity. I loved my new futa-cock. My mind-controlling powers.

Kendall slid her mouth off my cock and then lunged up at me. The Black teenager kissed me hard. She shoveled my own cum into my mouth. The salty flavor blazed across my taste buds. I groaned, reveling in the delight. Our tongues danced, sharing the treat.

I cupped her face, my pussy clenching. My futa-cock was still hard and my balls felt full of another load of cum to fire into her. I kissed her with passion and then turned her. I pushed her down to the floor, eager to mount her and fuck her hard. I would thrust into her depths. She would shudder and cum so hard.

It would be amazing.

My tongue danced with hers. I savored the thrill of kissing her with passion. She squirmed on the ground, my breasts rubbing against hers. My futa-cock nuzzled against her belly. I kissed her with such hunger. Our nipples rubbed together. Sparks flared as I loved her.

She scratched and clawed at me. Her fingernails raked across my back. I loved it. The heat swept through me. I rubbed my nose against hers as our tongues danced together. I shot my hand between us to grab my throbbing girl-dick. I was so ready to be in her. To ram into her and make her explode. She would have such a powerful climax on my futa-cock.

It would be glorious.

She groaned as I slid my futa-dick down her stomach to her shaved pubic mound. She squirmed beneath me. Her hot pussy felt so amazing beneath my dick. My tongue rubbed against hers while my heart pounded faster and faster. Juices soaked my ball sack.

I nuzzled into her virginity. I broke the kiss with the girl, Chloe moaning in the background. I stared into Kendall’s dark eyes and purred, “You ready?”

“Take my cherry, Mildred!” she moaned. “Please, please, I want to lose it! Chloe wants you to have it! You’re so special!”

“I am,” I breathed, reveling in that knowledge.

I pressed against her pussy. I pushed and pushed. She gasped. Her hymen stretched and stretched. Then her cherry popped. She gasped in pain. My futa-cock buried a few inches into her untouched flesh. The Black cutie quivered beneath me as I sank into more of her barely legal pussy.

“Mildred!” she cried out as I pressed deeper and deeper. “Oh, god, you feel so good.”

“Enjoy!” Her mother moaned. She had fallen into a sixty-nine with Danielle, the pair squirming beside us. “Futa-dick is amazing.”

“It is!” Kendall clenched down on my cock. Such wonderful pleasure flooded down my dick. I smiled at that, reveling in the bliss of her pussy being wrapped around me.

I groaned as I bottomed out in her. My balls rested against her hot flesh. Her juices soaked the front of my nutsack while my cream, trickling out of my hot cunt, bathed the back. It felt so incredible. I loved being a dickgirl.

I kissed her again and drew back. Her pussy clenched down around my cock. She held me tight. She groaned into my mouth, her tongue dancing with mine. The silky friction of her pussy spilled around me. This incredible bliss that would have me exploding in rapture.

I pumped away at her.

I fucked her deflowered cunt with my dick.

The Black teen squirmed beneath me, her hands roaming my back. She felt so soft and sensual beneath me. Our breasts rubbed together as our tongues danced. She groaned into the kiss, her pussy gripping me. She squeezed about me, holding me tight.

I thrust into her depths. I pumped away at her, savoring the pleasure of her deflowered twat massaging my futa-cock. Her silky flesh built that exciting pressure at the tip. That aching need to explode. It would erupt from me. I would have such a huge explosion. My jizz would pump into her. I would baste her with so much spunk.

I couldn’t wait for that joy.

I broke the kiss and panted, “Tell me how much you love my futa-cock!”

“It’s the fucking best!” she moaned, her face twisting in pleasure. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s so great. Mildred, you’re spreading me open. It’s so much better than taking a cock in my asshole. Ooh, yes, I’m so glad Chloe gave me to you.”

“I have to give that little kitty cat a reward.”

“Yes!” Kendall grinned at me. “She is a kitty cat, isn’t she? Mmm, a sexy and naughty kitty cat.”

“Yes,” I panted, thrusting away. I pumped deep into her deflowered cunt. I reveled in the feel of her wrapped around me. That heat bathing my cock, bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh, god, yes!” The Black teen clenched her twat around me. “I’m going to explode on this big dick.”

I rubbed my nose against hers. “Good!”

I pumped away at her. I slammed my futa-dick to the hilt in her depths, reveling in her pussy’s grip. Her silky flesh squeezed about me on the pullback. I groaned, my twat drinking in the heat. My balls smacked into her flesh, filling with the pressure.

Another load of futa-cum brimmed in my balls. I would unleash such a flood of cum. I would pump her full of so much jizz. It would be incredible. I couldn’t wait for that moment. It would be incredible.

Spurt after spurt of jizz would bathe her. I would baste her twat with so much jizz. My cum would explode into her. The pleasure would fire out of my cock. I groaned, pumping away harder. Faster. I buried my futa-dick into her pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Kendall. “Oh, my god. That’s it! That’s so fucking good! I’m going to… Oh, god, I’m going to explode!”

“Good,” I cooed. I stared down at her with such hunger. “I want that. Just explode. Let your passion burst out of you.”

“Uh-huh!” she groaned. “Just going to burst out of me. Mmm, that’s just the best. What I need, Mildred! Oh, yes, yes!”

Her pussy clenched around me. That hot and naughty cunt went wild about me as she came. I reveled in her climactic flesh spasming around my futa-dick as I pumped away at her twat. I buried into her again and again. I pumped hard at her as she cried out in rapture.

“Mildred! Cum in me!”

Her pussy sucked at me. My dick throbbed and ached as I plowed into her. I slammed into her cunt, reveling in her silky, barely legal flesh suckling at me. I trembled atop her, ramming away with powerful thrusts.

“Please, please, fire that jizz in me!” the girl moaned.

“Cum in my daughter!” Alesha begged, her voice muffled by Danielle’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, my future step-daughter needs your jizz!” the busty Danielle groaned.

“I do!” gasped Kendall. “Then my mom can lick me clean!”

“Yes!” I moaned in agreement and buried to the hilt in her.

I erupted.

My hot cum pumped out of my balls and up the shaft of my cock. I bucked atop the trembling Black girl. My jizz fired out of me and basted her pussy. Spurt after spurt of my spunk erupted from me and flooded into her barely legal cunt. The pleasure slammed into my mind. Sparks flared.

It was incredible. I savored every moment of it. My jizz surged out of me again and again. I gasped out my pleasure. My pussy convulsed, cunt cream flooding out and soaking my nuts as they kept erupting. I basted her cunt with my cum.

“Thank you, P!” I howled as my orgasm hit that wonderful peak. Rapture buzzed through me.

Kendall’s cunt milked out the last of my cum.


Chloe Quick

“Oh, yes, yes!” I moaned as my orgasm built. Mildred was pumping away at Kendall now. She had taken her virginity. “Ooh, Mrs. Tuft! Christabella! Mom!”

The three gave me such pleasure. Mother and daughter fisted my cock as they licked at my tip. They’d cleaned off all of that bitch Sasha’s ass. I wanted to find her and spank her for what she did. She was such a naughty futa.

But I felt too good to be so mad right now.

My mother’s tongue fluttered through my pussy. She licked at me while the ache built and built at the tip of my cock. Mrs. Tuft and her daughter, the older one blonde and the younger a curly-haired brunette, had their faces pressed tight together. Their tongues danced over the tip of my futa-dick. Christabella’s hand played with my balls, massaging them.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped, my mother’s tongue fluttering around in my pussy. “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum on our faces!” moaned Mrs. Tuft. The reverend’s wife stared up at me with such hunger in her gaze. “Just coat us in your spunk so we can lick each other clean.

“Oh, yes!” I squealed and erupted.

My jizz fired out of my girl-dick and splashed across the mother’s and daughter’s similar features. It was so hot to paint their faces. They were a reverend’s wife and daughter. That made this so naughty to coat them in my girl-spunk.

They were almost holy.

My pussy convulsed, too, juices gushing out onto my mother’s licking tongue. She devoured them up, licking and lapping and sending such joy through my body. I trembled, loving every minute of the pleasure surging through my body.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, painting more and more pearly lines of cum on their faces.

The rapture and ecstasy met in my mind. The bliss sparked through me. This wild rapture that sent sparkles through me. I groaned through it. My balls emptied themselves onto their faces. I panted, savoring my mother’s tongue flicking through my pussy folds.

“Mom!” Christabella moaned, her head turning and licking my spunk off her mother’s face.

“Yes, yes!” Mrs. Tuft moaned as she closed her eyes and then her tongue flicked out.

“Oh, that’s so beautiful,” I groaned as I watched them lick each other clean.

My mother rose, her breasts dragging up my back. I shuddered at the feel of her hard nipples on me. She hugged me from behind, her hands holding my belly. She rested her chin on my shoulder while her blonde bush rubbed into my butt cheeks.

“It is,” Mom said, her arms tightening around me. “Mmm, just licking all my daughter’s futa-cum off the other’s face.”

“Mommy and daughter love,” I groaned.

“Mmm, a special kind,” Mom purred, her hands roaming up and down my body. She brushed my breasts and caressed my futa-cock. She grabbed onto me, stroking me as I watched Mrs. Tuft and Christabella lapping my spunk off each other.

“You want to have some daughter love, Mom?” I asked.

Mom nuzzled her lips into my ear. As she ground her wet bush into my rump, she whispered, “What do you think?”

I shivered and my futa-cock throbbed in delight. “That I need to slide back into my mother’s pussy!”

She licked my ear. “What are you waiting on?”

I squirmed in her arms and turned around to face her. My futa-cock slid onto her stomach as I grabbed her big mommy-boobies. I squeezed and played with them, loving how my fingers sank into her pillowy softness.

I was so glad that Mildred chose my mommy first. That she honored our family with her mind-controlling panties. I knew Daddy was having so much fun with my older sister and my aunt. I bet he was making them suck his cock right now.

And I got to play with Mommy’s boobies. I ducked my head down and buried my face between her big, lush titties. I loved women so much since I’d become a futa. There was a reason that I went for Mrs. Solomon first.

She had the biggest titties on the block.

Mom had the second biggest.

I rubbed my face back and forth, reveling in those large breasts. I kissed at her inner slope. I pressed those breasts so tight about my face. Mommy groaned in delight. I could tell how much she enjoyed this.

Then I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I nibbled on it. She gasped, stroking my blonde hair as I sucked on her nub. My futa-cock throbbed against her belly and nuzzled into her navel. I sucked and slurped, savoring her nub in my mouth.

It felt so right.

“Chloe, honey,” groaned Mom. “Oh, you’re making my pussy so wet.”

That was what I wanted to hear.

“Getting me all nice and juicy for that big girl-dick of yours. Mommy loves your cock so much.”

I could squeal in delight.

I did. Right around her big nub.

She shuddered and then stretched out on her back. She lay beneath me as I kept suckling and nursing on her nipple. I swirled my tongue around on it. I danced around it, loving every moment of her cries of passion.

I swept my tongue around her nub. I fluttered up and down. She gasped in delight. Her body shivered. My fingers dug into her hot flesh. I squeezed and kneaded her big boobies as I wiggled my hips back and forth.

Mildred was fucking Kendall, enjoying her virgin pussy. My own cock ached.

“Chloe!” Mom begged.

I ripped my mouth off her nipple to moan, “You want my futa-dick in you, Mommy?”

“Yes!” she groaned. “Oh, god, I do. I want it in me so bad.”

I beamed at her and then slid up her body. I stared down into her blue eyes and moaned, “Then grab it and guide it to your naughty mommy-pussy.”

She grinned at me and did just that.

Her hand reached down between our bodies. She grabbed my futa-cock. She held it in her naughty hand. She stroked up and down my cock. I gasped, my dangling balls swelling with more pressure. She pressed my futa-cock into her silky bush. Against her hot pussy lips.

Right to the entrance of her cunt. To the wonderful hole that had birthed me.

I thrust into my mother. I entered her. I gasped as her hot, silky flesh squeezed about me. She moaned, her incestuous twat gripping me. Pleasures flowed down to my shaft and hit my balls moments before they spanked into her.

They cracked into her body. A shiver ran through me. She groaned out in delight. She clenched her pussy around my cock, her moans echoing through the air. I loved them. Savored them. I pressed my small boobies into her big titties. Her soft mounds welcomed me. I hugged her tight.

I grinned at her.

“What?” she asked.

I rolled over.

She gasped as I pulled her on top of me, her pussy shifting around my dick. Her large breasts rubbed into my titties. I ended up on my back, the carpet fibers rubbing into my skin. I had my sexy mommy on me.

“Now ride me!” I gasped. “Work that pussy up and down my cock, mommy!”

“Yes!” she moaned, squeezing her cunt around my cock.

My naughty and sexy mommy rocked forward. She slid her pussy up my futa-dick. The pleasure flowed down to my balls and then sank into my cunny. I gasped, my toes curling as I loved the pleasure she gave me. The wild stimulation that her hot twat gave my pussy. I groaned and trembled beneath her, my toes curling.

Her big boobies rubbed into my breasts as she rocked back and forth. She worked her pussy up and down my cock, sending such delight coursing through my body. I groaned, loving every minute of it. This wonderful pleasure surged through me.

My toes curled. “Mommy!”

“I know!” she groaned, squeezing her twat around my cock as she slid back down my girth. “I love having my baby girl’s big dick in me!”

“You’re so tight and hot, Mommy!”

“And you’re so cute!” She kissed me.

I gasped and groaned, my heart beating so fast. Her hips wiggled from side to side, stirring her mommy-pussy around my futa-dick. Her cunt worked up and down it while her lips smooched me. She kissed me with hunger.

I kissed her back.

I hugged her tight. My hands slid down her back to her rump. I felt her plump ass flexing and shifting beneath my grip. It was such a wicked thing to feel. I dug my fingers into her as our tongues danced together.

She squeezed her cunt around me as she slid up my shaft. Then she rocked back down me, engulfing my dick in her amazing pussy. I loved it. My balls grew tighter and tighter with the pressure. It wanted to erupt out of me.

Mommy broke the kiss. “Mmm, ready for me to ride your cock?”

“You weren’t already?”

She winked at me and then rose.

I gasped as her breast pulled away from my little boobies. Her titties heaved as she straightened up. She grinned at me and then her thighs flexed. She lifted her cunt up my futa-dick. My pussy clenched at the pleasure rippling through me.

My mother rode me.

She slammed her cunt back down my cock. Her big boobs heaved together. Her blonde hair danced about her gorgeous face. She thrust her arms into the air, smiling and groaning. She looked like she was having so much fun working her twat up and down my dick.

I know I was.

“Mom!” I gasped, her pussy squeezing about my futa-cock.

“You like that, kitty cat?” she asked as she slammed down my shaft. Her big boobies heaved.

“Yes, I do!” My toes curled. My pussy ached, drinking in the heat while my girly balls grew tighter and tighter. I would unleash so much spunk into her pussy.

She danced her hips from right to left at the pinnacle of my cock, stirring that beautiful pussy around my girl-dick. I groaned at it, the heat rushing through me. I would have such a huge orgasm on her girl-dick. I would cum so hard. It would be amazing! I’d fire spurt after spurt of my spunk into her pussy.

I loved it. I was so glad Mildred mind-controlled us. This was so much fun.

I shot my hands up. I hefted her tits. I loved their weight. How they jiggled in the palms of my hands as she rode me. Her blonde hair danced about her face while her tight and juicy pussy squeezed about me. The pleasure shot through me. I squirmed and moaned, the heat swelling and swelling. I would have such a powerful orgasm.

“Mommy! Mommy!” I moaned.

“I know!” she purred as she slammed down me. “Squeeze my breasts. Oh, yes, yes, just like that, little kitty cat. I’m going to cum so hard on your girl-dick!”

“And milk out all my cum!” I moaned, my toes curling.

“Yes!” she gasped and slammed down my dick.

Her pussy engulfed me. She threw back her head and cried out, her passion echoing through the living room. Her mommy-cunt went wild about my big cock. Her flesh sucked at me, rippling and writhing. Juices gushed out, bathing my balls and spilling over to my own naughty twat.

“Mommy!” I whimpered.

“Yes, yes, cum in me, Chloe!” she gasped. “Flood me. I love it when you and Mildred spill your cum in me!”


I erupted into my mother’s pussy.

This wonderful pleasure surged through me with each blast of cum I fired into her. The ecstasy slammed into my mind. My twat writhed, juices gushing out to bathe the bottom of my thighs. Waves of rapture washed through my flesh.

Two awesome blisses rippled through me. I bucked and gasped, my cock spurting again and again into my mother’s twat. I pumped her full of my cum. I filled her over and over again with my spunk. This amazing rapture swept through my body. I groaned, my body trembling. My toes curling. I pumped my mother full of my spunk.

I gasped as I erupted the final time. A last burst of bliss that shot through me. I squeezed my mother’s boobies. I clutched tight to them as the taboo pleasure spilled across my mind. I bucked and then gasped, my pleasure dying.

“Mmm, that’s what I needed,” Mommy said.

“Me, too,” I moaned.

A loud growl rumbled from my tummy. I gasped and then flushed in embarrassment. I forgot all about the pizza. There were boxes of yummy Hawaiian pizza at Ms. Lyon’s house. And it was all getting cold.

“Mmm, I suppose we should figure out dinner,” Mom said. “Mildred, I can get some pasta going at my house.”

“Sure,” Mildred panted. “I’m starved and don’t you want to go home. I’m sure your husband needs some food.”

“My sister cannot cook,” agreed Mom.

Joy surged through me. I wanted to show Bryana my new futa-cock.


Sasha Ford

Fawn impaled her pussy down my dirty cock.

My little sister gasped in delight, her large breasts jiggling before me. She leaned back and moaned out in delight, her head brushing the windshield. Her juicy pussy cleaned off my dick of her asshole. Thanks to my mind-control, she did that willingly.

“Oh, Mistress, my naughty cunt is cleaning your pussy!”

“Yes, it is,” I purred, loving her tight pussy squeezing about my futa-dick. “Just what your cunt was made for.”

“Uh-huh,” my once bratty little sister moaned. Now she was my slave. Soon she’d be Daddy’s slave, too.

Mom drove the minivan down the highway towards Dad’s house. She was naked as Fawn and me, her large breasts jiggling as we drove. Nipples thrust hard from her soft boobs. She bit her lip, squirming, her cheeks flushed.

Poor thing had to drive while my little sister got to enjoy my futa-dick.

I couldn’t wait to get to Dad’s. He would know what to do next. How to get Chloe and her mind-controlled followers off my back. We had to flee our houses. They tried to capture me because I stole one of Mildred’s amazing panties.

I wasn’t giving them up, either.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Fawn moaned, squeezing her tight pussy around my dick. “I love your cock being in me.”

Her round tits jiggled as she squirmed, leaned back enough her shoulder blades were on the dashboard. Then she sat up, her head almost brushing the ceiling. She stared at me with such bright, blue eyes.

She flexed her legs and slid her pussy up my dick. She wiggled back and forth, stirring her pussy around my cock and then impaling down it. Her tight, little sister pussy bathed my dick. My fingers dug into her flexing rump. I groaned as she rose back up me, buffing my shaft clean of her dirty ass.

Cars drove alongside us. Would anyone notice I was fucking my little sister? Would anyone try to stop us? I shuddered, wanting them to. I had my panties. I could do anything. I dug my fingers into my sister’s rump as she slammed back down my cock, soaking me in her delicious juices.

“Mistress!” she moaned, her throaty pleasure echoing through the car. “Mistress! Mistress!”

“Mmm, I know!” I groaned. “You like that, don’t you? You like my futa-dick being in you.”

“So much!” She shuddered. “Your cum is leaking out of my asshole and you’re going to fill my cunt up with all your wonderful jizz.”

“I might even breed you,” I said.

“That would be soooo hot. I’d be the luckiest little sister in the world to be bred by you, Mistress!”

“She would be,” Mom moaned.

“Don’t worry,” I told Mom. “Dad or I will breed you. Breed you both. You’re ours to love and fuck.”

“We’ll be a family again,” Mom said. She smiled. “I’m looking forward to seeing him. Now that I don’t hate him any longer, it’s all coming back. Why I love him. Why I married him. Made you two girls with him.”

“That’s right!” I said, shuddering as my little sister’s pussy worked up and down my cock. “Oh, yes, a family!”

“Family!” Fawn squealed, her pussy squeezing about my cock. “I’m going to cum so hard on my big sister’s huge dick!”

I wanted that. Ached for that. Her juicy pussy brought me closer and closer to that mighty eruption. I would fire so much spunk into her pussy. I would baste her. Erupt in her. This would be incredible. Just spurt after spurt of my cum flooding into her. I would unload my spunk over and over. It would be so amazing. I would savor it so much.

The pleasure built and built in me. The heat swelled to the pinnacle of my dick. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut. I would have such a huge eruption. Spurt after spurt of my cum would explode out of me.

I dug my fingers into my little sister’s rump. She impaled her cunt down my cock. The pleasure swept through me. I didn’t fight it. I threw back my head and howled out in ecstasy. This amazing rapture burst through me.

Sirens burst behind us my little sister squealed. I pumped blast after blast of my cum into my little sister’s cunt. I basted her. She gasped and came on me. Her cunt went wild. Her fertile flesh milked my erupting dick.

“Oh, dear,” Mom groaned, changing lanes.

“Just… just…” I tossed her the panties. “Give him that!”

“Yes!” squealed Fawn, her breasts rubbing into my collarbone. She hugged me tight, her cunt milking me.

The van slowed to a stop as I hit that pinnacle of bliss. I pumped all that jizz into my little sister’s snatch. The heat boiled through my cunt as it spasmed and writhed. My balls emptied all their spunk into Fawn. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut. Stars blazed across my vision. They danced, shining so bright.

Mom rolled down her window as I panted. My little sister moaned, her pussy still wringing me dry. I panted, my orgasm dying to buzzing delight. Footsteps approached the vehicle. The cop came up alongside.

“Turn the vehicle off and thrust your hands out the window!” a male voice shouted.

“He sounds pissed,” giggled my sister, her pussy still rippling around my cock.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned.

“What do I do?” Mom asked, sounding more than a little shaken up.

“Turn it off, now!” the cop shouted. “Then drop the keys out the window.”

“Boy, he does sound pissed,” I said, twisting to stare at him. “Toss the panties at him.”

The cop stood in his light-blue, almost gray, uniform. A burly bear of a man with a shadow of whiskers across his square jaw. He had on a campaign hat, so I guess that made him a State Trooper. He had his hand down low. Was it on the butt of his gun?

The window whirred down and mom flung my panties at the cop.

He flinched back and drew his handgun. My heart clenched as it came up, shiny and black. Then the panties struck him in the face and fell down his body to land on the ground. His gun came up. Mom shrieked. Fawn squeezed tight about me, almost smothering my face with her titties.

“What the fuck?” the cop growled. “Did you just throw wet panties in my… My…”

I smiled.

“Damn…” He bent down and snagged up the flannel boy shorts. He held them up in his hand while this exhilaration surged through me. He sniffed them.

Right there on the side of the highway, with cars streaming by, he sniffed my panties. Just inhaled them like he was some sort of dirty pervert. This wicked thrill ran through me at the sight of this big guy huffing the scent of my cream.

“Hey, cop!” I shouted. “Give those panties back. You’re getting them dirty.”

“Huh?” he grunted. Then he moved forward. “Oh, right, yes, well, uh, you got to get out of the car. You’re all under arrest.”

“Nope,” I said as he handed the panties back to my mom. “Put that gun away, then tell your dispatcher that it’s a false alarm and you let us go.”

“Oh, right, false alarm because…” He stared at my mom’s naked tits than at us. “I mean, this doesn’t look like a false alarm. But if you say so.”

“We’re allowed to go naked,” I told him. “Because I’m a queen.”

“Yep,” my sister agreed. “Queen Mistress Sasha Ford.”

I grinned at her.

“Sorry, your, uh, your majesty.” He holstered his sidearm. “Didn’t realize you were a dignitary and can, um, go naked.”

“Well, I can.”

“Yep,” my little sister said, her pussy squeezing about my girl-dick. “She’s a super awesome queen. My big sister rules.”

I smiled at that.

“Really sorry, again,” the cop said. “Didn’t know there were queens in America.”

“There’s just me.” I loved this. “Further, I decree that you will only ever give warnings to people who are speeding unless they’re really speeding. Like doing thirty over or something. And no pulling people over for dumb stuff like not wearing their seat belts or being naked. Just real things. You know.”

“Uh, yeah, real things,” he said.

“Wonderful. Now, we have to get to my father’s. You have a great day, officer.”

“You, too, your, uh, your majesty.”

“Drive on, mother,” I said in a regal voice.

“Yes, your majesty,” she said in amusement.

“Your panties are so awesome, Mistress!” my little sister squealed, bouncing on me.

With my futa-cock still buried in her sloppy cunt, that bouncing turned into something far naughtier. By the time we were half a mile down the hallway, she was riding me for real, moaning out in delight while my poor mother had to suffer driving with that poor, horny pussy.

By the time Mom was pulling off the freeway near where Dad lived, I had dumped another load of cum into my little sister’s pussy. Her cunt rippled around me, milking my dick clean. I rode the high, knowing I could do anything.

I liked the sound of being a queen, too. Futa-Queen of the World. Or, at least, to the people who smell my panties. It probably would never get too far, but I was eager to have as much fun as possible with this power that I had stolen.

“We’re getting closer,” cooed Fawn. “I haven’t seen Dad in a month.”

“I know,” I said. “Why did he have to move all the way out here?”

“It’s closer to his job,” Mom said. “He used to have to commute longer than this every day.”

“And you threw him out,” I muttered.

Mom flushed. “I was angry. That strumpet got her claws in him.”

I wanted to get my claws on Mrs. Solomon, but Chloe beat me to it. Would we even be able to go home? I left my new drone, all my clothes, and my favorite sex toys and…

I had mind-controlling panties. I could get new stuff. But there were some things. The first baseball glove Dad ever bought me. My softball trophies. My team had taken second at in our conference last year. I’d have to find a way to get all our stuff back.

Dad could figure something out.

My excitement swelled with my sister’s as we came closer and closer to our home. She squirmed on me, working her pussy up and down my girl-dick as she wiggled in excitement. I groaned, wishing she would stop and also not wanting her to ever quit.

Then Mom was turning into his apartment complex. It was a U-shaped, three-story-tall building. The courtyard had a pool. People were moving around. We were going to be seen going naked. No helping that. But we had to get to Dad’s.

I grabbed my panties and said, “Well, let’s go surprise Dad.”

“I hope he’s home,” Mom said.

“I have a key that…” I winced. Left that at home. “Well, I’ll go mind-control the manager to let us in if I have to. But don’t feel embarrassed. You two have sexy bodies.”

At least they wouldn’t feel humiliated. I couldn’t mind-control myself, sadly.

Fawn opened the door and hopped out, futa-cum spilling out of her pussy and dribbling down her thighs. She stretched her back without a care in the world. Mom slipped out on the other side. I took a deep breath, my cock going limp on me.

“Here goes,” I muttered, panties clutched in my hand.

I slipped out of the seat and stepped onto the asphalt. My little sister was already moving ahead. Our Dad had a second-floor apartment, left side. She reached the stairs, racing up them. Mom was right after her, big tits heaving. People hadn’t really noticed us yet. I hurried after them.

From the other side of the courtyard, I heard someone say, “Were they naked?”

My cheeks burned.

I reached the second floor. His door was three down. My sister was already at it, turning the doorknob. She smiled when she opened it. “Dad!” she called as she entered. “Hey, Dad, it’s Fawn.”

Mom went in and then I followed. I closed the door, looking around. Where was Dad? Then I heard it. The groaning coming from the bedroom. A woman gasping and panting. My cheeks warmed as I heard a man grunting.

“I didn’t know he has a girlfriend,” Mom said, sounding stunned. Hurt even.

“Not for long he won’t,” I said, gripping my panties. Then I marched down the hallway towards his door at the end. The woman’s gasps grew louder and louder.

It was time to make my family whole again.

To be continued…

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