The first time he (36m) fucked me (20f) while my parents were home

I won’t repeat how it got to this point, read my previous post. But tl;dr: I’m in a relationship with a good friend and colleague of my dad called Frank.


At this point my parents knew about our relationship and have known about it for about 3 weeks. It took some convincing but in the end my parents were fine with it. My dad and Frank had some serious talks but luckily their friendship stood strong.

It was another one of Franks and my dads sports evenings where they just sat on the couch and watched some sports event together. Lately that meant that Frank could drink a beer with my dad as he could just sleep over in my room, which my dad was a bit conflicted about but the advantage of the beer made him happy. We hadn’t had sex during such a sleepover yet, it’s kind of embarrassing to fuck with the rest of your family being a few rooms over.

Him and my dad finished their tv session and Frank came over to my room, kissed me and told me that he almost couldn’t focus on the game because he had to think about fucking me all the time. I was against it at first, but when he asked me to at least give him a blowjob so he can unload I agreed. So I got on my knees, got his dick out and started blowing him. Me loving blowing him so much definitely helped in my decision to do it. And he didn’t lie, his dick was super hard. I used my tongue, I used my mouth, kissed him, blew him. Looked up at him with my deer eye look. He moaned but he kept it kind of quiet. But I saw from his face that it was hard for him not to moan louder.

It was super hot. Knowing that I’m blowing him here and that he couldn’t be loud about it. It was so hot, that I got extremely wet from it too. He definitely knows how to make me want to fuck. I couldn’t take it anymore, got up from my knees, pulled down my pants and bent over my bedframe. Told him to be quiet but to do me. Well, he was quiet for a while. But then he started fucking harder. I couldn’t help but moan. I really hoped that my parents wouldn’t hear it, but the fucking was just toooo damn good. He fucked me like that for a while until he let out a last groan and came inside me.

I was so embarrassed afterwards. But it also felt so good. But I felt super bad. Hoped the walls were thick enough to stop the sound.

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