“The call “

A rainy night you get a text from me “ I’m right outside “ you been waiting all day for it and the rush of excitement tingles all the way to your toes. You run to the door to let me in but notice I have a book bag with me. I tell you don’t mind it and you ignore it quickly as I grab you by your waist and pull you close. We kiss and creep our way to the room trying not to walk into any walls as we tear at each others clothes. We make it to the room luckily but I stop at the end of the bed and push you down. You look at me confused until I tell you “hands up “ as I pull the chain from my bag. You start to get a little nervous but as I’m wrapping the chain around your wrist I lock my fingers and slide them between your pussy lips and give you a taste “ mmm. You taste good but not ready yet “. I get your hands finally chained to the bed frame. But your on your stomach I push your legs under you to have you bent over in doggystyle. Your pussy lips spreading the deeper I make you arch. I kiss your pussy and give you light ass smacks. Teasing you. Getting you ready to be used. I turn my head to the side and massage your pussy lips with my tongue. Running your ass in a circle pushing you back and forth. You pussy starting to leak so the sliding is getting smoother on my face. Your clit swelling up i can feel it in my mouth so I do use on it lick and suck like it’s a popsicle I’m not trynna break. You start to drip now so I have to suck it out of you. I get closer and closer to your hole each kiss and lick. Until I spread you ass and lick inside your pussy fucking your ass with my nose. Sucking and licking you pussy hole and back down to your clit the over your ass then back inside your pussy tongue fucking you getting you ready for my fingers. I’m not satisfied yet so I undo your chains and strap your hands and feet together with a Velcro strap. You’re on your back helpless to me. I spread your pussy and spit on it then proceed to devour your pussy slowly. Taking my time with each lick I press against your pussy.down and back up as I curl my tongue on your pussy scooping the nut that’s ooozing outta you. I spread your pussy again and spit. I push your legs and arms back toward your head folding you then I take two fingers and curl them into your pussy nice and slow. Rubbing on your g spot as I suck your clit. I push them deeper as I suck more and lick more. I’m straining my tongue as I’m slurping circles around your clit. You pussy starts to convulse again so I know your cumming. I move my finger in and out of your pussy scooping your cum all over my fingers so I can make you lick it off. After you finish sucking your cum off my fingers I tell you open your mouth and I undo your feet but your hands are still tied. With the extra length of the Velcro strap I wrap around your neck. Make you stick your tongue out as I shove dick deep in your throat. With the way I have it you can move your hands from your chest or it’ll choke you. But if I pull tighter title choke you. So you do as I say and you throat fuck your self with that dick. Making it smack the back of your throat I can hear you keep gagging but idc. I let you fuck your throat with that dick until your eyes tear up. You done sucked that dick so good tho so I know I gotta be careful you might make me cum. So instead of making you bend on I tie your arms straight up and your legs are free. I push them back as I push the dick slowly inch by inch inside of your wet pussy. You can hear me stroking it as you start to let out some moans again. I stroke deep and you gasp. I stroke again and again and again. Squeezing your hips I work my hand up to your throat and start to squeeze right under your jaw Making you fade in and out as I stroke slow deep and hard. Your eyes roll as you take every deep pounding stroke. Sounds like I’m just spanking you I pull you under me and start to pound you slightly deeper Just stroking and stroking Full dick in full dick out. And you seen how fat that dick is That dick just filling you up every stroke Your cream on me more and more I can see you nut. The more I stroke it the more white I see I untie your hands and flip you back over Your legs are weak but I help you stand I bend you over the edge of the bed so your feet are on the floor and tie your hands down again I spank you a couple times and slap that pussy with the dick Teasing you about how much cum you pushed out on me I slide back inside you Starting slow again spreading that ass so I can see my dick go in you I spit on your asshole as I slowly rub my thumb against it. If it wasn’t so tight I’d push dick in it but I go back to focusing. The strokes getting hard and faster but I’m still pushing in you deep I start to get fast and you know I’m gonna cum you feel the dick throb you scream and moan “ don’t cum in me please omg cum in me idc please just cum daddy fuck “ as you feel that dick pop inside of you I pull out quickly just to see that lil pussy pushing out my cum.

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