The first excruciating

I decided to briefly share my story of losing my virginity with the people. It was July 2, on my birthday. I invited a lot of friends over as usual. There were chips, breadcrumbs, beer, eight cases, and a lot of vodka. It’s a good thing my parents still don’t know anything. I was 18. Oh, I remember, I wanted to fuck, it was coming out of my ears! Every night I pulled my clit, inserted a vibrator, and caressed my pussy under the shower, spreading my legs wide. My boyfriend never wanted to fuck me. He didn’t want to be in a hurry. And in my case, everything had to happen immediately, or I would cheat on him.

So, on my birthday, when everyone got together and started drinking, after the second shot of vodka, and the first glass of beer over, I just went wild. I hung around my boyfriend’s neck and asked him to take me to my parents’ room. It was free for now, so I planned to fuck him there. He picked me up right away and carried me. Past the bathroom, we crawled, he dropped me a couple times, and past the toilet we somehow abruptly flew. And that’s how we ended up where we were. He put me down on the bed, and was just about to leave when I stopped him by grabbing his leg and barely said “hold me,” with a pitying look. Well where was he going to go. He flew down next to me, folded my arms and legs the way they should be folded, and stared silently at the ceiling while I slept. I don’t know how long it took, but when I woke up, everyone was still making noise, the music was blaring, and my Alex was lying next to me, mumbling something. I threw my legs over him, lifted myself up, and slid my lips right into his. My tongue swirled around inside his mouth like a fidget spinner, clawing at his organ. With my hand, I fumbled for his standing cock, and immediately reached inside to take him by the balls-literally. My hand quickly reached his cock. It felt long and slippery, but when he took off his pants, I wanted to suck it for fun. Taking his dick in my mouth, I leaned in hard, and began to swirl my tongue over the brackish head, just as I had when I kissed him. Alex was going crazy about it, and even stroked my head. I moaned with wild desire, asking him to play with my beauty.

Alex gently ran his fingers into my little hole, and began to push them inside quickly and hard. I was just flowing. Then, he abruptly took his dick out of my mouth, turned me around, bent me over, positioned me in a prone position, and drove into me stupidly. I sobered up. The pain was terrible, I screamed, tears streaming from my eyes. His cock was covered in blood, but he didn’t stop there. “You wanted to get fucked? Now bear with it! You’re not going anywhere from me, and you’re not going to intimidate me with your nerves that are supposedly shaky at night! I’ll fuck you every day! Got it?”. The guy took me by the throat, and looked into my eyes with a sharp look. I was horrified and nodded for him to let me go, because it hurt so much. Next, everything continued in the bathroom. My sore and streaming hole was helpless before this long snake that was frolicking inside me. I thought he would cum right away, but no, he wasn’t a virgin, and as I thought, he hadn’t slept with anyone. There had been cheating and everything else. But I endured, endured, and waited for him to let me go, and stop leaning against the cold and wet wall of the shower stall, shoving his violent aggregate into me.

My girlfriends were banging on the door when they heard me screaming, my friends were just furious to find out that Alex was having me all over, and I wasn’t moaning like I was supposed to, but screaming and pulling out. The guy was just pissed. He leaned me against the glass door of the shower to grab my hair and neck and pull me down roughly, jumping from ass to pussy. And then, he also made me get on my knees and look into his eyes and suck, opening my mouth wide. And then he’d thrust deep and hard into me. Right up to my throat, right up to the bottom of my throat. I thought it would never end. But thankfully, my agonizing moments were ended when my parents came home, broke down the doors, and got this unbearable beast away from me. My father was just furious, I roared in incomprehension. The birthday party was ruined.

Already late at night, lying in bed I wrote everything in my diary to share with someone. And I thought that it was my own fault, I did it myself, I wanted to do it myself. But not knowing led to a negative. Who would have thought that a clitoral orgasm was something petty. And how other girls cum vaginally.

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