The Doctor’s Widow Gets Blacked 3 by John Black

A little over six months ago, Juliana Westcott was living in the suburbs of Pepper Pike, Ohio married to a promising bright young doctor. She was 31 and already well to do, and her life seemed well planned. Then her husband died suddenly in a freak car accident leaving the poor young girl with wealth and responsibilities. Never in her wildest imaginations did Juliana ever dream what her life would turn into since then.

During a routine robbery, two large black men unwittingly robbed the Westcott house while the grieving widow was still home. Mistakenly, Juliana took them for the plumbers that her late husband had scheduled before he died. By the end of the night, the only ‘pipes’ that the two black thieves ended up working with were the ones hanging between their own legs. They pumped the little white widow hard and long leaving her fuck holes leaking, and opening up her mind and sexual desires to a world of big black cock.

In the coming months, Juliana experienced an impromptu five on one, followed by another romp days later by one of the five, cumulating with a planned black cock train at an old abandoned house located in the deteriorated eastern part of Cleveland. The train lasted a good seven hours and went on deep into the night in which Juliana serviced multiple amounts of black men. With everyone else now gone, the poor well-fucked widow finds herself alone, naked, and full of black seed looking for a way to get herself back home.


As Juliana looked around the room she zeroed in on the towel that was given to her earlier in the night to dry off with when she was unceremoniously hosed down up against the wall. She picked up the towel. It was still quite damp. She wiped her body off a bit then wrapped it around her waist. It was too short to cover her full torso so she just left her breasts hanging out and uncovered. She found her car keys on the floor and she walked out of the room and then down the stairs of the condemned house in her bare feet trying not to step on anything. It was very quiet. She couldn’t hear anything. Obviously, everyone was far gone. The house was dark, only lit by the moonlight shining through the windows from outside.

As she got to the front door, she noticed that the street was void of any other person. ‘They all really left in a hurry, didn’t they?’ She thought to herself. She held the towel with her hand and folded her arms across her chest and quickly walked back to her car and got inside it. When she turned the car on she noticed that the clock was flashing 3:43am back at her. She turned the heat on trying to get herself warmed up a little before leaving. But then, suddenly her car shut off. She tried and tried to restart it but it was no use, the car just would not start.

Juliana: “Fucking piece of shit!”

What was she going to do now? Here she was in the middle of the night, a tiny white woman totally naked except for a wet towel and her body covered in sticky cum. Stranded in a predominantly black neighborhood, alone on a street which had a lot of houses that were condemned including the one that she was just gangbanged in, and now her car wouldn’t start. After a few minutes of thinking, she decided to return to the house that she just left. Maybe she could look around in the other rooms and find something better to wear than the short-drenched towel.

The ground was again cold against her bare feet as she hurriedly returned to the vacant house. Back inside, she began to search the first floor looking for something to wear. There was still some furniture in some of the rooms, nothing worth anything to anyone though. There was also a lot of garbage strewn about too. Kind of like the house was continuously being used by the neighborhood for shelter or parties and stuff. ‘Maybe other white girls were ganged here too’ she thought.

As she searched each room she realized that there was nothing. She entered what used to be the kitchen and saw an old laundry basket resting on a dirty dusty looking dryer. She quickly walked to it but the basket was empty except for dirt and dust. For a moment she felt like she would cry, but when she opened the dryer door, she found some clothing inside. It wasn’t much, only a small child’s clothing. A pair of small black shorts and a small green and black faded tank top that had a rip in the stomach area. She put the shorts on which although snug seemed to fit her tiny body well.

The shirt was a little bigger and the rip in the stomach area was quite large. She decided to tie a bow in it to make it like a faux bra. Once tied, the shirt looked like it had a big black x on the front of it with the middle of it located between her breasts. For better or worse, Juliana was now covered up. All except her feet which were now dirty with dust and still very cold. She searched around a little more but couldn’t find anything else so she decided to leave the house again. This time when she got outside, there was two young black men standing there and they startled her stopping her in her tracks in the front yard.

Black Man #1: “Hey man get a load of this shit! Girl, what the fuck you doin’ in my grandmother’s ol’ house?”

Black Man #2: “Check it out dawg! This bitch looks half nekkid.”

Juliana: “I was just…I wasn’t…well you know.”

Black Man #2: “Know what? What the fuck is you talkin’ bout?

Black Man #1: “Man…that looks like my little cousin Ray-Ray’s shirt. I haven’t seen that shit in years. Where the fuck did you find that?”

Juliana: “Please, I’ve…I’ve got nothing else. There was a…party here last night and I misplaced my clothing. I found these in the kitchen in the dryer.”

Black Man #2: “Oh shit! Da’Relle, I think she be one of Luther’s girls. Check it out, all barefoot and shit! Got no fucking clothes. This bitch was here sucking black dick all night! Is I right?”

She looked down at the floor with a sullen and embarrassed look before answering after a few seconds.

Juliana: “Yes.”

The two black men started laughing. Juliana felt alone and cold. She was terrified. Not so much of these men but more so of the whole situation. All she wanted to do was go home. As their laughter subsided Da’Relle started to unbuckle his belt buckle.

Da’Relle: “Well looky here, you can keep the clothes, but you gonna have to suck our dicks for payment. You down Geezy?”

Geezy: “Hell yeah I’m down!”

The two black men pulled their long black pricks from their pants and stood in front of Juliana as she slowly bent down to suck them. Their cocks were huge, but no bigger than what she had taken all night long in her mouth. Da’Relle reached his arm around and started rubbing her pussy through the tight little boy shorts she had on. Her well fucked box surprisingly started to drool at the attention.

Da’Relle: “Hey look girl, I changed my mind and just upped the price. You gonna have to let us get some of that pussy too if you wanna keep those clothes.”

Juliana let Geezy’s cock slide out of her mouth and stood back up. She let out a little sigh. There wasn’t going to be any getting out of this, and strangely she was hungry again to be fucked by more black dicks anyway. She just got multiple black dicks all night but for some reason her body was making her feel like she wanted more. Black cock was like Chinese food to her, a half hour later she was hungry again. She then smiled at them.

Juliana: “Okay, but not here. There’s a mattress upstairs in the house.”

Geezy: “Well…lead the way then.”

The three of them entered into the house and they followed Juliana to the top floor. Her ass looked so sexy in those little boy shorts as she sashayed up the stairs. They cupped her ass cheeks just right. Da’Relle painted her ass with a hard slap across the right side of it which made Juliana jump a little bit and she turned around mad at him.

Juliana: “Owwww! That hurt you fucking asshole!”

Geezy: “Oh shit! This bitch talks dirty too!”

Da’Relle: “Bitch get up them stairs! You got some more work to do!”

Juliana turned and continued up the stairs. She was still fuming inside and her ass was throbbing and most likely red underneath the shorts from the slap that she just got. The two black men followed quickly behind her laughing and joking with each other. Once inside the room, the three of them removed all of their clothing and then Juliana got down on her knees on the mattress.

The feelings of familiarity and de-ja-vu came across her as she began to alternately suck both Geezy and Da’Relle’s large cocks again. She blew them for the next ten minutes before Da’Relle pulled away and got behind her between her legs on the mattress and started to push his 10-inch flesh tool into her still a bit dilated and dripping wet pussy.

Juliana: “Oohhh yeah! Oh fuck! Yeah! Fuck my pussy! Put it all in me! Yeah! Ooo! Ooo!”

Da’Relle: “That’s it! See I knew you liked this shit! The brothas fucked you motherfucking real good last night, didn’t they? Opened your shit up real good too!”

Juliana: “Yes! Yes, they did! Oohhh! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!”

Da’Relle didn’t disappoint. He worked more and more of his 10-inches into her on each thrust. After cumming all night long during the gangbang, she thought that she was well drained and didn’t think that another orgasm was in the cards here but as Da’Relle pounded her pussy she came hard twice more and was working on a third one until he tagged out to Geezy.

Juliana got on her back and Geezy pushed her little white legs in the air and started to feed his long 9-inch ebony stick into her. Da’Relle plopped down and dangled his cock in her face and she took it into her mouth as Geezy fucked her.

Geezy: “Wow! This pussy is still tight! How many brothers you say were up in this shit?”

Juliana didn’t answer. The question rang a few times in her head though. How many different black men DID she have sex with during the night? As she lay there getting her mouth and pussy stretched again she tried unsuccessfully to think of a correct tally. Most of the guys had gone more than once and there just wasn’t a true count she could come up with. She remembered D-Con saying that he had seen trains that went as high as fifty men. Could she have already been with fifty different black men? Maybe it’s even more.

Geezy pounded away and finally he tensed up and pushed all the way into her and shot a large cum load deep into her body. Da’Relle then coated her face with his own jizz a few minutes later. As the men got dressed, Juliana used her hands to try and remove as much cum from her face that she could. She walked over to the upstairs bathroom of the house and looked into the broken mirror above the sink. She was starting to look a bit haggard. When she returned to the bedroom Geezy and Da’Relle were now gone. She looked out the window and saw them walking away from the house down the sidewalk.

She picked up her boy shorts and faux-bra shirt and got dressed again. She felt so tired. Without a minutes thought, she decided to just sleep right there on the mattress, which she did for the next few hours. By the time she woke up it was very bright outside. She returned to the bathroom and, using her hands she washed her face a little with water from the sink and fixed herself the best that she could in the mirror. She looked at the bathtub which was virtually destroyed and filled halfway with some kind of gross dark brown liquid. Looks like a shower would be out of the question.

She went back downstairs and then outside and went into her car and turned the key again. It still wouldn’t start. The clock read 10:38am. She reached into her glove compartment and took out her registration and found the emergency credit card that she hid there. It was an old trick that she always did. She always had one of those pre-paid credit cards hidden in her car for extreme emergencies. It only had $100 on it, just enough to get her out of a tough spot.

She got out and started to walk. Her plan was to find a store or market, someplace that had some clothing so she could buy it and change. As she walked, she noticed a few people here and there in front of their houses or in their drive-ways. They were all black. She felt their eyes on her as she walked by wearing only tight shorts, a ripped knotted-up shirt, and nothing on her feet at all which were by now very filthy. No one said anything they just stared as she went walking by.

A few residential streets later Juliana finally saw what looked like a store up ahead. She felt relieved and hoped that it had some clothing she could buy. As she got closer, she realized that the store was a small porno shop. ‘Can’t wear videos’ she thought, this place is useless. Traffic on the street was now starting to pick up. It was a weekend day and people were beginning to mill about the city. This frightened Juliana a bit so she decided to go into the porno shop.

From just inside the door she looked around. The store was bigger than it looked like from outside. She noticed a lot of racks of porno tapes and there was a section of all kinds of sex toys imaginable. Then she saw it, a section full of some sort of clothing. From her vantagepoint they looked like costumes and outfits. She began to walk towards that area when a gravely booming voice yelled out to her stopping her dead in her tracks.

Store Clerk: “Hey! You can’t come in here barefoot!”

Juliana looked around and saw that the man yelling to her was a large black man with greyish hair and a grey beard. He looked very intimidating and his face was scrunched up like he was upset.

Juliana: “Excuse me sir, but I’m kind of in a bind. Can I just look through those clothes over there really quick? I promise I’m going to buy something.”

Store Clerk: “I’m sorry, we don’t allow nobody to come in here with their bare feet. It’s a store policy. We don’t wanna be sued.”

Juliana: “Oh, I won’t sue you. I just need something else to wear.”

Store Clerk: “Don’t matter! It’s store policy.”

She looked him over from across the store and figured that maybe she could suck the old man’s dick or if it came to it, allow him to fuck her. She looked at him and smiled her best smile while seductively twirling a piece of her hair in her fingers.

Juliana: “Isn’t there anything I could do to make you ah…. break that policy just once?”

Store Clerk: “You got some money?”

The question shocked her. It was like he had no interest in getting a piece of her body which made her feel a little bit offended and hurt. She rebounded and quickly answered him though.

Juliana: “I’ve got $100. But if I give you my money how am I going to buy anything?”

Store Clerk: “Bitch you wasting my time and all you got is $100???”

Juliana: “It’s all that I’ve got on me. Please. I’ll suck your cock if you want?”

The old store clerk looked her up and down. Juliana was a dirty mess. She was still a very beautiful woman but at the moment she wasn’t that appealing. In fact, she looked down right skanky.

Store Clerk: “Nah, I’m good with that. But I’ll tell you what; I’ll let you walk in here and spend your little $100 on something but you’re gonna have to do a few hours work for it.”

Juliana: “Work? What kind of work?”

Store Clerk: “Follow me.”

Juliana followed the man into the back room of the store. It was even bigger back there. They walked through a stock area with shelves of porno content neatly stocked on them. Further on back they went, into the back and beyond all of the storage. She saw an off-white colored door that they were walking towards and figured that they were going to go into that particular room. The man opened the door and inside was a small perfectly squared empty room with a padded floor and a couple of holes in the wall. The room was so small it was like it used to be a bathroom stall, but it wasn’t. There was a hole in each wall about three feet from the floor and above each hole there was a number.

Store Clerk: “Ok let me be blunt, you look like shit. Hell, you smell like it too! Now the only way a pretty little white girl like you is walkin’ around these streets looking and smelling like you do, it means you’ve been suckin’ and fuckin’ black dick all night long. So, I figure a few more won’t matter now would it? Shit, you probably cravin’ some mo anyway. Here’s the deal; a dick comes through that hole marked one, you suck it. A dick comes through that hole marked two, you fuck it. And if one comes through that hole back there marked three…. that dick wants yo ass so you best give it up! Now…you still wanna buy somethin’?”

Juliana looked at the holes in the walls. She knew what this place was it was a gloryhole room. She thought it over for a few minutes. This wasn’t going to be a really big deal to her, it was like a gangbang with walls. She walked into the center of the room then turned around to face the clerk.

Juliana: “Do any of those outfits out there come with shoes?”

Store Clerk: “A few of them do. But I’ll tell you what, you do a good job in here and I’ll even let you mix and match. Take whatever the fuck you want. Deal?”

Juliana: “Ok I’ll do it.”

Store Clerk: “Thatta girl! But then again, I knew that you would. Ok hang loose, I’ll be right back.”

He closed the door and left Juliana in there. She looked around the room. It was a dirty place but not as dirty as she figured it should be. She tried to look through one of the holes in the wall but it was too dark to see anything on the other side. A few minutes later, she heard the store clerk returning.

Store Clerk: “Okay we all set. Shit will go down in a few. Here, here’s a couple of bottles of water and a towel. Here’s a bottle of lube too. Don’t worry, you’re paying for it while you’re in here. You should be able to suck and fuck simultaneously so keep a look out for more dick poking in at all times. Next time you see me you’ll be finished ok?”

Juliana: “Alright.”

With that he left. Juliana took a drink of water and waited. She thought about all the sex that she had in the past day and realized that if she hadn’t hit the fifty-guy mark yet, she was sure to pass it in the next few hours. The first cock poked in through hole number one. It was long and uncircumcised. A good nine inches. Juliana took it immediately in her hand and popped it as far into her mouth as she could get it. During her time sucking black dick, she learned how to deep throat a black cock, getting as much of it into her throat as possible.

It took a good eight minutes but she finally got the cock to explode and fill her throat with cum. When it was done shooting, it pulled out and disappeared back into the wall. Hole number three then filled up. This one was thicker but shorter than the first one was. Julianna quickly got the lube bottle and she rubbed some of it on her sore dilated asshole. It still felt opened enough for more sex but she figured why not make things a little easier.

Juliana bent down with her ass near hole three and reached back and guided the black dick into it. The lube helped it quickly in and a few moments later she was taking it in and out with relative motion. Another cock poked through hole one again and Juliana put her mouth on it. The next few hours the little white girl fucked and sucked every black cock that poked through one of the holes. She felt like a cum sponge as each one dropped a large sticky load into her body through the orifice it was fucking. Julianna couldn’t get enough of it though. She knew which cock was to be the last cock as it dropped its load into her mouth, because that is when she heard the Clerk’s footsteps again. The door opened and the old man grinned in appreciation.

Store Clerk: “Little girl you done well! I made more than enough coin on your ass. Here, signs your name on this form paper.”

Juliana: “What’s this for?”

Store Clerk: “Well, see that up there? That’s a camera. I taped you and I’m gonna make a video and sell it here in the store. I just need you to sign this release.”

She made an upset looking face at him, but took the pen and signed the paper.

Store Clerk: “Thanks Sweetheart. Now go ahead, go pick out what you need and get outta here!”

Juliana wiped her mouth and walked naked to the front of the store. There were a few customers looking through the tapes who stopped long enough to look up and watch her walk by them. She went to the section that had the outfits and started looking through them. Because of her small stature, a lot of them were way too large for her. She mixed and matched and finally got something together.

What she found that fit was a white sleeveless one-piece crotchless leotard, a sheer pink colored silky looking loose skirt that was short and high on the thigh, and a white pair of high heeled fake-leather boots that had crisscrossed pink ribbons all around them. She looked like a hooker but it was far better than what she was wearing before. She put it all on right there in the store front.

Julianna: “Here’s that $100.”

Store Clerk: “Naw girl, you’re good. Just take your leave now you hear?”

Juliana: “Thank you.”

Juliana put her old clothes the remaining water bottles and the towel into a plastic bag then left. She walked all the way back the way she came, all the way back to her car and put the bag into her trunk. She figured that if she lost what she was wearing she could always come back and get the boy shorts and ripped t-shirt again.

She also made a note to in the future make sure to stock her trunk with emergency clothing. Her mindset was that when she finally would leave East Cleveland, she WOULD be returning for some more black dick time and time again. That was evident because she was now hooked on it. Juliana then thought about how bad she was starting to smell. She looked back at the old condemned house and walked back to it and went inside again.

Inside, she searched the house some more. In the kitchen she found an old bottle of dish soap with about an ounce of soap left in it. She meticulously searched through the cabinets of the kitchen but found nothing else of worth. Then she saw it. There was a door jam behind the corner that the refrigerator had been moved to. Juliana pushed on the large appliance to make a way to get to the door jam and was able to move it a good foot and a half.

She squeezed through the opening and pushed open the door behind and found herself in a walk-in pantry with shelves. There wasn’t anything but a few pans and dishes on the shelves, but further through the cupboard she noticed a sliding door that from afar looked like a back wall only it wasn’t. She pushed the sliding door open and found Xanadu.

What Juliana had found was a small bathroom with a shower and none of it was destroyed like the rest of the house had been. It was so hidden that no one really seem to know that it was back there. There were a few towels, a face cloth, and even an old bottle of V05 shampoo. ‘Jackpot!’ she thought. She looked through the cabinet under the sink and even found a small vanity mirror.

Juliana took a shower. Surprisingly, the water was even nice and warm. She used the cloth and the dish soap to wash and scrub her entire body. She even washed her hair with the shampoo. After her shower she toweled off and dressed, and then ponytailed her wet hair. She returned to her car and threw the rest of the shampoo, soap and even other towels into the trunk of her car. She went back inside the car to check the time which read 5:21pm. ‘Wow’ she thought, ‘the whole day is almost gone.

With her newly cleaned body and porno store-bought clothes, Juliana decided to walk the neighborhood again this time looking for something to eat. She finally found a Burger King and got herself some quick food. As she ate she felt the looks from everyone else that was sitting in there. She even overheard two old black women whispering the words ‘hooker’ and ‘junkie’ about her. She didn’t mind being called a hooker. Let’s face it, after what she had done at the porno store earlier technically she was doing the work of one. The word junkie hurt though. She hadn’t taken a hard drug in her whole life.

Juliana quickly finished eating and then left among the continued whispers. It was starting to get dark again and she clicked her heeled boots along the street. A small car pulled up alongside of her as she walked. There were three teenage black boys in it. They had to be between seventeen and twenty.

Willie: “Hey Mama you one of Tee-Ray’s girls?”

Reggie: “Ask her how much. Come on Willie, ask her how much.”

Willie: “If you shut up I ‘ll ask her!”

Reggie: “Hey fuck you!”

Louis: “The both y’all better knock it off. I’ll just drive this motherfucker right away.”

Willie: “Baby we lookin’ for a good time. If you belong to Tee-Ray, how much he chargin’ for you?”

Juliana chuckled to herself and just smiled at the boys. They were cute and the black cock craving was hitting her again. She leaned against the car with her tiny white elbows and her short skirt rose up a little in the back. If there was anyone walking behind her they would be getting a clear look of her asshole and pussy because of the crotchless leotard that she was wearing underneath the skirt.

Juliana: “I’m sorry Hun, I don’t know who Tee-Ray is. I’m just a visitor here. My name is…my name is Jewel.”

She didn’t know why she suddenly just changed her name. It wasn’t that she was afraid to give them her real name, she just wanted it to sound a little more exotic and sexier and more fitting to how she was currently dressed. Jewel seemed like a perfect fit, a nice little take off of her real name.

Willie: “Well look here Jewels, we ain’t never had no white pussy before. We got some dough, if you wanna party how much it gonna be for the three of us?”

She looked at him with a thinking look across her face for a moment. Then like a shot a great idea hit her and she smiled again.

Juliana: “I’ll tell you what Hun, I’ve got a proposition for you; I live in Pepper Pike and I haven’t got a ride home. So, you boys give me a ride and I’ll take care of all three of you…for free.”

Louis: “Pepper Pike? Oh, I get it. We give you a ride to ‘Whites-ville’ and the cops put three niggers in jail and we get nothin’! We ain’t that fuckin’ stupid!”

Juliana stepped back from the car and raised her skirt in the front so that they could see her bare pussy. It was wet and still a little red from the last thirty-six hours.

Juliana: “Honey, I love black cock. I live alone. Everything’s on the up and up. We can even get the party started on the way if you’d like.”

Willie: “Oh shit! Okay baby you got a deal!”

Willie opened the door and ‘Jewel’ got into the back seat of the car between him and Reggie. Louis drove off as the other two began kissing and fondling the object of their latest desire. By the time they got to the highway, Juliana had Willie’s rock hard eight inches deep in her throat while bouncing up and down in Reggie’s lap with his ten inches half way into her pussy.

Louis: “Yo man! You guys are makin’ me jealous. Save some of that for me!”

Reggie: “This bitch is tight! Yo Wil? We better switch up before I nut.”

Willie picked Juliana up by her waist and put her in his own lap. A few seconds later it was him who was deep in her pussy as she hopped up and down on his black love muscle. Then she had another idea; she leaned into the front seat between the bucket seats and pulled Louis’ cock from his pants from behind and started to suck it while he drove.

Louis: “Oh shit! This Ho is fuckin’ nasty.”

As she blew Louis from the back seat, Reggie and Willie took some more turns pumping in and out of her pussy for the rest of the ride. They finally got to Pepper Pike and pulled into the Westcott driveway. Juliana led all three boys into her house and up to her bedroom where they all got undressed and the three of them boned her in all of her holes for the next few hours. Juliana got injected with another abundance of black sperm as the three boys creamed her insides over and over again.

A couple of hours of fucking and the boys finally left, and Julianna took a long hot shower before finally collapsing on her bed in exhaustion. She slept most of the next day, waking up only to eat some fruit and drink some coffee before going back to bed. When she finally got enough rest, she woke up and went to her desk and wrote some things down on a legal pad. It was a list of her future life plans and what she needed to do to make it all happen. It was amazing how she was able to map everything out and how everything came to her so clearly. For once in her life she knew what she wanted and she vowed to herself that she was going to make it all happen.

Two days later she went to her gynecologist and had a check-up. Amazingly she wasn’t pregnant, which given all that sex that she had the past few days was a big miracle. She then set up an appointment to have her body sterilized from ever having kids. Sure, when she had met her husband they planned to have a family which included a child or two, but with him now deceased it didn’t seem like it was in the cards anymore. Besides, children were not going to be a part of her new future plans.

In the next three months’ time, Juliana Westcott made a lot of life changes. The first thing she did was she sold her house in Pepper Pike. She sold most of the furniture too along with everything that was considered belonging to her late husband. She even sold her own car, her little red Audi A5. She then used all of that money combined to buy a house on Wymore Ave….in East Cleveland.

It was a nice little house. Before she moved in, she had some work done on it and had it altered a little bit on the inside, and even painted and cleaned up nicely on the outside. She also had a bunch of large fifteen-foot hedges planted strategically around the perimeter of the front yard. It was to secure a bit of privacy from the street. When all of the renovations were complete she still had tons of money left in the bank. A nice little nest egg set aside for if she ever wanted to up and leave one day. She transferred it all into a new savings account under her maiden name which was Juliana Marie Benchley.

She then created a professional sex name and had the rest of her assets, the new house and everything else except the aforementioned savings account transferred to her new name. That name was Sandra Jewel West. She would go on in the coming years to be known by a multitude of other aliases such as Sandi Scott, Sandi West, Jewel Scott, Sandi Jaye, and for some weird reason one full year as Jeenah White.

Juliana then went to the hairdresser and had her long brown hair bleached completely platinum blonde. She wanted a newer look and had it styled but not cut and decided not to wear it in a ponytail anymore. It took a few weeks after that to settle in to her new house. All of that time, the whole three months she didn’t have sex at all. It made for some interesting nights where the craving for black cock was pretty unbearable, but Juliana stuck to her black cock fast. She kept all of her desires in. She didn’t even masturbate.

Then one day she knew it was about time. Juliana was settled and finally felt ready after her surgery and all of the changes to her life to have sex again. She set aside a day and prepared for it. Her idea was to make herself up as sexy looking as she could, and then troll the streets of East Cleveland looking for some black men. She went to a spare room to the closet which she had stocked over the months with sluttier clothing and sexier heels and such. In fact, the whole room was stock full of sexy clothing and shoes and the like. It also had a make-up vanity and a few wall mirrors.

She picked out a first day outfit that was sure to attract what she wanted. Without underwear, she put on a pair of very tight and short black spandex shorts with a matching strapless black bra. The shorts were so small that they could be mistaken for underwear. Over the bra she wore a black mesh t-shirt, and she was also wearing a black pair of fishnet stockings with sexy black heels. She did her make-up and fixed her hair up in a sluttier fashion than she ever had before.

When she finished, Juliana looked in the mirror and really liked what she saw. As she left her new house, she smiled at the door combination lock that she had gotten installed a few weeks before. It was ingenious really. She figured with the combo lock she could leave the house without a purse or set of keys, this way no matter where she was in town she could always come home and always get in without any trouble. The other plus of the new lock was when she would find a guy that she really liked fucking, she could give him the combination so that he could come and visit her for a quick fuck whenever he wanted. And if that particular man fell out of favor, she could just change the lock’s combination.

As Juliana walked and turned the corner of Wymore and onto the main drag of Euclid Ave. a lot of heads turned and a lot of whistles and cat calls were directed her way. She felt everyone’s eyes on her and for the first time it felt great. Even the death stares from the old black women sitting around a porch as Juliana sashayed by didn’t faze her. She just continued on, clicking her high heels on the sidewalk. Suddenly, once again a car pulled up beside her. The passenger’s side window powered down and the black man driving spoke to her.

Driver: “Hey baby. Tee-Ray know you’re out here?”

Juliana: “I’m sorry I don’t know who that is.”

Driver: “Alright. Get yourself inside somewheres. Tee-Ray don’t let no white Ho’s walk around this time of night unless he’s getting a piece if you know what I mean.”

Juliana: “Okay, thanks.”

The car drove off and Juliana continued to walk. She wondered who Tee-Ray was. ‘He must be some kind of pimp’ she thought. She walked a little further, until she saw a bar called The Cock Tale Lounge. She saw through the opened front door that it was packed with people so she decided to go inside. Inside Juliana scanned the room which was 100% black and aside from one short black barmaid, predominantly male.

There had to be close to 25 black men in the place and all of their eyes were on the pretty little white blonde that just walked into their watering hole. She looked to the right and she recognized a couple of the men from the gangbang at the condemned house from months ago, so she smiled and walked over to them. She sat down in the lap of one of them and whispered into his ear.

Juliana: “Do you remember me Hun?”

TreKell: “Ahh…no. But I really hope I know you.”

Juliana: “The vacant house on Bardwell a few months ago?

Trekell: “Shit yeah! I remember! That was you?”

Juliana: “Yup. What is your name Sweetie?”

TreKell: “TreKell, but everyone calls me TK.”

Juliana: “Well TK, I’m back and I’m hungry again. I’m looking for some more. Maybe you can go buy me a drink and we can set something up in a back room or somewhere close, because I think I need to take every black dick in here…including yours.”

TK’s eyes widened and he smiled broadly as her words filled his ear. He then picked Juliana up by her waist, stood up, and then placed her down in his chair then walked towards the direction of the bar. Juliana smiled at the other two guys at the table who were just staring at her without expressions on their faces.

Bartender: “What’s up TK? Who’s the little white hottie?”

TreKell: “Ronnie my man, looks like we got ourselves a live one. I know it ain’t scheduled, but are we able to have some fun tonight?”

Bartender: “Shit nigga…we always got time for that! Go chill her out then come back and help me set things up okay?”

TreKell: “Alright. Gimme a vodka ginger, and….me and my crew, we go first right?”

Bartender: “Sure thing. You got it! I’m thinkin’ about five apiece discount for settin’ it all, and here’s a full round on the house for you and the homies.”

TreKell: “You the man!”

The bartender made the vodka and ginger ale and pulled up three beers from the cooler. TK pulled three fives from his pocket and tossed them on the bar. After bumping fists with the bartender, he then took all of the drinks and returned to the table and put them in front of his friends and Juliana.

TreKell: “Listen up playas, I gotta go do some preparations. We got a free round and first dibs. Keep the lady company and don’t let any of these other niggas in here get at her. No freebies! I’ll be back in fifteen. You feel me brothas?”

Black Friend: “Hey man we got ya back! Don’t nobody gonna touch her yet!”

TreKell: “Baby? You just hang tight with the Brothas here you hear?”

Juliana: “Okay.”

She smiled at him as he walked away from the table. TK headed to the back room of the bar with the bartender. What they did was they removed everything from the center of the room and pushed it all to the sides. They then pulled a specially built circular padded table from a closet that was only about five feet tall from the floor. It was about as big as a small poker table, but it had a few weird looking modifications to it.

Fastened to the top of the table stood a specially made thin black padded bench-like contraption that went across the full length of the table. Its height was a good twelve inches from the table and it was about twenty-four inches wide. This table was specially built and equipped with padding and hinged parts that when unfastened it would shape the table in a different setting for a different sexual act. It’s design was ingenious and made for comfort and total accessability.

They set the table up in the middle of the room and went back out to the bar. Juliana was still where TK had left her with his two friends. In fact, she was sitting in one of their laps and she was kissing him. The other man was sitting close beside them with his hand between her legs and it didn’t take an act of clairvoyance to figure out where his fingers were buried.

Tre-Kell: “Damn man! What the fuck is you niggas doing?”

Black Friend: “Chill TK, Chill. Just gettin’ a sample.”

Tre-Kell: “Sample my ass!”

Second Black Friend: “Comon man, this bitch is hot for it. It’s only natural we oblige.”

TK lifted Juliana up to her feet and away from his two friends.

The bartender then began to make an announcement to the rest of guys in the bar.

Bartender: “Yo. Yo! Everyone shut the fuck up a minute! I’ve got an announcement. We got a pretty little white bitch over here who’s lookin’ for something from you motherfuckers. Hey sweetheart stand up will ya?”

The place fell silent as Juliana slowly stood up from her chair. Every eye in the place was fixed in her direction. She felt nervous. Her heart began to beat a little faster, and her legs shook a little involuntarily as she stood there.

Bartender: “Tell everybody your name Sweetie.”

Juliana: “Jewel…Jewel West.”

Bartender: “Well Miss West, tell these ugly black mother fuckers what it is you want!”

Juliana: “I need to be fucked. I want every guy in here to fuck me with their big black cock!”

The guys all jumped up and yelled and hollered before being quickly quieted down again by the bartender. He continued.

Bartender: “Is that sweet little white ass of your open for business too?”

Juliana: “I LOVE anal sex. I want you all to get your cocks as deep as you can get them.”

The guys got loud again as TK began to lead Juliana thru them all and into the back room. A few of the guys slapped her ass and grabbed at her breasts while she passed by them.

Bartender: Alright! Settle down! You motherfuckers know the drill! Ten bucks for your place in line! When you’re finished, leave out the back door and if you want mo come back in and produce another sawbuck! Get on your phones! Call all of your main niggas and get their black asses down here too! This bitch looks like she’s in heat and we need plenty of black hoses to put out that motherfucking fire!”

A line formed at the bar and the short black barmaid began to take their money for their places in line to fuck the new little white girl. Each man who paid got a special looking gold chip with a black X on one side of it and a number on the other. Chairs were then placed against the wall starting from the backroom door and along the wall of the bar with men sitting, drinking, and waiting. When it was to be their turn, they would put the chip into a slotted strong box and would be allowed to go in and take their turn.

Inside the room, TK led Juliana to the specialty table that he and the bartender had earlier set up. She took her shorts off, her heels, and her mesh shirt and bra, and left the fishnets on. TK watched on with a big smile on his face. When Juliana was done undressing, she threw her arms around TK’s neck and gave him a long passionate kiss. It took a few seconds, but TK was able to fend her off.

TK: “Wait a minute, wait a minute now baby! We gotta do this all right. Wanna do me a favor and get up and straddle that long pad on the table? You know, on it in the doggy-like position.”

Juliana shrugged and then climbed up on the table and straddled the long-padded bench. She felt like she was on a hobby horse. TK turned a few adjustment pins and brought the bench down a few inches more to the table to accommodate her small frame. Now her knees and legs were flush with the table top.

Juliana: “This is a very weird contraption. Is this thing gonna hold up?”

TK: “Oh it’s specially made just for this. Watch this, it even spins.”

TK put his hand on the side of the table and spun Juliana around a few times which made her laughed and squeal in delight. He then left the room for a few minutes and returned with the two men who were sitting at his table when Julianna first came into the bar. The three men smiled as they filed in, and one of them even spun the table a little spinning Julianna around again.

TK: “Aight! Since we the niggas who set this shit up, we get first dibs. You ready Sweetie?”

Julianna: “Oh, more than you even know. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

TK: “Good. Aight fellas, let’s begin this shit.”

The three men started taking their pants off and then pulled their large black johnsons out of their underwear. Each man had the standard huge black schlong that Julianna had been longing to take again for close to four months. Her heart started to pump a little faster in anticipation. TK got between her legs first and the other two walked to the other side of the table where Juliana’s head was.

Seconds later TK was inside her pussy fucking away doggie style and the other two were taking turns poking their pricks at her tonsils and throat as they fucked her in her mouth. Over the months spent on the sex wagon Juliana’s pussy had tightened up so considerably, that it was gripping TK’s 9-inches like a small tight fist. It didn’t take long for him to explode deep inside her womb either, which he did with loud gusto.


TK then spun the table around and popped his glistened fuck tool into her mouth for cleaning. One of the other guys then pushed into her pussy and started to fuck her. After they all had a turn and shot a load into her, they hurriedly dressed and filed out through the back door into the alley behind the bar. Three more black men then entered the room from the bar and started taking their pants off. Juliana craned her head up to watch as the new black men revealed their giant schlongs in front of her.

The first man went right for Juliana’s mouth and put his cock between her lips with his hand guiding the top of her head. A few seconds later she felt movement between her legs, only this time she felt pressure against her anus. She popped the cock in her mouth out for a few seconds as the man poling her asshole worked it in slowly.

Juliana: “Oh yes! That’s it! Fuck my tiny white asshole! Open it up wide with your nigger cock!”

Black Man 3: “Damn man this bitch is fucking nasty!”

Black Man 2: “Oohhh yeah she’s so fucking tight! Take it you whore!”

He got a good six of his nine inches into her asshole before tagging out to the next guy. Every time a cock was removed from her body, the table was spun around to the next guy tagging in. It was something new, and Juliana got dizzy at first with it all, but she quickly assimilated herself to it. In fact, once she got used to it, she fell in love with the whole set-up. The second wave of men ‘came’ and then they went. When the door opened again five more guys filed in and began to undress.

Juliana: “Oh fuck! That’s huge! Ohhhhhh! Fuck! Oh my god! Oh yes! YES! OHHHHH!”

One of the five men was now pushing his enormous black dong into her pussy. She hadn’t expected the sudden upgrade in size; which up to this point she had handled pretty well. But the cock pumping into her cunt at the moment was larger than any cock that she had ever taken. It wasn’t the longest, measuring in at least the standard ten inches long, but the girth of it was perhaps the thickest piece of meat Juliana had taken thus far since going black. Juliana screamed and hollered as the giant fat black cock scraped at every part of her vagina walls and it stretched her cunt open wider and wider.

Juliana: “Ohhhhhh! Oohhh it’s big! It’s so fucking big! Ohhhhhh fuck! Oohhh! Ohhhhhh yeah! Oh my god!”

Black Man: “That’s it bitch you take my pole! Take the whole fucking thing!”

Juliana: “Fuck me! Oh yeah! Yeah! Fuck me with your black pole! Give it all to me!”

The large black cock piston-ed faster and faster in and out of Juliana’s small white pussy. It looked like a large eggplant was being jammed up deeper and deeper into her womb. Julianna’s legs started to shake as the powerful black cock pounded her hard. She came again.

About six inches of it was now fully wet as the black man continued to pump away. One of the other men who was standing there watching and jerking off got all hot and bothered and he grabbed Juliana’s head by the hair and shot a large load into her mouth coating her tongue and lips. That man quietly got dressed and silently left without even getting a chance to penetrating Julianna’s body.

After a good ten minutes the guy with the mammoth cock started to huff and puff and then he sprayed his black seed like a fire hose deep inside Juliana’s womb. When he pulled completely out Juliana felt like she was giving birth. The table rotated around until her face was in front of the monster that was just inside her and she didn’t hesitate to lick it clean. Behind her another cock was put into her asshole and before long was pumping away.

The black cock train continued. As soon as men would finish and leave thru the back door, another crew of black men entered into the fray from the bar. Juliana was spun on the table from black cock to black cock and her three holes were painted with black cum over and over again. She was in her glory. This is what she had wanted and what she truly needed.

Before long Juliana started to see some of the same faces as guys were now starting to take second and third tours into the room. At one point the padded bench was unfasted and removed from the middle of the table. A naked black man with an eleven-inch cock lay down on his back on the table and he hung his legs down the side of it and another guy pulled a foot rest from underneath and the man laying down put his feet on it.

Juliana then climbed up and impaled her pussy down onto the man laying down’s eleven-inches taking most of it easily deep inside. Another man positioned his cock near her asshole and another jammed himself into her mouth and she was then triple teamed for the next three hours like that in that very position by multiple interchanging black cocks. The stream of men was endless and the amount of cum they dumped in her was by the gob-full. In total the whole thing lasted about seven hours.

When the last man came inside her pussy and left, Juliana waited a good five minutes before climbing off of the table. When her feet hit the floor, she almost fell down. Her legs were so rubbery like they had fallen asleep and it took a while before the needles subsided. Once Juliana was stable, she walked over to the bar door and tried to open it but it was locked. She turned and picked up her clothing and got dressed.

She tried the door again but it was still locked so she decided to go out the back door into the alley. It was dark and brisk outside, and when she walked around the bar and looked in the window, she saw nothing. They apparently had closed up for the night which was very weird. Juliana then walked home with visions of the biggest fuck she’d ever had in her life flashing through her mind. A few days later, Juliana decided to return to the bar. It was just after 9am in the morning and everything had just opened up and no one else was there except Tamika, the black barmaid from the night of Juliana’s gangbang.

Tamika: “Girl, it’s kind of early for you to be coming here dontcha think?”

Juliana: “I guess so. Hey…why did everything close down so abruptly the other night?”

Tamika: “Oh that’s just how we do. The bar closes at 2am, but there was still like 15 guys waiting for a turn so they were allowed to stay until they got it. Once the last few went in we closed up and left.”

Tamika then told Juliana what the full take was on her bang, and she was amazed to find out that they were keeping detailed statistics of the whole night. In total, 114 different black men took their turns fucking her with their black cocks, 63 of which came around and paid extra money to take a second turn, and 22 that spent for a third time. At 10 bucks a turn the bar made $1,990 dollars off of Juliana.

Juliana found out a lot from her chat with Tamika. This kind of thing happened at this particular bar a lot and other white girls had been ‘train-ed’ in the past the same way that Juliana had been. The whole thing was organized and orderly and they kept meticulous records of each girl that was turned out and ganged. In fact, this bar was one of three in East Cleveland that practiced the same type of back room black cock trains and they were all owned by a local well-known pimp named Tee-Ray.

When Tamika said the name Tee-Ray, it triggered Juliana’s brain to where she had heard that name before. She then remembered that it was the name that one of the young boys who drove her home after her first night in East Cleveland had asked of her. She remembered that he had asked her if she was one of Tee-Ray’s girls. Technically, she was in fact one now.

Tamika showed her the list of white girls who had done trains in the past which spanned over a fourteen-year period. She explained that sometimes the quantity of men involved in a train didn’t necessarily net more money than a train that had fewer men involved in it. It was all about quality of the girl and how good of a fuck she was that generated the most money. She explained that train performances were on a rating system from 1 to 7.

Tamika explained that Juliana’s train had her open up at a number 3 rating and that it had charted 27th in volume of men and 41st in dollar amount. $10 a man was the starting price of a new girl and to move that price higher a girl had to focus on the 3 E’s which were entice, entertain, and enthrall. She then showed her what the top numbers were of the three clubs combined. Kind of like a best of all-time list.

The most men involved in a train was listed as 412. The greatest number of men who took a second turn in a train was 257, and the highest number of men who paid for a third go was at 174. The most money earned during a train was $43,460 which seemed very astronomical but to be fair that was earned by a girl whose price for turns was set at $140 a man. Tamika also explained that there were special ‘prizes’ that were given to a girl who could beat any of the top numbers of any of the categories but to not shoot for such glory because it was difficult to achieve them.

Tamika: “A lot of white girls like yourself who get the ‘fever’ end up here and are turned out in black cock trains. About 95% of them like it so much that they return for more and more. I look at you and I see it in your eyes…you’ll want more. You’ll do it again.”

Juliana: “Does it bother you? That a lot of white girls get addicted to black men? You know…”

Tamika: “Yeah I know what you mean. It bothers a lot of black women. But I’m not like that. If I were you, I wouldn’t share your activities with too many other sisters though if you know what I mean. But me? I could care less. I mean, this place pays me very well, and I don’t even mind if my man wants to bone some white pussy either.”

Juliana: “You mean you let your husband join in on the trains too?”

Tamika: “Suuuure! He doesn’t miss a train. He got with you the other night too. Said that for a tiny white girl who was fucked by so much dick your cunt was tighter than a motherfucker. But that’s alright. His appetite can be a little too much sometimes so letting him get some side pussy only makes our marriage stronger. Besides…I get some on the side too. By the way…my husband was one of the men who got with you three times too!”

Juliana felt surprised and weird that Tamika’s husband was one of the men in on her own train. She wanted to know which guy he was but she was afraid to ask. She probably wouldn’t remember him anyways even if she’d been shown a picture, so she quickly forgot about it. Tamika made a drink and put it in front of Juliana.

Tamika: “Here. This is on the house, drink it quickly and listen to me carefully. You need to disappear from this place today unless you want to be train-ed again tonight. Niggers start showing up here and they’ll be thinkin’ that you’re the night’s entertainment. And in the future don’t never come back in here, or the other two clubs for that matter unless you ready for some more black dick. Lots of it. You understand?”

Juliana nodded and took a sip of the drink she was given. During the next few days she searched and learned for what the other two clubs were that were connected to The Cock Tale Lounge. They were The Master Plan which was close to the South Collinwood neighborhood, and The Shillelagh Bar which was actually located in Cleveland Heights. Very colorful names to say the least and each one nicely rang true with a sexual double entendre. Tamika continued.

Tamika: “Listen here girl, I like you and I can see that you are going to be a regular around here. I also can tell that you’ve got yourself the fever really bad. There’s nothing wrong with that. I will give you this little bit of advice though. Put a lot of time between each train that you do. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. These niggers can’t miss you if you don’t go away for a while, ya know what I mean? Girls who use these clubs frequently are nothing special. They get used up quickly and they increasingly get treated like shit. Make your trains special. The best train girls make everything that they do special. If you need dick, look for it elsewhere. You understanding me girl?”

Juliana: “Yes I understand. Thank you so much.”

Tamika: “Good. Now finish that drink and get the fuck out of here before a nigger gets a glimpse!”

Juliana gulped her drink then left and returned home. There was very much to contemplate and plan. She knew that she wanted to be part of another train soon. And with her new education of it all she was on the right path.

The End

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