‘The Belshes Hunt: Chapter II’ by elreverso

Destiny awoke with a start due to cold grasp of the morning wind. In a sleep deprived daze, Destiny remembered where she was- her mind was drawn to her release and then to the years’ worth of depravation that she had endured in the dungeons. These cruel memories, forever chipping at her sanity, brought an angry tear to her hazel eyes. She thought about suicide, taking her own life instead of submitting to the whims of those perverted old aristocrats. But these attitudes were only momentary, they instantly perished and were enveloped by a steely desire to fight on, to survive and to ultimately escape. Mustering her last reserves of strength, Destiny stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes with her muddy fingers.

Destiny walked towards the edge of the cave, looking out over the small hillocks in which she was sheltered. The sun had not yet risen. Destiny thought it the perfect time to move, she could she where she was going but past that visibility was poor due to the morning fog. Destiny walked through the edge of the cave and went on her way, her long, red hair catching and waving in the strong wind.

Destiny began picking a path in-between the small hills, heading away from the rising sun and the way she had ran the day before. And Destiny’s view of the countryside was obstructed by a two-metre-high grassy embankment. Destiny fell to her knees at the base of the embankment, taking a moment to stow her luscious her over her naked shoulders, and began to crawl up the grass on her belly. Destiny reached the top and surveyed the countryside in front of her. There was a concrete track immediately over the embankment that met at a T-junction with a dirt track the wound across a grassy meadow and into some trees on Destiny’s left. The meadow was covered in thick grass that yielded only to the dirty track and the trees that flanked it on each side.

Destiny knew she had to reach the trees over the meadow, it was just getting there that was the problem. Destiny had to risk it all. She had to break cover and sprint the meadow. She turned onto her back and slid down the embankment to shield herself from view, basking in the morning sun attempting to collect herself before her dangerous task. Destiny’s peaceful moment was interrupted by the roar of a 4×4 engine behind her. Against her best instincts, Destiny rolled onto her belly and clambered to the crest of the embankment to investigate. The noise continued, but there was no change otherwise in the peaceful meadow.

Suddenly, a girl with flowing blonde hair broke through the trees and dived into the long grass next to the dirt track. The long grass around her shuddered as she trembled in fear. A few seconds later a 4×4 truck broke along the dirt track, ploughing up the loose topsoil as it did so. The truck bounced roughly to a stop adjacent to where the girl had dived into cover. An older gentleman climbed out of the driver’s seat wearing a red jacket, white jodhpurs and black leather boots (tradition attire for the LSH). Stupidly the girl broke her cover, attempting to reach the trees. The man reacted quickly, soon catching the girl and throwing her to the ground. He stood up as she tried to scramble away. He roughly stopped her, grabbing her by her long blonde hair. The girl’s last act of defense was to scream, her wails echoed across the meadow and attacked Destiny’s ears. The blonde girl was thrown into the middle of the track, daring not to move.

In one swift movement the hunter dropped his jodhpurs and pants. Walking slowly over to his prey and collapsing onto his knees behind her. Destiny was getting aroused. Her dirty hand moved down her naked body and brushed against her pussy lips. The girl lay whimpering in the dirt as the shuffled up behind her and roughly grabbed her by the arse and dragging her the few remaining inches towards him.

Destiny spread her pussy, making a ‘v’ symbol with her long fingers. She watched with rapid attention as the hunter held his firm cock in his right hand and brushed it against the girls unshielded pussy. Destiny imagined what it must be like, to be pinned down on the hard floor and to be violated. She brought her middle finger to her mouth, giving it a small lubrication with her spit, and without mercy shoving it knuckle-deep into her cunt without any second thoughts.

The hunter was balls deep in the blonde girl and rutting away with his bollocks smashing into her fat arse cheeks. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled it back perfectly arching the enslaved slut’s back. Destiny began to work in a second finger, but it proved to be inadequate in filling her greedy cunt. She soon adopted a third finger. Ramming her cunt relentlessly from knuckle deep and out again. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter as she began to release pre-cum. Destiny looked up to see the man switch his hands from the girl’s hair to her throat, throttling her and depriving her beautiful body of oxygen. The man’s thrusts grew more infrequent and he began to moan each time he plunged his cock into the girl’s pussy. Destiny increased the rate at which she was strumming herself. She thrust her fingers into her cunt quicker and quicker. It was too much to handle. She was climaxing. Cum flooded out of her cunt. Destiny let out a stifled moan as she plunged her fingers into her pussy and kept them there. Meanwhile, the hunter thrusted once more and let out a loud shout as he ejaculated into the blonde girl’s womb. Still breathing heavily. Destiny pulled her slimy and soaked fingers out of her pussy. Cum was all over her hand and had trickled down her beautiful leg. Destiny wiped the extra moisture onto a tuft of grass next to where she was laying.

Destiny concealed herself on the slope of the embankment as the hunter reached inside his jacket pocket only to retrieve a dog’s lead and collar. The blonde girl had stopped crying now, seemingly accepting her new fate as the fucktoy of some rich aristocrat. As the cum trickled down her leg, the hunter wrapped a Velcro collar tightly around her neck and then attached the lead to it. Like an obedient dog, she was walked along the dusty track on all fours back to his truck. He opened the boot of the truck and then opened a cage door inside. Destiny watched as the hunter grabbed the girl by the leg and hair and shoved her into the dog’s cage. He shut the cage door and car boot and then climbed back into the driver’s seat. He started the engine and sped along the dirt track and onto the concrete road, turning left- the direction Destiny presumed was toward the Hall.


“Um…excuse me”

Destiny awoke with a start. She was slumped at the bottom of the embankment, sheltered from the vicious wind and most importantly the concrete road. Destiny did not open her eyes, but she knew there was someone standing in front of her surveying her naked body. Chastising herself for falling asleep in such a compromising place Destiny slowly opened her eyes.

Destiny’s vision strained against the summer sun; a shadowy figure emblazoned against the blazing light. “Don’t worry” spoke the voice “I’m not…one of them”

Destiny’s eyes adjusted to the sunlight. She could now make out the figure as a short woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. “I’ve been watching you for about an hour” remarked the girl “You should probably get moving, there’s some trees just over this road that look like a better place to shelter for the night”

“Ok! You’re the boss” smiled Destiny. It had been at least a year since she had held conversation with another girl. There had been the masked people in the dungeons of course, but they were never up for conversation and during the release from the hall the last thing on everyone’s mind had been exchanging pleasantries. The two girls silently shuffled up the embankment giving themselves a commanding view of the meadow of long grass between themselves and the relative safety of the trees.

“I started out with a group of girls yesterday. They all got…captured…this morning. I decided to move in the afternoon from now on, that way you get the sunlight but there’s less of them about, you know…the hunters” explained the girl as they slithered up the thick grass of the bank. “I’m Evie by the way”.

“Oh, I’m Destiny. Pleased to meet you” replied the red-haired beauty.

They had now reached the peak of the embankment. It was about 100 metres from their position through the thick grass to the wood. “I’ll go first, I’ll creep out to the track and then if I can’t see anything coming, I’ll sprint the rest. See you in the wood” explained Evie before Destiny had even a chance to recommend any other sort of plan.

Evie vaulted the embankment and slid down the other side. She crept a few metres to the edge of the concrete and knelt next to it for a second surveying left and right. Momentarily she sprung from her crouched position and broke into a full sprint over the concrete and then onto the long grass moving as fast as she could heading for the safety of the trees. Destiny could not help but be drawn to Evie arse, shifting perfectly in unison as her perfect legs shifted like pistons across the meadow with her luscious blonde hair flowing behind. Evie soon reached the treeline and disappeared from sight.

After a few seconds, Destiny reckoned it was her turn. Similarly, she clambered over the embankment and slid down the other side. She crept to the concrete path noting how on each side the road curled out of sight in both directions. Listening for a second, Destiny heard nothing. Mustering her courage, she stood up and began to run. The rough concrete on her naked feet was agony but she was soon into the long, meadow grass sprinting full speed. She was sweating. The treeline was getting closer and closer. Her muscles burnt but she steeled herself summoning her reserves of stamina to push herself over the last fifty metres of the meadow. She kept going her muscles screaming, her lungs panting, sweat running down her dirty brow. She collapsed through the branches of the pine trees, falling into a panting and exhausted pile. Pine needles sticking into her feet and knees. After a few seconds she heard a whisper from the forest. “Destiny…over here.”

Looking up, Destiny saw the pretty, mouse-like face of Evie popping up from behind a log. Destiny stood up, and lumbered around the rotting corpse of a fallen tree and then slumped into an exhausted pile next to Evie.

“Tired?” asked Evie.

“Yep” laughed Destiny.

“I say we rest here for the night. There’s no way they can get their trucks in and they’ve no reason to stop here” explained Evie.


Taken aback Evie replied “Well…you know…I reckon we’ve a better chance of survival together…you know…if you want to?”

“I’m pulling your leg”

The two girls laughed, falling closer together.

“Tell you what” began Evie “Let’s play a game of truths to get to know each other better. You go first”

“Ok” said Destiny thoughtfully, finally catching her breathe “You said you were with a bunch of girls, who were they? What happened?”

“Well actually that’s two questions. But I’ll let it slide this time. I was with two others, Lauren and Lily. We ran together after the release, spent last night next to a road together. That was our mistake. We awoke to the roar of an engine, this truck stopped right next to where we were sleeping- he must have spotted us through the trees. Anyway, he ran out of the truck and before any of us could run he had Lauren in his arms. Well…me and Lily didn’t even stop to help. We just ran. We kept running for about an hour until we came across a stream. The current was well too strong to swim it so we walked along it until we found a crossing but there was a man standing guard over it, with a horse tied down a few yards away. Lily turned to me and suggested we both run at him. He’d get one of us of course but the other would escape. Anyway, we broke cover and ran at the fucker he punched Lily square in the face, knocking her to the ground. But I kept running. Once I was over the river I turned back to see, he was fucking her in the river where she lay, blood streaming down her face. I didn’t stop. I didn’t try to help. I just kept going” answered Evie.

A tear began to roll down Evie’s cheek. Destiny immediately leaned in and wiped it from her soft cheeks. They looked into each other’s eyes, but Destiny quickly broke the tension by looking away and then whispering, “Your turn to ask.”

“Ok…have you…you know…urm…touched yourself…since…the dungeons” inquired Evie.

“What a question!” blushed Destiny “But no worries, I’m game. Yeah, I did, actually. It was before I fell asleep on that embankment, just thinking about me and my ex-boyfriend”.

“Wow…hot” replied Evie “Lily and Lauren had trouble with it since the dungeons, but I need something to keep me sane, to just help me cool off, you know.”

Destiny acknowledged Evie shamelessly staring at her pussy. Destiny widened her legs a few inches, stretching her lips open thus allowing her to companion a better look. Evie’s vision locked on Destiny’s dirty pussy; she came too snapping out her entrancement. The two girls sat in awkward silence for a few seconds,

until Evie spoke. “We…err…better get some rest. Long day tomorrow”

“Ok mum” replied Destiny cheekily.

Destiny fell back into the cold, leafy dirt spinning onto her side. She closed her eyes and accepted the welcoming tide of sleep.

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