The Boss Lady



So this is the TBC part. I have to describe B – she’s quite a lady. She is our boss and she is smart, very personable and knows her stuff. She is a good supervisor. She is also tall, slim and really fit with a head of long black wavy hair with white streaks in it – think Bride of Frankenstein hair. One of the most attractive women I have ever seen, but you don’t say that to the boss, right? And I’ve kept my mouth shut about it too. She’s about 5’10” tall, very well put together woman. When this woman dresses up she commands attention. Not a supermodel but a woman that exudes confidence. And what she wears at the gym is eye catching.

So here I am fucking A in B’s bed in a hotel suite. A is riding my cock and I notice B is in bed with us and watching A ride me. A leans over so I can suck her nipples while we fuck and that drives her over the edge…..her pussy clamps around my cock like a vise and her body tenses….then she lays on me and kisses me deeply. We never got around to oral….but that will change in the future.

I smile at B and ask her what she’d like now….and her response took me aback for a second. B tells me no one has ever gone down on her and her sexual experience is very limited (or in words like that). She was married once but it went south a few years ago and he was the only man ever to have sex with her. She was very involved with her company (a medium sized one) and never had time for dating so sex with a man was on hold, until now. Now she knows what she would like and would I be able to help a girl out? I look at A and she approves.

Well she is the boss, she is hot, she is horny and I am hers to boss around – to a point. Once I start on her its clear I am the boss in bed. I start by kissing her on the lips – lightly and then with more passion. She responds and pretty soon I am kissing her tits and sucking her nipples (She had a boob job not long ago she tells A and I and do we like them? Hell yes I do!!) and then my hand wanders to her shaved pussy. Its slick and two fingers slide in her nice and easy, I finger B for a while nice and easy then a bit harder and faster…I tell her if she wants to cum go ahead whenever she likes. My face is in between her legs and licking her while I finger that hot wet pussy. Her hips are moving in time with thrusts, and soon I feel and hear her cumming. Her pussy is strong and the pressure it exerts is something else….

Once she subsides I kiss her deeply – tasting her own juices….then I kiss A and give her a taste of B as well. A comes over and starts to suck my cock and tells me that B needs some of that cock in her too. As A sucks me B goes and joins her…this will be a night to remember and maybe more than one night….we are here for a week


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