The Daring Naughty Sleepover 5 by UndeniableUrges

The Daring Naughty Sleepover 5 (ff, Mff, mff, exhibitionist, toys)

Summary – The two young girls continue their naughty sleepover; teasing boys and putting on a dirty nighttime show for their neighbor.

Previous Chapter Summary – Cindy and Stacy return from the mall and relax by the pool, to Mr. Wilson’s delight.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

“Stacy, wake up!” Cindy said.

Stacy slowly opened her bright green eyes and looked up into Cindy’s deep blue ones. She smiled sleepily at her friend. With her head on her lap, her short black hair gently being stroked by her blonde-haired friend, Stacy stretched and yawned. “What time it is, slut?”

“Almost six,” Cindy replied. “Now, get off me, whore,” she said, and pushed Stacy onto the floor.

The two teenage friends had fallen asleep on the couch. They were both exhausted after laying in the hot sun and having even hotter sex while showing off their tight young bodies for Cindy’s next-door neighbor.

“I can’t believe Mr. Wilson bought all this stuff for us!” Cindy said, looking at the bags of clothes, lingerie, shoes and sex toys scattered around the living room.

“Well, we earned it,” Stacy said, getting up from the carpet, rubbing her sore ass and reminding herself to pay-back Cindy for pushing her off the couch. “Well, mostly our tits and asses did.” She cupped her pert tits through her frilly green bra, then ran her hand over her smooth butt again and admiring her matching panties.

“What are we going do with all the money he’s giving us?” Cindy asked. She looked down at her large breasts encased in her new blue lingerie (to match her eyes). “Two hundred dollars apiece already, every week, and a hundred dollar bonus just for flashing him this morning! And he promised us even more for perving on us through my bedroom window tonight!”

“He already got a bonus at the pool,” Stacy said, “And a big, ol’ boner!”

“OMG! It was big! And the way he was jacking-off so fast and looking at us through his telescope?” Cindy replied.

“And all that cum! I didn’t know guys could shoot that much cum!” Stacy added.

“Yum!” Cindy said, licking her lips



Cindy looked thoughtful for a moment. She played with her nipples, surrounded by the piles of clothes, shoes, underwear and all their new toys. She said, “I don’t know what I’ll do with all the money. Put it in the bank and save it, I guess. Mom and dad would wonder where all the money came from if I start spending it.”

“I want a car. A nice car!” Stacy said, reaching under her bra and tugging on her fat nipples. “We should be able to save up for one.”

“Yeah, a convertible!” Cindy added, “Driving down the road with the top down and our tits out!” She wiggled her breasts.

“And we can live in a big downtown apartment, in a big city somewhere! With lots of sexy clothes and shoes!” Stacy said.

“Yeah, an apartment way up high; but close to the shopping malls, museums, and stuff, you know?” Cindy added.

“Yeah, that would be so cool!” Stacy replied. “We could live together and have lots of sex!”

“And tease all the boys and men and giggle at their hard-ons!” Cindy said.

“Or suck them,” added Stacy, opening her mouth and pretending to suck a cock.

“And fuck them,” replied Cindy, humping her crotch back and forth.

“Together!” Stacy said.

“BFF fuck-buddies,” Cindy replied happily. “BFBF!”

The two girls giggled and fantasized about living a luxurious, sex-filled life as independent young women, free from the rigors of school and all parental control.

“Hungry?” Cindy asked, during a pause. The two friends only had a very light lunch after their pool-play.

“Yeah, I could eat something in a little while – besides your pussy that is. I know! Want to order pizza and tease the delivery boy again?” Stacy asked.

“Sounds like fun!” Cindy replied. “Wait I know, how about Chinese food?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah, I like Chinese.” Stacy said.

“The delivery guy is really cute, but a little goofy. It might be fun to tease him and watch him get all embarrassed and boned-up and stuff,” Cindy said.

“What if he tells?” Stacy asked.

“Who’s he going to tell? He can barely speak English!” Cindy giggled.

“Let’s do it!”

The two snickered uncontrollably while making their daring plan to tease another delivery boy, with each girl trying to out-do each, daring each other with naughtier and naughtier ideas!

“Since we’re not hungry yet, want to call Kevin again?” Stacy suggested. Kevin was a tall, handsome boy at their school. Last night, they had pranked him with a sexy phone call and got him to jack-off for them.

“Yeah, but both of us teasing him this time!” Cindy squealed.

After some intense scheming and a little sexual fore-play, they were both getting horny and ready. They hoped they could get Kevin to play along with them again. Stacy dialed Kevin Thompson using Cindy’s phone while blocking her number. That way, Cindy would have Kevin’s number too, if she ever wanted to call him again.

“It’s ringing,” Stacy said, turning on the speaker.


Stacy took a deep breath and spoke in a low, throaty voice, “Hi Kevin, it’s me again.”

“Damn-it Heather!” Kevin said. “If I find out this is you, I’ll…!”

“Don’t be mad, Kevin,” Stacy continued. “I’m just a secret admirer. I think you are so hot. I want to fuck you so bad. I’m playing with myself right now, thinking of your hard cock. I came so hard after I hung up yesterday.”

“Oh yeah?” Kevin’s voice was softer. He remembered how sexy the last call was.

“Oh, yeah,” Stacy said. “I want your cock inside of me.” She smiled at Cindy. The girls heard quick footsteps and then the sound of a door closing.

“Tell me more,” Kevin said, dropping his pants and underwear and getting into his bed.

“Not only do I think you’re hot, my friend thinks you’re hot too. We both want to fuck you.”

“Hi Kevin,” Cindy breathed. “I want your cock too. And, we want to fuck you, both of us, together; at the same time!”

“Oh, man!” Kevin said. He began tugging on his hardening cock.

“My pussy is so wet for you right now, Kevin,” Cindy said. “Listen, I’m fingering my tight little pussy right now.” Cindy dropped her panties and Stacy held the phone to her friend’s cunt. Cindy plunged her fingers into her oozing gash while Kevin listened.

“Squish, squish, squish…”

Stacy added, “We want to suck your cock together too, Kevin.”

“Yeah,” Cindy added, “We are going to suck your cock until you cum all over us!”

“And we will lick your sweet cum from our faces and then…,”

Stacy and Cindy fingered their pussies slowly.

“And then what?” Kevin breathed.

“Then, I’m going to spread my legs for you, and you’re going put your big, hard cock into my tight little pussy and fuck me!” Stacy held the phone up to Cindy’s gash again.

“Squish, squish, squish…”

Stacy began to moan. “Oh, I want your hard cock in me right now! Oh, fuck me Kevin! Fuck me!”

“Squish, squish, squish…”

“And while you’re fucking her,” Cindy said, “I’m going to make-out with you. Mmmm-mmmm! I’m going kiss you, play with your balls and let you suck on my big tits while you watch Sta…, Stephanie, eat my pussy.”

The girls exchanged glances. Cindy almost called her friend by her real name!

“And while I eat her pussy, you’re going to suck on her titties some more,” Stacy said.

The girls began moaning and encouraging Kevin. “Fuck us Kevin, fuck us!”

“Oh shit!” Kevin exclaimed.

“Make me cum Kevin! Oh! I’m going to cum all over your hard dick, Kevin! I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over your cock!” The girls began to fake their orgasms, moaning and gasping while overly acting for each other.

Kevin jerked faster, listening to the girl’s sexual frenzy. “I’m going to fuck you so hard!” he hissed. “I’m going to fuck both of you!” He came. The girls heard him grunting. They stopped fingering themselves and looked at each other with wide eyes and opened mouths. They did it!

“Mmmm, that was so good, Kevin,” Stacy said, licking her fingers.

“Ohhh, yeah! I wish we were there to lick up all your sweet cum, Kevin,” Cindy added, knowing she really would lick up his sperm right now.

“So, who is this, really?” Kevin asked. “Sta…,” he said thoughtfully. “Stay…, Stacy? Is this Stacy and Cindy? You two are hot! I’d fuck you guys every day…” Stacy disconnected the call quickly.

“OMG! He knows who we are!” Cindy said, tossing her phone onto the couch like it was on fire.

“No, he’s just guessing,” Stacy said. “We’ll just deny it. He can’t prove it was us!”

“It’s still going to be awkward at school Monday,” Cindy said.

“So what?” Stacy said. “Besides, it would be fun to fuck him… together.”

“Together,” Cindy agreed, “As long as I’m with you.” Cindy imagined the possibilities – Kevin was very tall and handsome. She wondered what his dick looked like.

“I think I’d like to suck a cock.” Stacy said.

“Me too.”

“Let’s get something to eat,” Cindy said, breaking the silence. Stacy called the Chinese restaurant and placed their order.

The two girls peeked out the window, waiting for the delivery boy. The horny teens had decided how they were going to tease him and play another naughty prank – if they were brave enough. They were still dressed in their frilly bra and panties. Cindy’s large breasts were nearly falling out of her bra, and Stacy’s panties covered her ass crack, but that was all – her butt cheeks were exposed, round and pale.

“OMG, he’s here!” Cindy said. “Are you really going through with it?” Cindy was feeling very nervous.

“You bet your sweet titties I am!” Stacy replied, pinching her own nipples, making them hard until her fat nipples poked through the cups of her bra. “It’s not like were naked or anything,” she reasoned.

“I don’t know…” Cindy said, but she too caused her nipples hard to get hard.

“Ding Dong!” The doorbell chimed. Cindy jumped, her breasts jiggling. Before she could react, Stacy ran to open the door.

The delivery boy’s eyes widened as he beheld the two gorgeous teens before him. He couldn’t believe it! Two young girls answered the door wearing sexy lingerie; only their panties and bras – nothing else! He could see most of their boobs! He stole furtive glances at the thin v-shaped material covering their pussies.

“Won’t you come inside?” Stacy said. “How much do we owe you?” She looked in the boy’s eyes to watch them dart up and down, scanning her body hungrily.

The young-man stuttered but managed to speak. “Fifteen ninety-five.”

“Just a moment,” Stacy said. She walked to the hall table to get the money she had placed there. “Sorry we aren’t dressed,” she apologized. “We were getting ready for our dates when you came.”

“They should be here soon,” Cindy lied. “Hope you don’t mind.”

The man stared at Stacy’s ass. Her sexy green panties barely covered her crack. As the man watched, Stacy bent over to rummage through her purse. She coyly reached behind her to pull her panties out of her ass-crack, giving the man a quick glimpse of her tender ass-hole and bare pussy-slit.

‘What a whore!’ Cindy thought. She stared at the boy’s crotch for a reaction. She grinned as a noticeable bump began to emerge. The man was ignoring her as she watched him from the living room entrance. He stared hungrily at Stacy’s ass. Cindy watched him get harder and harder.

‘Time to get his attention,’ Cindy decided. She was not going to let Stacy have all the fun!

“Can’t you find the money, Stacy?” Cindy asked, drawing the man’s gaze. He sheepishly looked to the ground, knowing he had been caught staring. Cindy strutted into the entry, her large breasts jiggling and nearly falling out of her baby-blue bra. Her panties barely covered her pussy. She pulled them up as she strutted into the room, giving herself a very noticeable camel-toe. The man was soon staring at her instead!

“Here, I have a twenty,” Cindy said to Stacy. She attempted to hand Stacy the money, but dropped it. The man watched it flutter to the ground. He then watched mesmerized as Cindy slowly bend over to pick it up. Her fat breasts swayed in the skimpy material. The man stared at the deep cleavage between her soft, pale breasts.

When Cindy stood up, Stacy tried to pull the money from her hand, only to drop it again! Stacy took a step back and bent over to retrieve it. Cindy did the same. The man watched as two sets of gorgeous teenage asses were presented to him. ‘Didn’t these stupid, silly girls know how exposed they were?’ Their panties slipped into their ass clefts as they bent lower, displaying even more teenage flesh! Their young, swollen pussies bulged. The man’s mouth began to water, just imaging his tongue slipping into those two gorgeous pussies and licking them until they came!

“You’re so clumsy, Stacy! I’ll get it!” Cindy said, giggling.

“No, I’ll get it!” replied Stacy, laughing as well.

The two girls pretended to fight over the fallen money, swiping their hands at it, pulling at it and tugging it from each other’s hands, and of course, wiggling their butts and tits generously as the man stared.

Triumphantly, Stacy grabbed the fallen bill tightly. Flushed from their lewd exhibition, they finally stood up. Stacy walked to the man holding out the money. “Here, keep the change. Sorry it took so long. I hope you didn’t mind?”

“No. It is OK!” the man stammered, taking the money. His cock was straining against his pants. He turned to leave.

“Wait, you forgot your tip!” Stacy yelled.

The man turned back, confused. He had more than enough money. He tried to hide his erection and embarrassment. “My tip?” he asked, looking at Stacy and then the money in his hand.

Stacy smiled at him and then lifted her bra completely off her breasts! She giggled and pulled her bra over her head, waved it around three times, and then dropped it on the floor.

‘That whore!’ Cindy thought. ‘I didn’t think she’d go through with it!’ Cindy maneuvered herself next to Stacy and pulled off her bra too! No way was she going to let Stacy out-slut her; she would never hear the end of it!

Cindy’s large breasts flopped out of her bra and then she pushed out her tits and wiggled her chest back and forth, making her titties sway and bounce. Stacy grabbed one of them, cupped it and opened her lips while staring at the man. She sucked the nipple into her mouth! She pulled back, still sucking, until the nipple released with a loud ‘pop!’ Then, the two girls kissed passionately, running their hands up and down each other’s bodies. They were so turned on!

The man stared, his cock strained against his pants. His mouth fell open. He tried to memorize every exciting detail, burning the images of the two young girls into his mind forever.

Cindy and Stacy smiled at him. He managed to mumble a ‘thank you’ and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Stacy cried. “You got your tits, I mean tips, now we want one!”

The man stopped. He turned around to see Stacy groping her breasts and walking towards him.

Cindy caught her breath. ‘No, she wasn’t going to really do it, was she?’ She was! OMG. Stacy walked up to the man, kissed him, and started rubbing his hard cock through his pants! Cindy had to know what a hard cock felt like too!

“Yeah!” she said. “It’s our turn now!” She juggled her breasts at him as she walked closer, her soft flesh jiggling up and down.

The two topless teens sandwiched him between them before he could react. Two sets of hands fondled his crotch, felt his hardness, and groped his balls. The girls cooed and moaned sexily as they teased him. They kissed him, nuzzled his neck and played with his turgid shaft. He naturally assumed this meant he would soon be having sex with both of these slutty teenage girls. He nervously reached out and grabbed one of Cindy’s large, soft breasts. His other hand pinched one of Stacy’s remarkable, fat puffy nipples. His cock grew harder, his excitement made his knees tremble. Stacy and Cindy rubbed his hard shaft up and down through his loose pants, reveling in their first feel of a young man’s hard shaft and soft balls. They moaned together as they played their dangerous game.

The man suddenly shuddered. “Ah! Ah!” he said, catching his breath. He shuddered again. Then again. “Oooooohhhh,” he moaned as he finished ejaculating into his trousers. He had never been so turned on in his life! He had spent hours masturbating about the hot MILFs and young teenage tramps who opened the door on his deliveries. In his fantasies, he had imagined the same scenario he was now experiencing. This was much better!

The girls giggled, feeling his hard shaft pulsing and twitching, knowing they had made him cum. They rubbed his cock thru his thin pants until they felt wetness seeping through. Stacy nuzzled his neck, kissed him and then gripped his ball-sack and squeezed gently. She whispered, “If you mention this to anyone, we’ll tell our mommy and daddy you tried to rape us…”

Cindy gave him a gently push towards the door, dismissing him. He stumbled, mumbled an apology and left. He was ashamed and embarrassed, but already getting hard again. He decided to jack-off again before heading back to the restaurant. The girls locked the door behind him and burst out laughing.

“OMG, did you feel how hard he was?” Stacy said, jumping up and down with excitement.

“I know! That was so cool!” Cindy jumped up and down too. “And when he came, it was so hilarious!” Cindy shuddered and moaned, exaggerating the man’s actions. Teasing boys was so much fun!

“Wet spot number three!” Stacy said. “And what, boner number four?”

“Well, four boners today,” she said thoughtfully. “How many altogether? Let’s see…, the pizza guy and Kevin last night, the guy at the park this morning,” Cindy continued, counting on her fingers, “then Mr. Wilson in the car twice, and we probably gave him a boner this morning when he was perving at us through the window, then, who am I forgetting?”

“The shoe guy at the mall!” Stacy exclaimed.

“How could I forget? That was hot!” she exclaimed. “And, two more boners at the pool with Mr. Wilson. And Kevin again, and the Chinese guy? That’s eleven boners in two days!”

“Probably more if you count the pervs staring at us in the mall!” Stacy added. “Let’s round it up to a dozen, just to be safe. And, how many wet spots, not counting ours?” She held up a finger as she counted, “The shoe guy, Kevin twice, the delivery guy just now, and Mr. Wilson three time so far. We made guys shoot their stuff seven times!”

“This is the best sleepover ever!” Cindy said.

“Uh, huh!” Stacy agreed. “I can’t wait until we can do this again!”

“My pussy is so wet!”

“Mine too!”

The two ate dinner, wearing just their panties and then cuddled a while on the couch while they recalled all of their sexual escapades. They slowly diddled their pussies and played with their naked breasts as they talked about all the naughty, sexy fun they were having!

“Well, it’s getting late,” Cindy finally said, “We have a date with Mr. Wilson. Let’s pack all this shit up, and go to my bedroom, and let him perv on us through the window.”

They carried their packages to Cindy’s room and spread their items on the bed. “Hmm, what shall we use tonight?” Cindy asked.

“Well, I think we should really give him his money’s worth,” Stacy said. “But, we can try to forget he’s even there.”

“I like knowing he’s there watching us,” Cindy admitted. “It’s really a turn-on. Besides, he said he might give us a tip for tonight.”

“He’s had plenty today! We should get a big, fat, tip already,” Stacy stated.

“Yeah, a big, fat, hard, tip!” Cindy said, feeling very, horny and thinking about cock.

“A big, fat tip right up our tight little cunts!” Stacy said, playing along.

“I wonder what it would feel like to hold a cock while it’s spurting all that goo,” Cindy wondered.

“Ask Kevin at school Monday,” Stacy said.

“I might,” said Cindy.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Stacy said.

“Me too” said Cindy.

“I know! Let’s move my bed right under the window! Chuck can have a better view then! That should get us a big tip!” Cindy said.

“A big, fat, spurting tip!” Stacy agreed, “With lots of creamy white sperm!”

“Stacy, you are such a whore!” Cindy laughed.

“I saw the way you were rubbing that guy’s cock, slut!” Stacy said, with feigned indignity. “I thought you were going to pull it out right there in the doorway and give him a blowjob!”

“I wish…,” Cindy said.

“Me too,” Stacy whispered.

The two grunted and strained to move Cindy’s dresser out of the way, and then her bed; they positioned it directly under the large, wide window. They picked through their new lingerie and sex toys, spreading their choices on the freshly made bed and putting away the rest. Then, they changed their clothes and got ready; freshening their make-up and fixing their hair. They were two young, desirable girls and they knew it. They felt so sexy and oddly superior now, knowing what power they had over men. It gave them new found confidence, and it showed with every action; the way they moved, the sexy flirtatious way they smiled and the way they subtly showed off their bodies.

“Almost nine,” Cindy said, looking at the clock.

“Ready for bed?” Stacy asked, “I know Mr. Wilson is.” She peeked thru the curtain. “I see him! There’s a light on! He must be watching TV or something. And, he has his telescope pointed right at us!”

“Pervert,” Cindy snickered. “Let’s open the window a little bit, it’s going to get hot in here!”

Stacy opened the window a few inches and felt the cool breeze on her near naked body. She gave Cindy a thumbs up signal. “Let’s give him a show,” Stacy said.

“No, let’s just enjoy ourselves,” replied Cindy.



“OK, let’s do this!” Cindy said, “One…, two…, three!” She pulled the curtains open. The light from the room flooded the darkness outside. Cindy and Stacy climbed onto the bed. They hugged while on their knees and blew kisses towards the window. They showed off their tight, young bodies and sexy underwear by dancing on the bed. Then, they kissed softly and sensually before falling onto the soft mattress.

Mr. Wilson checked his video playback monitor to ensure everything was setup correctly. He used his remote to zoom in and pan over the two young girls making out in the bedroom below him. He scanned the toys on the bed and smiled. Even if he couldn’t coax another orgasm from his tired genitals today, he’d have plenty of film for another day. He could already feel his cock stirring. He took a couple of pictures through the telephoto lens on his camera and then directed his full attention to the video, ensuring he captured every second of the sexy scene below. He zoomed in on their passionate kisses; red lips and dancing pink tongues. He watched them as they groped each other’s breasts and asses; their sexy colored lingerie making his dick hard. When Stacy pulled back and spread her lover’s legs for him, he caught his breath. She was wearing crotch-less panties! He zoomed in until he saw Cindy’s wetness. Stacy opened Cindy’s pink pussy with her fingers and smiled up at him before crawling between her legs, pointing her own ass towards the window. The camera soon discovered another pair of crotch-less panties with a tight, zippered crack looking right back at him.

“Well, whore,” Cindy moaned, “Do you think he likes the view?”

“Definitely. Boner thirteen, slut,” Stacy mumbled, darting her tongue into Cindy’s pussy and swaying her ass for Chuck. She spread her legs wider and slipped a finger up and down her wet slit, just for show, and then feasted on her friend’s sweet-tasting cunt.

“Oh, shit,” Cindy moaned. “Just knowing he’s watching us makes me so horny!” She arched her back and pushed out her breasts.

“I bet he’s beating off again too,” Stacy said, and then slurped on Cindy’s clit.

“Ohhhh,” Cindy moaned. “Now, let me taste your pussy too.”

Stacy turned around and presented her soaking wet twat to Cindy, who began licking her juices. Stacy lifted her head to show her wet face to Chuck, then smiled as she began to finger-fuck Cindy’s cunt.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me!” Cindy moaned. “Eat my pussy!” She began to finger Stacy too. Soon, the two girls were moaning in unison. They were so ripe for release. They licked and sucked, fingered and fucked, until their moans turned to high-pitched mews.

The two began to orgasm, panting and groaning loudly, writhing and humping their crotches. They came together, convulsing on the bed, creaming into each other’s mouths, while still finger-fucking each other’s tight, wet, pussies.

After a long while, Stacy climbed up next to her friend. They lay together catching their breath and looking at the window with their legs spread wide. They cuddled for a short time until Stacy said. “Ready to get fucked now?”

“Mmmm-mmm!” Cindy replied. She took off her bra and panties and turned her ass towards Stacy. On all fours, facing the window with her large breasts hanging down, she smiled and blew Mr. Wilson a kiss.

Stacy climbed into the harness. She stroked the phallus with glee.

“Not the big one!” Cindy said, eyeing the monster between Stacy’s legs.

“Oh, don’t be a big cry-baby!” Stacy admonished. “I had four fingers up your sloppy cunt just five minutes ago!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“My pussy is not sloppy!”

“Is too!” she said, then added, “No, it’s not. Sorry.” Stacy shrugged. She stroked her fat cock one more time. “I think Chuck’s cock is bigger than this,” she said, while positioning herself behind Cindy. She lined up the fat, rubber dong. It seemed so big next to Cindy’s little pussy. She pushed.

“Oooooohhh!” Cindy exhaled. “Go slow!”

Stacy rocked back and forth inching the big cock into Cindy’s wet fuck-hole. Inch by inch she stuffed her friend’s tight pussy with the firm, realistic cock.

“Oh shit!” Cindy groaned,” You’re filling me up! I’ve never been so full!”

Stacy watched the fake penis disappear into Cindy’s pussy, amazed she could take it all. She pushed steadily until she bottomed out. “It won’t be the first time you’ll be stuffed with hard cock, I bet,” Stacy muttered.

The fat cock stretched Cindy’s pussy. She luxuriated in the new feelings coursing through her body. She felt like a woman and couldn’t wait for the real thing. She wiggled her ass impatiently, wanting to experience intercourse with her friend. “I’m ready, fuck me now, Stace, do it!”

Stacy pulled back on the fat cock and then pushed it back in again. She slowly slid and out until she found her rhythm. She then fucked her friend slowly and steadily. She felt very dominant right now. She imagined this was how a man would feel, fucking a soft, submissive woman lying underneath him. She loved it! Stacy looked down at the long, fat cock extending from her groin. She watched it slide in and out of Cindy’s snatch. “What does it feel like, slut?” she asked huskily.

“Oh, Stacy! It feels Fan-fucking-tastic!” Cindy said. “I’m so full of cock! Fuck me long and deep!”

Stacy obliged, sawing her cock in and out of Cindy’s wet cunt. She could smell her friend’s fresh pussy juice, wafting up from her slit.

“Harder and faster!” Cindy demanded.

Stacy began to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh my GAWD!” Cindy exclaimed. Her heavy breasts swayed with the pounding Stacy was giving her.

Mr. Wilson filmed every detail, capturing every open-mouthed exclamation and every thrust. He pulled out his hard cock and began stroking himself.

Stacy subtly reached over to grab the bottle of lube. She opened it up and drizzled some lotion into Cindy’s ass-crack, watching it drip down and over her tight, pink, ass-hole.

“What are you doing, Stacy?” Cindy moaned, feeling the cold, slippery liquid sliding down her cleft. She looked over her shoulder so see Stacy setting down the bottle and holding up a single finger.

“Oh, Stacy!” Cindy exclaimed, knowing what was about to happen. She turned her head, arched her back, and braced herself!

Stacy began to prod Cindy’s ass with her finger. With the aid of the lubricant, it slipped right in. While continuing to fuck her friend with the strap-on, she was now fucking both of Cindy’s holes. She added another finger to Cindy’s slimy ass.

“Oh fuck!” Cindy said. Her sphincter began to tingle. “Damn, that feels good!”

Stacy smiled wickedly and reached over once again, grabbing the small, pink vibrator. She pulled out her fingers, wiped the slippery goo on the plastic shaft and slid it smoothly into Cindy’s loosened, bung-hole.

“What was that, Stacy?” Cindy exclaimed. It was too big to be her finger. She started to turn her head back to see what Stacy had pushed into her ass. “What the fuck are you do…?”

Her question was cut short as Stacy twisted the base of the vibrator, turning it on. Strong vibrations rumbled deep inside Cindy and made her ass-hole quiver. Stacy looked up to where she imagined Mr. Wilson to be, grinned wickedly, and turned the device to full- power. ‘Push me off the couch, will you, bitch?’ she thought. The little pink phallus hummed loudly. She began fucking her friend hard and fast, in both her pussy and her ass!

“Ah! Oh! Staaaacyyyyy!” Cindy squealed, throwing her head back. Her pussy began to spasm and her ass-hole clenched repeatedly on the buzzing pink invader. She began panting, “Aah, aah, ahh!” She felt the familiar tingles starting deep down inside of her.

“Oh shit, oh shit! I’m coming!” Cindy put her head down onto the bed and slammed her ass backwards against Stacy’s onslaught, forcing the dildo deeper into her pussy. Stacy plunged the vibrator in and out of Cindy’s ass deeper and then wiggled it back and forth and around and around. Cindy’s entire body was engulfed in orgasmic bliss. She had never felt like this before! Having a cock in her pussy made it feel different -more intense – and emanating from a strange place. Especially with the strong vibrations racking her ass and making her pussy tingle.

“Fuck me, Stace!” Cindy cried out. Knowing this was their last night alone this weekend, she came loudly with wild abandon. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuu-uuuck meeeeee-eeeee! Fuck my slutty cunt! Fuck my slutty ass! Stacy, FUCK ME!” The tingles in her gut had expanded to her pussy, clit and ass. Her thighs felt on fire and she curled her toes as electricity engulf her. After the first wave washed over her, Cindy reached up a hand and groped her breast and then pinched her nipples hard, one after another. The tingles in her body sent tiny shocks to her tits. She shook as another wave, then another, crashed over her. Her body shook with pleasure again and again, until having had enough, she fell limp on the bed, the vibrator still buzzing in her ass.

“BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Click.” Stacy turned off the vibrator and slipped it out. She looked down at her friend.

“How was that, slut?” Stacy said, with a gleam in her eyes.

“Oh, Stacy, that was the best!” Cindy whispered. She reached a hand back to find her friend. They held hands for a while then Stacy cuddled up beside her until Cindy recovered.

Cindy explored the fake cock with her hand, mesmerized by it. It was still slick with her juices. She stroked a few times as if she was jacking off an imaginary boyfriend. Intrigued by the shape, thickness, and the pleasure it gave her. She wanted to try in on too, and fuck her little friend. “Your turn whore,” Cindy said. She helped Stacy get out of the harness and began to put it on.

“Not the big one!” Stacy exclaimed, “Use the smaller one!”

“Hmmmm, let me think about that…,” Cindy said, stroking the shaft with one hand and placing a finger on her chin as if thinking. “Uh, no.”

“But my pussy is so much smaller and tighter than yours,” Stacy said, grinning.

Cindy made a face. “Not for long, bitch,” she said. She pushed Stacy’s legs apart with her knees and crawled between them. She looked up at the window for a moment while stroking her cock. It was so cool to have a big dick sticking out of her. She stroked it a few times and then grabbed the discarded bottle of lube.

“Here, this should help with your tight, little, twat,” Cindy said sarcastically, putting some lotion on her rubber cock. She moved her slick hand up and down, then more aggressively, suddenly realizing this was how boys jacked off. “Oh, yeah, bitch, look how hard you made me!” She slid the cock-head up and down Stacy’s slit, placed the cock against Stacy’s pussy-opening and pushed a little. “Take my cock, whore!”

“Ohhh!” Stacy moaned. She felt her cunt-lips spreading.

Cindy pushed some more. “Like that, cunt?” she demanded. She watched Stacy take the cock-head inside of her.

“Aaaahh!” Stacy breathed. The shaft slid in deeper, pushing against her tightness and spreading her love-tunnel wider.

Cindy pushed even more, watching Stacy’s pussy swallowing more of her cock. “Hmm, it seems to fit pretty easily.” Cindy smirked.

“Fuck you, and your sloppy old cunt too,” Stacy said.

In one firm stroke, Cindy pushed the rest of the hard phallus deep into Stacy’s pussy until the rubber balls slapped Stacy’s ass. “You’re the one about to get fucked, bitch!”

“Mmmmfffftt!” Stacy exclaimed. Her pussy was so full! Her tight little kitty was stretched to the limit! “Oh, fuck did that fill me up!” She said, rolling her hips and wiggling her pussy all over the fake dick. She felt it moving inside of her as she gyrated. She imaged her future, with night after night experiencing this new feeling – having her pussy filled up with hard cock. It suddenly made her feel more mature. “Mmmmm-mmmm!” she moaned, humping the phallus gently.

Cindy began to fuck her friend. She knew Stacy wouldn’t last long, being so horny for so long. She fucked her with long, firm and steady strokes, wiggling her ass left and right keeping her pretty eyes focused on her friend’s pussy and the hard cock sliding in and out.

“Mmmmm,” Stacy moaned again. She loved it. She loved getting fucked. She cupped her breasts and stared lovingly up at Cindy. “It feels so good, Cin! I didn’t know fucking would feel so good!”

“It’s going to get a lot better.” Cindy began to her fuck faster and harder. Stacy inhaled deeply, let it out slowly, and started panting like a dog. The cock was doing something to her insides. Cindy reached down and began to massage Stacy’s cunt, feeling for her clit. She smiled at her lover and watched Stacy’s small breasts and fat nipples swaying back and for with each thrust. She pumped a couple time very hard, just to watch her titties jiggle.

“Oh, you are going to make me cum, Cin!” Stacy moaned, closing her eyes and recognizing her imminent climax.

Cindy used a single thumb to rub all around the slippery folds of Stacy’s pussy. She then reached over and grabbed something with her other hand. She smiled to herself.


Stacy opened her eyes.

Cindy smiled and waved the pink vibrator at Stacy. She slowly reached towards Stacy’s pussy and placed it near her clit.

“OMG!” Stacy exclaimed and began humping against the fat cock stuffed up her cunt. Cindy pushed the vibrator up and down Stacy’s slit. When it made contact with the cock, the buzzing sound became lower and the staccato bursts of energy sent shivers into Stacy’s gut. The vibrations triggered her climax. She closed her eyes again, rolled her head back, and an intense orgasm crashed over her!

“Nnnnngggghhh!” Stacy grunted. Her pussy quivered, her clitoris swelled and her body shook. “I’m cumming!” she yelled. “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me faster!” Another orgasm consumed her, then another. Cindy fucked her fast and furiously until she was sweating. She pressed the vibrator against Stacy’s pussy, sending stimulating vibrations down to the fat cock inside of her and making her entire pussy hum. Cindy pressed the toy against Stacy’s clit, rubbing it back and forth as she fuck her friend hard and fast.

“Aaaahhhiiiiiieeee!” Stacy cried, “Yes, yes! Oh god, yes!” Her body convulsed and shook a few times. “Oh! Unnngggg! Yes!” She shuddered. She came again! Her exclamations of “Yes! Yes!” were soon followed by “Enough, enough!” and finally, “Stop, please stop!” She couldn’t take it anymore. The feelings were too intense. She had come so hard, her poor little pussy and clitoris were too sensitive and spent.

Cindy pulled away the vibrator away and stopped thrusting. She watched Stacy panting heavily and held still until Stacy recovered. Eventually, she pulled the fat cock from Stacy’s pussy. She noticed Stacy’s gaping hole.

“I guess your sloppy cunt isn’t tight anymore, is it whore?” Cindy said.

“Fuck you and your big, rubber dick,” Stacy sighed, and added softly, but loud enough for Cindy to hear, “…you fucking slut…”

Cindy climbed out of bed slowly, her body exhausted. She dropped the dildo harness where she stood. It fell with a “Clump!” and then she turned off the light. She crawled into bed and spooned her smaller friend, covering her protectively. They soon drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, sexually satisfied, and breathing deep.

Next-door, from the vantage point of his upper window, Mr. Wilson, turned off his video recorder and monitor. He took off the headphones attached to his parabolic microphone. He would have some great audio to go along with the amazing video. With all the high-definition pictures and the poolside action he recorded earlier today, he was sitting on a pornographic gold-mine. He could easily afford to pay the girls whatever amount they wanted when he sold it. And, if they were interested, he knew a lot ways the two could earn even more money; after all, hot, teenage girls were always in high demand.

He sighed wearily and wiped-up his fourth cum-load of the day. He would have to remember to re-fill his Viagra pre***********ion soon. He was looking forward to see what tomorrow would bring. Anything was possible with Cindy and Stacy!

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