The best family holiday in Mazatlan, ever! Day 2

I woke up and my phone was buzzing. It was mom texting. I looked around and my brother was gone. I went to the door joining the rooms and mom had unlocked it. I went in and crawled into bed with her. Her beautiful ass was towards me. A mom bum but outstanding shape, soft and inviting. I cuddled up to her and just rested my semi erect cock between her ass cheeks. It felt good. Mom cooed like a baby. She pushed her wet pussy at me. She said she was fingering herself waiting for me. If I stick it in she’ll likely cum. Nice. No pressure. I did that. I didn’t even thrust once and she was cumming. Fuck she’s got a great ass and her pussy is pulsing on my cock.

Mom flipped inverted. Well now. Mom wants to 69. Doing a 69 with my mom. That’s new. She starts sucking my cock. She laughs, tastes like my pussy. I was licking her pussy, I said do does this!! I didn’t have time to warn her. I started cumming almost by accident. She was making yum yum sounds. I could tell she was swallowing my load. She said “you taste yummy”. I laid there kissing and licking her pussy. I could see her pussy contracting up close as she moaned. It sounded like pain but I knew it wasn’t. Her juices were all over my face.

I said time to go for breakfast. I jumped up we got dressed, ate, and hit the beach. We went and jumped in the ocean and got wet. While we were in the water I fingered mom and got her off right in front of a dozen people we were talking to. They couldn’t see I had my finger in her working her off. She had to orgasm with no faces or noises.

We got to the cabana she punched me in the shoulder. That was hard to do! Sorry. I got down and kissed her ass. I licked her ass, salt water clean. She leaned over. She dirty talked me. Eat my ass baby. Lick mommies ass. Then we did some slow doggie style over the lounge chair. From the right angle some people could see us fucking. Lucky them. We decided to got cool off. Mom went to her room and I went to mine. I showered up and changed my clothes. Mom too. We went to the lounge for a drink. We had about 10! lol.

We got back upstairs. Dad and bro were back. I looked at mom. Good thing we showered!!! We had a little nap then went for a bite. I was feeling like dad suspected something. Wow. That would suck, for him. Your kid fucking your wife’s ass. Never good.

I was paranoid. Nothing. He was in the dark. Same thing as last night, we hung back and ducked into our area. Mom dropped to her knees and sucked my cock. My usual 3 minute orgasm. Mom was squeezing my balls. I came and she swallowed my load. She got up. It’s tidier if I just suck and swallow in this situation.

We came out of the area and caught up to the other two. Dad asked what we were doing. Mom just said flowers, ornaments, gift shop. Dad bought it.
Good lord. I poked mom. Dad missed it. There was crusty cum on the corner of mom’s mouth. I wet my fingers and wiped it off. I whispered to mom. Remember. Whenever you suck your son’s cock, always make sure to clean his cum off your mouth, chin, tits and leg so your husband doesn’t catch you!!! lol

We sat in an outdoor lounge. Dad and my brother left early. We gave them a rough time for being wimps. They said hot day and back to normal tomorrow. No fishing for a couple days. They left. Okay mom. Sex? How? Where?

Mom looks at me. We’ll have to get creative. Lots of oral. Behind buildings. In the ocean. We’ll get it done. She looks at me let’s practice. Get me off right here. I looked around. I got my foot under her dress and toe on her clit and rubbed her off. She giggled. Good work. Only the bartender saw. Hehe. Okay mom. Get me off. Right here. She looked around. I can do it but in the other lounge. We went to this other lounge. It had booth seating, long black tablecloths and it was dim with a little band playing. Mom got under the table when no one was looking and started sucking my cock. I had to slap her. She was making loud slurping I shot in her mouth. I guess she’d swallowed enough cum for the day. She sat back down and spit it into an empty glass. Umm. Mom. Looks like a glass full of cum. Mom says I’m taking it with me. lol kidding!! Ick. Sorry hun. I can only swallow so much cum in a day. I’m full.

Okay, let’s go, bedtime. See ya tomorrow mom.

She texted me 10 mins later. She thinks dad might know. There was a huge crunchy cum spot in the bed. It’s yours and some of my stinky hot pussy juice. Crunchy and honestly a little sexy ripe smelling. I’m going to tell him I had casual sex with a random guy. It’s better than saying your son has been fucking my brains out and I swallowed so much of his cum I spit it out tonight. Lol. Oh man. He’d freak out if he knew it was my dried cum on the sheets. If you hear yelling it’s likely cause I just told him.

About 20 minutes later I hear yelling just like mom said. It’s mostly her and I can just recognize the swear you go mom! Sounds heated. I hear dad saying “fuck off! No way!” Over and over.

A few minutes later mom is at my door with all her stuff and she tells my brother to go stay in dad’s room for the rest of the trip. My brother grabs her stuff and moves. I said to mom, it sounded like dad didn’t take your story very well. She goes, it was a bit of both. I used the “I fucked a random guy story” He said “big deal. I’ve been sucking this new guy at works cock”. Then I screamed and yelled and sorta blurted out that I was sucking a young guys cock too! Your sons! And now I’m here and we should stay away from him for the rest of our lives.

Move over. I’m worn out. Let’s get some sleep.

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