The Awakening of the Goddess (Part 11)

Becc and I were at Sonia’s office, in her church. I still had the taste of Sonia’s cum in my mouth and my ass was filled with Becc’s cum. I didn’t realize how much I had missed her addictive cum until that moment. Thinking about not being able to taste it or feel it inside of me until I finally marry Polly, Becc and Sonia’s daughter, was terrifying. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to wait so long, it would be a nightmare. Sonia’s spell would torture me and force me to marry Polly as soon as posible. And that’s probably the reason why she had casted it on me, because she knew how addicted and obsessed I was with Becc, with her body, her cock and her cum.

Now that I had promised Sonia that I would let her fuck Polly on our wedding night, she was no longer focusing on me or Becc. She just had fucked my throat and exploded in my mouth, but it looks like it wasn’t enough for her because she had left the office for calling some sqrwanx to use them for her release. I looked at Becc and her eyes were lost, she was just standing there with her cock still throbbing under her dress. I put my hand on her arm trying to bring her back from her thoughts. Then she looked at me with her eyes full of tears and said: “You have no idea what you have done, Marcos! You still don’t understand the dark hole you have been dragged into…”. But I smiled at her and answered her: “I don’t care, Becc, I know it will be worthy as long as I finally be able to be with you again. I need you!”. She smiled back at me while a tear was falling down her face, but then we heard Sonia was coming back so she cleaned her face and went back to her serene and confident pose.

Sonia came in and gave us a quick and indifferent look. Then three guys entered the office behind her. They were all young and naked males, but their head was covered by a mask that only allowed their eyes and mouth to be seen. They were all fit and muscular, even more than me, but their bodies looked so small and fragile next to Sonia. I noticed Becc was staring at them and hissing, moaning softly while she was trying to hide her reaction. Sonia stopped in front of her big chair and waited for the boys to approach her. They began to took her mob-cap off and when they did, her long dark hair fell over her shoulders and chest. Then they unbuttoned her nun’s robe and it just fell on the floor, exposing her naked body for the first time. It was an impressive view, her body was very big, so much bigger than I had imagined. Her black robe had been hiding a huge and fat body full of curves and thickness. Her arms and shoulders were big and flaccid, but they still looked strong and powerful. She had big hanging tits but they were not as massive as Becc’s. Her belly was bigger than her sister’s and her hips were wider and thicker. She had massive thighs full of cellulite, actually just one of her thighs was bigger than my whole body. And her extremely thick cock was hanging between her legs with little drops of cum leaking from it.

She seated on the chair and the three sqrwanx surrounded her. One of them kneeled in front of her and began to take care of her cock while the others started to suck on her big dark nipples. Sonia had her hands on their heads keeping them focused on sucking on her tits. I could see her cock growing while the third guy was taking care of it. I was on that very same position a bit earlier but the view from where I was now was very hot. For the first time I could see how I looked every time I had been on my knees sucking on Becc’s and Sonia’s cock. The guy kept doing his job until her cock was fully hard, showing between her legs like a glorious mast. Then Sonia made a sign with her hand and he stood up in front of her, she made him another sign and he turned around and seated on her lap, forcing his ass to take all the inches of her thick cock. I could see him opening his mouth and struggling to handle her size.

Suddenly, Sonia grabbed his hips with both hands and pushed him down on her cock, making him scream very loud. He arched his back and continued to scream as Sonia continued to move his hips up and down on her. She also began to move her hips to fuck him hard from below. I could see her big balls bouncing every time she pushed her hips up, but the sound of the pounding was being smothered by the guy’s screams. She continued to use that poor guy as her sex toy for several minutes, keeping the pace and intensity of the pounding. The other boys were sucking on her tits while the third one was screaming every time Sonia pushed her cock inside of him. But at some point he just stopped screaming and I realized he just had fainted. She slowed down the pounding until she eventually stopped, and the other boys lifted the third one and laid him on the floor. Sonia’s cock was throbbing and hard as a rock, with drops of cum leaking and running down all of it.

Then she made a sign to one of the boys and he kneeled on the floor in front of her, he was facing us with his ass just a few inches away from Sonia. She stood up and kneeled behind him too, rubbing her cock between his ass cheeks and slapping his ass with it. She began to push the tip of her cock inside of his ass, making him scream and arch his back. He was trying to escape, but she was holding his hips and pulling him towards her while she was moving her hips to slam her body on him. A few moments later she was fucking him really hard, giving him a very rough pounding while the other guy was sucking and massaging her tits. The way she was fucking him reminded me the way Becc had fucked me too, that furiously way of owning an ass was the prove that they were relatives. It was amazing to see an Ananke being so powerful and intense. I turned my head and looked and Becc and she was trying to control herself, I could see it in her heavy breathing and in the way she was bitting her bottom lip. She was like a wild beast about to jump on its prey to devour it.

Sonia continued to fuck that second sqrwanx for a while until he stopped screaming and also fainted. She gave him a couple of strong thrusts and then pulled her cock out and pushed the unconscious body away. Then she raised her head and looked at us for the first time. I saw an evil grin on her face, a combination of lust, rage and satisfaction. She made a sign to the guy who was sucking on her tits and he laid on the floor arching his ass up a bit. Sonia moved herself behind him and clapped twice. She got herself comfortable behind the guy and aim her thick cock at the entrance of his ass. She began to push it inside of him and then two new guys entered the office. She looked at Becc and said: “You are welcome, little sis”, while she continued to push herself down on the guy’s ass.

The sqrwanx Sonia was fucking began to moan and to scream but now I was focusing on the new two guys. They went straight to Becc and began to undress her. When they took her dress off, she looked at me and without saying a word, she pushed one of the guys on his knees and grabbed her head with both hands. She put her cock in his mouth and began to move her hips staring at me. The guy was struggling to handle Becc’s size, but she was increasing the intensity. She began to fuck his throat with her eyes locked on mine. I felt her eyes talking to me while she was abusing that guy’s throat. She continued to do do that for a while and suddenly she stopped and released the sqrwanx. He fell on the floor barely asphyxiated, coughing and trying to breathe. Then she made a sign to the other one and he laid on the floor with his ass up, the same position the other guy had before Sonia started to fuck him. Becc quickly laid on top of him, spreading his legs with her own legs and pushing her cock inside of him.

When I realized, Sonia and Becc were fucking their sqrwanx on the same position, laying on top of them and smothering them with their weigh while their hips were moving up and down, using their own weigh to fuck them deep, hard and rough. Sonia had her arms wrapped under the guy’s chest to keep him locked, and Becc was doing the same but she also had her hands locked behind his neck. Her arms were wrapping his chest from below and her hands were locking the back of his neck, keeping his head down so she could still stare at me while she was using that guy as a fuck hole. Both sqrwanx were screaming very loud, struggling to handle the intense and brutal fuck from the sisters. On that moment, I realized how sweet and kind Becc was for casting that spell to desensitize my holes. Otherwise I may had collapse from the pain and extreme stretching, just like the other guys were doing in front of my eyes.

Sonia and Becc continued to fuck their slaves until they began to moan and grunt like animals. Sonia began to bite her sqrwanx on his neck, digging her nails on his shoulders. And Becc was grinding her hips furiously while she was moaning looking at me. It was like she was fucking me with her eyes, her gorgeous eyes full of lust, desire, rage, frustration and desperation. I tried to answer her with my eyes too, showing her how desperate and obsessed I was for her. A few moments later, she gave him a couple of very strong thrusts and exploded inside of him. She kept shooting several more loads while her hips were trembling and shaking because of the spasms of her orgasm. She took a few seconds to breathe deeply and then she released her sqrwanx. He was unconscious and Becc’s cum was overflowing from his ass. She was sweating from the intense pounding, and her eyes were still fixed on mine. She finally stood up and grabbed her dress. When I looked around, Sonia were standing there looking at us with a big smile of satisfaction. The view of the two sisters naked with five guys fainted on the floor was incredible, I realized I really was in front of two goddesses. Then Sonia began to clap and said: “Well done, little sis, it’s good to have you back on the right track”. She turned around and walked towards the door, completely naked, and saying: “See you soon, lovebirds”. And then she left the room, giving us an amazing view of her huge ass bouncing and giggling while she walked away.

When I turned around towards Becc, she was already dressed trying to find the words to talk to me. I decided to help her and said: “It’s ok, I know you have urges, and it was really arousing to see you owning those guys. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it”. She looked at me surprised and she blushed a bit, but then she showed me one of the most cute and beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. We left the church talking about how I would propose Polly and also when we will be able to marry. I was very excited and also nervous about all of it, but mostly about solving the issue with Sonia’s spell so I could finally be able to be with Becc again. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me: “Relax, sweetie, this is not going to be an easy road for you”.


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