The Doctor’s Widow Gets Blacked 2 by John Black

D-Con pushed Juliana’s knees up past her head on the living room rug near the couch and her little white ass and pussy pointed straight up in the air. Holding both of her tiny ankles with one hand, he took his other hand and stuck his 14-inch black cock back inside her wet and dilated open asshole. Juliana’s eyes rolled back into her head as he pumped his large black rod deep and hard into her tight little anus.

Juliana loved to be fucked in her ass. Especially by big black cocks. Well, she had only learned that love two days ago on her trip to East Cleveland. On that trip the petite white widow received her first anal sex of her life when she wandered into what turned into a BBC five-man gangbang. She went looking for black cock and bingo she had found it.

The 31-year-old tiny 5’1” 126-pound recent doctor’s widow with the 34b-25-32 measurements handled it all like a champ. The contrast of her alabaster skin against the black skin of the five men who took turns stretching her holes was truly a sight to behold and marvel at. It looked like a bunch of giants having their way with a beautiful albino pigmy.

Her holes were still a little raw from that day but when D-Con, one of those five men, showed up on her doorstep a few hours ago it didn’t take long for the two of them to be naked and fucking on the living room floor like animals. Juliana already came three times since they started in and D-Con dropped a load in her mouth and then another one in her pussy and was working on filling her ass up too.

Juliana: “AHHHH! AHHHH! That’s it! Fuck my ass! OHHHHHH it’s so deep!”

D-Con: “Shit girl! Yo ass is still tight!”

His giant black cock was really opening up her asshole. Juliana’s body rocked, shook, and shuddered uncontrollably as he slammed in and out of her anal cavity.

Juliana: “Fuck it! OHHHHH! Fuck my ass! Open it up wide! Fill me with your black cum!”

D-Con kept pumping away. He did so for the next three minutes. Then he pulled out and picked Juliana up and put her up on all fours and stuck his cock quickly back into her ass. With his hands spreading her ass cheeks wider, he pumped away faster and faster for the next ten minutes before finally filling her ass with his hot sticky cum. Exhausted and sweaty they both then collapsed on the couch to regain their senses. After a few seconds, she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Juliana: “That was heavenly sweetie. But what are you doing here? How did you know where to find me?”

D-Con: “Luther sent me. He wants me to ask you if you want to participate in this train he’s settin’ up.”

Juliana: “A train? What’s that?”

D-Con: “Well, since he knows you be liking black dick…he’s getting a bunch of brothas together for a big ol’ gang fuck.”

Juliana: “Didn’t I just have ‘a big ol’ gang fuck’ the other day?”

D-Con: “Girl, what Luther is settin’ up is a hell of a lot more than five.”

Juliana: “How many?”

D-Con: “I’ve seen trains go as high as fifty.”

Juliana: “FIFTY?”

Juliana’s eyes got really wide. Sure, she was enjoying have sex with black men but could she really handle being fucked non-stop by fifty different cocks of that size? As she sat there thinking about it her pussy started to get wet again. Fifty black cocks pumping her little white body for hours. The thoughts of it all were very intriguing.

D-Con: “Well before you get all nerved up let me explain exactly what it is that Luther does. See, he finds this place, a vacant hall, an abandoned building, someone’s backyard…someplace…and he puts a big mattress or couch out in the middle. He then sells positions to a bunch of brothas he knows and they each come in one, sometimes two or three at a time and get their shot at ya. And let me tell ya something, all three of them holes are open for business if ya know what I mean.”

Even though she was marveling at the idea of that many black cocks, Juliana couldn’t help but be worried. Her mind quickly flashed of diseases and personal injuries and what could happen if things got way out of hand. During the five-man gangbang the other day the men were very loving, but the fucking was a little savage. It all was at the very least, rougher than anything she had experienced before in her life. And now she was contemplating multiplying that by ten times.

Juliana: “I’m not sure about all of this…”

D-Con: “Relax. It’s all professional-like. See, you have all the control. If you want to stop at anytime you just say so. You like black dick, don’t you?”

Juliana: “Of course I do! That’s not the point. It’s just…I don’t know. Wouldn’t all of that sex make me a whore?”

D-Con: “Shit girl, is that all you worried about? I would say you already is one, getting boned by five brothers at the same time the other day and all.”

He started laughing which made Juliana feel a little more at ease. He was right. Since her husband died she recently had sex with seven total black men which included Luther and Rufus from weeks ago when it all started right there in her home. And just now D-Con was the first one to get a second go around. Yes, it was true, she WAS a whore. A true black cock one.

D-Con: “Listen, this right here is Luther’s number. He told me if you are interested in the train just give him a call. You two can talk over the particulars then. Thanks for everything Hun. I got ta go now.”

He gave her a peck on the lips and got up and a few moments later he was gone. She sat there still completely naked thinking about Luther’s offer. In the background she could hear D-Con’s car drive off. What was weird to her was that even though she was afraid of being branded a slutty woman the thought of that much cock was making her crave it even more.

The next two days Juliana thought about it. With each passing hour the pros were outweighing the cons in her head. She longed to have more and didn’t care how much more it could possibly be. She finally broke down and went and got the card with Luther’s number on it and her phone and sat at the kitchen table. After about 20 minutes of staring at the card, she dialed the number and listened as it rang.

Luther: “Hello?”

Juliana: “Hi. It’s Juliana Westcott.”

Luther: “Fuck woman I thought you never was gonna call! So, what you think? Are you up for dis?”

Juliana: “I think that I am. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and…”

Luther: “Looky here. I already know. You’ve got a taste for the black dick and you want more of it. Right?”

Juliana: “Yes.”

Luther: “Yeah tell me somethin’ I didn’t already know motherfucker. Alright here it is; This Friday night at 9pm, bring your little ass back to the EC. Corner of Bardwell and Allegheny. The house is all boarded up but don’t worry about that shit. Everything’s okay. You’ll get more than enough of what you need. You gonna be there right?”

Juliana: “Yes. I’ll be there.”

Luther: “Once again, telling me the shit I already know. Alright then. Be there and dress in something fly.”

Juliana: “Ok, thanks. Bye.”

She quickly wrote down all the particulars in shorthand on a piece of paper then hung up. She then sat there thinking; ‘Did I really just thank him?’ Juliana stewed in embarrassment over that little expression of gratitude for a bit. Then like a shot she shook it all off and forgot about it and stood up from the table. There would be much planning to do and other more important things started to fill her mind.

Friday night was just two days away so she figured there was a need to go do some shopping. She grabbed her late husband’s BMW keys again and drove to a department store and bought various sets and types of some sexy lingerie. She also purchased various pairs of hosiery, and then some sexy looking pairs of high heeled shoes.

Finished and satisfied with the variety of what she just bought, she then drove to a used car dealership. The idea was to trade in her husband’s BMW, which she did for an old beat-up Toyota. The salesman was incredulous when she made the offer for the trade, but didn’t ‘smarten’ her up to the mistake that she was making. All car salesmen are sleaze balls.

She didn’t care though. She knew what she was doing. She wanted a car that she could drive to East Cleveland that wouldn’t look like something that someone wanted to steal. She had her own car and didn’t need the beamer anymore anyway. Next, she drove to the beauty shop and she got a pedicure and a manicure. She also had her hair done, dying it a lighter shade of brown than what she already had. By the end of the day, she looked more gorgeous than she might have ever looked.

Friday night finally came and Juliana spent a good two hours getting ready for her big night. Not only did she take a shower, but she shaved every bit of hair from her body that wasn’t on her head. Legs, the light hair on her arms, her armpits, and of course she shaved her vaginal area completely bald. Another thing she did was she gave herself a nice clean enema. Whatever she had eaten in the past two to three days (which really wasn’t much) was cleansed from her body.

She went through the new lingerie that she just bought and finally decided on a sexy red and white set. She put on the red bra, and then put on the solid white stockings as well and the lacey red garter belt with the white straps but decided to forego the little red panties. Then she made a very bold decision; she decided that any other clothing besides a short halfway up the thigh black silky robe was the only other thing warranted.

That decision was bold only because she was going to have to drive through two towns to get to her destination, and the robe was just a little bit sheer and revealing. She chose a sexy pair of six-inch heels for her feet that had open toes and some thin black straps that vined up as high as her mid ankles. After putting on her make-up she looked in the full-length mirror at the finished product and laughed to herself.

Juliana: “You ARE a whore. A nasty black cock whore! But a very sexy one though.”

It was ten minutes of eight when she finally exited her house and began driving on the roads on her way to East Cleveland. The butterflies in her stomach were in high flight and her pussy was beginning to leak the sexual fluids of arousal as she thought about the great black cock fucking she was about to receive.

There was light traffic on the roads, just the late working stragglers that litter most highways at that late hour. She reached East Cleveland at 8:27pm and found the corner of Bardwell and Allegheny six minutes later. As she drove by the house she noticed a small crowd of large black men standing around on the porch talking near the front door which was open. There had to be a good dozen of them. The house itself was a brown and white colored mess with boarded up windows and clear signs of long term condemned vacancies.

She drove by it, momentarily afraid of stopping and then quickly parked about four houses down in front of a vacant lot that looked like there used to be a house there. In fact, as she looked around she realized that a lot of the other houses looked condemned too. She shut the engine and stared at the square wooden posts sticking up from the grass of the lot for a bit then looked at herself in the rearview mirror.

Juliana: “You can’t turn back now girl. Besides, you really want this. So, let’s go for it.”

With that little self pep talk Juliana took a deep breath then exited the car and began clicking her heels against the street and sidewalk. It was a little chilly and she pulled her robe closer together as she walked on. When she was a few yards away, one of the guys on the porch yelled out.

Black Man: “Damn! There she go right there! Hey Luther. Luther! That little white ho is here man!”

Luther Jacobs appeared in the doorway as Juliana began walking up the walkway of the house. As they often do, the men began to catcall, laugh and yell out sexual things as she got closer. Some of the things she heard as she walked by them:

“Hey man, that bitch is fine!”

“Fuck! I can’t wait to get a piece a dat!”

“She ain’t all that! Fuckin’ small if ya ask me!”

“Who the fuck asked your faggoty ass!”

“Yeah man shut the fuck up!”

“Hey man I got yo faggot right here!”

“Fuck all y’all!”

“I’m gonna bust that little white ass yo!”

“My bone is motherfucking rock-solid right now!”

Juliana took it all in and walked up the steps and to a smiling Luther who put his arm around her and led her into the house. Inside, what apparently used to be the living room, there were numerous other black men strewn about, talking and drinking. All eyes glared her way as she walked with Luther through them all. Juliana tried to do a quick count but there were far too many men to process an accurate one. Luther led her through all of them and to the staircase and they both went up to the second floor.

Upstairs was quieter but she could still hear the men downstairs. They entered the biggest bedroom of the house, and inside Juliana was surprised at the set-up. There was a large mattress in the middle of the floor void of any blankets or sheets. It looked brand new and out of place in a house that time was quickly forgetting. The walls had graffiti on them. A lot of gang-type looking signs, a few nude drawings and some crude words of slang and profanity like ‘gutter skank’, and ‘white trash ho’.

Luther: “Alright girl you ready for all this?”

Juliana: “I’m, here aren’t I?”

Luther: “All cocky and shit! I like that. Get ready and I’ll send in the first few guys.”

Juliana: “Wait…how many guys are really here?”

Luther: “I’m not totally sure yet. I think I last counted 37 but there might be a little more than dat.”

He left the room. Juliana’s heart started beating faster and her feelings were conflicted again. 37 men, all black with very large penises but on the other side of the emotional pendulum she couldn’t wait until the first one was up inside her, pounding away with reckless abandon. She quickly removed her robe, bra, and heels and put them in a distant corner of the room. She then knelt down on the mattress and sat there on her knees facing the door as if to be sitting in wait.

As she sat there almost in a meditative state but a highly anxious one, Juliana began to focus mentally on her own body. She focused her mind first on her vagina. She could actually feel the wetness forming between her legs and the sexual itch itching away deep in her vaginal canal. She then switched the focus to her asshole which was still even two days later a bit dilated from D-Con’s deep boning.

She brought herself back to two days ago with D-Con. She closed her eyes and brought herself back to D-Con’s large black penis and the feelings it gave her as it pounded deeper and deeper into her tight asshole. The feelings and memory of it as it stretched her anal cavity. It was almost like it was happening to her right now. She could feel herself getting flush so she opened her eyes and the thoughts dissipated. She stared at the doorway again listening to the distant noise of the men talking and laughing just down the stairs.

A few minutes later in walked three naked black men. One was really young, possibly eighteen and he might have even been a little younger, and the other two were well into their forties. The three of them had large swinging hammers between their legs though, which is what Juliana was craving. They all lined up on the side of the mattress with their long dark Johnsons hanging down in her face.

She took the youngest one in her mouth first. She then simultaneously jerked off the other two men as she suckled on the first one. The funky musky smell emanating from their large black balls stung her nostrils like a passing skunk on a hot steamy night. For the next ten minutes she rotated her mouth and hands over the three dicks wetting them all up with her saliva.

Back and forth the petite white widow worked her mouth, lips, and hands over the three large cocks. The two older guys were a little thicker and hairier but the three of them lengthwise were about the same which was in the nine-inch range. One of them started to pulsate and a few seconds later he shot a large sticky load into her mouth which she swallowed what she could of.

Juliana then got down on her back on the mattress and one of the older guys got between her little white legs and pushed them up in the air. He pushed his nine-inches into her pussy slowly and Juliana let out a soft long moan.

Juliana: “Ohhhhhh.”

She finally had what she had come for which was a large thick black cock pushing in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Her sexual itch was being scratched and her black cock fever began to heat up even more. She even started to voice her pleasures as the man pumped his hard rod in and out of her.

Juliana: “Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me all of that beautiful big black cock! Oh yeah! OH YEAH! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it!”

The force of his thrusting started to move Juliana further up the mattress. So far so that her head slid off of it and hung down touching the floor. One of the other men then knelt down near her head and he jammed his pole into her mouth and deep into her throat. She made a few gagging noised before her throat became acclimated to what was invading it. Faster and faster they pumped her body as she was now being boned and stretched open at both ends

The three of them fucked her that way for a while taking rotations in her mouth and in her pussy. Juliana was in ecstasy. Her body was thrashing about on the mattress and the sex sounds came out each time a cock wasn’t stuffed deep in her mouth.

Juliana: “Oh my god! Yeah! I’ve been waiting so long for this! YES!!!! Fuck me! Fuck my little white pussy!”

One after the other the three men fucked her hard with their large black cocks. Juliana’s pussy and mouth were filled to the hilt with big black flesh meat constantly. Two of the men eventually dumped a batch of sticky black cum into her cunt, which left it dripping, a chronic drooling problem it would have throughout the whole night. Juliana came a couple of times too during this first sequence of men, drenching their cocks with her pussy juices.

Black Man: “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Here it comes bitch!”

Juliana: “Give it to me! Put it all deep in my pussy!”

The man fucking her pussy finally gripped her ankles tight and did just that. He pumped his goo deep up into her mixing his seed with the other two loads that were already in there. His grip around her ankles was so tight she thought he was going to crush them into a fine powder. One final thrust and he pulled it all out of her leaving it leaking like a sieve.

As she watched the three of them picking up their clothes, Juliana heard the door opening up again. She looked up and she was surprised when she saw a topless overweight black woman with her bare Double-D black breasts swinging around coming into the room dragging a wooden chair. Juliana looked puzzled but didn’t say anything.

The black woman put the chair about three feet to the side of the door and then sat in it. Then a line of naked black men pulling on their large pricks formed just outside the door and one of them came in and pushed his cock into the black woman’s face which she took the length of completely into her throat.

Juliana learned later that this black woman was Geraldine Jacobs, Luther’s thirty-something and recently widowed sister-in-law. She was being paid handsomely to be there and fluff the guys so that they all were rock hard and at maximum size before they got to Juliana. Geraldine would deep throat each man and use her giant tits to harden the black men’s cocks with precise and expert preparation. Juliana didn’t see a limp cock the entire night.

She then watched the three men who had just been fucking her file out of the room and then the guy being blown by Geraldine joined Juliana on the bed. His spit-shined cock looked like a small baseball bat swinging between his legs, and it looked like the head of it was level with his knees.

Juliana’s mouth fell open as she watched and felt this monstrous cocked man position himself between her legs. Then she felt him pushing it in and her eyes rolled back into her head as her vagina walls pushed further open.

Juliana: “Oh fuck! It’s huge! Fuck your cock is so huge! Go easy! Please go easy! Ohhhh! OHHHHHH! I want it all inside me! Fuck! Fuck me!”

The man’s penis was a good twelve inches and very thick around. It took him a good four minutes to work two thirds of it into her. She arched her back and curled her toes with each inward thrust. Juliana felt like she was being ripped apart. Another man then appeared and leaned down near her head and tried to feed his own cock into her mouth. She couldn’t accommodate him though because her focus was on the telephone pole pumping at her pussy.

The other man then grabbed a handful of her hair and crammed his cock into her throat by force. Again, Juliana was being fucked hard at both ends of her body. Violently, she climaxed again and her body quivered and shook like a Parkinson’s patient. Both cocks then came within seconds of each other and she was flooded by more and more sticky hot jizz.

Every time Juliana got the chance, she would glance over at Geraldine and marvel at how she was able to get those massive dongs all the way into her mouth with relative ease. These guys were anywhere from nine-inches all the way up to fourteen-inches in length and Geraldine took each cock deep in kissing their balls with her bulbous lips each and every time. It was a trick that Juliana herself tried to emulate most of the night but the results were not as impressive. The men were just too big for her tiny white mouth.

Another guy climbed between her legs and fucked her hard for two minutes before pulling out and pushing both of her legs forcefully to the side. He then straddled her stomach and shot hard into Juliana’s face coating her chin and tits with more black goo. She then felt her legs being raised up again and another cock started pumping in and out of her pussy for a while as the guy on her stomach stuck his cum and pussy juice covered cock into her mouth for cleaning.

This is the way things went for a while; each time a man came, the next man would be between her legs without hesitation pumping away. About twelve seconds was the longest her pussy wasn’t filled with a cock, as the men were very diligent in taking their turns. Juliana climaxed herself over and over as the black men boned her box hard and deep with their giant black tools. Her body was being drained from the inside and pumped full from the outside. It was non-stop.

Another Nameless Black Man: “You like this bitch? You like all us niggas getting deep up in yo shit?”

Juliana: “Yes! Ohhhhhh!”

Black Man: “Yes what?”

Juliana: “Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Yes! Ohhhhhh! Y-Y-Yes I love your nigger cocks inside me!”

At some point as each man leaned into her, Juliana began to notice numbers on each of their left shoulders. It looked like they were written with a sharpie She then realized that the numbers were each man’s turn in line and how they were being counted. Before this revelation Juliana thought that those markings were just tattoos. She would check the numbers periodically like she was checking a wall clock for the time and marveled as the count got higher. After about an hour and a half, she started to see the same faces and shoulder numbers taking second and third turns. They were really starting to open up her pussy and paint her body inside and out with their sticky black cum. The highest number she saw to this point was 27 but there were some shoulder’s that she just couldn’t see. Twenty-seven men could no way be an accurate count.

At the three-hour mark, a large cylinder-shaped pillow was brought into the room and Juliana was picked up from the mattress and directed over the pillow long ways stomach first. The pillow was big enough that Juliana was positioned comfortably in the doggy position with her knees flush with the mattress Her elbows were able to rest flush on the other end of it as well making it easier for cock sucking. It was at this point that the men began to fuck her in her asshole. The pillow angled her ass and body in such a way that each man got maxim inches of his black cock deep up into her anus cavity.

Juliana loved being fucked in the asshole. Her pussy was like a sperm faucet, leaking out a mixture of cum and her own juices as each man plowed her tight little rear. They were filling up that orifice now as they had her mouth and pussy earlier. Some of the guys would pull out and paint her back and ass, and others would pull out and come around and spray some more into her face. On the other side of the room the slurping sounds were audibly loud as Geraldine continued her job for the night keeping the men at rock hard attention.

At the five-hour mark of the night’s festivities, everything stopped and Juliana was picked up and put against one of the walls, the one that said ‘gutter skank’ in large black spray paint across it. A garden hose was brought in and for the next ten minutes she was spray-rinsed and hosed down. The water was very cold and it made her scream a little.

Juliana: “AHHHHHHH! That’s fucking cold! What the fuck???”

The man with the hose kept spraying and ignored her cold water screams until her body looked cum-clear, clean, and fully wet. Afterwards, Juliana was tossed a towel, and she had to remove her stockings and garter belt which were now completely soaked. After she dried off the best that she could, she was then led back to the mattress where one of the men was now lying with his ten-inch cock pointing up in the air.

Black Man: “Come on baby, give me some mo of dat pussy.”

She straddled his stomach and the leaned forward onto his chest and he put his cock deep up into her. Another man then got into her asshole again and now she was being double penetrated. They got a pretty good rhythm going for a while, fucking both of her gaping fuck holes. Juliana was in heaven and the warmth of it all warmed her wet body up nicely.

Juliana: “Ohhhhhh! Fuck that feels so good! Ohhhhhh OHHHHHHH! Oh yeah! Oh my god! FUCK!”

This went on for a long while. Each time a guy came, he would leave and another guy took his place. It was again non-stop. Juliana was beside herself in ecstasy. Every once and a while she would remember to look at the shoulder markings of the men but that became a fruitless task because the count was skewered by the many turns that some of the men were taking.

The highest number she could remember seeing was number 34. She was sure that there was way more than that but she just couldn’t tell. She tried to remember certain characteristics of the men in association to their shoulder numbers. Number 14 was young and had a white mohawk. Number 25 was the most muscular man of the whole lot, and number 18 had the widest cock which she could never get more than the tip of into her mouth.

They fucked her raw into the late night. The whole thing last a full seven hours before things started to finish up. The house was getting quieter as the men started getting scarcer, leaving when each would be done. The last guy left pulled out from Juliana’s pussy and came around and pumped another hot load deep into her throat. She fell back flat on the mattress as he walked away. It was over. She hadn’t a clue as to how many different men she serviced but she knew that they all had several turns fucking her in her now very sore cum-filled holes.

Juliana looked up from the mattress and saw Geraldine taking her sweatpants off. When she removed her panties she revealed the biggest, blackest, and hairiest vagina that Juliana ever saw in her life. Without saying a word, Geraldine walked over and straddled Juliana’s head. She brought her stinky black pussy down and to shocked surprise pushed it into Juliana’s face.

Juliana: “Wait? Wh-What are you doing???”

Geraldine: “Lick my cunt white whore! Lick it clean!”

Juliana didn’t know what to do. She was trapped under the much bigger girl. The smell was a horrid mixture of sweat, piss, and stinky fish. The larger woman’s thighs were thunderously thick, with one of her legs appearing to be larger in circumference than Juliana’s torso.

Geraldine: “Come on bitch! All these niggas came! You came! You ain’t done tonight until I cum too! Now get to lickin’”

Juliana stuck her tongue out and lapped against the larger black woman’s twat. At this point all she wanted was to get this over with. The vile stench felt like it was surrounding her small head like a thick fog almost like a paranormal presence. Juliana powered through it. She flicked and licked and lapped and flapped her tiny tongue across the larger woman’s clit trying as hard as she could to get a positive reaction.

Geraldine: “Ooo yeah! That’s the way! Get yo face right up in dere Ho! Get closer! Ooo! Ooo! I’m gonna spray my shit all over yo face bitch!”

Juliana moved her tiny head in a few more inches closer to Geraldine’s giant asshole. Her nose was now touching her ass and taint. It was revolting and stinky. The visual was truly amazing. If Geraldine had sat back her ass cheeks could have covered Juliana’s whole head like a giant fleshy catcher’s mitt over a golf ball. It went on forever. Finally, thirty-seven minutes later, Geraldine came and dripped her funky juices all over Juliana’s face.

Geraldine: “OHHHHH! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! Here it comes Ho! Here it comes!”

Juliana coughed and gagged as Geraldine’s hot and fowl juices coated her face and dripped unceremoniously into her mouth, nose and eyes. It was vile and she wanted to throw up. Then as she wiped her face with her hands, she heard Geraldine putting on her sweatpants and then she heard her walk out and leave. Juliana just lay there on the mattress, with her entire body sore and sticky.

After fifteen minutes, she finally got the gumption to stand up and pull herself off of the mattress. She began to look around for her clothes but none of it, her robe her heels not even her stockings were to be found.

Juliana: “Fucking niggers took all of my clothes!”

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