The Boss Lady 3


As A sucks me B goes and joins her…this will be a night to remember and maybe more than one night….we are here for a week

So we have all settled down and both my lady friends have cum at least once. I haven’t and B hasn’t had a cock in her for a long time so A strokes me and sucks me to hardness. A asks B if she wants this in her and B quickly says yes…and spreads her long lovely legs. I am not what you call “big” but I slide the tip in her and damn this is one tight pussy. I slowly slide my cock in her inch by inch and I can feel her stretch and her whimpers as I know its hurting her….its like she’s a virgin. I slow down and stop but B tells me to “keep going don’t stop baby” and as I get further in its “oh yes more”. So I get all the way in and hold for a minute to let her stretch it out….then I start slowly fucking her tight wet pussy. I have to go slow cause I will drop a load in her if I don’t slow down.

As I fuck her I tell her I want to paint her insides and she says “oh yes please” as A watches me fuck our boss….guess what A is doing with her pussy….I bet y’all know.

As we fuck I can feel her loosen up a bit and I can speed up a little and I hear a breathless “faster, harder” as those long muscular legs wrap around my waist and pull me in. Her hips start to meet my thrusts and its apparent we are fucking each other which I enjoy immensely. I am starting to thrust faster and harder, its getting sweaty and her whimpers are now moans and it is getting noisy. I can feel her starting to tense up and I take my cock and slam it in her and hold – this drives her over the edge and she cums again, this time more powerfully as her entire body tenses up as she cums.

“fuck me harder and paint me” and I do – this is fun but physically hard for an older man but I manage to do it. I feel my jizz spurting into her hot wet pussy filling her with hot cum. And it feels like a huge load but it probably isn’t.

A tells the Boss Lady “you just got creampied….how do you like it?” The Boss Lady’s only response is “mmmmmm love it”.

A says we should watch my cum ooze from her pussy and it was a pretty fair load I gave her. Boss Lady grabs me and hugs me tightly – she is strong – and kisses me deeply and passionately. She takes A’s hand and tells us “Thank you both for this. I didn’t intend for this but I was watching you two make out and a switch in me flipped. I knew I had to do this now or I may not have another chance at the pleasure you guys have given me. ” Boss Lady holds me tight and rests her head on my chest,,,,and A does the same on the other side.

The boss has one request “Please stay with me for the night please? I really do like having you two here with me”

And we have four more days here….

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