The Bartender Part 2

I turn my head and to my surprise there stood Ashley.

My first reaction was to stop and cover up but as I stood there with my cock deep in my wife’s wet pussy.

Though as I stood there looking at Ashley I just slowly started fucking my wife with out taking my eyes off her

“I saw you staring at the bar” Ashley said as she came closer. As she got closer she bit her lower lip giving me the sign that she liked what she saw.

My cock at this point was the hardest it has ever been and all I wanted to do was grab Ashley and shove my cock down her throat.
“Oh your cock is hard baby” my wife said staring at Ashley

“Do you mind if I have a feel?” Ashley said as she ran a finger down my wife’s back till she hit the back of her pussy.

I slowly pulled out not knowing how this was going to go but something told me to not question. As I pulled out, my cock was covered in wet pussy juice and Ashley got down and slowly took my cock into her mouth. The feeling of her warm mouth around my cock felt so good that I had to close my eyes and didn’t notice that she had also began to finger my wife at the same time.

“Ohhhhh that feels so good” my wife moaned

I opened my eyes to see Ashley had 2 fingers up her pussy as she was now going to town on my cock. My cock throbbing just watching her finger my wife and sucking my long shaft.

After a few minutes she slowly released my cock and took her fingers out of my wife’s pussy. She brought her fingers up to my slips and slid her fingers in my mouth allowing me suck off the pussy juice.

“I bet that taste so good” Ashley said as she pulled her fingers out and slowly started to unbutton her pants.

She slowly slipped her pants off and turned to my wife. She stood there with the sexiest pair of panties. She slipped her fingers down her panties and began playing with pussy. As she inserted her fingers you could tell she was already wet as some of her juice was dripping. As she got her fingers nice and wet she pulled them out and slid them into my wife’s mouth.

My wife pulled Ashley closer as she sucked the juice off her fingers. As she did she ran her hands down her back till she grabbed Ashley’s small rounded ass pulling her closer. Ashley pulled her fingers out of her mouth and my wife started making out with her.

I stood there slowly stroking my cock as I watched them deep through each other. They both also had started fingering each other. There bodies showing that they were enjoying each other.

“Oh man I could blow a load right now” I said as stroked my cock hard.

“Oh no you better not” Ashley said pulling away from my wife.

“Yea don’t you dare blow that load. You have to show Ashley what kind of pussy fucker you are” my wife said pulling Ashley’s undies off.

Ashley then removed her top exposing her nice small tits. Big enought to get a hand full and honestly big enough to slide my cock between.

My wife pushed Ashley toward me.

“Bend over and get ready to enjoy the best fucking” my wife said.

I stepped up and my wife grabbed my cock and slid it into Ashley’s wet pussy.

“Oh my God that feels amazing” Ashley screamed as I slowly began to fuck her.

“Don’t take it easy on her” my wife said as she got down till Ashley had her tit in her mouth.

I grabbed Ashley’s hair and pulled her head back and I leaned in closer and behin kissing her as I thrusted deeper into her pussy. At this point I felt like I could explode and my wife I knew I was close to exploding.

Standing back up she pulled me away from Ashley letting my cock slide right out fully drenched.

“He is ready to let out his load Ashley. Let’s show him how we drain a nice cock”

Both of them got on there knees and began sucking my cock together. Both fingering there pussy all at the same time. I held my breath trying not to explode however after just a few minutes of them each sucking and fingering their wet pussy I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Ohhh I’m going go cum.”

“Give us your load baby” my wife said as she squeezed my shaft

They both pumped my shaft as my load shot out covering Ashley’s face and small tits. My wife continued to stroke my cock aiming to get every drop on Ashley’s tits.

After finishing and getting every drop out I stepped back and saw the load I left on Ashley was huge, shocked I smiled.

“Now that was a load and that was fucking hot” I said

“Your not done!” My wife said

Ashley smiled as I looked at both of them confused.

“I can’t go home a mess like this” Ashkey said running a finger through the cum running down her tits.

“We need to clean her up” my wife said kneeling down and pulling me down with her.

My wife slowly ran her tongue up Ashley’s left tit getting a nice stream of cum on her tongue. She then grabbed the back of my head kissing me and passing the stream of warm cum to my mouth. After she then kissed Ashley and looked back at me.

“Go ahead. Start licking it up” Ashley said

I hesitated for a minute and then realized this wasn’t something I couldn’t get out of. I leaned forward and started licking my load off her tits which she then started kissing me and enjoying the load from mouth. As I made out with her my wife leaned forward and whispered.

“Give her every drop you cum licker”

I knew at this point that this was the hottest threesome. I also knew this opened doors for other fantasies. Fantasies that my wife had no idea I even have.

After licking pretty much my entire load off these gorgeous tits we all got dressed and before saying good bye Ashley leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Next time don’t be so gentle and plus I think a more private place would be better”

She handed me a piece of paper and walked away. My wife apparently didn’t hear as she was already 5 steps ahead of Ashley.

Does this mean she wants more of this cock and for me to be more aggressive. I opened the piece of paper and on it read…. call me if you enjoyed my wet pussy

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