The art room closet

Back in my undergrad years, I (M 21) was in a weird relationship with this Asian girl who’s a few years older than me, Let’s call her K.

I met K through work, she had a slim body, long black hair, was 5’6 tall, natural 32C tits ( which is huge for her frame) had a nice bubble butt, and a very nice smile… she was my type. We hit it off since we were both into art and shared many similar interests. Even though she told everyone that she has a BF but people around us know that she has been fucking me all that time.

There are many sexperiences we had during our time together but let’s start with the art class.
It was the first day of our painting class. We arrived to class early (35min early!) to get the best seat in class. After we set our stuff down we started to explore the studio a bit while waiting for people to show up. There was a small supply closet at the far end of the studio where they kept art supplies and students’ projects, we went in to check it out. While K was checking out stuff on the shelf I was standing behind her watching her sexy body. She was wearing a cute white tank top with a tight low-waist Abercrombie Flare jeans, with her hair up in a bun. It was a big turn-on for me. I moved closer to K, putting my hands on her hips and gently kissing her on her neck. She let out little moans and press her cute ass in her tight jeans again my dick and slowly grinding. I start to move one hand up her shirt and massage her juicy college-girl titts while my other hand moved down finger up her tight pussy which already dripping. K arched her back, putting her hand up to grab my hair tightly and pull my head down to kiss her. I turned her around and kissed her passionately for a few minutes while she was unzipped my pants and stroking on my rock-hard cock. My cock was so hard that it start to hurt a little and it felt like it was gonna pop. I once again turned her around and pulled her pants down exposing her bubble butt that I adore and her dripping wet pussy. I grab my cock and slowly but firmly rub it up and down her ass and pussy, then slowly push the tip in. I can feel her body tighten up with every inch of my cock entering her. Her hands gripped the shelf tightly. I start to move my hip faster, her warm wet Asian pussy gripped my cock so tight. I grab her hair tightly just the way she likes and put my other hand over her mouth to make sure that she won’t make a loud noise while I keep stroking in and out. I started to feel her juice is gushing out and dripping down my balls which make me push my cock deeper until my tip hit her pelvis. We kept going at it for about five minutes until we heard people noise start to come in the studio. I pulled out my cock and rubbed my the tip of my cock against her ass until I unloaded my thick cum all over her ass.
We clean ourselves up real quick. When we stepped out of the closet the whole class was looking at us and we just played it cool like nothing happened, I’m pretty sure they think that we fuck each other in there. Little did they know that we actually did. xD

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