‘The Belshes Hunt: Chapter III’ by elreverso

Destiny was awoken by the morning sun beginning to penetrate through the thick pine branches above her, in a sleepy haze she rolled onto her side. As her eyes began to adjust from her well earned sleep, Destiny was able to make out the long, rotten log which had shielded her from the cruel nightly winds and Evie shining blonde hair as she sat lent against the log.

“Morning sleepyhead!” Teased Evie “Wondered when you were going to wake up?”

Destiny responded with a sleepy smile as she stretched out her legs and arms, yawning. “So?” Implored Destiny “when do you wanna start moving?”.

“I’d give it a little while” replied Evie “Ideally we should wait until the afternoon”.

Destiny stood up and walked around to stretch out her naked legs, caked in dried mud from two days of living in the Scottish wilderness. She dared not stray too far due to a fear of being spotted from the concrete track that lay not a hundred metres from the treeline. Satisfied, Destiny slumped next to Evie against the log. The girls sat in silence, broken only by the whistling of the wind through the trees until Evie asked “So, where abouts you from?”

“Oh, I’m from Oxford but I feels like so long ago that I was there. How about you?” replied Destiny.

“Mmmmm, posh girl” teased Evie “I’m from Norwich. So how was it that you ended up here?”.

“What do you mean?” inquired Destiny.

“Well” started Evie “you remember in the dungeons how they kept on about how we’d sinned or done something wrong. Well…I just wondered what it was that you’d done?”

“What? Do you want the whole story because honestly…you don’t know what your getting yourself into” asked Destiny.

“Yep. The whole story” said Evie in a teasing tone.

Destiny began “Well it all started with some guy I was going out with; his name was Kurt and I went out with him for about a month. I was at university in Lincoln at the time and I met him on my course, and you know we just clicked. But it didn’t really work out and eventually we broke up, well I actually broke up with him. But that isn’t important, one day I was sitting in my flat playing some dumb game when there was a knock at the door, I got up to answer it obviously. When I opened it, Kurt was standing there and before I could say anything, he shoved his hand over my mouth muffling any chance I had of calling for help.

He pulled me into the flat and let the door shut behind him, my scream being muffled by his rough hand. He pushed me to the ground, holding my face against the floor whilst I squirmed against his immense strength. He dropped a brown rucksack beside my squirming body and from it he retrieved a roll of duct tape. He took a length of it and strapped it over my helpless mouth, removing the need to muffle me with his hand. When the tape was applied, he turned me onto my back and knelt hard on my lower back to ensure obedience. Then taking the roll of duct tape again he brought my hands together and bound my wrists behind my back. I was now completely at his mercy.

Kurt grabbed me mercilessly by the throat and brought my ear close to his mouth. He then whispered cruelly “Your gonna regret leaving me cunt. I’m going to have some fun now and there’s nothing you can do to stop me”. He began to grab greedily at my tits, which by now had popped out of the tight, push-up bra I was wearing. Before I knew it he had brought a pair of scissors and cut expertly down the middle of the low-cut dress I was wearing and then severed my bra strap. Tears began to stream down my face as he thumbed and then squeezed my nipples, he soon returned to grabbing at my tits, manhandling them with a determined anger.

He soon tired of this and moved onto the pair of tight gym shorts I was wearing. Kurt wrapped his fingers around the waistband and in two swift tugs had them down around my ankles, after another body jolting tug they were off and thrown into the corner of the room. He cruelly smacked my arse, and then began feeling it with animal-like lust. I soon sensed he had had enough of foreplay and he ripped my panties clean in two. He whipped down his trousers and before I could do anything, he was inside me. I’d like to say I struggled, I’d like to say I hated it, but the truth is I didn’t I just laid there and accepted it. He didn’t last very long. Within five minutes he shot a spasm of hot cum inside of me from his unprotected dick.

Kurt swiftly put a bag over my head, ensuring I was deprived of my sight as well as speech. He picked me up and stood me on my feet. He put a bit of rope or something in my hand and told me we were going downstairs. Before I could begin to move, I felt a sharp jab into my naked thigh followed by Kurt saying cruelly “You know what that is?” I shook my head. “That’s four inches of Sheffield steel bitch, you dare try to run, you try to get help from anyone I will fucking gut you, understand?”. I nodded my head. I was marched out like a blind man through my flat and for what seemed like ages on the cold tarmac outside.

I was eventually stopped by a sharp tug at the rope that I was clutching in my trembling hands. Suddenly, out of nowhere was a cold hand grasped my exposed breasts and squeezed hard. The invading hand was stopped by Kurt snapping “Pete, hands off my property. Don’t just stand there gawping, get her in the boot.” Before I could do anything, I was swept off and dumped into the boot of a car. I remember feeling the cum trickling down my leg as I laid down in the boot, curling into a ball as the car lurched into motion.”

“Poor girl” interjected Evie laying her hand on Destiny’s leg in a sympathetic manner.

“Yeah, that’s not even it” continued Destiny “I was in the boot of that car for what seemed like ages, my speech gagged and my vision non-existent. All of a sudden out of the darkness, I heard the boot door open and I was lifted out into someone’s arms. I was carried through the evening air and inside, after I noticed the change in temperature, and was dumped harshly onto the floor. Suddenly, the bag was whipped off my head and the tape roughly removed from my mouth. I knelt naked with my hands bound behind my back as the three men circled around me like sharks. Simultaneously, the three lads dropped their trousers and slapped their fat cocks all over my face, there was something about this that made my heart race, something about being the centre of attention, I guess.

Bored with simply humiliating me, one of the guys laid down next to me and before I could do anything I was lifted up and slowly impaled on his dick. It was good sex; I don’t mind admitting that. Kurt had ran upstairs but I was distracted by the other guy lining up towards my mouth and forcing me to take his entire length in my open mouth. As one cock probed further and further into my pussy another was choking me off all oxygen through va vicious face-fucking. Only being allowed to take momentary bursts of air made the pounding I was getting from below even more pleasing and according to the increased moans coming from underneath me it was making me tighter and tighter. As I entered an oxygen-deprived trance, I could make out that Kurt had come back downstairs having retrieved something from his room, I paid him no mind until a cold, thick liquid was applied to my virgin arsehole.

This did not phase me. The dick below was reaching places I never knew existed deep within me, I would be screaming in orgasm if there wasn’t eight inches of dick bombarding against my inner throat. It was bliss. This was interrupting by Kurt taking his dick and shoving it into my tight, virgin arsehole. It was so fucking painful. A big dick, spearheading its way into my tight arsehole, stretching me painfully with every millimetre forward. Though the pain potently mixed with the pleasure from my pussy and my reactions were of course slowed by the lack of oxygen getting to my brain. Surprisingly Kurt came first and quickly pulled out, much to my relief. Without the sharp pain blinding I was able to focus on the task at hand, I moved my tongue expertly- smothering the balls of the guy fucking my throat. It soon became too much to handle and he pulled out and ejaculated all over my weary face. The last guy finally shot his enormous load deep into my vagina as I let out a muted climax.

Soon the guy underneath me pushed me to one side and I lay on the cream carpet thinking about what had just happened, chastising myself for being such a whore. Allowing three guys to do whatever they wanted to me without even trying to fight back. I hated the fact that I had been violated but loved it at the same time. Soon Kurt dragged me by my hair over to a small cupboard attached to the living room. Without a care I was thrown inside with the flimsy wooden door being locked shut behind me.

I was in there for what I reckon was weeks. I was only brought out when one the guys was left with blue balls, or they got aroused by some hot celebrity on the tv. When I was lucky, Kurt would offer me a few slices of bread with a lump of cheese if I let him have another go on my arsehole. The thing was even if I said no, he would fuck me anyway. This went on until one day, one of the lads had me out in the living room taking relish as he fucked my face with a cruel barbarity. The other housemate came in and starting shouting in worried tones about how he owed a lot of money to some really dangerous guy, a loan shark, I think. The guy shot his load all over my dirty face as Kurt came downstairs to see what all the fuss was about, it turns out this loan shark was threatening to rape the debtor’s mum or take his sister as his sex slave unless he paid him about £1,500. This all went on whilst I sat there naked on the floor with cum all over my face. Then Kurt’s eyes turned to mine and then he said to the other two “Pete, you might not have the money to pay off this cunt, but we do have another asset that we could trade with him”. Before I could clock what was going to happen to me, Pete grabbed me and tossed me into the cupboard. I strained my ears against the wooden door to hear what they were going to do with me but to no avail.

I spent a few more days in the cupboard will the usual grunts followed by someone throwing food at me, and then slamming the door shut and padlocking it. Until one day the door was opened. I shuffled against the wall fearing that it was time for another ‘group session’ as the lads called it. My fears were made redundant when Kurt said softly “Destiny, you can come out now”.

I staggered out of the cupboard with my eyes adjusting to the bright light of the living room. Standing on one side of the room was Pete (sporting a fresh, black eye), Kurt and the other lad whilst opposing them were three black guys, one in a suit flanked by two wearing hoodies and trackie bottoms. The guy in the suit spoke first “Look what they’ve done to you. Do you deadbeats not know the correct way to treat a lady?”

“She’s no lady” replied Kurt with a sneer “but does she meet your requirements for the deal?”

“Yes, she’ll do nicely. Now fuck off” replied the man. Promptly the three lads darted upstairs obviously fearing . The man walked over to me, his two henchmen remaining where they were. “Don’t worry Destiny, your safe now” he continued. One of the henchmen brought forward a black rucksack and brought from it a red dressing gown with a pair of slippers. “My name is Mr Rowne” said the man “You have nothing to fear from me. I’m here to rescue you from these scumbags, I think you should come home with me”.

Looking back on this decision I realise it’s not the smartest, but I accepted, whimpering I took the dressing grown and put it on. Without a word Mr Rowne took my hand and walked me outside to his awaiting car, a fancy Range Rover with beautiful leather seats. One of his henchmen walked ahead of me and opened the passenger’s door and then ushered me inside. Mr Rowne walked around the car and got into the driver’s seat, and without a word we sped off leaving the two henchmen behind. “Where are we going?” I snapped.

“Don’t worry Destiny. Just back to mine” Rowne replied calmly.

“I don’t want to…I just want to go back” I cried.

“You’ve been missing for four weeks Destiny. Your going to come back to my place, your going to get a nice shower and a change of clothes and then I’m going to feed you a decent, hot meal. When your comfortable I’ll return you to your university. Or should I take it you’re not grateful for rescuing you from those perverts?” explained Rowne.

“Of course, I’m…sorry.” I replied sheepishly.

The rest of the drive was conducted in silence. Rowne’s house was outside of town with a long and beautiful drive dotted with ancient oak trees and hopping lambs. Rowne parked his car outside of a pair of large green doors to an enormous country house. “Go through those doors, Mr Parkinson will be waiting for you. He’ll show you to your room”.

Silently, I obediently followed Rowne’s orders and walked up the sandstone steps until I was directly in front of the great doors to the house, I pushed on them gently and they creaked open. Inside there was a grey-haired man wearing an immaculate, three-piece suit. “Destiny, I presume” asked the man. I nodded in response. “This way please” he said as he gestured up the stairs.

I followed who I presumed was Parkinson up the luxurious staircase and then along a wide corridor until he stopped at a room on his left. He pushed the door open for me and I walked in. “I’ll leave you know” said Parkinson as he shut the door and walked away. The room was beautifully decorated with a large four-poster bed, an en-suite and a large television at the end of the bed. In the corner of the room was a table with every food I could imagine wanting. I greedily made myself a sandwich and savagely ate it from my dirty hands. When I had eaten my fill, I walked into the en-suite and ran a deep and warm bath. I relaxed in the warm, soapy water washing away the dried ejaculate and dirt that coated my body.

When I was clean, I dried myself and walked back through to the bedroom, fully naked. I picked put on a fresh bra and pants and then covered them with a t-shirt and jeans, all of which had been carefully laid out on the bed by one of Rowne’s men. After eating another snack to fight against the deep hunger in my belly, I tried to open the door, but it was stuck. I slammed my weak shoulders into the door, wrenching down on the handle as I did so. I was stuck, the door must be locked. I burst into tears. Sliding down the wall with my clean hands over my face, I had lost all hope. I was defeated.

For a week or so, I moped around the bedroom. Watching tv and sleeping was all that consumed my time. I was fed three square meals a day, provided through a small hatch in the door that I had neglected to notice before now, and had fresh clothes every morning.

In the middle of the eight night in Rowne’s house three men entered the bedroom. I was awoken to a rough hand being applied to my sleeping mouth. Instantly I began writhing in my sheets to escape as hands came out of the darkness to grab my arms and legs, Instinctively I bit down on the hand over my mouth with malice, the man yelled and responded by slapping me across the face. My screams for help were throttled by the hand returning but now around my throat. Another of the intruders brought a ball-gag from his pocket and used it to quite my screams. A bag was put over my head and lightened around my face with a leather belt. With strong arms grabbing each of my arms I was dragged roughly out of bed and walked away. Soon more hands grabbed at my legs and I was carried for a further distance.

I was roughly dumped onto a dirty plastic floor. My arms were strung out above my head and then my legs manacled close to the floor. A rough Geordie accent then whispered through the bag covering my face “Best get comfortable slut. It’s a long way to Scotland”.

The next thing I knew was the ‘Receiving Room’, something I’m sure you remember.”

“Wow. You’ve really been through the works” said Evie.

“I guess” said Destiny “So…your turn, how did you end up in this situation”.

“Maybe later, we’d better get moving” said Evie whilst not even looking at Destiny. Evie stood up and began walking at a slow pace away from the rotten log. Annoyed that Evie had not reciprocated, Destiny stood up and followed.

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