The Best Sex of Our Marriage Broke a Stalemate!

This one is devoted to my lovely wife, Jenn.

I remember it vividly. It was a very rough time in our marriage and I was acting up. We didn’t have a child yet, at this point. It was two years, or three, before he was born. Jenn and I were fighting, I was stonewalling her and she was avoiding me. For a second it looked like we might now last.

Then one evening she opened the guest room door, and I looked at her as she brushed some strands of her long brown hair out of her face. She was wearing a black v neck shirt and leggings.

“To the bedroom, now!”, she demanded. I walked out the door to the bedroom with her behind me. I looked at her.

“Seriously?!”, I asked.

She stared at me. “If we can’t fuck, what can we do?”, she said. Her jaw clenched. She looked away from me.

She pulled off her shirt, and her large D cup breasts hung nicely before me.

“Well, are you getting undressed?”, she asked.

And thus started the most unromantic sex session she and I would likely ever have (baby making aside).

She lay down, having pulled her leggings off.

I rubbed myself until I was erect, as I knelt down before her. I was thoroughly agitated at this part, not wanting to bend in the fight or feel like the loser.

We skipped the foreplay obviously, as neither of us really wanted to engage in it. I got on all fours over top of her. But I wasn’t ready just yet. I acted like I was about to enter her, but instead rubbed the glans of my dick along her lips.

“What are you doing?”, she asked, starting off annoyed, but coming across as more annoyed that she was enjoying it.

“Something I read about”, I said, as I continued. Soon there was a nice layer of wetness around her pussy lips, as I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and entered her. She gasped, having not had sex with me in a few weeks, as I filled her up.

I decided, since we hadn’t engaged in this in a while I was going to do things a bit differently.

I obviously couldn’t depend on cutsey things like kissing her neck, as she was still angry at me. What I did instead is I gripped her shoulders as tightly as I could, flexed my abdominals, and started going up and down inside of her, in a sort of scooping motion.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open as I did this a few more times, doing this for a few minutes. Then I sped up, pushing myself off of her, as I started fucking her more rapidly, in the more typical way. She gripped my back, and wrapped her legs around me, letting me know it was time to slow back down.

I couldn’t move much, so I started thrusting more slowly, getting leverage from gripping around her back, and I tried to twist as I thrusted into her, so that my dick spun inside of her. She fell back into the bed as I did this a few more times. We were going on something like fifteen or twenty minutes.

She told me she came, but I already knew because I felt it, and she pulled me close and asked if I had. I said I hadn’t yet. She lay back and told me to fuck her as fast and hard as I could. Her tits bounced as I did as I was told and fucked her faster and faster. She was so wet that I could barely feel it as I fucked her. Finally I pulled her close, and exploded inside of her.

I pulled out and stood up, thinking that pillow talk likely wasn’t on the menu. She pulled the duvet over her and seed to be a bit dazed.

The next morning she came to the kitchen as I was making coffee and getting ready for work. She put her hand on my waist.

“Are we okay?”, she asked. She started buttoning her blouse, looking at me.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t we be?”, I asked.

“I don’t like it when we fight, especially when it goes on like this”, she said, moving towards me. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. “Last night was…amazing. Where did you learn that stuff?”, she asked.

“Just some stuff I read online”, I said.

“On those cheesy forums”, she said, giving me another kiss.

“We’re not fighting anymore?”, I asked.

“Let’s call this a ceasefire, although you still need to fix that stupid shit you do.”

“How long does it last?”, I asked, kissing her back.

“Well, do you think you could do whatever you did last night again tonight?”


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