The chains of a fantasy broken

Sitting alone in a bar, i see all kinds of people dating ..

I feel sad because, it seems that a lot of people already felt comfortable with a partner, except me, for 10 years i have been coming to this bar saw people going through dating processes and eventually staying with someone.

Different people always struggle to find love, even more when they attach to a fantasy they have been having all their life, rejecting all possible partners in life unless they match that fantasy.

When i got my PhD in mythological studies, i came across several myths of ” The Amazons “, a race of women that was superior to men physically, still had the beauty of women, and only used men for reproduction.

One of these queens, ” Hippolyte ” even tied with the mighty Hercules in combat and he had to parley.

I felt more infatuated with the amazons more than typical women, they were a very attractive fantasy that i couldn’t date any modern day woman.

As i was daydreaming about these legends, the bartender approaches me, she has been good to me, albeit being too straightforward sometimes, i still appreciated that kind of honesty, especially when everyone is obsessed with indirect approaches nowadays.

” Getting your 5th shot already ? ”

” It’s how i get by ”

She seemed slightly frustrated for a moment then regained her composure ” you know, women admire strength and confidence in a man, drowning in vodka for years isn’t going to solve your problems”

” What do u know about dating and love anyway ?! You have been single all this time as well, don’t pretend to be smart on things you know nothing about you dumb bitch ! ”

I realized i went overboard, despite that she didn’t react, she whispered in my ear ” that’s more like it ”

I went home, and as i entered my apartment, i found the bartender sitting on a chair inside, under an artwork i had admired about a warrior princess, she was wearing an odd looking robe.

” I would have never guessed a pathetic man like you, drowning in his sorrows for years would take an interest in us ”

” What are u doing here and how did u get here ?! Isn’t enough you have been pestering me for years with your cold blooded blunt commentary on my life ?”

” Steel needs tempering, you needed suffering and distress to finally become a man, not to worry, you will reap your reward for all your patience today ”

She took off the robe, revealing her body, with an extremely defined and muscular tone that i have never would have imagined a woman would have, she wore a golden necklace, piercings in her nipples,, her right breast is also smaller than the left.

” What you have heard about us might be mild compared to what you will experience tonight ”

She approached me in a confident fast walk, she grabbed my balls and said ” you are mine now ” with a confident smile.
her fingernails held my balls and i felt i was about to experience the best night of my life.

She then pressed my head that i would be forced to kneel, my face is now in front of her vagina, it seemed to have an overgrown clit.

” Lick it slave ! Fulfill your fantasy, and work for my pleasure and ego, for i am your superior amazonian queen ! ”

I started licking it like a crazed animal, i was under control of her demanding presence, and her vagina dripped so much but it tasted so good and i was already hard.

Time went by so quickly, i couldn’t get enough licking the vagina of a superior being.

” STOP IT SLAVE !, you like it so much don’t you ? You have been licking it for 2 hours already you dog, now lets see your skills licking the ass of your goddess. ”

I started licking her ass hole and her glutes clenched on my face, i suffocated a little but it still felt euphoric, she moved up and down on my face as well.

” Now to fulfill your duty to your goddess, lay on your back and give me your seed, you will have the honor of having kids with the goddess herself ! ”

She threw me on the bed, raised my thighs and went in quickly in the famed amazonian position, she forced her vagina on my dick.

I was thrusted countless times and the bed was creaking like crazy, it was good pain.

We are full of sweat now, she kisses me ravenously like she is sucking the spit out of my mouth, or the soul out of my body.

My dick and balls are all wet now from her deliciously dripping vagina, i let out a loud moan then she went for a final thrust and she stopped thrusting, i am now letting out the biggest load in my life, the bed is broken, i feel completely exhausted, i fainted with the last thing i remember her kissing me gentley and saying

” You have pleased me, and i fulfilled your fantasy, now sleep my love, look for your partner and never give up to sorrow again “.

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